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More Than a Massage

Two girls. A massage table. Need I say any more?
Sara had been saying she needed a massage for ages and she was looking forward to the full body she had booked for after work. As she entered the salon, it was pretty late and she was the only customer. She was greeted by a young woman with short hair who smiled and made small talk. Sara learned that the girl's name was Alicia although she preferred Ally. Like Sara, she was also in her early twenties.

The girls chatted for quite a while and when Sara made a joke Ally brushed her arm, making the hairs on the back of Sara’s neck stand on end. Was she flirting? Ally checked her watch. It was only six o’clock but she changed the sign at the front of the shop to ‘closed’ then led Sara to the massage room, which was at the back of the salon. It was a slightly dark room, lit by flickering candles and low lighting.

“Just take your clothes off for me, and then once you’re nice and comfortable on the table just give me a shout. You can cover yourself with this towel,” Ally said with a smile.

God she’s hot, thought Sara as she stripped off her clothes. As she took off her bra she absentmindedly fondled her breasts, noticing how hard her nipples were. She pondered as to whether to remove her knickers and after hesitating she decided to take them off too. Once she positioned herself on the table she called that it was okay for Ally to come in.

Sara relaxed into the table as Ally slowly massaged her shoulders. She let her mind wander and couldn’t help but imagine what Ally looked like naked beneath that tight uniform. In the background some sort of non-descript music was playing but Sara barely noticed it; she was focused on Ally’s touch. As she worked her shoulders, Ally asked questions about Sara’s life. Sara told her how she had moved to the city a few months ago and was still debating whether she liked it. Consequently they found that they had a lot in common. Ally’s hands moved onto Sara’s arms as they chatted about their love lives; both were single.

“So you don’t have a boyfriend then?” Ally asked.

“No, I’m not into boys at the moment if you know what I mean,” Sara replied.

“Oh.. so what are you into?” Ally replied quietly.

“Well, I’m bisexual,” Sara said into the silence. In truth, she had only been with a few girls when she was drunk but since then she craved the touch of a girl more and more. Ally’s hands moved back to her shoulders, relieving the tension there.

“I’m a lesbian, in case you hadn’t already figured out,” Ally laughed.

Sara’s insides squirmed. She was glad Ally was a lesbian, a feeling she hadn’t noticed was forming.

“So, met anyone recently?” Ally asked casually as her hands moved to Sara’s lower back. Her hands moved easily in the oil she had spread and Sara was having to remember to lay still as Ally’s magical hands moved around her body.

“There’s potential,” Sara coyly answered with a smile.

“Oh really?” Ally laughed. Her hands were at each side of Sara’s back, gently massaging the skin to the side of Sara’s chest. Sara gasped as Ally’s hands gently but with intent, moved onto her breasts. She momentarily held Sara’s hard nipples between her index and middle finger, rolling them slowly, and then her hands slipped away back to Sara’s back so fast that Sara wondered if she’d imagined it. It was a brief movement but deliberate and Sara felt like her body had suddenly become more alive. Ally seemed to go on as if nothing had happened; however there seemed to be something hanging in the air: potential.

Ally’s hands moved down, skimming over the towel that hid Sara’s bum from view. Her hands started at her feet, working slowly up each leg. Sara could barely concentrate; she was biting her lip, trying to keep herself from grinding on the bed, barely whispering answers to any of Ally’s questions.

As Ally’s hands moved towards Sara’s thighs, Sara became silent. Ally wordlessly moved the towel further up Sara’s back as her hands somewhat tentatively caressed her behind. Her hands squeezed her cheeks and Sara tried and failed to stop her hips from bucking. Ally gently placed a hand on Sara’s back, forcing her back onto the table.

“Right, I’ll leave the room and let you turn over onto your front.” Ally said quietly as her finger ever so lightly reached between Sara’s legs and traced the length of her pussy.

With that, she left the room.

Sara’s breathing was heavy. She had no idea what was going on but she was enjoying it. Her hand wandered between her legs and her eyes widened at how wet she was. She flipped onto her front, absently wondering if this was how all massages went and realised there was a problem: Ally had only given her one towel – one small towel.

Sara ummed and arred, should she put her underwear on and cover her chest or vice versa? In her mind Sara concluded that she would just ask for another towel and cover her groin area. She called for Ally to come in and propped herself up by her elbows on the table.

Ally’s eyes met Sara’s then travelled to her bare chest. Sara burned a bit under her gaze; what was she thinking?

“Urm, I need another towel,” Sara said, snapping Ally out of her gaze.

Ally slowly closed the door and step towards the table.

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” Ally said slowly.

Sara shrugged nonchalantly, in truth she didn’t mind at all. She was aware of how hard her nipples were and just hoped Ally would assume it was because she was cold.

Sara closed her eyes and lay back, wondering if she’d been a bit too brazen. She felt Ally slowly drip oil onto her chest, the liquid dripping down her body.

Ally slowly traced the outline of each of Sara’s breasts, circling the tender skin. Ally was positioned so that she stood at Sara’s head, her hands stretching onto her chest. Sara glanced her eyes open to find Ally staring hungrily at her chest; she bit her lip as their eyes met. Ally inched her head closer as she began rolling Sara’s nipples between her fingers, and as Sara let out a moan Ally kissed her lips softly. The sensation felt unusual as Ally was upside down to Sara but she replied with earnest. Ally pulled back with a smile and began twisting Sara’s nipples slightly harder, teasing them with her thumbs.

Sara let out another moan, grinding her hips into the table. Ally moved around the table, slowly dragging her hand lightly down Sara’s stomach. She stopped at the top of the towel, running her hand lightly across Sara’s skin. Sara’s breathing slowed as she propped herself up to look at Ally. Ally was still staring hungrily at her body, making Sara blush. She sat up further as they continued to look at each other. Purposefully Ally pushed the towel to one side.

“Whoops,” Ally whispered with a smile.

She leant forward and kissed Sara lightly, pulling back as she simultaneously gently pressed her clit. Ally smiled as Sara let out an “Oh” in pleasure and began caressing her clit with her fingers. Sara arched her back, relishing Ally’s touch. Ally slowly slipped a finger into Sara’s wet pussy, gently sliding it in and out. Sara let out a moan, begging Ally for more. Ally obliged, adding another but continuing the slow pace. Sara was getting lost in the moment; she wanted more and could tell Ally wanted to tease her. She moved forward, closer to Ally and found the wrist to the hand she was fucking her with. She held it steady and began grinding into Ally’s fingers, her hips now high off the table.

Ally was momentarily taken aback. She watched Sara’s chest bounce as she moved against her fingers. She was going to take control back.

Firmly, Ally removed Sara’s hand from her wrist and eased her to turn round so Sara was now straddling the bed. Ally quickly removed her uniform. Stepping out of her underwear, she slid onto the table behind Sara, her breasts pushing into her back. Sara felt Ally’s bare legs beside her in awe as Ally began kissing her neck and her hands moved back to her breasts. Ally began grinding into Sara’s back; Sara mirrored the movement. When Ally’s hand moved back to Sara’s clit, Sara’s moan was too much for Ally.

Swiftly, she pushed Sara closer to the table, bending her knees so she was crouched on all fours. Then Ally pulled herself through Sara’s legs. She pulled Sara closer so her chest was in Ally’s face and began sucking on her right nipple while her hand played with her left. Sara pulled Ally away, back to her lips, and kissed her passionately. Sara’s hands cupped Ally’s breasts and she began brushing her nipples with her tongue whilst Ally let out a loan moan.

They kissed again. This time their hands moved frantically, teasing one another. Sara’s hand reached Ally’s clit and her moan made Sara shiver with pleasure. But Ally wasn’t having that. She had wanted to fuck Sara the minute she had come through the door.

Ally slowly turned Sara’s body so that they were in a sixty nine position. Without hesitation, Ally plunged her tongue into Sara’s wet pussy, using her finger to caress her clit.

Sara moaned in pleasure as she spread Ally’s legs. Ally’s tongue was making her lose concentration but once her fingers felt how wet Ally was, Sara’s mind was clear. She began sliding her fingers in and out of Ally as her tongue worked her clit. The two woman moaned in pleasure as each of them tasted the other. Sara matched Ally’s pace and soon Ally replaced her tongue with her fingers, fucking Sara fast and hard. Sara came and Ally’s tongue immediately began licking her juices. Sara picked up the pace and felt Ally climax around her fingers.

The only sound in the room was the two girl’s heavy breathing. Somewhat with shaky legs, Sara turned around so she was straddling Ally. Ally sat up and met Sara’s gaze. Ally began to smile and Sara mirrored her.

“My flat’s just upstairs,” Ally said.

Sara nodded.

“We could have a shower?” Ally whispered as she held Sara’s breast in her hand.

“Maybe in a minute,” Sara replied as she leant in to kiss Ally’s neck.

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