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Maude/Madeleine Part 8

The eighth part of a serial that seems to have gained its own momentum!
I would suggest you read the preceding 7 parts before this - it will help make sense of it.

Once again, Jenkins provides her account.

During the soiree that marked Madeleine’s ‘coming of age’ as it were, I felt proud to see her entertain her guest. She behaved with grace and charm such as one might expect of a lady of better birth or greater education. I confess freely that as I laced her into that corset it was my strongest desire to hold her to me and to claim that prize which I knew her guest would take that evening. It was only my duty to my Mistress that restrained me but it was a strain on my humour.

A great sadness overcame me when I led Madeleine and her lady to the room and as I left I was seething with anger. I freely admit this anger was inappropriate and unfair, since Madeleine was performing impeccably and exactly as I had instructed her. Our Mistress’s words later, regarding that bond between teacher and pupil were true of course but I should have had more self-control.

I lingered outside their room and tortured myself as, subdued they were by the heavy door, I could hear the noises of their passionate activities. I knew Madeleine’s maidenhood would be gone by morning and I was saddened. My sadness oft manifests itself as anger, a trait my Mistress has remarked on many times. It was Madeleine who was the butt of my anger. I had taught her, instructed her, and now I was watching her claimed by another.

I heard the bell call distantly from my pantry and immediately entered the room. The bed sheet was stained with my protégé’s blood and I knew I had finally been denied that sweet fruit. My anger boiled like the water I had the servants take for their bathing. I could barely bring myself to gaze upon Madeleine and inwardly cursed her for a whore.

The following morning the Mistress allowed Madeleine to leave to visit her mother and return the following evening. I was hoping she might miss her curfew that I might be given the opportunity to take my friend, the long, slender cane, to the soft skin of her arse and mark her, sting her and exorcise my ire. Even this was I denied for she returned obediently and promptly.

I entered the salon, where most of the house ladies were still playing their childish games and Bella advised me, a little conspiratorially, that both Madeleine and Maria had retired. Let me tell you a little about Maria. She shares with me, the Mistress and Madeleine too I feel sure a natural inclination to womankind and she has a great appetite. I know for I taught her too and many a time was left exhausted by her demands of me. She is adept with the ladyprick and wears it almost perpetually, so much that I occasionally ask myself if she would be a man herself. But there is no denying her beauty. She is tall, willowy and flat-breasted. She has inordinate confidence and can be insolent and wild but, by God, she rogers like a Goddess. I knew my suspicions concerning Maria’s intentions which had been suggested indirectly and I am sure unintentionally by Bella were correct.

Thus it was I burst, clad in my nightshirt, into Madeleine’s room and found them playing the humpty-backed beast upon the bed. All my barely suppressed rage boiled over in me and I could not contain my voice. Maria’s insolent response to my demand to know what was going on served only to incense me further. Further still was my passion aroused when she stood mockingly before me and stroked her ladyprick, her knowing eyes tempting me to react and so I might had not the Mistress then arrived upon the scene.

I expected to be admonished, dismissed, even humiliated by her but, as I have said before, she is a saintly woman. Her gentle remonstration humbled me and I apologised to Madeleine with genuine sincerity and was grateful for her returned smile of forgiveness. My Mistress knew that to send me to Maria was a punishment of sorts. To ask her forgiveness was hard and, as Mistress Pickles suggested, to have her, was to be a trial of my humility.

Heavy hearted I went to her room. I knocked, which is something I would never normally do for I am the arm of law in the household and have right of entry in all but my Mistress’s apartments. She admitted me into her room, a candle still burning in the stick by her bed. She smiled and I think enjoyed my humiliation as I expressed my regrets at my behavior. Maria knows and understands me. She lifted her nightgown and there was her shaft. I knelt before her in total subjugation and humbled myself, taking it into my mouth in an act of submission and contrition so contrary to my normal ways. She caressed my hair with tenderness and lifted me, not, I think, wishing to prolong my agony.

‘Will you finish that which you so rudely interrupted?’ she asked me in a rather coquettish manner. I smiled, warmed by her gentleness and regard for my feelings. She kissed my mouth and for once I felt the led rather the leader. I responded warmly to her kiss and she disrobed me and herself, caressing my body, and pressing herself against me. I looked up into her eyes and saw genuine affection but also lust which inspired that emotion in me in turn. Her hand came to my sex and roused me and wet me. I was in a state of flood.

I said she rogers like a Goddess and by heaven so she did. We both have strong appetite for congress and she plundered me. She almost threw me upon her cot then mounted me, face to face, and entered me in one, deep thrust, her hands pinning mine above my head to the bed. Her hips began slowly to push and pull that shaft of joy and I responded by lifting my legs around her and squeezing her slender frame between them. Her pace increased and she pumped into me, her face a mask of pure joy above mine. Her tongue invaded my mouth. She released my hands and I threw my arms around her, holding her to me and sucking hungrily on her tongue. I expected to reach my climax in that manner but her thoughts went in another direction. She withdrew from me, flipped me easily onto my front and took me from behind in the manner of a dog and bitch. Her hand strummed my nub and her breath, hot on my neck, was coming in gasps of pleasure, matched by my own.

I reached my climax before her, writhing beneath her and almost throwing her off. She stayed mounted like a cavalry officer and maintained her passionate tupping of me until her own crisis came in a shrill cry and seemed to last for minutes. We lay, still coupled, her slight weight upon my back as we recovered.

‘You have, Miss Jenkins, atoned for your sins,’ she said sweetly into my ear and I knew by her use of ‘Miss’ that she was saying that her respect and understanding of my position was not damaged by the evening’s events.

I stayed the remainder of that night with Maria. We pleasured each other again at some unknown time of the darkness and this was a slower, more delicate affair involving fingers and tongues and without the aid of what Maria referred to as the ‘extension of her personality.’ For an uneducated girl she is very sharp witted.

I left her room before the dawn broke and prepared myself to return to my duties and put aside my stupidity. But I knew I should soon invite Maria and Madeleine, perhaps together, to my quarters. My bed is larger than theirs.

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