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Lost in Lesbian Lust

a woman is reluctantly dominated by a neighbor lady
My neighbor Jan is thirty-seven, married with two teenage daughters. Her body is in excellent shape and I have always found her to be exceptionally attractive. Yet there was something much more about the way she affected me. I would find myself glued to my windows at times when I knew she would be going to or coming home from work, just to catch a glimpse of her. I knew this was weird but I thought about her nearly all the time. I was becoming obsessed with the thoughts of her letting me get down between her legs and lick her pussy. The thoughts of her luscious cunt started to drive me crazy and I was masturbating to this fantasy almost constantly.

We were not even really close friends but I started going over there often to have coffee and pressed every way I could to become closer friends with her, even sometimes making a nuisance of myself in my efforts. Perhaps she had experienced similar relationships before because she seemed to have developed a degree of tolerance for people who wanted to be around her more than she wanted them there.

Our conversations did eventually become more rewarding. I suspect she made statements designed to shock me, perhaps to make me uncomfortable and discourage me from pushing our relationship constantly into ever more intimate areas. However her frank opinions merely made me more voracious; I could not help steering the topics of conversation in those directions and I could not help touching her whenever I found some excuse. She was very aware of how I constantly stared at her.

Eventually she seemed to join in as though we were involved in a flirty little game. She would often open her legs while sitting across from me, deliberately exposing a bit of gorgeous thigh that caused my cunt to clench in rigid spasms and I yearned to see more of her lovely legs and even longed to touch her beautiful feet. She was always barefoot when at home and her feet were perfect in every way.

One day I was over there and went in to use the bathroom. To get to the bathroom I had to go by her bedroom. I noticed she had a pair of pink silk panties lying on the the bedroom floor. I could not get these panties out of my mind while using the bathroom. I knew that she must have recently taken them off and they would carry her scent and it would be almost like having my face between her legs. In my mind I could not get past the image of her sliding them down her full, shapely legs and letting them pool on the floor.

On my way back from the bathroom I went into her bedroom, picked up her panties and held them up to my face, inhaling her strong, musky scent. I was in heaven. I sat down on the bed, pulled up my skirt and started to play with my pussy while enjoying her wonderful aroma. I knew this was wrong but I could not help myself. It was an opportunity that might never come again and I was helpless, far too weak to stop myself.

Only seconds passed I heard a voice, "Ginny, what on earth are you doing?"

I was jolted by the shock of seeing Jan standing at the doorway looking at me in utter disbelief. I was too ashamed to speak and she just continued, "what are you doing with my soiled panties? Are you smelling of them?"
I started to cry and told her how sorry I was, and explained that things were happening to me that I could not understand. Probably my crying affected her and she began to calm down in an effort to console me. She was trying to be understanding as she held me tenderly, telling me to stop crying, it was no big deal.

"Jan, I don't understand it myself. I've never been aroused by other women but when I get around you I just feel so exhilarated and I want nothing more than to stay with you and be with you. I feel these inexplicable and uncontrollable urges to be with you, to see you, to touch you. It's like a silly school girl crush but more intense than anything I have ever experienced and I desperately want to give myself to you in any way that I can. I have an incredible need to do anything for you that I can to bring you happiness or pleasure. I would be absolutely enraptured if I could only get down on my knees and kiss your thighs and caress your legs." Once started, this elaborate confession simply erupted from deep within myself and just poured out of me.

She was noticeably stunned and confused by my confession, but, seemed to both understand and take pity on me. I am guessing because she is a mother and has an intrinsic ability to empathize with her daughters' problems and troubles and was able to charitably extend those feelings to my plight. Then she tried to absorb some of the blame, "I really think that I have been, sort of, encouraging you in a way. I've noticed the way you've looked at me and it was...flattering, in a way. I found myself letting you see little glimpses now and then, just a little game that was a bit...diverting. I know I should not tease you, I realized it was affecting you much more than it should but I told myself we were just being friendly, in a sexy way."

"No, honey, there's nothing you did on purpose to make it any better or any worse. It was just my reaction to you that is the problem. Perhaps you felt a little flicker of flattery and that made you feel like you were contributing to my
response to you but, believe me, it was all going on inside me."

"Ginny, I couldn't help being a little thrilled that you could be affected so much by a woman my age and with all my family baggage. I am just not ready for any kind of sexual experience with another woman. I just would not know how to go about it."

"You don't need to do anything. Just let me be near you and touch you and maybe kiss you, not on the lips, I mean, I could kiss your legs or your arms, even maybe your ass..."

"Oh, Ginny, I'm sorry but I'm just not able to participate in any way. If you think it would help, you can keep my panties and maybe smell them while you masturbate. That's as far as I'm able to go...the only thing I can do."

"Jan, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I would love to keep your panties and I thank you for being so considerate."

"It's no big decision. I don't think I could pry them out of your tight little fist anyway, certainly not in one piece, not even with just one stick of dynamite."

I could not surpress a little giggle as she said that in such good humor.

"I am a bit excited to think you will be using my dirty panties to relieve yourself. I don't know why that would affect me in that way." Then she added thoughtfully, "My husband and I do not have the kind of sex life we used to. Maybe that has something to do with it."

"All marriages suffer some from such constant exposure. Even ice cream would get old and boring if that's all you had to eat." Then I jumped at what I thought was an opening, "It might even help your marriage if you did let me feel you up and play with you a little," I said hopefully but then maybe I overstepped, "could you just pull your dress up and let me lick your legs for a little won't be sorry."

"Oh, Ginny, you're being silly. I've tried to tell you I can't do things like that. Why can't you just accept it?" She put her hand on my forearm and squeezed. "Just be content with my panties for now. You can sniff them..and maybe even lick them a little bit. Now you need to go, the girls will be coming back from the park in a very short time." It was summer and her girls, Ginger 18, and Kyleigh 16, were not in school and spent most of their time at the malls or the city parks.

Her "suggestions" about what I could do with her panties caused a sharp tingle in my pussy. I felt like she was telling me what to do with her panties and made myself believe that she wanted me to do these things with her panties. I felt a strange connection with her, that she was participating in these feelings I had for her.

Her two beautiful little teenage girls came in just as I was leaving. They were both pure replicas of her, just not quite as fully developed. I could not supress almost the same thrill I had around them as I did around Jan, just to a
slightly smaller degree. But then when the degree was doubled because there were two of them, it was just as intense as with their mother. I was usually an addled, brain-dead mess by the time I left the three of them.

After about a week, Jan called me and during our conversation got around to asking me if I liked using her panties. I told her I did and that I only wished she were wearing them. She giggled nervously and said that's why she had called. That she had been unable to think of anything else after I left her house last week and would I like to come over for some coffee. The girls were with their father who was intent on teaching them the manly art of golf and the fact that she was alone caused a precipitous stirring within me and I eagerly accepted her offer.

Well needless to say my heart started pounding and my legs got so rubbery I could hardly get across the street quickly enough. Jan answered the door in a short white negligee and invited me into her house again. When she turned to go up the stairs in front of me, I could see the lovely outlines of each of her ass cheeks as they tensed and relaxed in turn, winding their way up the stairs. Halfway up the stairs she stopped abruptly to bend over and pick up something. I was so close behind her that I could not help bumping my face deeply into the crack of her luscious ass
cheeks, not that I made a tremendous effort to avoid the collision.

She seemed to expect this and stayed in position long enough for me to press my nose into her ass and get several deep whiffs of her wonderful scent. It almost felt like she was posing for that purpose. I later decided she had probably placed the object on the steps just so she could feel my face in her ass. Once upstairs we entered a small sitting room just outside her bedroom. She sat across from me on the settee while I occupied an armchair by the window. I could not stop looking at her beautiful feet, bare of course, with her pretty toes painted with red nail polish.

Most of us go through life insisting upon a certain amount of respect. My relationship with Jan went rapidly through several stages, at each one I left behind a certain amount of pride. At each phase she would say things and make observations a little more demeaning and I took the merest amount of offense, and less and less of that. I could not afford to demand any type of respect because our relationship was so absolutely one-sided. It was like I was clinging to her skirts and she was whipping herself in every direction in the effort to throw me off. No, I could hardly take offense; I could not claim that she left me with no pride. I had sacrificed that for the sake of our tenuous relationship.
She looked over at me and noticed. "Ginny, are you looking at my feet, sweetie?"

"Oh no, Jan, I was, er, just looking down at the carpet."

"Oh, I think you like my feet, don't you, Ginny?"

"Well, Jan, your feet are certainly pretty, no one could deny your feet are pretty.."

She said, "thank you, sweetie." I noticed she opened her legs just enough so I could see her pretty white silken panties. Of course I could not take my eyes off of the crotch of her panties and she knew it. When we finally reestablished eye contact she just smiled at me and said, "Ginny, would you like to come over here and sit on the floor by my feet and play with them?"

Without saying a word I moved across the room and knelt at her feet. I held her feet in my hands on my thighs, rubbing them and caressing them. She looked down at me and said, "that feels wonderful, sweetie."

I could not help myself and raised one foot to my lips and started kissing it and licking her precious instep and between her lovely toes. She began sighing and moaning as I knelt at her feet, now delicately licking and sucking both her fabulous feet. My desire was building to almost blinding urgency and my tongue slathered all over as much of her feet as I could reach.
I looked up into her eyes and said, "please Jan, can I just smell your pussy through your white panties, please."
"Oh Ginny, I don't know. Honey, why would you want to do that?"

"Because, Jan, you are making me so wet and so hot that I'm compelled to do something or I'm going to explode. I love the smell of you. Please, Jan, please let me smell your pussy, just for a little while." I begged as I groveled at
her feet.

"Well okay, sweetie, go ahead. What do I need to do... just pull up my gown?" She asked as she slid her little white nightgown up her lovely soft legs to her waist, moved her ass forward on the couch to the edge. Her pantied pussy was within inches of my face. I was delirious as I lunged forward and began lightly kissing the inside of her right thigh towards her pussy, fearful that I would move too fast and cause her to become alarmed. Then I moved over to her left inner thigh and kissed my way up to her pussy again. This time I buried my nose between her pussy lips which caused her to jump in reaction. "Oh, Ginny, that feels nice."

That comment encouraged me and I took three long sniffs. "Oh gawd, Jan, you smell sooo good." I started kissing her up and down her slit, noticing now that her panties were starting to seep with her sweet girl juices. I started to use my tongue and lick up and down her cunt as she got wetter and wetter. The taste of her juices even through her panties was so sweet. She was moaning and whimpering quite loudly now and my excitement was also rapidly rising.

I looked up into her eyes and she said to me, "oh, Ginny please take my panties down and suck it for me; let me cum in your mouth, please don't make me wait any longer, sweetie!" This was music to my ears and I slid my fingers into the waistband of her white panties as she lifted her ass to accommodate me and I slid them down her smooth legs. She immediately spread her legs as wide as she could to accommodate me and I attacked her sweet pussy with my tongue, deep into her haven of lust. As I fucked her with my tongue she grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me tighter against her pussy.

"Mm. Mmm. Jan, your pussy tastes so good." I started to take her clit between my lips and suck like a little baby at her mother's tit. She started to buck her hips now and moan louder and louder until her whole body shook in a spasm and her orgasm was hard and continuous. I slurped and swallowed as much of her girl cum as I could, relishing every drop of it. I continued to kiss her pussy until she gradually began to relax and calm down. I looked up into her eyes and said, "Oh, Jan, thank you so much for letting me suck your pussy, please let me do you again soon."

She said, "Oh, sweetie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it was just wonderful for me, too. I'd like to tell you that I will let you do this for me again but I am, after all, married and not sure that I can allow you to do that anymore. I have to get used to the idea. Really, I did this more for you, sweetie, because of the impression you made on me last week. So, please be patient with me and give me time to become accustomed to having a friend who likes to suck my pussy."

A few days later on a Monday I answered the doorbell and she was standing there on my porch so I hurriedly invited her in, "How've you been?" I asked.

"Been alright, just taking it easy. What've you been up to?"

"Not much. Just trying to get a few things straightened in the garage. I don't know where the stuff comes from that accumulates out there. I can have it neat as a pin and nothing on the floor wall to wall and a few days later, it looks like three rooms of furniture and junk has been dumped there. Do you want some coffee? I just made a pot a few minutes ago."

"Yes, I would; I just got back from taking my husband to the airport since this is his week to travel and since it's the last week of summer vacation, Mother has confiscated the girls. I'll have lots of free time for a while." Jan replied as
she walked with me into the kitchen.

"Well, you're certainly welcome over here any time you feel like visiting."

Jan sat down on a barstool by the breakfast counter while I poured a cup of coffee for her. She seemed totally unconcerned about the way her skirt slid up her thighs when she spread her legs to hook one of her heels into the rungs on each side of the barstool. Then she shook off her shoes, both of her bare feet were planted on the upper rungs. She quickly noticed how my eyes were drawn to her bare thighs like a needle to a magnet. "Oh, Ginny, don't tell me you're going to start your lecherous leering again," she said in a humorous way as though she were teasing, almost flirting.

I didn't know how to respond, my eyes were locked on her thighs and I couldn't seem to pull them away. I couldn't force myself to be casual about it like she was being. I was merely struck mute and staring.

"If you're going to act like that I'm going to have to leave, or else let you come over here and kneel down by my stool. Would you like to do that, Ginny?"

Thanks to a member - itsonlyme - for reawakening my interest in writing

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