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Maude/Madeleine Part 6

Madeleine's night with her first Lady concludes
My Lady was most tender as we dried ourselves. Despite her earlier complaint of having been exhausted by our coupling she seemed, having taken the bubbling wine, to recover.

We had sipped our wine seated facing each other, both naked, in the soft chairs the room provided. She had talked of her unhappy marriage to an elderly peer who, she said, preferred blasting pheasant from the face of the earth to enjoying her company. She cared not for the male of the species, that much was apparent. I was surprised at her willingness to talk of her private life even though she did not reveal her name to me. Nor did she enquire as to my origins but she did ask how I came to be in Mistress Pickles’ household.

I was wary of revealing more than the Mistress would approve and so, circumspectly, I said I had been first employed as an assistant to the Mistress and that, when I reached a suitable age, I was instructed in the ‘Mysteries.’

‘Tell me about your education in the “Mysteries.” I explained how the Mistress and Miss Jenkins had guided and taught me but omitted that Jenkins and the Mistress had taken me by my postern gate. She arched an eyebrow.

‘That explains Jenkins’ sullenness. I suspect she wants you for herself.’ I was sure, and told her so, that Jenkins held no such hopes.

‘Nonsense, girl. It is clear she coveted you, or perhaps your cherry that I was able to pluck so delightfully! Yes, I suspect that that is the truth. No matter, it is gone now and to a good home.’ Here she laughed at her own small joke and asked if I had ever had the pleasure of an intrusion in any way before. My hesitation must have spoken for me.

‘And have you ever had the pleasure of intruding upon another, Madeleine?’ I assured her I had not.

‘Then the time has come for you to do so. I know from prior experience that all the paraphernalia for such indulgence is to be found,’ here she pointed with an elegant hand, ‘there, in that chest. Pray, Madeleine, bring me the dildo and we will test your manliness together.’

I confess that this did not distress me. As I have revealed before, Miss Jenkins had used the device as had the Mistress. Now it was to be my turn and I was excited at the prospect although I admit the exertions of the evening had left me somewhat tired. Nonetheless I went as instructed to the chest and withdrew the device from the velvet-lined drawer. It was made of dark, smooth wood I presumed, the forward facing dildo slender and little more than a hand’s length. The inward was of a similar material but had a velvet-covered ridge which rose vertically from its base and the dildo itself was shorter than the outward. I took it to her and she examined it closely and finding it to her liking instructed me to assume a position, bent forwards with my hands on the foot of the bed. It was only then that I noticed the sheets had been changed, for the stain of my blood was no longer there. She licked my cunny and made me wet and then I felt, for the first time the pleasure of the hard little rod entering me. I was a little sore but her gentleness ensured that I suffered no real discomfort.

The velvet covered ridge seemed to serve no purpose until My Lady began to tighten the ribbons to fasten it to me. Then, between my open lips, I felt it rest, then tighten against my nub. My Lady expertly tied the ribbons and had me stand. She came close to me and, with her hand caressing the dildo that sprang from my loins she kissed me for the first time. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I felt heady. Her free arm encircled me and held me to her, our breasts squeezing together as we kissed. All the while she stroked that ladyprick as my Mistress called it and I could feel it inside me and on me.

‘Now,’ she whispered, ‘you will roger me. Take your lead from me. I will instruct you as to the manner of your rogering and you will perform precisely as I command.’ She assumed a position similar to that which had held only moments before and told me to stand behind her. She stroked her cunny and inserted her finger. I alternately watched her and looked down with a feeling almost of pride at the projection jutting from my person.

‘Put it in my hand.’ Her open-palmed hand was reaching back between her legs and I placed the dildo into it. She groaned a little at this point then guided its tip slowly to her entrance. Her hand rubbed the tip between her lips until she found her entry and then told me gently to push forward. I did so.

‘You must be careful at first. You have no sensation of it unlike me and you must let me indicate my readiness.’

‘Yes, My Lady.’ I loved her gentle instructions and her explanation. I needed to understand and to learn.

She clearly enjoyed the dildo’s intrusion into her for she gave little moans and gasps of pleasure as it slid deep inside her. When my mound, covered in the leather that held the ladyprick was pressed at her backside she had me halt and stay there. Then she told me to rock my hips slowly. My hands on her hips, I began slowly to withdraw the rod until it was almost out of her, then I pushed it gently back again, repeating this.

‘A little faster.’

I could tell she was strumming upon her nub as I rogered her thus and her passion noises grew more voluble. I rocked behind her, increasing the pace of my thrusts as she commanded. Her voice became ever more desperate as I plunged in and out of her and I reached a pace which forced her to place both hands on the bed to steady herself but she made no complaint. To the contrary she was gasping and mouthing obscenities the like of which I had never heard before.

She almost screamed, ‘fuck me, fuck me.’ I had no idea what this meant but assumed it indicated pleasure and maintained my momentum. The ridge of velvet between my lips was working considerable magic upon my own condition and I felt yet again the familiar stirrings within me. I pressed on, loving the glorious sensations that were building as I rogered her. Suddenly, her face pressed to the bed, she began to make a grunting noise and I saw her hands grip the silk sheets. I feared I was hurting her but again she made no objection and suddenly I know she was in the throes of a climactic eruption.

Spent, she sprawled on the bed. I withdrew the rod from within and felt somewhat disappointed that although the velvet ridge had afforded me much pleasure I had not, once more, reached the peak of ecstasy.

We lay together on the bed and I dozed in our post-coupling weariness. I had unfastened the ladyprick and we curled together, this moment entwined, this, disconnected. It was the first time I had slept in such a bed and with such a woman and I felt a warm glow of pleasure.

I was awoken in the half-light of dawn which intruded through a gap in the rich curtains. It was not the light which woke me but My Lady’s tongue. I looked down to her lustrous hair bobbing between my thighs as she pleasured me. She looked up.

‘So, you wake! I am conscious that I owe you some pleasure, Madeleine.’ I made to protest but she ignored me and resumed her ministrations and increased them, curling a finger into me and stroking that special plot within me as her mouth and tongue sent waves of pleasure through me. I put my fingers in her hair and stroked her gently and slowly my arousal increased. My knees were spread and resting on her shoulders and as the dam began to burst my back arched and she quickened her fingering and sucked upon my nub. I know not if it was the finger, the tongue or their combination but something took me to the edge, held me there with my body arched like a longbow and then over that edge and into a kind of ecstatic oblivion.

‘You are a noisy girl,’ she said smiling although I had not consciously made a sound. ‘And there, I fear, our tryst must end.’ Her face glistened with my honey and her eyes were tender and bright. She went to the washstand and cleaned herself assiduously then bade me assist her to dress.

She fully clothed and I naked stood facing each other. She kissed my mouth.

‘Will I see you again, My Lady?’

‘I rather think you might, Madeleine.’ She rang the bell yet again and within a few minutes Jenkins appeared and I wondered if she ever slept but she looked as immaculate as ever. She scowled at me then led My Lady from the chamber and closed the door quietly behind her.

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