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My lesbian pyjama party

How I got my best friend to have her first lesbian experience
I thought I would share with you something that happened the other night when I held a little pyjama party at my flat. There was me, my best friend Emma and Laura who is a bit more than a friend if you know what I mean. Emma is straight, but I think she has bicurious tendencies, but as far as I know never acted upon them. I’ve known her right through Uni and though we’re very close, we’ve never got past hugs.

Just to tell you about us, so you can get the picture. I’m 21 and got shoulder-length blonde hair. It used to be a lot longer, but I had it cut a couple of weeks ago. Laura says I look really cute. Laura is the complete sex bunny. She’s a couple or three inches taller than me with strawberry blonde hair and a stunning figure. I’m her little snuggle bunny she says. Emma has sort of light brown hair with green eyes, unlike our blue ones, but she’s really pretty. Emma has quite small boobs though, maybe a B cup. I’m a D and Laura is a EE.

I wanted Emma to meet Laura and I have to be honest and say I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to get Emma a bit tiddly and see if we could seduce her into making love with us. It’s naughty I know, but I knew Laura would be up for it and because me and Emma are so close I thought it would be hot.

We all met up at my flat about seven, with the idea we would order a pizza and drink wine all night and play music. Laura arrived first and I just wanted to make out with her because I was feeling horny but we just had a kiss and a hug and caught up. Emma came about half an hour later. I introduced her to Laura. I think she was quite shocked by how hot Laura is. I think Emma had the idea she would be a bit butch or something because I’m fairly pretty even if I say so myself.

“Shall we go and get more comfortable?” I suggested.

“Yeah!” Said Laura.

“I brought my pink ones!” Said Emma holding up her overnight bag.

“Come on then, and I’ll ring for the pizza in a bit,” I said.

We went through to my bedroom and we changed into our pyjamas. Me and Emma had loads of nights at Uni when we would just chill out and snuggle up in our jimjams, but like I said nothing ever happened. We had both seen each other naked before but I wanted to see Emma’s reaction to Laura and vice versa. Like I said, Laura is so sexy.

Even though Emma is straight she definitely couldn’t help looking at Laura’s boobies while she changed and she had a good look at her bottom too.

“Have you ever kissed another girl?” Asked Laura out of the blue.

“No, I haven’t,” said Emma.

“We’ll have to put that right then eh Danielle!”

“Ha ha Laura, what you like! Emma’s been my bestie for years, she only does guys!”

“Awww that’s a shame! You don’t know what you’re missing Emma,” said Laura .

My naughty girlfriend was saying exactly what I had asked her to. I wanted it to look like Laura was the naughty one, so Emma didn’t think I was making a pass at her. I value our friendship, but I have always wondered what her pussy was really like. Laura was going to do all my dirty work and I would reap the reward. Naughty or what!

I phoned up for a big pizza with chicken, ham and pineapple and we made a start on the wine. We all went to the door when the delivery driver came and his eyes were on stalks when he saw us three in our girly pyjamas. I think Emma would have offered him in if it had been her house. He was a young guy and I think he would have lasted about three seconds with us! He went away all red-faced and I think I know what he would be thinking about that night when he pulled himself off. The dirty bugger!

I fetched us three plates and divided up the pizza and we soon polished off a bottle and a half of wine. We were all a bit giggly and Laura and Emma were getting on really well. We were talking about normal girlie stuff, like who was best out of Ann Summers and La Senza and which was the dishiest one in JLS etc. I suggested that we go to my bedroom with a bottle of wine so I could show off my new underwear. We giggled our way through, trying not to spill the wine and I took out my new pair of red Brazilian panties.

“Shall I try them on?” I said.

“Yeah go on then!” Said Emma.

Those two were sitting very close together on my bed and Laura had her hand round Emma, but either Emms didn’t notice or just took it as playful friendliness. Seeing them so close though, it made me want to see them do things. It made me actually rarely horny. I took off my pyjama bottoms but fell backwards with my arms and legs everywhere and I saw Emma looking at my pussy, which must have looked a bit gooey. I get very wet very quickly when I get turned on.

“You naughty girl! Look at her,” said Laura.

“Yeah ha ha! You thinking about the pizza boy?” Said Emma.

“No, I’m thinking about you Emma.”


“Emma…we’ve been friends for how long, three years?”

“Yeah why?” She said.

“In all that time, you’ve never kissed me…down there.”

“I know, well I don’t do that sort of thing!”

“Well maybe you should give it a go, you might like it!” Said Laura.

Emma looked down at my pussy again. I was sitting with my pyjamas round my ankles and my pussy must have looked so inviting. I know Laura wouldn’t need asking twice to lick me out, but I wanted Emma to do it.

“Noooo…don’t be silly!” Said Emma. She said it like she was wondering if she should or not, if you know what I mean.

“Ah just have a little go,” Laura said.

“I don’t know Danny,” she said.

“She’s very sweet, go on,” said Laura encouragingly.

I looked Emma straight in the eyes and I parted my pussy lips so she could see just how wet I was.

“Ooh look at that Emma, go on give her a little lick!” Said Laura.

Emma looked at Laura and then at me like she didn’t know what to do. She got on all fours though and crawled up to me until her face was level with my knees. I stuck an index finger out and Emma sucked on it. She had never even done something like that but she licked and sucked on my finger like it was a tiny cock. Laura I could see had put a finger inside her own pyjamas and was playing with herself. I knew she would be getting nicely wet too.

“I want to see you to lick Danielle's pussy Emma,” said Laura.

"That's if you want to," I said.

She looked at me uncertainly, so I put the same finger into my pussy and got it all juiced up and then gave it to her to lick again. She licked then end of my finger but then took all of it down to my hand and licked my cum off.

“Hmmm you are sweet Danny,” she said.

“I know, come on Emma.”

“Can I kiss your lips first?” She said.

“Yes, come here baby.”

I had never called her baby in my life but it just came out. She came right up to me and the next minute our lips came together and we kissed. Her lips were soft and wet and to say she had never kissed a girl before she was very good. I stuck my tongue out and without me having to ask she sucked on it.

Laura was smiling and I could tell she was enjoying seeing me kiss my best friend. I wanted to kiss Laura’s sweet little pussy because I knew just how wet it would be and how Laura would be begging for my tongue if Emma hadn’t been there.

I dipped my finger in my pussy and then two fingers and offered them to Emma and she licked them too.

“Go on Emma, lick me please and I‘ll lick Laura,” I said.

Emma looked round at Laura and saw how she was fingering herself.

“Oh Danny!” Said Emma. Then she got on her belly and put her tongue into my pussy. I was so wet and Emma was getting her tongue really deeply inside me licking me out. Laura came and sat next to me and kissed me. Laura took my hand and put it through the gap in her pyjamas and showed me how wet she was. I wanted her pussy in my face so much, to feel her lovely sweet juices in my mouth. Emma was licking me out all the time, I was feeling Laura and I was getting more and more turned on.

Then Laura took her pyjama bottoms off and I laid back on my pillow so she could sit on my face. I can’t tell you how wet she was! Laura’s pussy was just dripping with juice and lucky old me was there to lick the whole lot. Laura was really noisy whereas I just moan a little bit like a pining puppy. Emma stopped eating my pussy for a bit so she could put her fingers inside me and she started to finger me with three fingers quickly jabbing them in and out. It felt so good, having my pussy finger fucked and my girlfriend’s lovely sweet pussy in my face.

Emma then put her tongue in me again and played with my clitoris while she fingered me slowly. She was a natural. Laura was starting to cum as my tongue and my lips were sucking her sweet little vagina. I was starting to cum too and me and Laura both orgasmed at the same time. My bed was rocking with all our bodies jerking and rolling around. It was just Emma who needed sorting now. She looked at me with a naughty, slightly guilty look but I’m sure she was enjoying her first lesbian experience.

“Why don’t you lie down and let me return the favour I said.”

“Even better! Let’s do a daisy chain!” Said Laura.

“Ha ha! What’s that?” Said Emma.

“Think about it,” I said.

“Just lie on your side Emma,” said Laura.

Emma lay down on the bed and I lay down with my head between her legs. Then Laura lay down and we formed a triangle with Emma’s tongue in Laura’s pussy and Laura’s in mine. Then we just licked each other out. I was really turned on knowing Emma was eating out Laura’s pussy as well as by the hot licking and sucking sounds that we were making. After just a few minutes we were all writhing and moaning as we brought each other to orgasm over and over again. We were just so turned on. As one girl started to cum the next one would cum and so on, as if the taste and sound of each of our orgasms was bringing on the next. I know I came three times myself and I bet Laura and Emma did too. I had had a threesome with two girls before but this was the best!

Afterwards we snuggled together on my bed sipping wine and I had a lovely warm feeling and felt so good after getting my best friend off. I wonder now how long it is before I invite them round again. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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