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Discovering Lucy

Discovering Lucy

The end of a long, hard, frustrating work day had come around at last and for me it was time to hit the pub, drown my sorrows and maybe play a few tunes at the open mic session that was going to happen the same as every Sunday. I work in a job that I hate, in an office that I hate more, though I did think I would love it when I first started. I guess that doesn't matter now. I grabbed my jackets and went to pick up my guitar from in the store cupboard where it stays every Sunday.

I took the lift down the seven floors, walked out of the lobby and then realised how bitterly cold it was and that I had forgotten my scarf. Cursing I turned round and headed back to the lift, waiting for it to return after shooting back to pick up most likely another of my colleagues.

As the door opened, there was a moment of clumsiness as I walked straight into the blonde bombshell that worked two cubicles away from me.

"Shit, I'm sorry, I forgot my scarf, I was just heading back up to get it," I said to her apologetically. She hadn't made my day as atrocious as it had been so I shouldn't take out my frustrations on her.

"No harm done, and I have it here if it is this huge fluffy pink and white thing," she laughed as I nodded and blushed a little. "Where are you headed?" she questioned me, looking at me with her eyes that were a dark chocolatey brown. I must have managed to get a little lost in them as she nudged my arm gently.

"Sorry, I, uh, your eyes are brown," I mumbled making her smile and nod at the main doors to the building. "Oh yeah. Leaving work. And I'm headed to the pub, The Lion, actually. Hoping to relax a little, drink away the day, you know."

She smiled and said, "Are you playing there too?" to which I just nodded, getting lost again. "Mind if I tag along?"

"Feel free," I said as she linked her arm into mine which was tucked into my pocket. Again I went out into the cold and noticed she had only a thin jacket on and was starting to shiver a little. "Here," I handed her my scarf. She wouldn't take it, complaining I would get cold, so I wrapped it round her neck a few times, using up the length and explaining that is how it is warmest. She smiled and kissed my cheek. I stood for a millisecond, flesh burning where her lips had touched me, a good burn. I started to wonder about her as I turned my collar up to block the cold.

We reached the pub and she walked in first. I followed, pulling off my fogged-up glasses and hearing the familiar shouts of, "Sarah!" and "She's here!" I placed my glasses back on my face and greeted Gemma, my favourite member of the bar staff who had my usual ready within seconds. Lucy was just standing by my side a little startled by the whole situation. I explained to her that since my parents and brother had been killed in a freak car accident, the regulars of the pub on a Sunday had become my family, helping me to deal with my sorrows and giving me an outlet for my frustrations that didn't harm anybody.

"I'm so sorry." That was all she said on the matter.

I ordered a drink for Lucy, the same as what I was having, and went to set my guitar down with the few others that were already there. Craig told me I could play next and showed me the table he had saved for me so I could watch the performers but still move about when needed to. Lucy and I settled down by the fire on our stools and she seemed to naturally lean against me a little bit, not that I minded.

We watched Acer finish his set and hand over to Craig so I could go on. I played a few cover songs, and then a few of my own, finishing with Gemma's favourite, Fuck You. I came off and Lucy was grinning at me, her brown eyes dancing with little tiny reflections of the fire. I don't know why but I really wanted to kiss her.

"Wow. If only the office staff knew you sang and played like"

"Thank you baby," I replied not quite sure why I added the baby, but never mind. We watched more acts and then I played some more. Each time I only looked at Lucy, her eyes never leaving mine. I set my guitar down and went to sit by her. She seemed to have other plans though, pulling me towards the ladies room, Gemma winking as we passed her. She closed the door then pressed me against it.

"Lucy, wh-" I was silenced by her mouth meeting mine and I surrendered, my hands going to her sides brushing against her breasts.

She broke the kiss and whispered, "I have wanted to do that for such a long time." I responded with a puzzled look. "You needed cheering up."

Last orders were called and I waved goodbye to Gemma, Craig and the other regulars, leaving with Lucy by my side. We kissed again several times on the way to my flat, groping becoming more intense every time we stopped.

We fumbled through the front door, setting down my guitar and heading to my room. I savoured undressing her, like pass the parcel or unwrapping a Christmas present. Her simple purple blouse, her black trousers, all hid what I needed to get to. Her bra was purple and lacy and it covered such beautiful breasts, her DD cup and her wonderful nipples with slightly darker areola. Leaning down I took one into my mouth and sucked on it. Feeling it harden there was so good. Her panties matched and covered an equally enticing area.

I peeled them down, inhaling her scent, kissing her thighs, breathing over her increasing dampness. I traced my finger over her mound, down between her lips and finally dipped it into her warm welcoming pussy to a gratifying sigh. I tapped her clit with my tongue as I added in another finger, pressing them into her and pulling them almost all the way out before going back in to bump on her g spot.

Her hands went to my head and her fingers tangled themselves into my hair as she pulled me closer to nibble on her clit. I ran my thumb to her ass and pressed the tip in and heard her moan loudly. She started to roll her hips and I moved my head back, just fucking her with my fingers, watching her. God she was so beautiful, her hair just past shoulder length falling in curtains behind her. She came when I nibbled her clit again. I lapped at her with my tongue like a cat with milk.

We fucked on through the night and relaxed through the next day, agreeing that we would let this remain a secret at work but that we wanted to try out the possibility of becoming an item. It did work out for us for a very long time. She supported me in my career change to become a musician which made it easier for us to hide what was going on from my old colleagues. 

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