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Two best friends explore each other's bodies in an attempt to have some midnight fun.
“N-No! Laura, stop!” I squirmed as I writhed around underneath her on the bed we shared. I had been over at her house for the weekend, sleepovers planned. It was late, nearly midnight, and we were playing like children on the bed, not like the mature, 19-year-old best friends we were. We were simply tickling each other until we couldn’t take it anymore.

Her fingers worked endlessly on my sides, our hair tussled and messed as we fought. I kicked her off with a triumphant laugh, rolling over so I was sitting on top of her, straddling her waist. I was hunched over, tickling her stomach until her fingers wrapped around my wrists, pulling them off her. Smirking, she slid out from under me and pushed me up against the wall our bed was against, my hands on either side of my head. Our bangs fell into our faces as she transferred my one hand into her other and she pinned them above my hand, now using her free hand to tickle my stomach again.

“Okay, okay! I give up, stop it!” I wailed, wiggling as I laughed as hard as I could. In an instant, she was done, and we both sat panting on the bed on our knees. She looked at me with a smile, and I smiled back. “Good job,” I said, attempting to push her off.

“No,” she mumbled under her breath, inching her body closer to me, panting still. “I’m not done,” came her husky voice, and my eyes widened.

“Laura, what-”

“Shhh,” she started, leaning down over my shoulder to run a tongue up my jaw line. I shivered at the contact, her cool saliva leaving a glistening line on my hot skin. Although my body felt a positive reaction to her touches, I attempted to slink away.

“Stop, Daithie. You want this too and we both know it. I see the way you look at me,” came her whispering rough voice against my skin, and my mind suddenly went into overdrive. We were best friends... But, she was right, I did want this. Her long, brown, wavy hair flowed down her back, her tank top and bra with panties and short shorts the only thing covering her slender, fit body. Her wide, dark eyes were full of innocence, and I’d have never expected something this... adult-like to come from her. Especially onto me. But that didn’t stop it from feeling wrong.

“Laura, we can’t-”

“Stop fighting and let it happen,” she urged, her voice a little rougher now.

Sinking back into her touches, I arched my neck a little, as by now she was sucking and kissing on my warm flesh, and it stung against her teeth. “Ah,” I gasped lightly, shuddering continuously at the feel of her having sudden dominance over someone, and the thought of me being the one who it was happening to. It didn’t help that we were already somewhat naked, as we were wearing the skimpiest clothes possible due to the heat, and the fact that I was pinned against a wall, helpless.

Eventually, when she was done making me squirm and suck on my neck, she looked down with a smirk at her work. I could tell, without looking down at it, that there was a large red bruise forming on my pale skin.

“You’re gorgeous,” she whispered against my lips, looking at me in the eyes now as I felt her fingers lightly tip-toe down from my stomach where they were lingering to the hem of my shorts. Being bold, I gently pressed my lips to hers, and I could feel her start to untie my shorts with the one hand she had. A small whimper exited my mouth as I felt her teeth start to gently nibble on my plump lips, and she smirked, pulling the cloth of my shorts down to let them hang around my knees.

Her wet muscle started to lick against my lips, silently begging for entrance that I was more than willing at this point to give. Something in the back of my mind told me that doing these acts, especially with a girl (not to mention Laura), was wrong. But I couldn’t help it. Just having her body pressed up against mine was enough to make me squirm.

I was about to open my mouth for her, when he was forced open by another gasp. Her fingers gently prodded at me through my cloth panties, and I shuddered, my womanhood pulsing softly already as she started to caress me through the fabric. Her fingers rubbed at my folds and clit tenderly, and I moaned into her mouth, her tongue already massaging mine.

She let out a small groan herself, mixed with a mumble of “You’re already so wet!” I couldn’t do anything but nod and shudder. I was so sensitive already, and her bringing out my sexual cravings in the warm bedroom, held against a wall against my own free will wasn’t really helping.

Our lips then mashed harder together than they already were, the osculation quickly becoming fierce. She let go of me as I tried to shrug her off so I could wrap my arms around her neck and lean into the kiss, and she brushed some stray blonde hair out of my face, fingers still working at me.

“Fuck,” I groaned into the kiss, laying my head back against the cool wall. A small whine exited my swollen, bruised lips as her fingers left my tingling cunt, and I shivered as I held tightly onto her neck.

“Just wait,” I heard her mumble, and the next second I heard a thud as her one hand pressed onto the wall beside me and her finger hooked into my pale pink panties to pull them down. I wiggled my hips in an attempt to help her get them down, and they joined my shorts around my knees.

One moment I was aching for her touch, and the next I was writhing under the things I wanted most. “Oh god,” I whispered, her fingers pinching and rubbing at my clit. Her skilled fingers worked in quick circles, and I wondered to myself why I hadn’t tried to get this to happen sooner.

Her fingers left my clit again, and I cried out lightly. The waves of pleasure stopped for only a second, before crashing over me again in desperate tidal waves as I felt them head to toe, her fingers then entering my dripping hole. I whimpered, holding onto her tightly. “Laura, it... It hurts,” I mumbled. I had never done anything there before, as all I really needed to do to get me off the rare times I felt the need to, was to just play with my clit.

“I know baby, don’t worry, it will feel better,” she whispered against my lips, our breathing hardening and becoming more rapid as her finger inched more inside of me until I felt her knuckles hit my skin. She curved her finger, and suddenly I felt her joint press up against something inside of me that made me moan louder than I ever imagined I could.

Her lips pressed up against mine in a silent plea for me to keep quiet. I let out an apology in my head, but she just kept uncurling and recurling her fingers, making me whimper and moan against her lips. She eventually stopped kissing me and just sucked on my bottom lip occasionally, apparently giving up on trying to keep me quiet. “Come on, f-fuck my pussy harder with your finger, Laura... More!”

“You’re so hot when you talk like that,” she said huskily, her voice dripping with desire.

What I hadn’t noticed while I was writhing in pleasure was that her hand was gone from beside my head. Her pants were down, along with her panties, and her own hand was pumping in and out of her own sopping wet pussy. I looked down, seeing her moaning lightly and shuddering herself as she continued to work at the both of us.

My eyebrows knotted as I tipped my head back, letting go of her neck with my one arm to blindly reach down. “L-Let me,” I whispered, and she shuddered as I grabbed her wrist, gently pulling herself out of her. Feeling bold, I looked down at her out of lust-filled eyes, my eyelids half covering my blue orbs as I pulled her finger to my mouth. I pushed it inside my cavern, rolling my tongue all around it as I let go of her to grind my hand down her sweat-covered body. I could taste her, the salty yet sweet love nectar sliding easily down my throat.

Plunging my finger into her hole, I realized one wouldn’t be enough. Putting in another, I thrusted it in and out of her hole, and her head tipped back as she moaned my name. “Fuck! Daithie!”

Smirking at my victory of making her squirm, I curled my fingers just like she had with me and removed her hand from my mouth to place it on the wall beside my head, my own fingers lacing with hers there instead of leaving my arm around her neck. I bucked into her hand as she moaned, adding another finger to myself as well. Our hips moved in unison, our hands moving at a rapid pace as we got ourselves off. The sounds of wet lapping made us moan louder, incoherent sounds, words and screams of each other’s names tumbled out of our mouths. The room was quickly filled with the musky smell of sex, sweat dripping down our foreheads as we rapidly brought ourselves to the peak of our pleasure.

I needed to warn her. “Laura, I’m...”

“I know,” she groaned in ecstasy, her mouth now nibbling and sucking on my earlobe. God, what she did to me, I thought, shuddering and sliding up and down on her slick finger, my damp from sweat shirt sliding up and down the wall. “M-Me too...”

I didn’t even have time to warn her again before I felt myself tip and fall over the edge. I felt like I was flying, the pleasure spurting from my cunt, my fluids flowing out of me and down my thighs. “L-Laura! Oh my god, it’s so fucking good!” I yelled, thrusting my hips harder onto her finger as I rode it, her finger pressing more pressure onto my g-spot than before while wave after wave of tingling pleasure shot through my body.

Closely after, Laura followed suit. She screamed my name, along with a couple strings of incoherent words as she came all over my fingers. She collapsed onto me, pulling away from my neck to press her lips onto my own. Our tongues fought a battle as our hands slowed down, but not too much. Just enough to still feel the pleasure and help us ride out our orgasms.

After a while of just kneeling there, feeling like we were on Cloud Nine as our pleasure drifted over us, we removed our fingers. I flicked her clit a few times and she jumped with a small hiss through her teeth, the swollen and large bundle of nerves over-sensitive. I smirked a little, and she kissed me again, sucking gently on my tongue.

It wasn’t long before we fell back onto the bed, me on top of her in a heap of sweaty, cum-covered flesh. “That...” she started, her voice softening as she looked up at me with her large puppy eyes.

“Was fucking great,” I finished, and she smiled. I leaned down to gently peck her on the nose. I wasn’t quite sure where we stood at that point. Friends? Lovers? Friends with benefits? Whatever it was, I’d be happy. It didn’t matter, at that point either. All I knew, and I was sure she knew too, was that we would never forget how amazing of a night we shared that night.

After a little of just resting on top of her, I rolled to the side so that we were beside each other. She let go of my hand to wrap an arm around me and pull me close to her body. She felt warm and soft against my own, and I rested one hand against her chest.

Looking at the clock beside our bed, I realized it was nearly one o’clock. Giggling lightly, I felt her do the same, the vibrations from her throat gently flowing through my head as I lay with my face in the crook of her neck, my nose nuzzling the warm skin.

“Good night, Laura...” I whispered, a small appreciative hum running through my throat as I heard her say goodnight to me too.

The last thing I felt before sleep drifted over me was her hand ghosting over the one on her chest to lie on top of mine, and a warm feeling surged through me, the butterflies in my stomach going mad.

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