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Her Naked Masseuse Turned Into Her Lover

She booked an in-room session and got a hot surprise
Em had been at a loose end all evening, with nothing to look forward to except dinner which she would have in her room and then probably an early night. She was on another full-on business trip.

The in-room meal had come and gone. She had done what she needed to do for her program the next day. It was nine o’clock. She thought briefly about looking in on the bar and nightclub in the basement of the hotel and rejected the idea.

If she went there alone some man would try to pick her up and she wasn’t in the mood. Em preferred to contrive situations in which a man she fancied thought he had picked her up. Sometimes, not very often, she did the same with women. Em defined herself as curiously bisexual rather than seriously so.

That night, though, she couldn’t be bothered. There was too little time and it would undoubtedly require too much effort. Besides, she’d made a promise to herself to be good on this trip. It was only a two-night schedule and this was the second night.

She had eaten her dinner while wrapped in the hotel robe. Underneath it she was naked. She had allowed herself a secret buzz about that when the room service waiter was fussing around with her dinner and then later taking away the remains.

She was lying back in the lounge seat beside the bed with the robe loosely open. She was looking at herself in the long, wide mirror facing her, which also showed the bed. The turn-down service had been in and the bed looked inviting, but Em wasn’t sufficiently tired yet to go to sleep.

She looked at her body in the mirror and thought it looked reasonably trim. She had recently changed her style and gone for a Brazilian between the legs with just a little manicured triangle of pubic hair on her mound. Her pussy looked tasty, she thought. As she thought this her pussy lips opened slightly and her nipples hardened.

“Oh,” Em thought, “I thought I was going to be good this trip.” She tried to scold herself but it didn’t work. Her pussy resisted all instructions to behave and be quiet. It was obvious too that her nipples were determined to stay hard.

Em considered her options. She could get Vic to give her a buzz, but he’d already done that today. He had given her a morning wake-up treat in bed and was now recharging at the power point in the bathroom.

She watched her left hand trace a sexy, lazy way down from her right nipple past her belly button and into her newly hairless slit. She saw two of her fingers slide into her vagina. “Well,” she thought, “I could just please myself.”

She wasn’t in the mood for more self-stimulation that night, however. Yet on a whim she thought that perhaps she could get an out call massage. She could just get a regular one, nothing fancy, with a masseuse. There were probably out calls available.

Em kept her left hand in her pussy and with her right hand opened the draw in the bedside table and pulled out the yellow pages. She found the section that dealt with very personal services.

She had by then decided that she would definitely have an out call massage. She did that sometimes when she was travelling.

One entry caught her eye. It was from a place that offered out call massage with a masseuse, for ladies and gentlemen. Em considered this. Most of the out call massages she had in her hotel rooms were with masseurs. There was something especially erotic about being massaged naked by an unknown man in a strange room.

These sessions invariably ended with hot sex. Em always found that especially erotic too.

She was no stranger to sex with women but it was not the customary way she ended up shouting in her hotel room. That night, though, she thought that a woman’s touch would be rather nice, even just a straight massage.

Her left hand started masturbating her. She told it to stop. It reluctantly complied with this instruction.

Em checked the time (it was nine-fifteen) and dialled the required number from the room phone. She booked a two-hour masseuse massage. They told her Nona would be with her within thirty minutes. She would call from the lobby.

Nona. Em knew the word as an informal name for grandma in Malay languages. It intrigued her to speculate about exactly what sort of Nona would appear in her room in thirty minutes. Perhaps it was an older woman.

Em took a quick shower and lightly towelled herself half dry. She liked the sensation of being slightly damp at the beginning of a massage. Even if it was only a straight massage, being a little bit wet added a privately erotic touch to the show.

She put on a black string and the robe, poured a whisky, and allowed speculative thoughts about her upcoming massage to enter her mind. These thoughts soon moved on to hot remembrance of her most recent illicit adventure. That had been the week before last in another hotel room, not her own, and in another city.

She had been chatting with a man at the hotel bar and they found common ground, shared business interests and a sudden mutual desire to fuck each other. It had progressed to first flame quite quickly and then after a little while to second flame. This had been exactly where Em wanted it go.

He had asked, “Should we go on?” and she had responded, “Well, I think so.” Five minutes later they were in his room, on his bed, Em was only in her stockings, he was half naked, and she was giving him her trademark blow-job.

She had returned to her room, nicely shagged several times, as dawn began to lighten the street outside the hotel.

Now, tonight, her pussy stirred again. She slipped off her string, put her legs over the arms of the chair and fully opened her robe. One hand returned to her wet cleft while the other played with her suddenly rock-hard nipples. She watched herself in the mirror as she came.

Em loved the hot shivery feeling she always got at the climax of masturbation. In many ways, she often thought, it was better than sex.

She recovered her composure, satisfied, and slipping her string back on and retied her robe.

The phone rang. It was Nona, in the lobby. Em told her to come up to the twenty-fourth floor, turn left out of the lift and look for room two-four-three-zero on the right. She heard the lift arrive and soft footsteps on the carpeted corridor. Her room bell rang.

She looked through the security spy-hole and saw the form of a woman. On the intercom the woman said, “It’s Nona.” Em opened the door.

Nona was a tall, coffee-coloured young woman with a willowy figure and evidence of rather pert little breasts. She was probably in her late twenties and was wearing tight low-hip jeans and a little halter top under the three-quarter jacket she took off as she entered the room. She was also wearing ankle boots with seriously high heels, some copper jewellery and a nice smile.

Em was immediately entranced. Nona had short curly hair and black, almost agate, eyes. She had full lips that were brightly red and, when she said hello, Em had noticed she had beautifully white teeth and a little pink tongue.

They settled the bill and Nona made her report-in call from the room phone.

Then Nona said, “Hello properly. It’s nice to meet you. You are called Em? What it is short for?”

Em said, “Let me take your jacket and hang in the closet.” She did this, slipping off her robe and hanging that up too.

Nona looked at her as she returned wearing only her brief string and smiled. Em said, “It’s short of Emmeline. You have aroused me. Can I have a really hot massage? Do you do that?”

Nona stood up, moved towards Em, licked her hard pink nipples, and then stepped back and stripped off her little halter top. It revealed a pert pair of breasts with upturned and very erect black nipples. “I would like to give you a very hot massage. You have aroused me too.”

She kicked off her boots and unzipped her jeans. She slid them down, revealing a tautly sexy ass and a tiny little white string that hung from her hips and had a little tasselled fringe at the front. It did not hide anything.

She said to Em, “Lie down on the bed on your back, legs together, and close your eyes.”

Em did as she was told. Her pussy was wet with anticipation and her nipples were standing high and hard. She heard Nona getting some things out of the big tote bag she’d arrived with and wondered briefly what sort of oil she would use.

In a little while Em sensed Nona arrive at the side of the bed and lean over her.

She used no oil, as it turned out. Instead she tied a blindfold around Em’s head. Em felt Nona’s tongue wetly circle her right nipple before her beautiful white teeth bit it gently. Em murmured, “Ahh!” Then her left nipple got the same treatment. “Ohh!”

Suddenly Em’s string was stripped off and her legs were pushed gently wide apart. Em uttered a little sigh of pleasure.

Then she said “Oh!” as her pussy lips were pulled apart. She said “Oh!” again when she felt three of Nona’s fingers slide into her vagina while two on her other hand found and enraptured her clit.

Em came very quickly, murmuring little expressions of pleasure. Then she felt Nona’s tongue flicking lightly over her pussy and then lick it fiercely. She felt it slide wetly into her vagina. She shouted, “Oh god! Yes!”

She came again, very soon and this time very loudly, thrashing under the hot sexual impetus of Nona’s tongue and the full lips that simultaneously licked her entrance. She was on fire.

She lay on the bed temporarily satiated. Nona whispered into her ear, “You are very hot. I will take off the blindfold in just a minute.”

Em felt her get onto the bed behind her and move forward a little.

Nona untied the blindfold and said, “Okay, you can open your eyes.”

Em did. What she saw was Nona’s beautiful pussy just within reach of her tongue. It was pinkly wet and open and neatly trimmed and ended in a sexy little triangle of hair on her mound.

“Give me your tongue,” said Nona. “Make me come.”

Em reached forward and upwards and took Nona’s little breasts in her hands and played with her rock-hard nipples. Nona made a little noise. Then Em fully opened Nona’s hot and slick entrance with her tongue and plunged it into and out of her cunt, fucking her with it.

Nona cried out and plunged her own tongue back into Em’s willing cunt. They tasted each other’s hot juices and loved them, moaned in ecstasy together and came together. They both made lots of lovely noise, rolling and bucking on the bed, exhausting each other.

Afterwards they lay entwined, playing gently with each other. Nona whispered to Em with a smile, “On the books I’ve given you a straight two-hour massage. That’ll satisfy the accountants. Off the books, you’re the hottest woman I have ever had sex with.”

Em whispered back, “Nona, I’ve never had it as hot as this with any woman.”

Then they did each other again.

Afterwards, they exchanged private cell phone numbers. Em was quite often in Nona’s city, after all.

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