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Just a visit from a friend
Sitting at my desk in a busy office in Manhattan just after lunch time, I fixed a lose end of my white buttoned down shirt that was coming out of the back of my grey pencil skirt. My feet couldn’t wait to be out of my heels, and it was almost the weekend. Jen, an old friend of mine from college, was flying in to visit me from Florida and I don’t think I was ready for the wild weekend I was sure she had planned for us.

She texted me as I was leaving my office and headed home to my apartment saying, “almost time!! Just a few more hours!” I was looking forward to having company, because that would mean that the quart of ice cream in the freezer would be divided into two stomachs and not just mine, and after months of being alone in my apartment, it would be nice to have someone to run errands with during the day and to talk to at night.

“Just landed!” she said as I sat and waited for her in arrivals. After only waiting a few short minutes, I saw her and she smiled and waved at me. She was a lot more beautiful than I remembered from school. She had a tall, thin and toned figure with relatively long light brown hair and sun kissed skin, a beautiful white smile and a brightly colored floral print bag hanging on her shoulder. Her long navy blue dress with gold accessories made her stand out in the bland population walking around her. “Hi! How are you?” she said.

“I’m great, thanks! How was your flight?”

“I made it here didn’t I? I would say it went well!”

We hugged, walked back to my car and drove back to my place. I had straightened up around the apartment and opened up a few air fresheners to hide the smell of dirty gym clothes that hadn’t made it in the wash yet. We parked and walked into my place.

“It smells great in here! Wow. I really like your setup too. Do you work far from here?” she asked.

“I work just a few blocks east, so not terribly far. Are you hungry?”

“I’m not hungry right now but I’m exhausted! Maybe let’s get to bed early? Unless you had plans for us!”

“I assumed you would have wanted to go out but staying in sounds great to me!” I said.

I had a one bedroom apartment, so I brought her bag into my room and put it on the floor beside my dresser. She was getting in the shower, and I laid in bed thinking about how great she looked. I could not believe how different she looked from college. Scenarios of that night ran through my head about being able to kiss her or even just being able to stare at her completely naked before I could touch her perfect body. But who was I kidding. She probably had a boyfriend and most likely only came to visit me because I didn’t live far from the city.

“Ah! Much better! Are you getting in?” she asked.

“Yeah I will! Just give me 5 minutes! I’ll be right out,” I said.

I stepped into the steamy bathroom and showered quickly in the hopes that she would still be in a towel and bent over looking in her bag for clothes by the time I got out. After rinsing the soap off of me I got out, dried off, and walked into my room in a towel to find Jen completely naked and laying on my bed.

“Have you missed me?” she asked.

“Wow… you look great,” I managed, barely able to get a full sentence out.

“Come here,” she said.

I walked over to her and kissed her lips. She bit my bottom lip and I did the same. I had a rather muscular figure for a girl and handled her forcefully. I moved myself in between her legs and continued kissing her with one arm leaning up against my elbow to hold me up and the other hand firmly grabbing onto her ass from underneath her body. She wrapped her legs around me, and I moved my lips down to her neck and whispered in her ear, “I want to taste that warm wet pussy.”

She forced her head back, bit her lip and moaned. I ran my tongue in circles around her neck, then up and down, and up to her ear and exhaling again. The feeling was killing me and I was dying to have my mouth all over her.

I sat upright on my knees and looked down at her. Her body was perfect. I ran my finger down her clit and onto her wet pussy when I looked up to see her smiling sinisterly at me. I swung my head slightly to the left so my hair would be out of my face and with my mouth watering; I finally had my tongue all over her delicious pussy. I looked up at her while she held my hair up for me and looked down to watch me. I had my hands on her stomach and rubbing her all over. I felt her clit quiver as she laid her head back and arched her back. I moaned and licked her faster while I forced two fingers inside of her.

“Fuck!” she moaned. I loved it. Her body was so full of passion and built up frustration that she had saved up for me to release. Her legs wrapped around my head and I was being momentarily suffocated by her dripping wet pussy. My mouth was all around her and my tongue was dancing all around her clit. I felt her body begin to twitch underneath my hold on her. She pulled my face in deeper toward her, arched her back even further with her legs still wrapped around me, and let out a loud exhale. She was cumming for me and I wasn’t stopping. Her breathing pattern became inconsistent and her body was jolting slightly from her sensitive clit.

She sat upright, and I motioned for her to turn around on all fours so I could see her perfectly rounded ass. I kissed her cheeks and held onto them with my hands. “Mmmmm”, she said. I kissed closer and closer to her tight asshole and spit right above it so I could watch it drip back down to her little pussy. I forced my tongue into her ass and she threw her head back saying, “Fuck, Lauren!”

I loved making her feel this way. I slid one finger into wet pussy again with my tongue still in and around her ass. Her moaning mixed with the movements her body was making was a turn on all in itself. She reached around to grab the back of my head and pull me closer. With my tongue fucking her ass and my fingers fucking her pussy, she came again for me.

“Ah! Fuck! Yes! Don’t stop!” she begged. My tongue was forcing itself in and out of her tight wet ass while she held her cheeks apart. She moved one hand down to her clit and began rubbing herself feverishly. She moaned a few times, and I felt her asshole pushing out at my tongue. She forced herself out and squirted all over my neck and chest. I spread both of her cheeks to get my tongue even deeper inside of her. My neck was full of her delicious cum that was dripping down my chest.

“Wow… you’re really good at that,” she said to me.

“Well, thank you. I aim to please,” I said.

Seeing Jen enraptured with so much pleasure and being as aroused as she was, was beyond satisfying for me. The movements her body made before she came, the sweat collecting on her back, her moaning and heavy breathing, the way her pussy dripped when I made her cum. It was so utterly intense and I couldn’t get enough. We went and had another shower before we came back to my room and I forced her to bend over my bed again so I could taste her ass a few more times.

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