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Losing Her Girl Cherry

Losing Her Girl Cherry

A secret agent has an erotic sapphic experience

It was a sweaty, smoke-filled bar and I was grateful for the occasional waft of air each time an equally sweaty and seedy-looking patron came in or out.  I had been propping up the bar, dodging eye contact for nearly forty minutes, but the particular customer I was interested in hadn’t showed up.  Maybe my intelligence of their routine was flawed and yet – my sources had been reliable in the past.  I didn’t expect this one to be any different. 

I was being kept mildly amused by the proceedings around the pool table.  It was an odd arrangement, and I’m usually spot on with body language but something about this lot didn’t add up.  There was a greasy looking guy, a little like a roadie.  He had the cut of a biker but not the mien of a proper chapter member.  A drifter maybe.  The other two were rough-looking types, who had nothing better to do than shoot pool and drink cheap whiskey.  The girl was of a different character.  She had shiny black hair, which was full-bodied and luxurious, not like the lank, unkempt top knots of some of the hookers and cheap sluts I’ve seen in there.  She seemed out of place.  Her denims were designer label even if they were a good fit and lived-in.  I don’t think she was dating any of the guys, or if she was, she could have done a lot better.

She had narrowly lost the first game and now quite a few dollars were being placed in the empty glass by the table.  I looked around, but my quarry hadn’t turned up yet.  I had only seen a photo, but I had done my homework.  If he was going to make a move, it was going to be this week; today or tomorrow. 

I ordered another Southern Comfort and Coke, and returned my attention to the game.  The girl did a couple of awesome pots.  The second one she doubled into the side pocket and there was a look of discontent among her companions.  The greasy one went in off when it was his turn and jabbed his cue into the floor, catching it angrily as it bounced on the rubber-tipped shaft.  The girl took over and sank the next two spots.  The guy, who had lost his form rattled one against the corner pocket and it failed to go down.  I could see it now.  This chick was hustling.  She was either an awful judge of character, very brave or stupid. 

I surveyed the bar again, still nothing.  I was paying far too much attention to the pool, but I had a bad feeling about this.  She potted the last spot and sank the black like a pro.  She was good.  I’m not sure if she had this under control or not, but when she smiled and went to take the money, my fears were realised.  One of the wasters grabbed her by the shoulder and let her know in no uncertain terms that they weren’t ready to let her leave.

I drained my glass and walked casually in their direction, while disguising my intentions, as if I was making for the door.  Suddenly there was a commotion and a scattering of chairs as the girl was first pinned to the wall.  She squealed, and was led towards the exit.  There was scant regard from the assembled drinkers, and it was obvious this wasn’t too unusual.

I got between them and the door, a pool cue held behind my back.

“Hey guys, maybe you can let her go and put it down to experience.”

“What’s it got to do with you, blondie?” asked one of the other two.

“I don’t like to see a girl roughed up.  She won fair and square.  Let her go.”

“Why don’t you just butt out and fuck off!” said the rough-looking one.

“Why don’t you show some manners!”

I snapped the pool cue in two, rapping one guy around the head and parrying another in the stomach.  The third guy lunged at me.  I side stepped his punch and round housed him, making him crash into the wall.  I grabbed the girl by the wrist and dragged her out of the door.

“Run!  They won’t stay down for ever!”

We sprinted to my bike and I threw her the spare helmet as I jumped onto the saddle and revved up my machine. 

“Hold tight, I don’t want to be followed.”

We sped off and I had a look round as we approached a bend.   It looked like we were in the clear, but I wasn’t taking any chances, doing a circuitous route back to my motel.  My pillion followed my advice to the letter, holding my waist tightly as we clocked 70mph along the straight highway that led to the edge of the town.  When I was certain we were out of danger, I eased off the gas and rolled up to the car park behind my motel.

We stepped off the bike and she gave me the helmet, shaking her long brown hair and coiffuring herself back into her former style.  Close up, I could see she was a well-bred, but worldly wise girl, with a twinkle in her eye.  I felt it necessary to ask a question.

“So, do you like to live life on the edge, or are you just stupid?”

She looked at me, as if her pride had been dented but still bearing the hint of gratitude from me saving her life.

“Yeah, it got a bit out of hand.  Where did you learn to fight like that?”

“It’s a long story.”

She looked at me uncertainly and pulled out a wad of notes from her denim jacket.

“I’m still two hundred bucks to the good!”

“I guess it’s your lucky day.  Let’s go in and freshen up.”

“Sounds good.”

I had booked a comfortable room for two nights, but with my mission now in tatters, I wasn’t sure.  I couldn’t go back to that bar, so I would have to report back to HQ and say I got mixed up with something that was beyond my control.  It wasn’t true, but I was never going to just stand by and watch another girl get beat up or worse. 

“I’m Katrina, by the way,” she said as we entered my room.  Everyone calls me Kat.”

“Zina,” I replied offering my hand.

“Is that your real name?”

“Ummm… yes!  It’s European.”

“Ah okay.”

“So, are you going to tell me how someone like you got mixed up in a hell hole like that?”

“It’s a long story, too.  I quit college last year, after a gap year.  I had this massive bust up with my tutor over my grades and just decided I needed to get away.  I’m in touch with my folks.  But yeah, I am a wiz at pool.  I hitched to that place with a kind old truck driver.  I thought those dudes were a bit rough and ready but I didn’t realize they would turn out nasty.”

“Wow!  Well you need to choose your company more carefully.”

“I know, I will.  I might quit this now, go back home and get my life on track.”

“I would.  You’re clever, but your luck will run out sooner or later.”

“I guess.  Say, can I use the shower, I really need to freshen up.”

“Be my guest.  I’ll go after you.”

“Cool.  Oh by the way, Zina?”


“Thank you.”

I smiled and nodded before sending an email to HQ.

“Work?” she asked, as she slipped out of her clothes.


“Was you ‘working’ in that bar.”

“I might have been.”

“Oh, it’s a secret, uh?”

“If you mean can I talk about my job?  No.”

“Fair enough.”

She rolled her T shirt off as she spoke.  She had a good toned body, but I don’t think she worked out, because her legs were shapely more than athletic and there was no definition in her arms.  Even so, she was a nice-looking girl.  She had the kind of peachy butt that would take a good slap and leave a satisfyingly rosy mark.  Not that I am into discipline, but a girl can’t help but ponder on these things.  I had been operating alone for so long, it was good to have some female company.  I had worked with a male agent for almost a year.  He was okay, but you can’t share your feelings properly.  We were purely professional, though he would have had me in bed if he could.  But it’s against the rules, and he wasn’t my type anyway. 

I smiled to myself as Katrina sang in the shower.  She was a happy soul and I mused over how two people’s paths could cross and be from such different backgrounds.  Me, a straight A student, first at Oxford and now at 23 years-old embedded in the States with the SIS.  Katrina was 22 at a guess, flunked college and was shooting pool and hustling for kicks, and living on a shoe string.

She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and another around her hair.  She looked cute as she sat on the bed, a combination of adorable and vulnerable. 

“Feeling better now?” I asked.

“Much.  I’m all refreshed and fragrant.”

“Good.  See you in a minute.”

I took my towel and had a shower myself.  That awful bar had left a stale feeling on my skin and I wanted to be cleansed.

I stepped out of the shower and Katrina had been next door to get a take-out of and she had poured out a couple of glasses with ice.

“Hmmm… that’s nice.  Very thoughtful.”

“You look like a Southern Comfort girl, so I thought you’d like.”

“And what does a Southern Comfort girl look like?”

“Like you.”  She beamed as she took a swig of the sweet spirit, the ice tinkling against the glass.


“No, I noticed you in the bar.  I’m observant.”


I sat on the duvet and fished in the bedside drawer for the hairdryer.

“You have lovely hair,” complimented Katrina.

“Thank you.  So do you.”

“Is it true what they say about blondes?”

“Having more fun?  I’ve had my moments.”

After drying and brushing my hair, I reached down over my shoulder, where I’d been getting a little twinge from a muscle.  I’d come off my bike a few weeks back and it was left over from that, I assumed.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing.”

“Let me.”

Kat placed two warm hands on my shoulder as I sipped my drink.  She had a wonderful touch and I did a little shiver of delight as she kneaded the flesh with her fingers and palms.

“Ooh you’re good.”

“Magic fingers.”

“I could get used to that.”

“Why don’t you lie on your front and let me give you a proper massage.”

“Yeah, I’d be a fool to decline if that sample is anything to go by.”

I stood up and slipped off my towel.  She looked at my body with what I felt was a little more than admiration.  I took that as a compliment and lay face down on the bed.  Her wonderful hands began on my shoulders again, but this time a little more gently but no less exquisite.  She worked her way down my spine, untying every little knot with such gentle finesse.  I could have gone to sleep, it was so relaxing, but I wouldn’t want to miss the experience.

She used her palms and her knuckles to such effect, it was a sublime sensation.  I’d only ever read of the art of tantric massage.  Somehow, Kat’s touch was incredible and made me relaxed and invigorated all at the same time.  She paused, when I perceived she removed her towel.  She sat astride my bottom, and I could feel the soft pillows of her buttocks on mine as she slid her fingers along my collar bone.  She had leaned forwards and her boobs stroked my back as her hair tickled my shoulders.  This had ceased to be just enjoyable and was becoming pleasurable.  I decided that she must have been professionally trained.

“You okay?” she asked, softly.

“Absolutely,” I murmured.

She continued to trace her fingers down the small of my back and ignoring my bottom, she ran her fingers along the inside of my thighs.  I sighed with the sheer joy of her touch, as she made me feel arrestingly aroused.  Her hands put firm pressure on my calves but as she moved up her touch became feather light and teasing.  Each movement of her hands seemed to be getting closer and closer to the top of my thighs. 

She parted my legs and I shuffled a little, knowing that my sex would be hopelessly exposed.  I was straight, but what girl hasn’t wondered what bread is like buttered on the other side?  The movements of her fingers were now a pinching, half rotating one.  She had changed position – I could feel her weight shift on the bed and then her hair was wafted - no drizzled, tantalizingly over my back.  Her hands now kneaded my bum cheeks, at the same time as her hot moist lips planted kisses on my shoulders.  I was enjoying it too much to protest.  Just as I thought she had chickened out, her fingers dabbled tentatively onto my pussy.  Her beautiful, erotic treatment had ensured that I was wet.  Katrina gave her own little murmur of delight as her fingers delved into my honey. 

I hadn’t anticipated this but I wasn’t about to miss out on a happy ending.

I sighed deeply as her kisses moved onto my neck and then to my ear.  Her breath was hot and sweet.  It was surprisingly lovely to have another girl’s body so close to mine.  The softness of her kisses on me made me shiver with a delicious satisfaction.  I didn’t want her to stop.  I wanted to give her a signal to fuck me with her fingers as hard as she liked.  I just let out a submissive whimper in response to her magic fingers as she thrust and twisted three of her digits inside me.   I caught my breath a couple of times as her finger fucking continued and her kisses turned to nibbles all over my neck and my shoulders.

At last she eased off, but it was combined with a sensitive lick of my face and I turned over.  She looked radiant and her brown eyes looked at me imploringly.  I hadn’t even fooled around with girls at college or anything, so for me, my bicurious urges were there for Kat’s taking.  I held her arms and pulled her towards me.  Our lips met with the passion of two lovers who knew each other better than we did. 

I wouldn’t have believed that morning that the day would end with some random brunette popping my girl cherry.  Her kisses were sizzling hot.  Her lips were so soft and I didn’t flinch in giving her my tongue.  That first kiss was one I would always remember.  The raw sexiness and urgency of our lips pressed together and devouring each other was amazing.  I was so aroused now, I just wanted more.  I cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple.  She had lovely boobs.  I guess you would say a nice handful - I knew that phrase would come in one day.  I squeezed her boobs together and our lips parted as she rose up and pressed them around my face.  I took a nipple into my mouth involuntarily.  Her fingers had found my pussy again.  I’m so glad they did.  I drew her nipple into my mouth and sucked.  She liked that given her whimpers of delight. 

If I was wet before, I was soaking now.  I pulled her closer and kissed her again.

“Will you kiss me there?” I asked.

She smiled and then licked her fingers. 

“Is this your first time with a girl?” she asked.

“That obvious eh?”

“It just seemed so natural.”

“No, you broke me in…”

“Well, to answer your question, Zina.  Yes I’m going to kiss you there.”

She gave me a smouldering look and slowly disappeared from view, planting kisses in stepping stones down my front. 

It was almost too much.  Even the little smooches on my stomach were mind blowing.  She was revealing all the erogenous zones I never knew I had.  I loved how she didn’t just go for gold but lingered around the top of my legs.  She was kissing me all around my pussy but stopped just short.  Just before she hit the spot she put one hand up and took my hand.  I had been half watching her with my head on a pillow, but at that second, I threw my head back and my other hand gripped the duvet.

“Oh!  Oooh…. Oh fuck, Kat…”

Her tongue seemed to lash my inner lips and then darted around my vulva. It was beyond anything I had known in the bedroom before.  Maybe I had put my career before sex, but I had had my share of fun, but this was different.  They say only a girl knows how to please another girl and now I knew what they meant.

Driven on by my vocal and physical responses, Kat turned her attention to my clitoris.  She pushed her palm against my mound and flicked my button with her tongue.  I gasped with pleasure as her licks sent shock waves through my body.  I loved the way she nuzzled me, licking and sucking my pussy.  I was moaning and whimpering and making words that didn’t mean anything but expressed all the delights that I was experiencing.

“Ooh Kat!  Yeoooww!  So good.  Oh fuck!  Don’t stop!  Don’t you dare stop!”

Kat just vibrated her hands over my clit as she licked me, her fingers and tongue working on my pussy and clitoris until I was driving my hips into the bed and holding on to the duvet as if I was taking off on some flying carpet!  I closed my eyes as the orgasm swept over me and I was going to some other place, where there were kaleidoscopes of colour and candy floss trees.  Her fingers continued to do the work as she kissed my pussy and then she yelped as the force of my orgasm took her by surprise.

“Oooh… ooh shheezh!  Oh fuck!  Yes!  Kat!  Yes… I’m coming!!!”

My body jerked and I was lifted off the bed with an earth moving spasm as I came.  She took my hands again and squeezed them as I came hard on her mouth.  Every part of my body seemed to be tingling and I was breathless from my orgasm.

I was still coming down as she was on top of me, and kissing me on the lips.  Tasting myself on her lips was very sexy and in the moment I kissed her harder and I wondered what her own pussy would taste like. 

“Are you going to let me return the favour?”

Kat looked thoughtfully until a smirk spread over her face.

“What do you think?”

We sat on the bed and faced each other.  For a while we kissed each other all over.  Kat loved my breasts, sucking my nipples tenderly and squeezing and weighing them in her hands playfully.  For me it was an adventure and in exploring her body I was exploring my sexuality.  I had expected that I would entertain my lesbian side some day, for the experience.  I hadn’t expected it to be so soon or come so abruptly.  Kat was very loving and clearly enjoyed giving. 

We snogged face to face and for a while we touched and fondled each other, which was a big turn on.  Eventually we slithered into a heap on the bed and it resulted in me sliding to my knees as Kat turned round with her legs parted. 

Her pussy was beautifully neat and the temptation to slip my finger in and unzip her moist labia was too great to resist.  I parted her lips a little more with my two longest fingers and sipped her juices with my tongue.  She had a lovely rich sweetness with just a hint of muskiness that made me want to lick her more.  Kat started to play with herself as I delved my tongue further into her sex until my nose was nudging her smooth perineum.  I wasn’t under any illusions that I could use my tongue with anything like her expertise, but I followed my instincts.  Katrina mewed softly like I was doing something right and I lingered on a particular spot if she seemed particularly delighted with what I was doing.

I remembered how wonderful her kissing my inner thighs had been and pressed my mouth against the soft flesh at the top of her legs.  Her reaction was instantaneous, as her meows of delight became louder.  I kissed her all over and around her pussy as I let my fingers do a little work.  The sensation of her velvet gripping my fingers was so memorable and unusual, I slipped out and slipped them in again, slowly and deeply.  Obviously I had touched myself enough times, but somehow from this position and with another girl it was sensuously different.

It occurred to me that Kat had a particularly sexy butt and that it was just asking to be kissed.  Was that something you did?  Did I have to be invited?  Ignorant of any lesbian etiquette there might be, I rolled my tongue around her ass as my fingers probed her pussy.  Kat’s response made any uneasiness I had, dissolve in an instant.  I did it again, rolling my tongue from her wet little pussy to the top of her ass.  She squirmed and made a sigh of pleasure. 

Not forgetting her pussy, I licked along the length of her labia, and continued in a single movement, before lingering around her bottom.   Intrigued by her response and wanting to give her more pleasure, I parted her ass cheeks so I could get full access to her tight little love star.  I lapped against her hole, making her wet with my saliva as well as from the juices of her pussy.  This made the little bit of dark hair that she had there become moist and flattened against her pussy lips.  I retraced my tongue, tickling her anus and drawing down, plowing a furrow through her hot and sticky lips.

Kat’s body began to tremble as mine had as I worked my tongue around her privates.  My mouth had become as wet as her pussy with her love juice.  I don’t think I was very elegant, but as long as I hit the spot I didn’t care.  I must have been doing something right, as she was so turned on now.  I realised just how much pleasure I could get from giving and I reached down between my legs to give myself a sneaky touch as my tongue played with her pussy.

When I thought she was close to coming I sat up and used my fingers, driving them in and up and caressing her breasts with my other hand and culminating in firm pinches of her nipples.  I worked my fingers in hard and deeper, fucking her pussy with strong and deliberate strokes, until I could feel her coming.  I put a thumb against her bum and she half collapsed on the bed, her mouth biting down on her fingers.  I could feel her body tense as I slid my hand under her tummy and I sat up, fingering her ass hole and her pussy at the same time.  This sent her over the edge and she squealed with a juddering climax and finished sprawled on the sheets.




We sat side by side on the bed, drinking Southern Comfort and shared a bag of bacon curls.

“Thank you for the experience, Kat.  It was sensational.”

“My pleasure.”

“What will you do tomorrow?”

“Not sure.  I’m going to call home and do something responsible for once.”

“I think you should.  You should open a beauty parlour.  Get a qualification in physio or something.  You could make serious money with fingers like that. “

“I might do that.  How about you?”

“I’ve called in.  They’re putting my current mission on the back burner.  I’m awaiting instructions on my next job.”

“Okay.  Well take care won’t you.”

“I’ll do my best.  I’m always careful.  I have back-up if it’s going to be tricky.”

“I wonder if we’ll meet again?”

“Never say never.  What say we get dressed and get a proper meal.  There’s a Cajun one block away.”

“Sounds like a plan.  I’ll be ready in five.”




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