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Morning Surf Madness

It was only supposed to be a morning walk along the beach...

I stirred and opened my eyes, nudged into wakefulness by the light of the dawning sun sneaking in through the curtains. The night had been warm and humid, and I’d slept nude under a single sheet. Now I wriggled happily in the bed for a few minutes, blissfully enjoying the knowledge that I was on holiday, and there was absolutely no need to get up if I didn’t want to. It wasn’t even five o’clock yet, but the fresh morning light was inviting, and, perversely, knowing that I didn’t have to get out of bed made me happier about doing it.

Slipping out from under the sheet, I padded across the room and pulled the curtains carefully aside. There was no-one in sight, so I slid open the glass doors onto the veranda and went over to the little balcony rail. I stretched pleasurably, feeling a delicious tingle through my entire body, enjoying the feeling of the warm air on my bare skin. The air seemed hardly to have cooled at all overnight, and the distant mountains encircling False Bay were cloaked in morning haze. The only sound was the regular swoosh of the surf on the beach, and the whooping and chirping of unfamiliar birds greeting the dawn. I was enjoying the view so much that at first I didn’t notice the female jogger passing on the road below me. She looked up, saw my naked body, and waved with a smile. I waved back, smiling too, a shared early-morning moment.

I sighed with pleasure, and wondered if my friend Janet was awake yet. She’d been a close friend of mine at university, although this was my first visit to her home country since she’d returned to South Africa at the end of her degree. We’d enjoyed a short but intense lesbian relationship during our second year, which had ended with mutual recognition that we both liked men too much to make it a permanent thing, but we’d stayed friends, even occasionally sharing lovers when the opportunity arose. The chance to visit her for a week had been too good to miss.

The house belonged to her uncle, but she often looked after it when he was out of the country on business. It was in an especially idyllic location, situated practically on St James’ Beach, with only a quiet road and a single-track railway line between it and the sea. My window looked out directly onto the wide expanse of the bay, where Janet said that whales could be seen at the right time of year. A row of brightly-painted beach huts gave an attractive splash of colour, just visible through the palm trees. Just a few miles away from the lively, cosmopolitan centre of Cape Town, it felt like another world.

I breathed a sigh of pleasure. It was gorgeous, and I was suddenly reluctant to go back to bed. The deserted beach looked inviting, and I felt an urge to enjoy it before anyone else was up. I quickly slipped on a loose dress, not bothering with underwear; in this heat, restrictive and unnecessary items of clothing were even less desirable than usual. I scribbled a short note and slipped it under Janet’s door, so she’d know where I was, and tiptoed as quietly as I could down the creaking wooden stairs.

There was an underpass right opposite the apartments, which led beneath the railway straight onto the beach. I was surprised to find the sand was rougher than I was used to on English beaches, but still soft enough for my feet to sink into it as I took off my sandals and enjoyed the feeling of the grains between my bare toes. I jumped as a pale crab suddenly emerged from the sand in front of me and scuttled off towards the water, its claws waving accusingly.

As I got closer to the water, I saw that the waves were rather larger than they’d looked from my bedroom, forming substantial walls of surf before crashing onto the beach. Even so, the sea was warm as it swirled around my feet, and I splashed happily along the edge of the water. At one point I had to retreat quickly up the beach to avoid getting my dress wet when a particularly large wave exploded alongside me, so I pulled it up and knotted it around the top of my thighs.

At first, I thought I was the only one on the beach, but then I saw a figure standing in the water a short distance further along. I wasn’t going to let one other early-riser spoil my walk, so I continued towards them. Then, as I got closer, I realised it was Janet. She was wearing a pale green one-piece swimsuit, and as I watched a large wave broke over her, knocking her off her feet and washing her onto the beach. She emerged from the surf wiping her face, then waded out again to wait for the next wave to hit her.

She seemed to be having fun. I walked towards her, and waved as soon as she looked in my direction. She splashed through the water towards me, smiling.

“Oh, hi Annie, you’re awake too now,” she smiled, running her hand through her short blonde hair. “I put my head around your door when I came out, but you were sound asleep, and I thought you’d probably be tired.”

“I was,” I admitted, “but the light woke me. Then it seemed such a shame to stay in bed. I love this time of day. And it’s so warm already!”

“Me too. I mean, just look at it – it’s perfection, and there’s no-one else even up. I love to stand in the surf and let the waves hit me. You shouldn’t go too far out; the ground slopes steeply just out there, and the tides can be dangerous, but I don’t mind. I just love the sea.”

She smiled.

“Why don’t you join me? Just wear your undies; there’s no-one else to see, and who cares if they do?”

I blushed.

“I’d love to, but actually I’ve not got anything on under this dress at all. Bras get so itchy in this weather.”

She gave a cheeky grin.

“I know, it’s times like this I’m glad I’m so flat-chested, I really don’t need one. You’ll just have to skinny-dip then. Go on, no-one’s going to see.”

It was tempting; very tempting. I love to swim naked, and the surf looked so inviting. I must have looked more doubtful than I felt, because Janet suddenly began to slip the straps of her one-piece off her shoulders.

“Look, I’ll do it too. Come on Annie, it’ll be fun.”

Suddenly her costume was bunched around her waist, and her tiny breasts were bare in front of me, just as I remembered them. She had hardly any areolae either, so her nipples were just two cute pink dots on her chest. She pulled her costume right off down her legs, leaving her naked. Throwing the damp costume high onto the sand where she’d left a brightly-coloured towel, she splashed back into the water, then turned and looked at me. Her slim boyish figure was gorgeous; if it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t have a cock and balls dangling between her legs – just a neat bush of blonde hair, cut very short – she could easily have passed for an androgynous boy.

“Come on Annie, you have to do it now.” She staggered as a wave broke against her, but managed to keep her feet.

In the circumstances, there was really only one thing I could do. I untied the knot holding my dress up, then undid the buttons down the front and pulled it off over my head. I put it next to Janet’s costume, then ran down to the sea, splashing into the shallow water, my little tits bouncing; bigger than hers, but not much. Suddenly it didn’t seem quite so warm, and I hesitated with the water washing around my knees. I knew it would be fine once I was in, but as always it was taking that first plunge that was difficult.

"Come on, it’s lovely,” giggled Janet. Suddenly, the decision was taken out of my hands. A huge roller rose up out of the sea behind her. With her back to it, she was caught by surprise as it burst over her in a white torrent of surging surf, knocking her off her feet and tossing her against my legs. I collapsed on top of her into the water as a second wave completed the job, leaving us both rolling and spluttering helplessly as the water tried to drag us back into the sea.

Janet struggled to her feet, giggling like a loon.

“You saw that coming, you doos,” she snorted, shaking the water out of her ears.


“It means idiot, you doos. Come on, at least you’re wet now.”

She put out her hand and helped me up. Unashamed, she looked at my nude body, smiling as she noticed my clean-shaven public mound. Then she blushed.

“Sorry, Annie, but I’d forgotten what a great body you had,” she said. “And you’re all bare down there now. I like it.”

Together, we waded back out into the water up to our waists. Sometimes a wave reached us before it broke, and we let the swell lift us off our feet before it broke behind us. More often, we stood and faced the breaking surf, bracing ourselves as it splashed against our naked bodies, sometimes knocking us off our feet and rolling us over in the sand. The feel of the rough water and abrasive sand against my naked body was exhilarating; it was like a vigorous, cleansing exfoliation.

I found myself looking at Janet’s trim bum-cheeks as she waded out again. I remembered the times I’d held them in my hands as we made love, and suddenly found myself wanting her again. We’d agreed back in London that our sexual relationship was over, however much we stayed friends, but I wasn’t so sure any more. Seeing her naked body again was arousing me more than I cared to admit.

She turned and saw me.

“You looking at my ass again, Annie?”

“You know I always loved your ass, Janet.”

“Oh, I know, I know. And the rest of me, am I right?”

She held out her hand and beckoned me towards her, the water glistening on her pale perfect skin, running down her thin, boyish thighs. Her little nipples were rock hard, as were mine. Was it just the rough water that was stimulating them? Or something more?

Wading through the swirling water, I took her hand, and she pulled me towards her. I looked into her eyes, and saw that familiar desire. I felt it too, so much. But was I ready to start again? I hesitated, and I saw a flicker of uncertainty in her eyes too.

Then the wave hit us. It was a real monster, breaking right over us in a torrential roar of white water, and we had no chance of keeping our balance. Knocked off our feet, we both disappeared under the water, rolling helplessly over and over towards the beach again. I felt my body knocking against hers, through whether her leg, arm or torso I really couldn’t decide.

Spluttering, gasping, giggling, we ended up in a tangle of limbs on the sand. I tried to stand, but the back-surge of water pulled my feet from under me, and I toppled forward onto Janet again. As the water swept away, I found myself right on top of her, my legs straddling her thighs and my bare breasts pressed against her chest. Our nipples were actually rubbing against each other, and my face was above hers. I gazed into her blue eyes. Her heart beat wildly against my chest.

This time there was no hesitation. I opened my mouth and pressed my lips against hers. Her tongue met mine, and we kissed, our mouths lashing together. I could taste the salt water on her lips. I felt her hand slide between our bodies and her fingers close over the soft mound of my breast, kneading it urgently. She circled around my nipple, flicking and tweaking it.

I pressed my public mound against her, frotting myself against her thigh. She raised her leg, giving me something to rub against. Another wave burst over us, and we were pulled back towards the sea, but that hardly seemed to matter. I raised myself up, panting. In my lust, I’d almost forgotten to breathe. Sliding down, I took one of her hard little nipples in my mouth, sucking and biting at it.

“Oh fuck, yah, Annie,” she gasped. I remembered how much she used to love it when I was rough with her nipples.

I slid my hand down her smooth flat stomach. My fingers met the tight curls of her bush, and I pulled roughly on the little hairs. Her hand groped down to find mine, pressing it against her mound then dragging it down to the familiar hole between her legs. I knew what she wanted. Parting her labia, I slipped first one finger, then another, into her tight vagina as far as they would go. I wriggled them around inside her pressing against her pliant walls, then curling them up to find the special soft spot.

Janet put her arms around me and held me tight as I fingered her, gasping and moaning. It didn’t matter that we were on a public beach, naked and exposed to any other early-morning dog-walker or swimmer.

“Oh God, oh God, oh yah,” she panted. “Harder, harder, oh Annie! Go deeper, right in my cunt, fuck yes. Oh fuck, I’m going to come.”

But I wasn’t going to let her off that easily. Slipping my fingers out of her vagina, I eased my body up until I was straddling her chest, my pussy positioned over her tiny tits. I remembered another game we used to play; a dirty, private game that used to turn us both on very much.

“I need to pee, sweetheart,” I whispered. “Should I do it now?”

Janet’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh fuck, yes; yes, do it; please, Annie.”

I was glad now that I hadn’t been when I woke up. I relaxed my bladder, and felt the pee start to flow. Slowly at first, then more vigorously, a stream of fresh urine arched out of my urethra and over Janet’s chest, splashing off her hard little nipples.

“Ah shit-fuck yes,” gasped Janet. “On my face now. I want to taste it.”

Stemming the flow for a moment, I wriggled higher until I was over her mouth. She opened wide, and I released the flow, aiming it straight down her throat. It was typical morning piss; yellow and pungent, but Janet didn’t seem to mind. She collected a good mouthful, then swallowed, while I sprayed the last few drops over her face.

She sighed.

“I’d forgotten how much I used to enjoy that,” she whispered. “But now I want to taste your other juices. I want to lick your cunt.”

She was blushing as she said it. Normally, she never swore, but during sex she used the filthiest language imaginable, as if she saved all the obscenities up for when she let herself go. She grabbed my hips and buried her face in my pussy. I could feel her tongue lapping at my slit, and I gasped with pleasure as she sucked my labia into her mouth and massaged them with her lips. Her tongue wriggled around inside me as she tried to lick up as much as possible of my secretions.

“Oh fuck, I’ve missed your cunt juices so much, darling,” she said. Then she transferred her attention to my clitoris. It was already hard and aroused, and I began to breathe more heavily as her expert tongue flicked backwards and forwards over the hard bud, teasing it even further out of its protective fold of skin.

“Ah yes, that’s it,” I gasped. “Fuck yes, that’s good.”

I knew I’d soon orgasm if she kept this up much longer, and so did she. Her tongue moved faster and faster, building up a rhythm.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” I shrieked, not caring if anyone heard, and then did, shaking and rocking as Janet’s tongue finished me off, my orgasm fizzing through me like a series of electric shocks.

Satisfied, I collapsed on top of her, and hugged her tight, my bare skin sticking to hers in the heat, pressing her into the sand. I may have enjoyed my own orgasm, but it just made me want Janet even more. I kissed her face, tasting the salty tang of my pee on her cheeks.

Slowly, I kissed down her neck, nipping at her skin with my teeth, leaving little red marks. Teasing, I kissed down past her chest, avoiding the tiny bulges of her breasts, but then relented and licked round her left nipple. It was already hard with arousal.

I put my mouth over the little bud and caressed it with my lips and tongue. As with her cheeks, I could taste the tang of my pee. Janet squirmed under me.

“Oh God, Annie, I love you so much,” she whispered. Still sucking her nipple, I rubbed my hand over her flat tummy, then massaged the soft bulge of her pubic mound. Her neat little tuft of pubic hair was unusually soft, and I pulled gently on a couple of strands, before siding my fingers down and circling her clitoris, making her whimper with pleasure.

But just touching her pussy wasn’t enough. I wanted to taste her, as she’d tasted me. I eased myself down her body, as she spread her legs to accommodate me. Nestling between her thighs, I put my face against her vulva and breathed in the familiar scent of her sexual arousal. I extended my tongue and licked gently at the soft, pliable curves of her pussy lips, which were already glistening with her juices.

Placing my hands on either side of her vulva, I gently spread open her petals, exposing the fresh pinkness of her internal folds, extending into the welcoming entrance to her vaginal passage. I pushed my tongue into her hole (so warm; so wet) and licked around the bulges of her internal walls.

“Yah, fuck, oh Annie,” moaned Janet, clenching her vaginal muscles tight around my tongue.

All this time, the sea was breaking over our legs, and one larger wave washed right over my head as I licked away at her. She giggled, and pulled my face free.

“Lick my clit, like you used to,” she whispered, and I was happy to oblige. The hard little bud was already rising up out of its protective fold of flesh, and I sucked it into my mouth and caressed it with my lips, before starting to flick my tongue back and forth over it, building up the rhythm that I knew would soon bring Janet to her climax.

“Ah, yes, ah yes,” she moaned as I sped up my tongue, holding my head to stop me pulling away, then “Oh cunting fuck!” as I brought her to orgasm, her body shaking all over. I could her heart pounding against mine as we kissed again, lying half in and half out off the water.

“Oh Janet, that was so good,” I whispered. “Can we do it again?”

She kissed me on my nose and giggled.

“Whenever you like, sweetheart, though I think we should go back to the house before someone catches us. And I think I should wash your pee off me too. Come on, back into the sea, then we can go back and have a proper shower.”

We were probably just in time, as a couple walked past with a dog while we were splashing about in the waves. We ducked down until they’d passed, hoping they hadn’t realised we were naked, then scuttled quickly back onto the beach, feeling very naughty. I dabbed myself down with Janet’s towel, then put my dress back on, while she wrapped the towel around her.

She kissed me again.

“I want you again, and soon,” she said. “And maybe we could share some cock too this time? Best of both worlds, eh?”

“That sounds perfect,” I agreed. The thought of seeing Janet riding up and down on a thick cock was suddenly very appealing. I hoped I’d get the chance to see it very soon.

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