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Maude/Madeleine Part 11

The tale continues
I am writing this chronicle in the year of our Lord 1805 and news has only recently been brought to England of Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory and tragic death at Trafalgar. The war is over. A sense of relief prevails. I am now 46 years old and in very different circumstances. I will not say yet where I am writing nor what those circumstances are, since that would be to pre-empt the tale. But let me return to my history.

I could merely catalogue for you all the ladies whom I entertained in Mistress Pickles’ house but I fear you would find it tedious. They were, it is true, many and various; women of all ages but all from the finest families. Let me therefore select a few of those who might be of interest to you.

In, I think, 1782 (I cannot be sure, time did not seem to matter in those days of my life) I was sitting alone one evening in the ladies' salon. The other girls were either resting or entertaining. I had been told to expect a guest and was appropriately dressed in a long red gown. Miss Jenkins came in. She was now absorbed in the training of Dorcas, a new, younger girl who was in training at her hands and so she paid little heed to me. Having said that she would occasionally invite Maria and I to her quarters and there we would dance to her tune. Many a time I was taken by them both and I confess the pleasure was enormous.

Jenkins sat beside me and took my hand.

“Tonight you will be entertaining outside the house." This was something I had never done before.

"A carriage will call at eleven and you and Bella will be taken to a house, a very fine and illustrious house. You will be blindfolded for the journey. Do not be alarmed. This is merely to ensure you do not recognise anyone until you are at your destination. I shall be with you in the carriage."

"Do you know our destination?"

"I do but am sworn to secrecy by our Mistress. Do not press me for I may not tell you. I shall be at the house but I shall not be with you. I am to wait in the servants’ quarters and accompany you on your return. I am to tell you that you and Bella must be ready to leave as soon as the carriage arrives, that you are to accept the instructions of the first lady you meet at the house as if she were your Mistress. Do I make myself clear?"

I said that I understood.

Shortly before eleven Bella and I stood in the hallway of the house. Mistress Pickles came to join us and was most solicitous, ensuring we were properly dressed and prepared. She tied a silk band around Bella’s eyes and then about my own. I heard the clatter of hooves on the driveway and felt Jenkins’ strong hand grip my arm gently and she guided me carefully to and into the carriage. I sat beside Bella and we held hands, more for the sake of mutual comfort than anything else. No one spoke during the journey which seemed to last a lifetime.

When the carriage finally came to a rest we were led from it into the warmth of the house itself. Jenkins removed the bands that covered our eyes and it took a few seconds before I could see properly. I was aghast. The hall in which we stood was beautiful, with the highest of ceilings, immaculate drapes and carpets, the finest of furniture and a roaring fire.

A tall and stunningly beautiful woman entered the hall through a side door. Her age seemed to me to be about forty and her delicious figure was draped with a long white almost transparent and floating gown. It was apparent that beneath the gown she was naked. Singularly large and dark teats tented the gown over her firm, large breasts. Hair like spun gold flowed to her waist at her back.

"Welcome, ladies. You will remove your clothes here and wear the gowns that are provided for you."

A slender arm extended to indicate gowns, precisely like her own, hanging in a small closet. We disrobed. You will understand that by this time neither Bella nor I had any modesty when professionally engaged although, curiously, we retained that modesty in daylight outdoors! The gowns were clearly made for us since they were of the exact length to brush the floor but not to trip us despite the disparity in our height. Similarly they reached our wrists perfectly. Just as the lady’s own the gowns were cut low on the bosom and tied with ribbons to a point just above the knee. The skirts were full and flowed; Bella looked stunning. Her large breasts moved sensuously beneath the delicate fabric.

"Follow me, please, ladies."

She led us through a pair of double doors of oak which opened as if by magic as she approached. The sight that met our eyes was the strangest I had ever seen. The room was large, quite brightly lit and contained a number of large tables at which women, some 20 or so in all, were playing cards or some other games. One such involved a green-baize covered table at one end of which was large revolving wheel set horizontally and a woman dressed as we were threw a small ball into it as it turned. The ladies at that table watched as the wheel turned then one would exclaim with glee and the others would look disconsolate. I must have looked puzzled for the lady took my hand.

"You will mingle with the ladies as they play. You will be available as required, is that clear?"

I nodded, dumbfounded.

"Some of the ladies will expect you to descend beneath the tables as they game. I have no doubt you will understand your duties there. If that is required of you they will simply pat the table. The ladies often leave the tables to take wine in the side rooms. If you are expected to accompany them you will be told simply to follow. At all other times you will walk amongst them and be attentive. If they wish you to bring wine to them at the table you will do so."

Thus instructed Bella and I gave each other a reassuring look and separated, I to walk to the curious green-baize table, she to one of the card tables.

The floor was of woodblock with sumptuous rugs of the Persian variety. The walls were hung with rich tapestries. The ladies wore fine gowns but some had exposed their breasts and opened their skirts and would occasionally fondle each other most intimately. There was a rather debauched air to that curious assembly. The conversation was loud and quite vulgar. In one corner I noticed two ladies I had not hitherto seen and they were engaged in congress, each with her face buried in the cunny of the other. One couple at the baize table suckled and fondled each other between plays. The ladies dealing cards or turning the wheel seemed not even remotely disturbed by this activity.

As I paused beside one of the ladies at the baize table her hand went to my arse and fondled me then she tapped the table. I remembered my orders and dropped to my knees beneath the table in front of her. I parted her gown. Her legs parted and I licked at her cunny as she played. I worked efficiently but in a strangely detached way until she stiffened then reached down to push me away. A hand from the other side of the table slapped the bottom of the table and I turned to face another pair of legs exposed to me between the curtains of another gown. I crawled to her and her legs spread for me and I repeated my duties. I heard her climax, she gasped and groaned and then she spoke to, I assume, her opposite number.

"You were right, my dear, a very efficient little tongue!"

I serviced several more cunnies before being instructed to follow one lady into the side room. She was elderly but had worn well. She had me sit in a soft chair and she lifted my knees over the arms of the chair and went down between my wide spread thighs. She buried her face between my legs and slurped hungrily at me. I looked up as the door opened and another woman entered the room. She had a ladyprick poking from between the folds of her skirts and knelt behind the lady whose mouth was working so hungrily at me. She slowly entered her but all the while she engaged my eyes, smiling at me as she rogered the woman who licked me. Yet another woman came into the room. She stood behind me and fondled my paps quite roughly.

"Touch your nub, my dear. Let us see your busy little fingers."

I stroked myself as she commanded and my head went back. Arousal overcame me and I was about to yield to it but she gripped my chin and said, "Not yet! Not before the lady between your thighs is ready."

Mercifully this was not long. The lady holding my chin leant to me and whispered as the licker reached her moment of ecstasy, ‘Now you may abandon yourself.’

And, so I did.

The lady who was rogering the woman between my thighs pushed her gently aside and with scarcely a pause entered me, her phallus pushing between my wet lips. The lady behind me clambered onto the chair so her dress covered me and I attended to her cunny. I felt her stiffen and a flood of her nectar overwhelmed me. The phallus withdrew from and the woman above me moved away. The next thing I saw was the two of them, the one bent over a chair, the other mounting her from behind. The entire atmosphere was of abandon.

I returned to the main room and saw Bella, her dress open, with one woman kneeling beneath her and feasting upon her, another standing behind her and seemingly kissing her neck while fondling her breasts.

I turned away and was most surprised to see one of the ladies dressed like myself being tied to a chair, much as Lady Broadmoor had tied me. I watched aghast as two women then took a cane like Jenkins’ own to her arse, bringing large welts out upon her skin. I had, quite naturally, observed Jenkins administer punishment in such a manner but my amazement was that the poor wretch receiving the strokes seemed not to mind but rather to enjoy the attention of the bamboo. Her mouth was open in a rictus of ecstasy.

One of the women assailing her thus had lifted her own skirts and was pleasuring herself even as she stroked the cane across the poor girl’s buttocks. The second woman turned upon her companion and buried her face between her thighs. Their behaviour was frenzied as if time itself might end and they needed to complete their pleasure before the apocalypse came. The girl tied to the chair was moaning softly and I knew not if it was pain or pleasure but it was my instinct that it was joy that made her so.

It was five of the morning when Bella and I left that house, blindfolded once more and accompanied by Jenkins. We both received handsome gifts which Mistress Perkins was pleased to take from us, leaving us each with a small sum which, as ever, I took to my mother.

Later that night in our bed I held Maria close and revealed what I had seen and especially the last scene of the two women lashing the poor, tied wretch’s arse. Even in the privacy of our own room I felt the need to whisper. She held me fast to her bosom and told me that she had oft been required to use strap or cane upon her guest. She confessed that she enjoyed such activities and I lifted my head to look into her eyes, dark in the soft moonlight that penetrated the room.

"How can you enjoy inflicting pain in such a manner?"

She smiled.

"For all your appetites you remain an innocent, my love," was all she said and cupped my chin.

Her mouth descended upon mine and she kissed me with tender affection.

It seemed to me that the more I learned, the less I understood and I told her so.

"You will learn, my dearest."

With that we slept, entwined, our legs across and between, our arms under and above, my face held gently to her breast. I felt more safe with her than I might in a fortress.

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