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Healing Myself Part Two
leggielibby & ChrisM

Healing Myself Part Two

Contributing Authors: ChrisM 

Love grows for Isobel.

I looked down from my raised platform, an L-shaped arrangement of boards on a scaffold frame that was about fifteen feet off the ground. It allowed me to overlook a king size box spring draped in scarlet quilting. I raised my camera and hit the release a couple more times which triggered the light array below me as I recorded the scene which was unfolding.

The two women entwined on the mattress below showed no response to this as they were intent on pleasuring each other. “Ok, ladies I’m done, so you’re on your own.”

Kara and Charlotte Delahay-Hunt started to move as one, their hips started to move, their tongues lashed out, and their voices rose as their pleasure built. I glimpsed the red double dildo that joined them but tore my eyes away to respect their privacy. Who could blame them? They had been joined for the last thirty or forty minutes as I snapped away each having to pause periodically to let their impending orgasms subside. 

Just as I stepped off the ladder I heard a scream of release, Kara, was first off the mark again I noted and then quickly afterwards Charlotte joined her.

I stepped forward with their gowns as they stood and moved away from the set, “I got some really excellent shots. It will take about a week for the lab work and then the proofs will be ready,”

“Just in time for our anniversary,” Charlotte beamed in response. Tall and toned, she was at ease with her nudity. A light sheen of sweat coated her body, her nipples were swollen, and her smooth mound was slick and glistened with her juices.

Kara, slightly shorter and darker skinned moved to take a couple of iced waters from the table. Her muscles rippled as she moved. Lots of gym time had left her without an ounce of waste fat, but she was still soft and feminine.

They had met at the local university where they both coached sports and were now approaching their first wedding anniversary. They had decided on a joint anniversary gift, a triptych picture of their lovemaking. No detail spared, each of the three large panels depicting a different act, black and white but with colour highlights. Today's shoot was the final panel, their climax with a large thick double dildo.

I quickly tidied the studio while they showered and changed. I had a family set booked for the morning. I just had time to see my clients on their way and then head back to my day job.

I should introduce myself, I’m Izzie, Izzie Crenshaw, and I’m twenty-nine years old. I came here to Mariners cove to heal myself after an awful year in which I lost a close friend, ditched a cheating partner and then to crown it all got made redundant.

I had rented an island retreat and fallen in love with the skipper of the charter boat company that owned the Island. Becky tanned and softly muscular with a lively sense of humour was my soulmate, it had taken me just hours for me to fall, no plummet into love with her.


I locked up my studio which was located above the local coffee shop and headed across the road to the harbourside offices of Mariner Cove Cruises. Three of the fleet were already docked, sleek and white with the MCC logo on the aquamarine funnels. The crews were busy hosing the boats down and prepping for the next day’s tours.

I walked into my office, where I was now the office manager for the growing business, I pulled the tie on my halter neck sundress and let it pool on the floor. The late afternoon air quickly hardened my large braless brown nipples, and I could not help but slip a finger through my folds which confirmed just how moist Kara and Charlotte’s performance had left me.

Reaching into my desk drawer I retrieved my company polo and shorts, quickly tugged them on and swapped a pair of deck shoes for my wedge sandals.

I make it a point not to wear MCC uniform when at my studio, especially when I’m catering to my more adventurous clients.

A quick scan of the wallboards confirmed that the afternoon had gone well, and all but one boat was back. The last island shuttle was due in at any moment, Becky had been out checking that the island houses were ready for the upcoming season.

A triple blast on the airhorn heralded the arrival of Mariner IV and like one of Pavlov’s dogs I started to respond, that familiar tightening in my stomach accompanied by the moistening of my slit.

I quickly walked out to greet any passengers and help to tie the boat up for the night.



Becky led the way to our car, a white Jeep Cherokee with the aquamarine logo and triggered the remote rear hatch allowing me to pop some sacks of groceries inside.

My captain always drives when we are together, and as she settled into her seat, I leaned across and locked lips with her. Our tongues met, and I could taste cherry soda. “Missed you today,” I panted as I drew back from that beautiful face.

Becky’s face just broke into that deep soul-warming smile that had come to mean so much to me over the last year.
Quickly checking outside the car, I leaned forward again, this time slipping a hand inside her shorts leg and letting my fingertips graze her smooth, warm mound.

“Hot tub and a BBQ this evening,” I suggested as my lover moaned her pleasure and slid her hips toward my invading fingers.
I kept grazing her sex with my fingers, feeling her heat and moisture build, hearing her breaths quicken as I pleasured her.
Slipping my arm around her shoulders, I locked lips again, and our tongues danced as I felt the weight of her breast and her nipple hard and stubby through her shirt.

I let my onslaught continue, and nature took its course, one hand played her now sopping slit while the other squeezed a rigid nipple and my tongue dueled with hers. It took but a few sweet minutes for her body to stiffen and spasm as her orgasm hit.
Relaxing back into my seat, I laughed and pointed to the parking lot exit. “Take us home captain and open a window it smells of girl cum in here.”

“Aye aye,” responded Becky in a fit of breathless giggles, “I love you, and it’s your turn later.”


It was still early in the year and the evening had darkened and cooled too quickly for a BBQ to be comfortable and so we hit the hot tub while the George Forman grill warmed up.

We had a new place, Becky had moved out of her apartment, and we had jointly bought an old sea captains house overlooking the bay. It now had a large wrap around veranda that expanded into a decked area at the rear and which incorporated our hot tub.
It was completely private, and no one could spy us there. It was a great space to unwind and enjoy each other.

Subtle LED lights gave the deck area a warm, cozy feel, and I switched on the outdoor speakers adding our favourite mix of music to the evening.

Becky had peeled off the cover and announced that the water was nice and warm. The extra money it had cost to add a remote app that turned on the heater had been worth every cent.

I stopped to watch as Becky pulled her polo over her head and slipped out of her bra. Her firm pert breasts had me in awe every time I saw them.

“Jeez, it's chillier than I thought” she moaned as she quickly pushed her shorts and panties down in one swift motion and ran to the outside showerhead to rinse off.

I could see how quickly her nipples had hardened and her arms were covered in small goosebumps.

I pulled off my polo and fully understood my lover's reaction as the chill evening breeze hit my own body. Quickly I stripped and took her place under the shower as she hurried into the hot tub.

Sinking into the hot tub, I leaned back against the side let the warm steamy water envelop me.

Becky now warmed up moved to the side and offered me a cool Sam Adams.

After five minutes of relaxing, just listening to the music with no real need to speak we smiled across the water at each other. We were happy, content and head over heels in love.

“Let’s go round again,” sang ‘The Average White Band’ and Becky jumped up to move her firm sexy body to the music. Grinding and twisting it was a cross between disco and pole dancing which ended in a lewd display of fingers and pussy.

Sinking back into the water as I laughed helplessly she turned the jets up and gave me that smile, indicating that it was my turn.
I could feel the warm pulsing jets hitting my butt, and with a slight repositioning, it was right where I wanted it, that oh so sensitive patch between pussy and pucker.

Just a slight flexing of my legs worked the jet back and forth, ‘mmmm heaven’ I thought.

With a slight nudge, my lover's foot was between my thighs and applying pressure to my already swollen pussy lips.
Her toes, long and slim and always beautifully kept and painted were splitting my lips; I could feel my moisture adding to that of the tub.

I raised and parted my legs to accept this wonderful intrusion, and in doing so, I let the bubbling jet play directly on my pucker. Oh, fuck such sensations, that warm bubbling against my most private place and Becky’s soft firm foot against my mound.
Becky was pressing the ball of her foot against my lips and wriggling her toes between my swollen and now very open petals as I flexed my ass against that wonderful warm jet.

Gripping my nipples, I tugged and stretched them against the cool evening air as I felt my orgasm build. That tightening from deep inside me as my core came to the boil; I could hear myself moaning aloud for release. I wanted and needed a nice hard fuck session.

Suddenly the foot was gone but before I could react Becky’s lips were pressed against my own as her finger entered my slit and her thumb pressed against my clit.

“Fuck, Fuck, Yes,” I was thrashing in my lover’s arms as I lost control and surrendered to the sensations shaking my body.
“OH FUCK, that was wonderful,” I murmured as I ran my fingers thru Becky’s hair.

“You're beautiful when you cum,” she replied, a tear in her eye, “I so love and adore you.”
‘Meatloaf’ added, “You took the words right outta my mouth” as we hugged.

“Let’s eat,” I replied.


One of the instant wow factors of this house, when we viewed it, was the log fireplace, a large brick hearth and huge old ship’s timbers as the mantel.

It was the central point of the room; we planned the room around it. We furnished the room to with a huge amazingly soft sheepskin rug in front of the hearth. The only structural change we had made to the layout was to add floor to ceiling glass doors on the seaward side to enhance the views.

Having devoured the steaks which we had set to grill before getting into the hot tub, we retreated to the lounge to cuddle up before the roaring hearth. We set a platter of cheese and biscuits to keep us company. I’ve found that old saying about sea air giving you an appetite to be very true.

Becky had bought some broken down bee hives from an old chap down the road who was moving away; we used those to stoke our fire and a few pieces of the applewood added to the logs gave a truly wonderful aroma to the room.

As she kneeled before the fire stoking the logs I ogled her taut shapely thighs, and that oh so pert button of a butt, cute and round it was kissable, lickable, spankable, just everything a girl could want.

I leaned forward and slipped a hand between her cheeks to cup her mound letting my fingers seek that warm moist groove that so delighted me. Becky purred her pleasure and pushed back against my hand her petals parting to admit my fingers. My other hand slipped across her ribcage to reach her breast; I teased her nipple feeling it harden between my fingers as I stretched and rolled it.

My darling was tensing in my arms as her pleasure built and I gently trailed kisses across her shoulders and then down her spine until I reached her butt.

Turning from the fire, Becky lowered her head to the rug and raised her butt in an offering to the gods of pleasure. I surveyed the beauty before me, those taught tanned legs, leading to the equally taught pert bottom and then that slim muscular back stretching away from me till it reached her silky hair.

Her head turned as she looked over her shoulder and those striking amber eyes so often hidden by her Ray-bans were gazing back at me.  “Well,” she questioned me with a shake of her ass.

I moved forward and lifted her foot, gently running my tongue over and around her toes before kissing along the sole of her foot, I repeated the process with the other foot.

Gripping her lower legs, I moved my hands along her calves, using my thumbs to stretch and tease the muscles. As I knew she would, Becky sighed and relaxed further; her legs parted revealing her pucker and the edge of her pussy. That wonderful, sensitive strip completely denuded of hair, and due to our frequent nude sunbathing tanned to match the rest of her skin. I dove in, and drew my tongue along her groove, she groaned and twitched in response, and so I did it again and again before shifting my attention to her pucker.

Becky had introduced me to the pleasure of the pucker as she called it, none of my previous girlfriends had been so inclined.
My hands pulled her cheeks apart as I pushed my tongue into her ass. It had taken me a while to adjust to the earthy taste and aroma of my lover’s ass, but it had become an addiction.

Curling my tongue for greater rigidity, I worked it in and out, just enough to stretch the ring as Becky likes to put it.
The fire was crackling now, and I could feel the heat on my bare skin, I could still smell the apple wood, but now it was combined with the aromas of pleasure; the rawness of Becky’s open pucker and the wet arousal of her pussy.

I continued probing and licking Becky’s ass with my tongue as I slipped a finger into her wet pussy,

“OH, OH Fuck,” she moaned aloud as she pushed her ass against my face.

I added a second finger and started to scissor her slit, in together, out apart. I stretched her now sopping sex as I finger fucked her.
She started to rock her ass back and forth, side to side, bucking in time to my fingers as she rode them for maximum pleasure. Now my tongue was tracking a moving target. I recalled my brother’s description of a carrier landing and giggled between licks.
Ass high in the air, face buried in the rug Becky was rubbing her breasts against the silky goat skin as her pleasure built.
I moved my hand to cup her mound and squeeze her clit; her whole body froze in mid-movement as the pleasure hit. I could see the muscles in her legs and ass lock as she screamed in release. My palm was suddenly soaked with her nectar.

I leaned forward again to kiss her ass cheeks, and I gently supported her collapse onto the rug. I gazed at her face, so relaxed after being pleasured. Her eyes were shut. My darling always naps after a big orgasm, just a few minutes but It’s her way.

I sat back on the couch and sipped my brandy with a tear in my eyes as I watched the one I love.


Two days later and it was our day off the roster, and Becky wanted to visit the island that I had rented on my first visit to Mariners Cove. It’s a very special place to us both; it’s where we first kissed, first made out, first made love.

After our first night together when Becky took me in her arms and healed my soul, we had walked the island and picnicked in a beautiful sandy cove. After some persuasion, Becky had posed naked on a large rocky outcrop, and I had sketched my sexy sea nymph in her natural habitat.

That sketch now a watercolour hangs over our bed. It’s one of our most treasured possessions.

We borrowed one of the MCC tenders and loaded food and drinks before heading out across the calm sun-spangled sea.
Once the tender was tied up, we stripped off, and after a prolonged embrace we set off. A quick walk around the cottage showed it to be secure and ready for letting then we headed to stroll around the island.

It was a glorious morning, clear bright sky, the air fresh and salty just a slight breeze perking our nipples as we walked hand in hand. We stopped to watch the seabirds, to listen to the sea, to embrace and declare our love. We were at one with each other and the beauty around us.

I pulled Becky into my arms and hugged her tight. Her skin smooth and soft was cool against me, and I let my fingers part her cheeks before grazing her pussy lips.

“Moist and warm just how I like you,” I whispered into her ear."

Becky raised a hand to cup my breast her fingers catching and stretching the nipple, “Hard enough to cut glass,” she quipped before we locked lips for a long hard kiss.

“That’s enough,” she stepped back adding, “The light is amazing today, and I want to photograph you on our rock, I want both our pictures above our bed.”

So that was her secret agenda, I had noticed one of my DSLRs packed with the food.

Twelve o clock saw us at the cove cracking a couple of Sam Adams and toasting our special place.

“You’re the expert, so I will sit on the rock while you set up the shot, and then we can swap,” explained Becky.
I set about my business, tripod, camera; she had even packed a collapsible reflector to balance the light.

Becky cracked a second beer, “Wow, thirsty,” I queried, “Only halfway through mine,” I added.

Becky normally a hive of nervous energy and noise was strangely quiet as she perched on the rock while I adjusted the camera but soon I had finished, and we swapped places.

Becky posed me facing the camera, legs slightly parted as they draped over the edge of the rock. I had my arms slightly behind me. This would not be one for the family album, but as an erotic addition to our boudoir, it would be great.
After a series of flashes Becky rummaged in the camera bag and advanced toward me, “I want to try a filter, which would be best.”
“What have you packed.”

“Well I have the polarising one and this one here, but I’m not sure what it’s for.”

“Let’s have a look then,” I laughed at her eagerness.

She handed me an unlabeled filter case, and I unscrewed it to look inside.

I swear my heart stopped before it raced away, nestling inside the case was an engagement ring, platinum with a large diamond surrounded by smaller aquamarine stones.

“Isobel Crenshaw will you make me the happiest woman alive by becoming my wife.”

I looked down at my now kneeling girlfriend, the beautiful sexy woman who had made me whole again and in a torrent of laughter and tears shouted “Yes, yes, my darling. I am yours forever.”



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