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My Sister's Sleepover

A night for one turns into a night of unexpected passion.
Staring at the time and not wanting four o'clock to come around anytime soon, I begin to make myself a ham sandwich with a side salad. Finishing up, I slowly drag myself to the kitchen table and start to eat, then I hear it, the key in the front door, what I've been dreading all day.

My twin sister's sleepover is about to begin and I'm stuck in the same house with nowhere to go or hide.

"Hey, Mum! Me, Laura, Penelope and Sarah are going up to my room to watch a few movies!" she carelessly shouts.

"Ok, sweetheart, enjoy your movies," she replies whilst coming downstairs all dressed up from head to toe.

"Where are you going, Mum? You're not leaving me here with these 4 are you? Please don't!" I grovel.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, I've got a date tonight with Derek from 2 blocks away." She happily smiles.

"Ooook, have a lovely evening then, try not to think of me when I'm sitting here on my own, bored." I sarcastically laugh.

Closing the door behind her I momentarily stand at the door for five minutes contemplating what to do for the next three hours, when suddenly I hear my twin sister's voice bellow from the top of the stairwell to me.

"Mess my sleepover up and you're in for it, you lesbian!" she snarls.

"Hey, lesbian and proud, darling, so do me a favour and crawl back into the hole you escaped from," I shout back to her.

Hearing her bedroom door slam I stroll into the kitchen and happily grin to myself and think, 'I definitely won that one'. Circling the room in an anti-clockwise circle I decide to do the dishes, seeing as they were just forever piling up in this house.

Finishing up I grab some chocolate and decide to have my own movie night downstairs in the living room. Switching the TV on I turn to the movie channel. Zombieland it is. Laying down on the sofa I hear someone come downstairs. Turning around and expecting to see my sister's unwanted face, I realise it's Penelope. I've never really noticed Penelope's curvy waist and long brown legs. Legs that you'd just love to caress with your hands and lips, and that mesmerising smile of hers is just the icing on the cake for a night full of passion.

Trying so hard not to stare, I get up and head for my room quite quickly to compose myself.

"Rachel, can you help me for a minute, I can't seem to find your whipped cream that I want to squirt in my mouth," she laughs, so seductively.

Being so bewildered by what she had just said I gulp violently and help her locate it.

"Erm....Well....I'm gonna head for my room now, I hope you all enjoy your night," I reply as I run up the stairs with my legs pressed together so tightly.

Laying on my bed just gazing at my ceiling, I begin to think of all the things I'd do to Penelope's body, inside and out. Such a fine, smooth body under those shorts and vest top she was wearing earlier, I bet.

Drifting off to sleep I suddenly awaken to my sister's music blaring through the walls. Furiously getting up out of my warm bed, I angrily bang on her door to tell her to actually consider other people for once in her damn life.

"Turn your music down! Some of us are trying to sleep you know!" I growl.

"How about you go away," Leticia says as she opens her door.

They all laugh in unison.

"Ha Ha, think that's funny Penelope, how about this, why don't you go downstairs and grab that whipped cream you had earlier, which I so nicely found for you, squirt it on your nipples so I can seductively suck it off and actually show you how to have a good night in someone else's bed," I proudly say with a tempting wink directed right at her.

Returning to my bed pretty much awake, I cautiously edge my trousers off and slowly trail my fingers down my wet pussy that just seems to crave Penelope more and more by the minute. Following the trail of wetness, I slip two fingers deep inside of myself as my mind and body begins to think of what Penelope's pussy tastes like and just how tight that virgin pussy of hers is exactly.

Shaking uncontrollably and riding my own fingers through my orgasm, I suddenly hear my door creak open. Grabbing for my trousers, I whip them back up my legs and throw the duvet over my legs as I turn my lamp on, which is right next to where I lay my head. Waiting for my eyes to adjust to the light, I catch a glimpse of Penelope diving and hiding at the end of my bed. Confusingly, I sit there for a couple of seconds and steadily crawl to the end of my bed and laugh.

"I can explain," she whispers, with her face towards the floor.

"No need," I wink.

Holding my hand out she looks at me and slowly places her hand in mine. Pulling her up onto the bed and into me I softly place my hand on the side of her neck and teasingly trail my index finger all the way down to the side of her breasts, where I stop. Gazing deep into her eyes I gently run my tongue across her lavish lips, savouring the sweet taste of them. Not having a clue as to how she'd react I suddenly feel her lips part and close around my tongue, sucking on it playfully, yet hungrily.

Positioning myself between her legs I place my hand upon her chest and bring her down onto the bed with me. Holding myself up with my arms to either side of her body, I slip my knee between her thighs and wickedly grind my knee against her pussy, making her grip my upper arms. Dragging my lips down her neck, I kiss it tenderly and freakishly bite down, making her gasp for air where I slip my two fingers in her mouth to muffle her cries that I've longed to hear.

As she begins seductively sucking on my two fingers I run my free hand up her top and underneath her bra, pinching her nipples ever so lightly and cupping them one by one with a gentle squeeze. As I slip my fingers out from within her sopping wet mouth she pulls me so close.

"Fuck my tight virgin pussy, Rachel. I want your tongue so far inside me, lapping up every inch of my wetness that you've just brought on," she whispers deep into my ear as she nibbles on it.

The words I had longed to hear come from someone who I had least expected to say them.

"You have no idea what's in store for you tonight, Penelope," I reply.

Tugging away her top to reveal her heavenly upper body, I graze her stomach with my tongue, all the way down to her knicker line. Blowing against the wetness on her knickers I feel her legs wrap around my body, pulling me even closer to her.

As I wrap my arms around the back of her I unclip her bra and reveal them, her breasts. The eagerness is building up inside me very rapidly, the one person I never thought I'd be seeing naked is here, laying below me with heavens gates wide open, ready for a good fucking.

Wrapping my tongue around one nipple at a time, I teasingly twist, flick and swirl the wetness of my tongue all the way around and across them. As I gradually make my way down her luscious body, I wrap my arms around both of her legs and drive my tongue inside her. Listening to her gasp with every thrust inside her tight pussy, I start to pick up my speed as I notice her hips bucking and raising to meet my hungry tongue.

"Oh my god! That feels so amazing, don't stop for me, Rachel. I'm so close to cumming and I want to fill your mouth so bad!" She moans.

Really wanting her to cum in my mouth so violently but not wanting this to end yet, I teasingly bring her on the edge of an orgasm and stop before she can ride her orgasm all the way through. Catching her glaring at me bewilderedly I softly kiss her lips.

"I'm not finished with you yet," I whisper into her ear.

"But..," she says.

Placing one finger onto her lips to usher her I grab my dildo from under the bed and slide it up and down her pussy, grazing her throbbing clit over and over. Holding it in position I plunge the dildo into her tight pussy, holding it there for a couple of minutes whilst I devour the rest of her tasteful pussy. As I start to fuck her with my dildo I freakishly begin eating her clit and her upper thigh. With every lunge I realise her breathing is out of control so I know full well that she's about to finally orgasm and end this night of passion, so fucking her with every bit of energy inside me I hastily pull the dildo out, lick her juices from it, force my tongue inside her just in time for her to cum right down my throat, making swallow uncontrollably.

"Mmm, fuuuck!! I've never felt anything as wonderful as that, Rachel," she says whilst trying to catch her breath.

"You do not know how long I've waited to taste that pussy of yours, " I say as I jokingly lick my lips.

"I never had a clue," she winks as she sorts herself out and creeps quietly out of my room after she passionately kisses me good night.

"Sweet dreams," I smile.

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