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Maude/Madeleine Part 9

A special event in Mistress Pickles' household
In the following months I entertained many guests at Mistress Pickles’ house and my First Lady was a regular visitor. She sometimes liked to take both Maria, to whom I had become exceeding close, and me to her room and we would entertain her together. Mistress Pickles’ salon had become well known amongst ladies of class and, of course, a certain inclination.

One evening we were in the salon, playing charades as I recall, when the Mistress arrived with Jenkins and asked us all to sit and pay attention. I sat with Maria upon a chaise longue and awaited our Mistress’s words.

‘This house has welcomed and entertained many fine ladies during the recent years. Some of those ladies are, as some of you will recognise, born to the greatest of our country’s families. We have been and continue to be most successful and all of you will reap the benefits of your labours if or when you choose to retire. I have had my new secretary,’ (this was Eleanor, who replaced me in that role), ‘prepare for each of you a brief summary of the monies held by me to your accounts. Do not be alarmed, this is not indicating that I wish any of you to leave, quite the contrary. I felt only that you should see for yourselves how your fortunes are building against the day of your retirement.

‘I have to announce this evening that we are honoured to have been asked to fulfill a particularly important function for one rather special family. Since you will all recognise certain members of that family on the day I have been allowed to give you some particulars.

‘On Saturday of next week we are to entertain members of Lady Chatterton’s entourage.’

Here she paused as a murmur went through the assembled ladies. Lady Chatterton was a noted individual of extremely high birth. She was also a thorn in the side of the government, led at that time by Lord North, speaking as she often did about the appalling treatment afforded the poor and, in particular, poor women and children.

‘Her Ladyship, as those of you who read will know, is a bold advocate of improvement in this country of ours but you will not know that she shares our Sapphic interests. In fact I have been led to understand that her household resembles our own in some ways.

‘This very morning, my dear Jenkins admitted to my sitting room her Ladyship’s secretary, Lady Broadmoor. It was she who explained to me that her Ladyship intends to take one of her entourage as, as it were, a wife. It seems,’ she said smiling, ‘that her Ladyship is more Maria than Bella.’

This occasioned huge laughter from us. Maria, as I have said before is masculine and inclined to wield rather than receive the dildo. Bella is, of all of us, the most feminine. She is beautiful, with blonde hair to her backside and full breasts, the teats of each being adorned with golden rings. She is probably the most popular lady in the house.

‘Lady Broadmoor has asked if we will provide a discreet venue for the ceremony that will be held to mark this, to provide a feast, a glittering ball and entertainment. It is some years since we used the ballroom for any similar purpose and in this instance I am assured that no expense is to be spared to ensure the success of the event.

‘The “marriage” will be conducted in the privacy of my private apartment and the ladies of her household will use our guest rooms as their accommodation. Eleanor and Jenkins will arrange ball gowns for each of you and we shall employ a small musical ensemble to provide the music. I shall address you further nearer the time but I expect you to remain utterly silent about this without these walls, to assist in the preparations and ensure the success of the day for our most illustrious guest. This is an honour for us all and we must make every effort.’

The ensuing days were a flurry of activity. We all set to to re-open the ballroom, remove dustsheets and clean. The ballroom was not a vast space but big enough for the entertainment of the 40 or so people who would be in attendance. None of us had been engaged in such menial duties since attaining our status as ladies of the house but no objections were made. There was a sense of excitement amongst us all. Jenkins was like a military general, ordering here, commanding there, scolding and cajoling us into frenzied effort. Such effort indeed that if Maria and I shared a cot, as we oft did, we rarely indulged in anything more than a kiss and sleep, so tired were we.

It was on the Friday before the great occasion that the Mistress addressed us once more. We had all been fitted for our dresses which were now hanging under Jenkins’ guardianship in her wardrobe room. Each had been provided new shoes and undergarments of the finest quality and allure.

The Mistress clapped her hands.

‘You have all done well. The house is ready. Now, I must give you some final instructions. The musical ensemble, which consists exclusively of ladies I may say, will arrive at 7pm. The ceremony will have been concluded by then and during the afternoon you will all remain either here in the salon or in your own rooms, alone.’

Here she looked particularly at Maria and me as we sat together. The other ladies laughed and I blushed.

‘At 8 pm precisely you will assemble in the ballroom and you will be dressed and ready. Jenkins will visit each of you to ensure you are ready and any who is not will be thrashed on Monday! I will make an important stipulation at this juncture. During the feast and ball there will be no activity other than dancing and conversation of the most appropriate kind, no mention will be made of the “wedding” and none concerning the activities of this household. The musical ensemble is not privy to our secrets and shall remain in that condition. If it becomes apparent that any of you breaches this rule you will be sent to your room and not released until Monday for your thrashing. Is that clear?’

We all murmured our agreement. If discipline were needed it was never exercised on the Lord’s day. Thrashings had been exceeding rare in my time in the house but were, in the case of serious offences, conducted by Jenkins in front of us all. I suspect she was aroused by this.

‘The music will end, according to her Ladyship’s instructions, at 10.30 when the ensemble will be escorted from the premises. Once the musicians have left and assuming Lady Chatterton’s guests wish it the normal entertainments of this house will follow.

‘I expect you to behave impeccably, like ladies of the best breeding. You have all had elocution lessons, although some might suspect that Grace’s teacher lacked efficiency.’ This occasioned more laughter for although capable of speaking correctly, Grace many a time lapsed to her natural cockney.

‘You have all been schooled in dance, behaviour and deportment. Do NOT let me down.’

Maria and I retired together, knowing we should each be denied the company of the other on the morrow and in the snugness of her bed she held me.

‘Now, my love, she said as she caressed my naked body, ‘do you think I should give you some preparatory lessons for the work ahead of you tomorrow?’

And so she did. And, oh, how she did. Like that first time she had come to my bed and before Jenkins had so precipitately intruded upon us, she took me slowly and passionately leading me to a wonderful climax of delight that I almost swooned. It took me a few moments to recover enough and become able to slide down her gorgeous lithe body and suckle at her nub and be rewarded by her arching back and moans of ecstasy. We slept the sleep of the truly sated.

The following day was spent in further preparation. By noon all was considered ready for the great event and the ballroom was declared fit for the festivities. During the afternoon we were sent to our own rooms to rest, I even slept a while, then with Jenkins marshaling us like soldiers, we bathed and dressed and prepared ourselves for the evening to come. We waited in our finery and in our own rooms until just before 8 we made our way to the ballroom. The musical ensemble was already playing and, in a side room, food was laid out for the guests.

We stood in a reception line and then Clorinda, one of the more recent arrivals in the household and who was dressed as a footman, opened the large double doors of the room and Lady Chatterton and her bride entered, followed by some twenty other ladies. We applauded as she paraded her ‘wife’ through the avenue we had created, curtsied as the ‘bride and groom’ passed us and followed them to the side room. We then formed a semi-circle around them Together they cut a cake and we applauded again.

The ladies of Lady Chatterton’s household and of Mistress Pickles’ household mingled and took of the dainty dishes laid out upon the long table. It was a groaning board and Jenkins oversaw the replenishment of those dishes by the house’s serving girls as necessary. Wine was carried to us on silver trays and carried by servants from both households. It was a glittering affair, candelabra sparkling in the candlelight, soft music and a hubbub of conversation. Mistress Pickles was elegant and amicable but her gimlet eyes watched over us all.

The dancing was well ordered. The women of each household had by the time it began become friendly and no doubt this was aided by the wine which had flowed. There was no unseemly activity but courtly dancing and perhaps some minor flirtations were apparent. One lady repeatedly passed me and, in doing so, brushed against my arm which was gloved above the elbow in dark blue silk. The first time, perhaps also the second, I assumed it was accidental but by the third and from the look in her eyes I knew it was deliberate. I was in a quandary. The woman was beautifully and gorgeously attired in crimson. Her hair was as black as night and shone in the candlelight, as did her eyes through the net of a small veil she wore. She too wore gloves but hers ascended almost to her shoulders which were bare to her neck, her bodice appearing to be artfully boned. She was tall. Not as tall as Maria but well above my own height and her body was clearly well proportioned if discreetly dressed.

My quandary was that my natural inclination would have been to return her lascivious gaze but the Mistress’s enjoinder that we should behave in a decorous manner until the musicians had left restrained my natural inclination.

I sat out the next dance and went to take more wine and she followed me. I took a glass from the tray held out for me and handed it to her. Her hand lingered on mine. I pulled my hand away in order to take a glass for myself then moved away from the servant, she following me.

‘Madam,’ I said politely, ‘We are constrained by our Mistress’s instruction to behave with the utmost decorum until the musicians have departed.’

‘Then I apologise for compromising you. I wanted, however to make my intentions plain.’

‘I am flattered, My Lady, and would not dream of appearing to be unwelcome of your attentions in different circumstances.’ This conversation was held as if the most normal of exchanges between two ladies and I knew that Mistress Pickles would see us and not be alarmed. Indeed she suddenly appeared at my side.

‘My dear Lady Broadmoor, I trust all is to your satisfaction.’

‘Mistress Pickles, I can only congratulate you on the setting, the provender and the ladies of your house who are of enormous credit to you. I have been corrected by this young woman for my forwardness and she explained your instructions concerning their behaviour.’ Mistress Pickles’ eyes turned upon me. ‘I beg you, Mistress Pickles, do not scold her. She was behaving most correctly and I make no complaint.’ The Mistress’s eyes smiled. She patted my arm.

‘Madeleine is a good girl, Lady Broadmoor, I am pleased you have found her so.’ She walked away in a stately manner and I felt reassured.

‘She is a strict Mistress?’

‘Indeed, My Lady, but fair and kindly.’

‘As it should be.’

Our conversation was interrupted by the departure of the musicians and we walked together back to the main room where lights were being lowered and, when finally the ensemble had left, a mood of expectancy grew among us.

Two curtains at one end of the room parted and to the strains of the household’s harpist who was concealed behind a screen, a woman could be seen standing on the small dais, dressed in the manner of Salome. She began to dance sinuously and to my great surprise Maria, dressed as King Herod appeared in the tableau. She sat on a throne like chair and gradually more women filled the small stage. Salome danced, shedding a veil here and a veil there until, quite naked but for the seventh, a long, gauzy veil which extended from a band of jewels around her hair to her very feet. Maria/Herod stood and Salome approached her, writhing in a mimicry of arousal and parted the ‘King’s’ gown to reveal a phallus of remarkable length and girth. This was met with a most appreciative gasp from the audience and I felt a hand on my arse. I turned to see it was Lady Broadmoor who stood beside me.

Salome knelt before her King and lifting and discarding her seventh veil appeared to take the King’s member deep into her mouth. Only then did I recognise Grace’s features. I know not if this was a trick but it seemed completely real and brought yet more gasps from the onlookers. Salome stood and turned to face us. Herod went behind her and appeared to enter her and they rocked together until Grace/Salome’s face and body declared her petit mort. Then, to our amazement the severed head of John the Baptist was brought onstage on a silver salver. The curtains closed to rapturous applause and reopened to allow the troupe to take their bows.

Lady Broadmoor patted my arse then left to converse with Lady Chatterton and her bride. I needed the privy and went there to find Maria changing out of her Herod costume and back into her ball gown. We kissed and Maria watched as I pissed, something she always enjoyed.

‘You did not tell me you would be performing for her Ladyship.’

‘I was compelled to secrecy, even from you, my love.’ So had I assumed.

‘You were wonderful.’

She kissed me again and together we returned to the ballroom, she to attend upon a beautiful Lady-in-Waiting attired in the manner of a bridesmaid who had apparently asked for her company and I to see what might be my fate. I did not have to wait long.

Lady Broadmoor returned to my side.

‘I understand there are to be games. Perhaps we shall play a little?’

The first game involved one group of women selected by the Bride from both households being given an orange which they were to conceal somewhere about their person. The second group, of which I was one, was to ‘discover’ the concealment and then repeat the exercise. Any undiscovered fruit would count against the searching team. There was much hilarity. Lady Broadmoor had concealed her orange between her breasts, a poor concealment but one that meant her searcher had the freedom to explore that delicious bosom. Sadly it was not I but another who had that pleasure. I myself discovered that Bella had concealed her orange most ingeniously in the top of her ribboned stocking and I had to burrow under her dress to retrieve it.

I so arranged it that I was close to Lady Broadmoor for the second round and, with an orange warm from Bella’s leg and secreted in the ribbons which tightened my silk, open bloomers above my right knee. Lady B explored me most assiduously before locating the fruit and lingered more than the game demanded to enjoy her discovery. Indeed she seemed to continue searching for another orange! When at last she stood, her face close to mine, she spoke in a low, husky tone.

‘I have plucked your fruit, Madeleine,’ and she lifted it to touch it gently to my lips.

The game was declared such a success that it was played again and as the merriment developed so too did the inventiveness of those concealing the fruit. Only one was not found and here I sensed the hand of the Mistress and Jenkins. It was Grace who stood finally upon a table and lifting her garments and opening her bloomers ‘delivered’ the orange from her cunny like a baby’s head. She is known for the capacity of her inner self and admired by ladies who enjoy the fist of love. Mistress Pickles looked on proudly and the applause was rapturous.

The games continued and little by little some of the household’ ladies were less than fully dressed. Lady Chatterton’s ladies remained mostly completely attired although one of their number did allow a breast to be exposed to Bella’s attentions.

Lady Broadmoor came once more to my side. We watched as Bella’s companion sat upon a chair with Bella all but concealed beneath the long, full skirt of her Lady’s ballgown. All that was visible of Bella was her feet in delicate calfskin boots but it was clear that her head was central to the Lady’s pleasure. Lady Broadmoor slid her gloved hand into mine and squeezed it.

‘I think, my dear Madeleine, that your friend is demonstrating that which perhaps you yourself might be adept at?’

Her veil did not conceal the desire in her eyes. Nor did her crimson dress conceal that her bosom heaved a little as her hand ran up my gloved arm and rested upon my naked shoulder. I felt she would kiss me but our attention was taken by a call from Lady Chatteton.

‘Lady Broadmoor, hither if you please.’

Together and hand in hand we hastened to her Ladyship’s side. She stood before Grace who was clad in a rich, burgundy gown.

‘See, my dear, how this dress is so cunningly,’ she emphasized the word ‘cunningly’ so as there was no mistake to her meaning. ‘So cunningly designed.’

She moved her hand to reveal a small opening in the gown, large enough for a hand to pass within the garment’s folds. It was apparent that this led directly to Grace’s cunny and the look on Grace’s face indicated that Her Ladyship had found her treasure.

‘A tunnel of love, leading to a tunnel of love!’ she cried with huge pleasure. Her bride seemed to have detected a similar ‘tunnel of love’ in the rear of Grace’s dress and she stood beside Grace, facing her ‘husband’ and together they explored Grace and, as they did so, they kissed each other passionately.

A breathless Lady Chatterton declared, ‘We shall take this for a wedding present to our chamber my love.’

They separated from Grace and each other and Her Ladyship said, ‘We will retire, Mistress Pickles. Thank you all for such a pleasant and memorable feast. Please do not desist from your pleasures on our account.’

We formed an avenue as at their entrance to curtsy and bid them good night and, with Grace following, the happy couple swept from the room.

Lady Broadmoor looked into my eyes. ‘We shall retire too I think, Madeleine. I rather sense the time has come, do you not?’

I curtsied before her and she smiled.

As we were leaving, Jenkins asked if she might speak to me. Lady Broadmoor allowed this and aside and in a low voice Jenkins said, ‘You have made me proud.’ I almost cried as I left her to follow Lady Broadmoor to the staircase.

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