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Down by the Lake

This is just a little memory of my first real relationship with another woman.
Have you ever been with someone you wanted to eat up? Imean totally consume. Have you ever wanted to just completely melt into someone and have your bodies merge in total bliss? Karen was like that. She was tanned, muscled, and completely beautiful. When I was with her I wanted to eat her and when she left I found myself masturbating until she returned.

Karen was my first real lover, my first real relationship. I remember the first time just being in bed with her. Just me and my new lover, together, in bed. It was so wonderful and thrilling to be with her and to get to know every inch of her and not have to worry about anyone finding us or yelling at me. We could do anything we liked. It was her place and our time together was completely our own. The memory of her body floods back in my mind.

Slowly I explored her body, moving my hands along every inch of her. I caressed her breasts, my hands moved slowly over her small pink nipples. I marveled in pleasure as her tender nips sprang to life from my touch. I took the closest nipple into my mouth and it was still fairly soft as I sucked it to stiff erection. Sucking a little deeper her breast gave me a pleasant surprise and I could taste something coming from the tip of her nipple. I loved tasting her and knowing that something of her was inside me.

I traced the muscular line on her stomach. I little recess that her tight stomach muscles created. She was so firm and tanned that it nearly drove me insane! I moved my hand down and she spread her legs open inviting me between them. She was already moist and warm so I moved down and ran my tongue across her dark rough pubic hairs and down to where they started to thin out along the sides of her beautiful pussy. I reached under her and pulled her firm ass up and made her lift her legs higher. I give her a wicked look and wet my finger in my mouth seductively. She smiled back at me. She was so shy during sex, almost as if she couldn't believe that this was happening to her. I took my wet finger and moved it up and down her slit. Her glistening pussy was so hot and my finger easily slipped between her pouting pussy lips. Wet sticky sounds fueled my lust as my fingers penetrated deeper. The glistening warm juices of her pussy wet my fingers and dripped down toward her puckered little asshole. I wanted to feel my finger inside her ass. I wanted to know what she would do. I moved my finger onto her asshole and she arched her back and took a deep breath. I only moved it around the outside and didn't press it into her because I could tell this was new for her. I could tell she was afraid. This only made me more excited.

I slowly moved my finger over her little button hole and the poor girl wiggled and kicked like she had a thousand bees inside her. I kept my finger on her asshole and I dove into her sweet silky wetness. My tongue explored every inch that I could move it into. With my face soaked and dripping with spit and Karen's sticky warm juices I pressed down on her clit with my tongue. I circled her clit slowly and getting wetter as I hear her moan all the while pushing my finger slowly into her little tight hole. I don't think Karen knew she was an anal freak until that moment because she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down into her slick cunt. I moved between sucking furiously on her clit to tongue fucking the hell out of her! Karen was cumming. Karen came loudly. She screamed so loud that I thought she might break windows.

"Oh yes, Paula, God you are wonderful! YES!"

Her whole body shook and rocked as she came! It was beautiful! I was going to stop but she was like, "Oh god, don't stop. Please don't stop." so I continued to tongue her pussy until my jaw hurt. It didn't take long for Karen to cum again. Finally her hips slowed and my lips, my chin, my tongue where coated with her creamy juices.

Karen might have become a regular thing for me. We were already practically living together and she was definitely the home maker type but I'm me and I always have a way of fucking things up. It all changed when a friend of mine invited us to go swimming at a lake. Karen didn't even want to go but she reluctantly agreed. We arrived before everyone else and I had to convince Karen we were at the right place because she didn't want to follow me down the trail to the water. We walked through thick woods until finally it opened up on the perfect little secluded spot. I instantly thought of going skinny dipping. I pulled off my shirt before Karen knew what was going on. In just seconds I was slipping out of my panties and running toward the beautiful cool water.

"Come on! Nobody is around, it's fun!" I yelled.

Karen stood on the shore with her arms crossed and constantly searched over her back and around us. She yelled something about this being illegal.

I shouted back at her, "Listen, if you don't come in I'm going to swim away!"

One of the things I loved about Karen was her desire to make me happy. I hardly had to try before she was doing whatever I asked. This was so “unKaren” but she still peeled off her clothes and slowly entered the water. Her athletically toned body moved with unease through the soft mud along the shore. I had to laugh at her face as she moved through that first bit into deeper water. I met her as she sank down into the water and curled my naked body around her. I felt her pubic hair brushing against my leg. I was already horny.

She squealed when she thought something swam past her and I told her it was probably just a fish. She was so paranoid about snakes or something that she begged me to get out. I gave in when we saw a grassy bank further up. We swam up to the grass and sat down to dry off. Being nude and seeing her nude made me so hot, I was about to attack her when we heard some voices. Karen almost jumped up to run away, but I told her to just hang tight. Soon there was a whole group of college age kids walking down to the lake and my friend among them. There were around four guys and five girls, one was older than the rest, like in her forties. We tried not to move and hoped they wouldn't notice us. Karen was about to have a panic attack! I couldn't help but laugh. This big lumbering guy came closer but still hadn't noticed us yet. He was yelling something back to the others about how nice the water was. Then the inevitable happened and he noticed us. We both drew our legs up to hide ourselves but he just smiled, waved and then dropped his shorts! Boom! Just like that, he was nude! No underwear or anything, just his ripped up cutoff jeans and that was it! Once I saw him nude I relaxed and opened up again but Karen was more self-conscious and kept her knees up. The big guy didn't seem to notice and he yelled to us, "How's the water?"

I just gave him the thumbs up and he returned it before running off into the water. After seeing the big guy get naked and seeing Karen and I naked, the other guys smiled and started to strip. The girls, on the other hand, all walked toward us.

"Hey, mind if we undress here?" one of them asked looking at some bushes behind us.

Karen looked at me nervously and I just said, "Sure, go right ahead."

I could hear the guys splashing and laughing, already having a good time. The girls didn't really say anything and the first to undress was a short, hippy girl. She had long hair and huge breasts that literally hung down to her waist. It was obvious before she even took off her shirt that she wasn't wearing a bra. Once she slipped the shirt over her head I saw her nipples flop down to the ground! Even though her breasts were large and dropping, she had an amazing ass and a very cute face but she was badly in need of a trim or something. You could have made an Indian blanket with that bush she was sporting.

Two more girls started to undress. The first girl didn't do much for me but the next two girls were amazing. One had medium length hair and an amazing body. She took off her top and bra to reveal the most perfect breasts next to Karen's. The other girl was smaller, more petite and had extreme tan lines that reminded me of Tina. Watching them all undress was a visual treat and I took it all in without even thinking about how Karen may react to my staring at them.

"Are you coming in?" a short girl with dark skin and even darker nipples, asked.

"No, I think we have to be getting on." replied Karen.

I turned and looked at her and she had this sour apple face. "Awww, don't be such an oldie! Come on!" I said and stood up.

We all walked down into the water except for Karen. I ignored her because I was having fun. I couldn't believe my luck to be naked with a bunch of beautiful college kids. We swam over to where the boys were and soon we were all talking and splashing and having fun. Most of the girls were really self conscious and wouldn't hardly move their shoulders above the water. I didn't care. I looked back to shore to find Karen and the forty-something woman talking. Figures. I ignored her again and got caught up in the playful splashing and teasing going on between the guys and the girls. The play got a little more flirtatious and soon we were trying to dunk each other and hands were "accidentally" touching parts they weren't supposed to be touching. A guy tried to dunk me under the water but I dodged him and splashed away from his grip. Another girl swam over to help but she got dunked. While he was busy with her, I made my get away and swam over to some darker waters. He saw me and yelled, “Oh, think you are getting away?” He caught up with me and tried to grab my head to push me under. I tried to knee him in the nuts and instead it just allowed him to press up against me. He was fully erect and his cock pressed against my leg! That was when I noticed I had put myself into a difficult position by swimming over to where the others could barely see. I couldn't see Karen at all!

In play, he pressed in a little closer, obviously wanting me to feel his hard cock. The guy was very attractive, nice and lean and sort of feminine looking with long straight hair. The play quickly changed and now we just pressed against each other. His hard cock pressed into my stomach. He tried to kiss me but I stopped him!

"Shit, listen, I'm sorry about that..." he apologized.

"No, it's Ok, really. It's just that.." then he kissed me. His tongue was in my mouth and I responded with mine. We swam over into the water under a tree where it was dark and it was really unlikely anyone would see us. I reached underwater for his cock and when I felt it in my hands I realized how much I had missed having dick inside me. He wasn't real big but it felt so good to have his hard cock in my hands that I didn't care. I pulled him closer by his cock and guided him to my shaven pussy. He started to press up into me and the water made it hard for him to get inside. I reached down and hurriedly rubbed the head of his cock in my slit, getting him inside me. He slipped down inside me and damn it felt good! We both seemed to know how fucked up and hot this was and the danger of getting busted at any second just drove us wild! I put my arms around his neck and he started to fuck me. We didn't kiss or do anything, we just fucked and stared at each other. We slowly moved ourselves around a small patch of weeds and we were able to get our feet on some ground. I dug my hips into him and he pumped his hard cock into me. I guess it was the thrill of getting caught or the fact that I didn't even know this guy, but I came quickly and had to bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming. My orgasm was enough to set him off and he moaned and twitched inside me. His warm cum spurt into me and God help me, I wanted it! I couldn't believe it! It all just happened so fast, literally like 3 minutes. Then it was over.

I swam away from him. No kiss. No hug. No anything. Just wham-bam-thank you sir.

I swam back over to the others and Karen was standing on the edge of the back, looking at me suspiciously. I know I was red-faced and his cum was still leaking out of me. He swam past me without looking at me and Karen knew, she just fucking knew! She wasn't the only one who knew, everyone just sort of didn't look at us. The guy, hell I don't even know his name, walked on shore and put his clothes on. Karen already had her clothes back on and she was crying. She stormed off! I looked at my friend who sort of smiled at me guiltily and I asked, "Listen, if she splits on me, can you guys give me a ride?"

"Sure, but you should hurry up and try to catch her."

So I ran after her, my clothes still way back at another part of the lake. I caught up with her by the road, sitting there gripping the wheel, eyes straight ahead. I stood naked by her car and felt oddly calm. Karen looked at me once and then peeled away and left me there by the side of the road. Naked. Alone. I watched her go and slowly turned to go back to my friend for a ride.

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