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Frenemies (The Conclusion)

Time to make up, girls
I was speechless. Didn't know the exact reason why. Probably because my best friend just kissed me or because I didn't stop her or because I think I liked it. All I was certain about was my underwear were definitely wet but not 100% due to the rain.

"Why did... uh... you do that?" I struggled to speech.

"Because you need to relax. You've had a bad day. Let me make you feel better, because that's what friends do," Crystal said.

Before I could protest, she slid her hand over my damp panties, up and down repeatedly.

"Your panties are wetter in this area," she whispered in my ear as she poked my clit through my panties. She licked and nibbled on my ear then traveled to my neck. "Want me to stop?" she asked.

I titled my head so she could get better access to my neck.

"That sure answers my question," she giggled then proceeded to sink her teeth in my neck.

My body started to twitch as my nerves were going haywire. It intensified when she pulled my panties to the side and played massage therapist with my clitoris. I tried to refrain from making a sound, but it was feeling so good that moans began surfacing. My palms were sweaty and my eyes were rolling. My heart was racing and my clit was pulsating. She dug deeper into my neck.

Ahhhh, I moaned when she let a finger slide into my slippery womanhood. She inserted her index finger as deep as it would go then started tickling my walls. Ohhhh, I cried. Then her middle finger joined the party. "Ohhhh, Crys...Crystal, baby."

"Say my name. Say it again," she demanded as she accelerated the motion of her fingers.

"Crystal! Ohhhh! Yessss! Feels so good! Yessss! Yessss!"

Crystal let her tongue travel down my neck to my hardened nipples and began to suck on them.

"Yessss! Ahhhh! Just like... just like that! Yessss!"

She pulled and tugged and sucked over and over again while her fingers kept my moist pussy happy.

On another journey, she left a wet trail from my breasts over my flat tummy and arrived between my legs. I was ecstatic just from her warm breath. But nothing can compare to the amazing sensation that took over my body when her tongue made contact with each of my swollen labias. My heart picked up the pace and my breaths were rapid. She sucked hungrily.

"Oh my goodness! Oh my! Crystal! Babyyyy! Yessss!"

She gradually entered her tongue in my pussy and proceeded to lick every inch as her fingers squeezed my clitoris for a while then visited the inside of my pussy again.

"I'm... I'm cum... I'm cumming!!!" I screamed as the inside of my body contracted, ejecting a clear liquid all over Crystal's pretty face.

"That's my girl," Crystal smiled as she patted my pussy.

"I've never came before," I admitted.

"That's because you never had me before," she smiled. "Get your ass down here."

Just like an obedience puppy, I followed her command and joined her on the floor. I lay on my back, one leg over hers and the other under hers. She scoot her body closer to mine until our pussies meet. Hers is so warm and it feels so good. Crystal proceeds to grind hers on my mind. All I can do is moan uncontrollably. I tightened my legs around her and she thrusts harder with each motion. We moan in unison like a perfect choir singing an amazing song. Then I start to thrust too. I start grinding so hard that I'm in control now. I raised my ass up a little so I can get my pussy as close as possible to hers. She's the one moaning out of control now.

"You like that?" I asked, ensuring I'm pleasing her just as much as she did to me.

"Yessss! I do! Keep going, baby! Oh yessss! Make me cum! Make me cum!"

I stop and separate our moist and throbbing pussies. She looks up at me in confusion. But before she gets to say a word, my head is between her legs and lapping on her pussy like I knew what I was doing. Apparently I was doing just fine because she pushed my face deeper into her moistness and begged that I not stop. She girated her hips just as I felt her clench up inside. I kept slurping on her clitoris as her legs began to tremble.

"Baby, ohhhh! Yessss! I'm... I'm cumming!"

Just as I did to her, she squirted her juices all over my face. I climbed on top of her, and she embraced me with a tight hug as we tongue kissed for so long that the only reason we paused was to catch a breath.

"Oh my goodness," was all she said. "I can't believe this. I only dreamed this would happen."

"You dreamed about fucking me?" I asked.

"Yes, almost every damn night. You're so beautiful and smart and talented. I couldn't help but be attracted to you. I've wanted you for so long."

"You got me now, baby," I smiled and kissed her soft lips.

I reached over her and turned the faucets on to fill the tub with water. I poured some bubble bath. We hopped in the warm water, kissing and grinding in between washing each other down.

After our bath, we dry each other off, tickling each other pussies and kissing each other everywhere. Then we hold hands until we reach her bedroom. Crystal puts my Katy Perry CD in her radio and you know what song she put on repeat, right? "I Kissed a Girl." I give her my necklace back and she gives me my shoes back.

"I'm not giving you the dress back. I want your ass naked," Crystal smiles.

"It's fine with me, slut," I say.

"Bianca! Didn't I..." she complains.

I pulled her naked body to mine and plant a kiss on her soft lips. "You're my slut, baby."

She smiles. "Oh I like that."

We collapse on her bed in a 69 position, once again lapping at each other's warm, puffy, and tight pussies. We moan, yell, and cum in unison.

We snuggle under a blanket and cuddle close, listening to the rainfall.

"And to think that guy tried to make us enemies."

"But he failed. No one is taking my best friend from me. I love you bestie!"

"I love you too."

The End
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Copyright © All stories posted by Carmyn is solely composed by Carmyn. Frequently, I may compose stories based on chats with Lushees, but I will always be the author and will give credit to anyone who gives me an idea. In no way are either of my stories playwright. Similarities to someone else's stories, characters, events, and actions are mere coincidences. It is to be understood by all my readers that all stories I write are fictional.

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Carmyn

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