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my sweet little ami

This is for you, ami.
You jerk awake in a panic. You aren't sure what woke you butyou feel something is wrong. You open your eyes but everything is pitch black around you and you aren't sure you've opened your eyes. You move your hands to touch your face but can't move your hand more than a few inches. You start to really be afraid when you realize you are tied to the bed. All your muscles tense in fear and stress, you open your mouth to scream and feel it immediately covered with another mouth. And suddenly all the panic and fear melt away, suddenly everything is bliss because you know whose mouth it is that’s covering yours.

I kiss your open mouth slowly and gently, feeling you moan into my mouth. I know that you want me; I know that now instead of the first jolt of fear you feel nothing but arousal. I break away from your sweet lips and run my hand softly against your cheek.

"Do you like your surprise darling?" I ask with a smile.

"Oh yesss..." you purr in reply.

I run a hand down your neck, your breasts, and your stomach all the way to your thighs. I run my fingers slowly over your outside pussy lips and feel the moisture. I feel you shiver with desire as I touch you and so I pull my hand away. You sigh in disappointment as the touch you crave is taken away.

I lay down next to you and you feel the heat of our bodies touching. I start kissing you again passionately, our tongues dancing together. I know you want to touch me; wrap your arms around me and feel me closer but you can't because you are tied down, all the control of your pleasure in my hands.

I start nibbling your ear, knowing how much you love that, then kissing down your neck, feeling the delicate skin cover in goose bumps. You moan loudly and throw your head back. You feel the slow build up of desire in your core, your pussy soaking with your sweet juices.

I keep kissing down your body, savoring your sweet delicately silky skin. My lips, tongue and teeth tickle every inch of your skin as I kiss down to your full breasts. I kiss the sensitive skin of your breasts in circles, each circle of kisses and nibbles bringing me closer to your nipple. When I get to your areolas your nipples are already hard, standing on top of your mounds like two sweet candies that make my mouth water. I feel that if I don't pace myself I might devour you right now. I suck each nipple into my mouth in turn drawing lusty sighs from your lips. I graze my teeth gently over each nipple and then swirl my tongue, making you arch your back to push your breasts to me.

I reluctantly let go of your breasts and continue my trail of kisses down, over your soft tummy, kissing every inch of skin, stopping for a moment to dip my tongue to tickle your sweet little belly button.

You start to tremble with desire as you feel me kissing lower and lower down your body, you crave the moment when my mouth will cover the hot, swollen lips of your pussy. I kiss down until my lips touch the upper edge of your smooth slit; you push your hips up as much as you can to get more contact.

Despite my desire to taste you now, I tear away from your delicious supple body. I want this to be special for you so I make an effort and take my time to catch my breath before I move between your spread legs. I kiss up the inside of one leg, tickling the back of your knee with my tongue, kissing the oh so gentle skin of your inner thighs, inhaling the intoxicating smell of your sweet nectar. Just before I reach your soaking pussy I move away and start the journey up your other leg. Already you are squirming and moaning, the intense arousal making you hot and sending chills up and down your spine.

“Oh god baby..." you moan,” please touch my pussy, I need it so much."

"Is this what u want?" I ask as I run one finger along your wet outer lips, collecting your sweet moisture.

"Oh fuck baby, I want more- so, so much more," you moan.

“Tell me what you want," I say as I run the moist finger over your mouth.

You lick and suck my finger greedily.

“I want you to fuck me," you say and gulp, “I want to feel you fingers and your lips and your tongue on my pussy. I want to cum with you so much."

"Mmm you want to cum with me baby?" I breathe into your ear.

"Oh god yes baby! I want to lick you till you fill my mouth with your juices," you whisper.

I break away from you completely for a few seconds and then you feel me on top of you, my mouth suddenly covering your pussy, my tongue spreading your lips. You gasp and moan, your toes curling with delight.

Then you feel my pussy on your lips and you immediately stick your tongue out, spreading my lower lips and penetrating my slit. I flick my tongue over you sensitive little nub and am rewarded with a gush of honey from your slit. I repeat it over and over, making you thrust your hips up and push your tongue deeper into me. Now we are both in a frenzy, trying to taste as much of the other as we can, both our tongues licking and lapping and stabbing.

I keep licking you when you feel a slight pressure against your tight little rosebud, you moan into me sending shivers through my body. The pressure builds and you feel pain and pleasure as my finger enters you. I let you adjust, not moving my finger at all while I suck your clit. Your tongue is fucking me faster and faster, making me grind my hips. I start moving my finger in and out of you slowly, fucking you with my tongue at the same time. I feel you shaking under me, your tongue moving faster, I know you are close.

I move my tongue and finger in rhythm with each other, my pace increasing, driving you over the edge. I feel your inner muscles clenching around my tongue and fuck you harder. Your back arches and your scream is stifled by my flesh as you cum. Your screams reverberate through me and I feel myself cumming too, my body releasing all the pent up desire and arousal as my juices flow into your mouth.

I lay on top of you, both of us spent and sated, our bodies recovering from our experience. When I finally regain some strength I get up and untie you, removing your blindfold and lying next to you. You snuggle up to me and I wrap my arms around you, stroking your beautiful dark hair.

“I love you darling,” you whisper against my neck.

“I love you too my little girl,” I whisper back.

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