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Meeting Miss Turner

A Sapphic Happy Hour

Brandie skipped classes all day Friday, she had been feeling restless all week so she decided to visit little bar with the funny name on the Northside. One week previous she had felt very uncomfortable at the very same location, of course then the circumstances were quite different.

As part of pledge week the big sisters of her sorority felt it would be a laugh to take some pledges to an alleged lesbian meat market to see how the new fish would react to that environment. Brandie felt uneasy the entire night, not because of the location but because she sensed a simmering hostility of the club regulars whose private space had been violated by a lack of common courtesy. 

Chelsea; Big Sista Numero Uno treated the trip like a visit to the zoo, and made no attempt to hide her distain for the other woman in the club. Brandie felt awkward and wondered if the sisters of her house had been white and descended on a club in the Hill District would the brothers and sisters in the “hood” have been as polite about the breach of edicate.  What she needed Brandie thought, was to take her bougie-ass back to Philly.  

Brandie returned to the bar because she wanted to prove she harbored no prejudice and her little social experiment was going very well she thought. The truth in fact was not all the women were lesbians; some liked to hang out in a estrogen enriched environment for a few hours just to get away from the world at large.  

At the moment she was getting a lesson on shooting pool with one of the most interesting people she ever met, Barbara, better know as DB to her friends. The nomiker was short for Dumbbell but not meant as a pejorative but referred to Barbara's sport of choice body building.

Since retiring from competition she made a living as a fitness trainer and modeling; apparently men enjoyed looking at muscular black women posing in fetish heels and lingerie, sometimes less. Which was the case today she was relaxing after shooting an art layout wearing nothing but a pairs of eight inch heels. She was relaxing her now in a  of well worn jeans, a tank tee shirt and her timberlands.  

Thirty year old Barbara was an attractive woman but at five and half feet and one hundred and fifty of hard muscle most people assume she was bull dyke, but she actually enjoyed fine fashion and could be very submissive and feminine if the occasion or partner called for it. She grew up the only girl in a house with four older brothers, became a tomboy; and the sports she learned to enjoy earned her a college scholarship in fact.  If most man were put off by her looks, she didn't care since she preferred woman. 

Dressed in a pink tee shirt, a denium mini skirt, and ugg boots, Brandie knew she was looking fly. She had several guys hit on her earlier in the day, one old head even told her she looked like a young Brenda Sykes who every that was.  Brandie had fully expected to rebuff an advance from DB by now; the fact she hadn't troubled her. Once while DB was showing Brandie a better way to aim her shot their bodies brushed closely, Brandie felt an initial rush of adrenaline that quickly changed to unexpected excitement. Brandie hoped her hard nipples didn't show; they did very noticeably.

As Brandie was lining up her next shot she heard someone else enter the back room where she and DB were playing pool. She tried not to pay any attention, but she still missed her shot. When she turned to see who entered she notice DB and the new person getting very friendly.

DB embraced the waist of a pretty light skinned woman. The woman made a first impression, tall and slim, she styled her dark hair into a crown loose braids which tapered on the sides and back into tiny plaits. She wore a black mini skirt, a lavender blouse, black pumps, and lots jewelry. The women exchanged several playful kisses as slim caressed the muscular arms embracing her. 

"I have a surprise for you." The woman said.

"What, did you finally shave that bush you been growing since I've known you?" DB asked, teasingly pulling the woman's mini skirt pretending to expose part of her buttocks. 

"No silly, I'll show you on the way home," Said the woman, before asking. “Who’s your friend?”

"This is Brandie; she wants to learn how to shoot pool." DB informed the woman.

The woman had a scary quality to her green eyes Brandie thought even though she introduced herself with a smile on her face.

"You'll have to excuse my girlfriend's lack certain social graces. I'm Shaquandra, but everyone calls me Shaq. It’s nice to meet you Brandie. Have we met before?" Shaq inquired.

Thirty one year old Shaq used the term girlfriend to give Brandie the wrong impression; on purpose. The two were not a romantic pair although they frequently enjoyed carnal pleasure together since they were roommates and the best of friends with benefits. 

"No I don't think so," Brandie answered.

"You in were here last week with that Sorority, weren't you?" Shaq insisted more than asked. "I wouldn't forget a tasty little piece of dark chocolate like you."

The dark chocolate comment gave Brandie a moment of pause as she thought. Is she coming on to me with her girl friend right there?

"Um yes, but that wasn't my idea..." Brandie started to explain. 

"I know we get you girls in her all the time, from every school in the area. I wish the little dykes would just come out and play, don’t you? Shaq asked.

"I don't think any of them the closet," Said Brandie.

"Oh really, what about you? Aren't you trying to pick up my girlfriend? Really if you were dressed like with me I’d be dragging you home to make you holla girl," Shaq said.
"Alright now Shaq," DB said pretending to scold her friend.

"Oh no, I'm not gay,” Brandie said, whining a little as she spoke.

"Okay, okay if you say so. You know, I like to shoot pool too, but it’s not fun without a wager. I'll play you for a kiss,” Shaq said.

"What? No we're not playing for anything," Insisted Brandie.

"Why, scared you may like it?" Shaq countered.

"No...I just, I just can't play that good, I'll lose," Brandie said.

"So you may get lucky, you have been practicing with DB, so let’s go it'll be fun," Shaq insisted.

Since it didn't appear that anyone was going to step up to save her from the aggressive woman Brandie resigned herself to playing, then a new voice spoke up.

"Oh you're always trying to get over on someone with that playing for a kiss bullshit, leave her alone," A woman’s said, her detached voice being heard before she entered the room. 

"Isabelle this isn't High School, and you aren’t the Principle up in here. Plus I know she’s too old to be one of your students," Said Shaq.

"She was three years ago... Hello Brandie," Said Isabelle.

Brandie was shocked to see her high School Principle Mrs. Marshall standing in the doorway. In her a gray business suit, with her silver hair pinned into a bun Isabelle had an air of authority. She was a model of black womanhood Brandie aspired to be.  

"Hi Mrs. Marshall," Brandie mumbled, suddenly feeling very young and vulnerable.

"Call me Isabelle, we're all grown in here, " Laughed Isabelle.

With her third Martini in hand she was feeling no pain in fact she was well on her way to being completely drunk. 

"This is between Brandie and me stay out of it Isabelle," Said Shaq.

"I'm just observing to make sure you don't take advantage of this baby," Isabelle said.

"Well since you two are girls and all, how about we make this a four way bet. You get what she gets, from me!" DB said, jumping in to back up Shaq.

"Get what, a kiss. Please I'm way too old for games like this. I'm married for Gods sake," Isabelle laughed.

"If Shaq wins she gets to kiss Brandie, and I get to kiss you, it's about time your old ass had a girl gone wild moment," DB mockingly stated.

"Yeah that's right, that’s the deal and no backing out of it either," Huffed Shaq.

"What do we get when Brandie wins?" Isabelle asked.

"Anything you want." Shaq said.

They decided to play eight ball. Brandie held her own at first dropping in three balls, while Shaq missed several shots before sinking one ball that just happened to be right in front of the hole.

"I may not get my kiss playing like this. What do you want when you win Brandie?" Shaq asked.

"Free drinks for the rest of the night," Brandie replied; she wanted to get a real good buzz tonight. 

Another "Cosmopolitan" had appeared just before the game started sent over by a “friend” at the end of the bar according to Tina the cocktail waitress who delivered it. Brandie felt her ears get very warm being hit on by a woman for the first time; maybe she was attractive to women after all. She sipped the sweet drink between her shots on the pool table.

Shaq missed again and the game turned towards Brandie's favor, as she dropped two more balls in the pockets and was lining up her next shot when she over heard Shaq's make a comment to DB. 

"Look at her cute little booty when she bends over like that, and I don't think she's wearing drawers," Shaq whispered loud enough to be heard.

Brandie knew trash talk when she heard it; Shaq was trying to throw her game off. Brandie concentrated took aim and rattled a ball around the corner pocket, then ever so slowly the ball eased over into the hole.

"Nice shot Brandie!" Isabelle exclaimed clapping; after she put her fourth martini down.  

Brandie had to make two more shot’s and she would win, she lined up the last striped ball on the table and stroked the stick smoothly into the cue ball. The ball clacked against the striped ball, which kissed the bumper next to the side hole and stopped.  

“Oh nice try Brandie I almost thought that was going in.” Shaq said.

Then she moved up next to Brandie and said. “Let me show you how it’s done.” 

DB walked over to the table and placed a wooden case on it, then walked away to sit back in the corner. Brandie watched Shaq open the box and take out the two halves of a pool cue. The two graphite shafts were screwed together quickly and Shaq stoked her fingers over the long impliment while smiling. The handle was adorned with a large knob of red crystal the size of a plum.  

“This is Miss Ruby Turner, she going to show you a little something about pool now,” Said Shag referring to her custom made cue stick. 

“Oh this is bullshit!” Isabelle complained.

“Sit down, Isabelle,” DB snapped, and then continued applying Chap Stick before pursing her lips. 

Brandie was mortified seeing the custom made stick, and knew she had been duped, but in the back on her mind a thought was germinating.  She knew she couldn’t play well yet agreed to the stakes; was she hoping for some Sapphic experience.  

The thought played over in her mind as she watched Shaq drop shot after shot in expert fashion. Shaq rubbed it in Brandie’s face, when only the eight ball was left to secure the victory.

“Eight ball side pocket,” Shaq laughed.

Then smoothly rolled the eight ball past the last striped ball still sitting next to the side pocket where Brandie’s last shot placed it. When the ball clacked against another already n the pocket and the noise snapped Brandie out of her daydreaming. She looked over towards Shaq and stood up to pay her bet off.

Moving on shaky legs Brandie approached Shaq, and stood in front of her to await the payoff. Shaq cupped her chin and in one hand and gently lift her face and placed a kiss on her lips. Brandie was surprised by the softness of the kiss. She had watched girls kiss in bars previously and their drunken slobber fests were messy and pornographic.

Shaq’s mouth opened slightly and Brandie’s followed suit. Brandie could free Shags tongue teasing at the open threshold formed by their mouths, but it stayed outside tantalizing Brandie. Shaq softly sucked Brandies lips in between her own, and Brandie moaned softly from Shaq's kiss.

She slowly returned the simmering passion she felt and slipped her tongue foward to meld it with Shaq's. The two probed and explored each others mouths longer then Shaq was expecting. 

Shaq stole a look at the other two women in the room expecting a disapproving scowl on Isabelle’s face. Instead she saw the other women deep in a passionate kiss; hands roaming over one another until the older woman's suit jacket was slipped off in a hurried manner.
Isabelle was nervous at first about the kiss, not that she was a prude. She had enjoyed several ménage a trios in college; with two men. When she Learned she was her boyfriend’s beard she sought a more sedated relationship. Now at fifty years old she felt that new sexual adventures were beyond her now; who wouldn’t surrounded raw sexuality of nubile young women at school.

The routine nature of her maritakl bed didn’t help, Friday nights twice a month so her husband had the weekend to recover from the exertion which lasted too few minutes in entirety. Isabelle had refused to give in to convention and had not allowed any toys in her house.  

DB took Isabelle in her arms and kissed her in a way Isabelle hadn’t experience in years. A deep soulful kiss, their lips worked against each others twisting nosily and wet. Then DB pulled back to unpin Isabelle’s hair and finger comb through the fine silver strands until they tumbled past the middle of the older woman’s back, before pulling her back in.  

When her jacket came off Isabelle was ready to surrender completely. Her surrender would have to wait momentarily. Marsha the barkeeper and house bouncer stepped into the billiard room.  

“Everything alright back here?” Asked the barkeep; the last thing she wanted was cops showing up checking on a sexual assault.

“Oh my!” Isabelle sighed; before taking a deep breathed as a deep blush crept across her Carmel colored skin.  

“How about you Hon’?” Marsha asked Brandie.

“I’m fine,” said Brandie meekly; feeling eye raped by large woman wearing a Harley Davidson tee shirt. 

Brandie wanted to duck behind Shaq as the big biker broad approached her instead she stood frozen in fear. The woman put another cosmo on the table next to the empties Brandie finished earlier.

“From you friend at the bar.” Marsha said; before retiring from the room closing the door behind her. 

Isabelle reached for her jacket, she wasn’t going to press the issue and she wanted to get home quickly knowing a cold shower was in order this evening. She didn’t see DB wink at Shaq, who in returned gave her friend a thumbs up. Shaq took the coat out Isabelle’s hands tossed it aside.

“Where were we,” DB said pulling a willing Isabelle into her arms once more.

Shaq handed Brandie her drink and the two of them leaned against the pool table to watch DB devour Isabelle. Next piece of apparel removed was the suit skirt, while Isabelle verbally protested the garments remove. Isabelle quickly found herself being lifted onto the pool table, where her shoes joined her skirt on the floor.

Isabelle returned DB’s kisses with as much if not more passion. Her hands tore and pulled at DB’s clothes stripping the covering off the woman’s body like a child attacking presents on Christmas morning.

She quickly reduced DB’s attire to a pair of reinforced toe/heel boot socks. Her eyes admired the firm hardness of DB’s body. Freshly shaved for the modeling shoot earlier that day the smooth brown skin was like a work of sculpture.  

Isabelle felt uncomfortable now, her body was soft and she felt she could loose a couple of pounds; she tried to stop the removal of her blouse and half slip. DB would have none of it and pulled them off, revealing lacy red lingerie; shelf cup bra, crotch less panties and garters.

“Damn look at the little closet freak,” Shaq said.

DB admired Isabelle’s body in all its lovely mature fullness. Immediately the woman embraced like old lovers on the green felt of the table. The firmness and strength of DB’s body was welcomed by Isabelle who submissively allowed the younger woman to do as she pleased. DB in turn enjoyed the soft plush feel of Isabelle as she sucked and squeezed the ample goodness of the flesh before her.

Soon fingers explored soft moist places in a frenzy of movement that made Isabelle and DB cry out in climax and left them both breathless and moaning.  DB licked her fingers and swirled the pads over Isabelles clit leaving her kicking spastically when she came. 

Isabelle now overcome with a desire please DB moved between the woman’s legs and saw another woman’s vagina up close and personal for the very first time and this one was shaved. The scent of sex and glistening pink flesh drew her mouth closer and she tasted DB. First a dabbing tongue flicking at the salty syrup seeping from the fruit, then with full probing thrusts of her tongue made DB squeal like a giddy girl, before she sucked on the swollen clit the way she wished her husband would. Isabelle was pleased that she returned the pleasure DB has given her and she enjoyed the sounds of rapture DB uttered. 

Twice she came under at DB’s hand and at least twice she could determined she made the DB out like she did. She took the hardened bud of DB’s clit into her mouth worked it soft and lovingly way she enjoyed getting head; when her husband took the time accommodate her correctly. There was a sense of accomplishment when DB clawed her hair and mashed her hips against Isabelle’s sucking lips and licking tongue. 

The other women were not inactive during the seduction of Isabelle. When Isabelle and DB first entwined naked on the table Shaq pangs of desire for Brandie emerged.  

“I want another kiss.” Shaq said; standing up to lead Brandie by the hand to the opposite end of the pool table. 

Brandie was relieved of her tee shirt, skirt and g-string in quick order. After some long deep kisses, during which time Shaq fingered Brandie until the young woman leaked cum liberally as her soft flesh was made pliable.  

“It’s time for you to really met Miss Turner,” Shaq said reaching over to the wooden case on the table’s edge.  

This time she only removed the red knobbed half of the cue. Shaq gave he faux ruby ornament a slow nasty lick and smiled at Brandie. Leaning in close Shaq spit on Brandie’s clit and pressed the smooth crystal plum into the puddle. She rubbed the spit in a circle over the hard nub making Brandie gasp and moan a series of quick “Oh’s”.  This was Shaq's favorite thing in the world turning out young women and bending them to her will.

The red ball moved expertly over the sensitive nerve hub bringing Brandie's ass off the table so many times she finally pulled her knees back and folded herself until she could cross her ankles behind her head and to lock herself in position. 

Shaq watched the facial expressions to gauge the girl's readiness, then slipped the hard knob inside Brandie.  With quick short strokes she fucked the jeweled shaft in and out the girl’s soft wet flesh until the pussy talked back to her in wet bubbling syllables.  

“Ohhhh my god…fuck me! Yes yes yes fuck me!” Brandie wailed.

As the waves of pleasure swept and carried her up up up to her special place the rhythmic thrusting ceased and the cue now moved back and forth sideways slowly. Shaq rolled the cue’s shaft between her palms spinning it left, and then spinning it back like a washing machine’s agitator the crystal knobs smooth hardness lathered the tight walls.   Shaq’s hands moved increasingly faster until the motion used could have started a fire or melt young pussy; which it did at Brandie's direction.

“Oh yeah yeah there there oh oh there there there,” Brandie cried while making her oh face.

“The boys never gave it to you like that did they?” Shag asked mockingly.

Brandie only shook her head in response unable to trust her voice at that point as the mist of another orgasmic wave covered her; then she screamed in a voice she never heard before as the weight the pleasure crushed her.

DB noticed the commotion and hissed while she extended her hand; which was filled By Shaq with the knobbed end of Miss Turner. Still sticky with Brandie’s essence DB pushed the ruby ball inside Isabelle.

“Oh god Barbara do…it, do it, doit, doit doit…” Isabelle squealed with the voice of a much younger woman.

DB kissed nibbled and licked, neck, shoulders, and nipples in cadence with the magic wand in her hand which churned Isabelle until thick creamy sauce brimmed from her with each outward stroke. Isabelle was maddened with pleasure relaxed herself until her body floated from the stimulation and responded independently of conscious thought.  

“Wait, wait, wait I have to peepee,” Cried Isabelle.

“I bet you don’t, now relax let that feeling happen baby I promise you’ll like it,” DB coaxed.

"Please please I really have to go," Isabelle begged.

"Nah baby give it to me, relaxe and give it to me..." DB coaxed some more.

Isabelle at last stopped trying to suppress the feeling and let the tensed muscles go limp, almost instantly pleasurable sensations rippled through her loins and exploded in her brain as flashes of light and floating spots.  

“Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop don’t stop…” Isabelle pleaded.

DB had no intension of stopping and worked the woman’s over whelmed vagina until she begged for mercy when the pleasure became too much to bear.

Shaq said. “Damn girl you made her grab her toes!”  

Isabelle wondered who was grabbing their toes until she realized she was the one they were talking about.  

Shaq left Brandie curled in a fetal position on the table and crawled across the green felt to join her friend. They kissed each other and giggled quite please with pulling off the double coup.

“I think we had quite a night already and happy hour isn’t over yet,” DB beamed. 

Pointing to herself and then other women DB held up one finger which Isabelle thought strange behavior; until Tina delivered another round of drinks to the woman. 

Isabelle pushed her disheveled hair out of her face so she could get her Martini to her lips and mumbled. “Shit I forgot about the damn security camera back here.”

“We didn’t,” DB and Shaq said almost in unison, and then laughed about their stereo response.  
The woman dressed and went out to the bar proper for the rest of the night. 

Isabelle who she had never cheated during her marriage before was dealing with a mix of emotions.  Shaq, DB, Brandie and Marsha the bartender consoled her at the bar, the one thing that was certain she wasn’t going to stop coming to Happy Hour.  

Brandie discovered that her friend at the end of the bar was Deb from her neighborhood who was a few years older then her.

“Does Ronald know you hang out here?” Brandie asked.

Ronald was Deb’s sixty year old Sugar Daddy who kept Deb looking ghetto fabulous for a few hours enjoyment of her bootylicious fineness.  

“Yes he does girl, he rather see me here eating pussy then sucking some other nigga’s dick when he’s home with his wife,” Deb said slurring slightly.

Marsha the bartender was close by and ventured into their conversation.

“You know sweetie you haven't really joined the sisterhood until you been with scooter bitch.” Marsha said leering.  

“I thought I was going to be your fantasy tonight?” Deb complained winking at Brandie.

“Yeah scoot your ass down the bar and serve someone, girlfriends coming home with us,” Said DB.

That was news to Brandie, but she was down with it.

Several hours later the three women walked Isabelle to the cab that would take her home, and then across the parking lot to Shaq’s car for the ride to thier place, but Shaq had one more surprise.  

“Oh my god I forgot all about your surprise!” Shaq exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, what did you get me?” DB asked.

Shaq opened her car’s trunk and replied. “This.”

DB and Brandie looked into the trunk and saw a woman lying inside the compartment. Brandie did a double take when she noticed the person was Big Sister Numero Uno; Chelsea.  She was blindfolded, bound, and butterball naked.

“Shit…look what the cat drug in.” Said DB, then added. “You back again girl?”

Shaq answered for Chelsea. “Damn right she’s back again. And ready to eat all the black pussy you can handle aren’t you little bitch?”  

Yes Ma’am,” Chelsea answered obediently as Shaq closed the lid on her.

Since you two know each other I think we’ll keep her blindfolded until you leave, whenever that is? DB said to Brandie upon  entering the car as they got ready to start the next part of their weekend.

The End

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