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How i met Melissa

Tags: lesbian
i bet you taste like a woman


Chapter 1

It had been a long and frustrating day at my stand in the vast exhibition hall, lots of enquiries but not one firm order!

I'd counted at least fourteen invitations to dinner, twelve requests for a drink that evening and at least two blatant, "come with me and I'll show you a good time." offers.

I'd responded to the second one from a middle aged man with a paunch that looked like he was pregnant by asking politely, "Why? Is there someone else coming?"

Jenny, the girl on the next stand to mine let out a most unladylike guffaw and promptly lost a sale!

"Hell." she laughed, "It was well worth it, what a creep!"

Slipping off my jacket, I poured myself a gin and tonic from the mini bar and that's when I saw the card offering an in-house pedicure and manicure for foot weary business ladies.

Well that was me all right, my feet were talking to me!

I rang the number and was greeted by a very well spoken woman called Sandra.  She gave me a price scale and giggled when I said, "Just come and stop my feet from abusing me, to hell with the cost."

Another gin and tonic eased my frustrations somewhat and I was just about to draw a bath when I heard a gentle knock on the door.

"Hi," she said brightly, "I'm from the anti-feet-abusing-society!"

That made me laugh and I liked her immediately.

"Well you'd better come in." I smiled, "But I wasn't expecting you right away, I'll just be a minute, help yourself to a drink while you're waiting."

"Thank you, maybe afterwards," she smiled showing a beautiful set of gleaming white teeth, "But you don't need to go anywhere. Our service is expensive as you know, but we do everything for you, absolutely everything!"

If that had been a man speaking, I'd have said he was coming onto me, but this was a beautiful and sexy young woman who surely had men dropping at her feet all the time! No I must have misinterpreted her meaning!

"That sounds good to me." I said and hoped I didn't sound too nervous!

"Where do you want me?"

"Anywhere you feel comfortable," she replied, "Here let me refill your drink."

Sitting in a comfortable looking chair I watched as she walked to the bar, the white nylon overall fitted her perfectly, clinging very sexily to her curves and highlighting the sensuous swellings of her bottom. She was I decided, a walking wet dream!

"There you go." She handed me my drink and squatted down at my feet unwittingly drawing my attention to the way her breasts seemed to be rather well displayed thanks to the top two or three buttons of her tunic being unfastened!

Before I realised what was happening she smoothed my skirt up over my thighs and smiled when she saw I wore stockings!

"Oh that's nice Madam, I always wear stockings too, they're so much cooler than tights and sexier too, don't you think?”

I could only nod and wonder what I'd let myself in for as expertly, she unfastened each suspender strap in turn and rolled the stockings down over my legs.

"You've got beautiful legs Madam," she smiled, "But those feet look awfully tired.

"They are," I sighed, "Believe me Sandra, they are."

She giggled as she got up to fill a bowl from the bathroom, "Sandra was the lady you spoke to, the boss, I'm Melissa and I'm just a minion."

Again I was treated to her lovely little bottom swaying sexily beneath the clinging as she walked into the bathroom.

"You're a very pretty minion, Melissa."

I didn't think she heard me but she did and her smile was even wider as she returned and squatted down again.

"Thank you Madam, what a lovely thing to say, especially coming from a beautiful women like you!"

Gently she lifted my feet and placed them in the warm water, bliss, absolute heaven!

"Now let them soak for a few minutes to soften your skin up and we'll see if we can make you feel better."

She was very brisk and professional, perhaps I had got it wrong after all!

"Can I get you another drink Madam?"

"Yes please, that would be lovely."

"As you're my last client of the day, I think I'll join you after all."

"Be my guest."

Squatting down again, she took one foot out of the water and began to massage it gently. Every inch, every single millimetre was touched, teased, eased and caressed by her fingers. We chatted and I found myself telling her about my failed marriage and how I was wary of getting into another relationship with a man.

"I think we're very much alike Madam," she said rather wistfully.

"Oh I'm sorry Melissa, I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories for you."

I reached down and squeezed her hand gently, but she smiled.

"No, no, you weren't to know Madam, I think we all have memories though don't we?"

She finished with my foot and placed it carefully to one side.  My knees had to part slightly and I caught her glancing up between my thighs as she reached for the other foot. She looked up at me and smiled again.

"Was it that hot in the hall?"

I blushed knowing she'd seen I wasn't wearing panties, then I giggled.

"It was unbearable, they were sticking to me, so I took them off."

She was silent for a moment as she worked miracles on my foot, then she said softly, "I couldn't help noticing that you shave, if you like I'll do it for you."

I giggled, probably because of the gin. "Melissa, I can't believe you said that!"

"I'm sorry Madam, I'll leave if you're offended and I'll waive the charge, I'll just tell them in the office that you changed your mind."

She wiped both feet and stood up stiffly, she'd been on her knees for quite a while and as she rose I caught a glimpse of flesh above stocking tops, no wonder she'd commented on mine!

"Melissa." I stood up and took her hand.

"I'm not offended, not in the slightest, in fact I find the idea rather appealing, but if you're going to do it, I want a bath first."

She smiled again and said, "May I have another drink Madam?, I thought I was about to lose my job for a moment there!"

I squeezed her hand gently, "You did say you'd finished for the day didn't you?"

"Yes Madam."

I handed her my empty glass, "In that case Melissa, my name's Jackie and I'll have one as well."

"Thank you Mad- - - - Jackie."

"Half way to the bathroom I stopped and turned round, "Oh Melissa?"

She looked questioningly at me, "Yes?"

"Aren't you a little bit sticky as well?"

"Yes, I think I am Jackie!"

She arrived with our drinks just as I was about to unclip my bra, apart from the suspender belt it was all I had on.

"Let me," she said and unfastened my bra deftly, letting it drop to the floor.

Her lips touched my neck in a soft kiss and her hands cupped my breasts.

"Beautiful Jackie," she said softly, "Just beautiful."

Turning round I kissed her, her lips parted and I slipped my tongue between her teeth. "How did you know?"

"I didn't, but I thought you were gorgeous as soon as I walked into the room."

Her tunic unzipped from top to bottom, exposing her beautiful breasts bulging out almost over the top of her bra, a pair of sheer white panties only partially concealed a shaven mound and white hold up stockings completed the ensemble.

"You're the gorgeous one round here." I whispered as I eased a breast out from the lacy cup and touched my lips to the rapidly hardening little nipple.

Kneeling down to roll the stockings off, I touched my lips to the front of her panties and she gasped, trying to pull away from me!

"No Jackie, I'm hot and sweaty like you said."

"I know." I said softly and stood up.

Taking hold of both her hands I lifted them up above her head. "You’re not hot and sweaty, you're a woman, you smell like a woman and I bet you taste like a woman."

I think she came as I licked the sweat from her armpit!


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