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Road trip
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Road trip

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On a summer adventure, best friends discover that there's a lot more to their friendship.
Co-written with the delectable Sweet as Candy

Red tipped fingers danced on the steering wheel in time to the heavy base, pounding from the speakers, as the wind whipped blonde ringlets into Lyra's mouth. With a grin, she scooped her hair into a messy ponytail at the base of her head. It was a small price to pay to have the roof down, she thought. Impatiently Lyra gunned the engine, and as she watched the lights shift from red to green, she peeled away with a squeal of tyres and a delighted laugh.

Six months of hard work, saving every last cent from her crummy paying waitressing job, a little judicious cajoling of a doting father and, ‘ta-dah’, one little blue, mean machine. Now all she needed was her best friend and her holiday would be complete.

Fifteen minutes later, Lyra pulled into Charlotte's drive. Jumping out of the car she ran her fingers lovingly over the bonnet, admiring how her reflection shone back at her in the gleaming paintwork. Leaning back over the door she laid her palm on the horn, letting it announce her arrival.

Laughing, she could hear her best friend call out from inside of the house. 

"Road trip!" Charlotte shrieked, the utter excitement taken over her body. "Don't miss me too much, Mum!"

"Come and give me a hug," Leanne called, walking towards her daughter with her arms outstretched. "Be safe, darling. And don't forget to ring!"

"Mum!! I'm eighteen years old, I'll be fine!" replied Charlotte, flashing a pearly white smile before kissing her mum on the cheek.

Picking up her overstuffed rucksack, she flung it over her shoulder and headed out of the front door. Sliding her sunglasses over her face and slipping her keys into the tight pocket of her cut off denim shorts, she beamed when she saw her best friend waiting for her. 

"Hey, girlfriend!" Charlotte called, in her mock American accent.

Wisps of her best friends long, blonde hair were blowing in the breeze, black sunglasses perched on top of her head, as she leaned her hip against the door of her open top car.

"Oh my god! I'm loving this!" squealed Charlotte, throwing her bag into the boot.

“Yeah, well get your sexy arse inside! It’s time, baby!” squealed Lyra. 

The two best friends had been planning this trip for what seemed like forever, summer was here and they intended on making the most of it. 

“You got everything you need?” Lyra asked. 

“Oh, of course! I even managed to stuff my Dad's bottle of tequila in my bag! Shots o’clock, coming right up!” Charlotte roared with laughter at her devious plans, dismissing any thoughts of consequences upon her return. 

“God, Charl, you’re just too bad.” 

Lyra watched as Charlotte jumped on the spot, so excited that she could hardly keep still. 

Slipping her sunglasses back down onto her pert nose, Lyra continued to surreptitiously watch her friend from behind the tinted lenses. Charlotte was busy doing an arse swinging bump and grind to the blaring radio, captivating her friend with the way her cut off shorts slowly rose up higher between her peach like cheeks, outlining the rounded curves perfectly. As Lyra's eyes continued to roam, her eyes locked onto the way Charlotte's breasts danced under the tight crop top, and made Lyra's mouth go dry, almost sending her crossed eyed at the thought of those delicious handfuls. 

Swinging into the driver's seat Lyra sent Charlotte an evil grin. “Get in the car, girl, or I’m leaving without you!”

Charlotte's incensed shout of, “You wouldn’t dare!” had Lyra gunning the engine and laughing as Charlotte tumbled into the passenger seat, in her rush not to be left behind.

“Have fun girls! Drive safely, and for God sake try and be good!” yelled Leanne, shuddering as she waved from the front door.

“Yesss Mummm..!” the girls delightfully shrieked in response, knowing that there was no way the two of them together wasn’t going to spell trouble with a capital T. 

Clasping her hands around her middle, Leanne watched the giggling girls backing slowly out the drive and sedately off down the street. With a wry shake of her head, she listened as Lyra turned the corner and gunned the engine. 

Charlotte watched as Lyra settled down into the plush leather seats, her shoulders relaxing and a small smile flirting at the corners of her full lips. She could almost see Lyra drift into holiday mode as she sung along with radio.

Out of the corner of her eye Lyra watched Charlotte staring at her and without turning her head from the road poked out her tongue.
“Quit staring at me, Char, and put on some music, I feel a karaoke session coming on!”

“Oh my god!” shrieked Charlotte. “It’s our song, girl!”

Leaning forward, Charlotte’s delicate fingers turned the knob of the radio dial. Her pink fitted cropped top rose up her slender body, slightly, as she began waving her arms and jiggling in her seat. 

“Heyyyy sexy lady! Op op op op oppan!” sang Charlotte, grinning as Lyra joined in.

The wind washed over their semi-clothed bodies as the girls danced and sang. Lyra stepped on the accelerator, adding to the thrill of their adventure. 

The girls shared everything together. Their love of music was one of them and even more so, their interests in men. 

“Oh this break is gonna be wild! I’ve had to tell Jason I’ll ring him when we get there,” said Lyra. “I’m sure he thinks we’ve got something going on.”

“Well maybe we should send him some photographic evidence to keep him happy,” laughed Charlotte in response. 

“God he’d love that, he got so hard when I mentioned sending him a few kincker shots to keep him sweet!” snickered Lyra, a slight giggle leaving her mouth. 

“You tease,” replied Charlotte, as she pulled open the ring on a diet coke can. “Oh and you never told me how date night went on Friday. Come on spill.”

Lyra grimaced and rolled her eyes dramatically. “Ah, you know boys, Charl, all fingers and thumbs and never in the freakin’ right place when you need them! He tries, he really does, but sometimes I wonder if he even knows what a clit is, let alone how to find it.”

Charlotte burst out laughing, choking on her drink, sending a spray of liquid across the small confines of the car, covering Lyra in the process.

“Hey,” squealed Lyra.“ You could’ve at least aimed that out the window,” she laughed, wiping her fingertips across her cheek. “Now look at me, I’m covered. I can’t wear this, grab a top from my backpack would you.”

Charlotte crawled over the back seat her, her cute rear end wiggling enticingly as she searched through the back seat for a clean top. The sounds of muffled giggling made Lyra raise her eyebrow and glance in the rear-view mirror, the view was hypnotic. Her best friend's arse was waving back and forth, the material of her denim cut-offs in danger of disappearing between the delicious globes of firm flesh.

The little car swerved across the lines as Lyra's distracted gaze tore from the mirror and back to the road, causing Charlotte to fall back into seat, her face flushed and top askew. 

“Found it,” Charlotte called, holding Lyra's miniscule bikini top by two fingers, dangling it out in front of her like a prized possession.

Lyra snorted. “I’m only going to wear that if you do.” 

“One step ahead of you, girl.” 

With that Charlotte yanked her top over her head to reveal hot pink lycra straining to contain jiggling flesh.

Lyra's “oh my” was lost in the loud tooting of an oncoming truck, the driver grinning madly, thumbs raised in salute to the bounty on display. Grinning madly, Charlotte waved back as the truck flew by.

“Come on, Lyra, your turn!” 

Charlotte reached across and held the steering wheel while Lyra whipped off her top revealing pale flesh topped by hard tipped nipples.

“What, no bra?…slut!” Charlotte playfully elbowed Lyra in the ribs as she quickly tied the skimpy crocheted white top into place.

Taking charge of the wheel once more, Lyra blew a kiss to her friend, “Takes one to know one…biatch!”

Charlotte roared with laughter. “Oh, now we need to turn it up a notch! Let the games commence!”

Continuing their journey along the country roads and up the mountainsides, the girls absorbed the idyllic scenery around them. The warm summer breeze continued to cool the temperatures of the scorching heat of the mid day sun. 

Lyra's eyes wandered as she glanced at Charlotte, placing her can in the drinks holder and fidgeting in her seat. 

“What are you up to now?” quizzed Lyra, trying to keep her eyes on the road ahead, but transfixed by her best friend undoing the metallic buttons on her shorts. 

“You will see,” laughed Charlotte as she undid her seatbelt and manoeuvred herself around, holding on tightly to the headrest.

“Surely you’re not going to...” Lyra stopped mid sentence, her eyes riveted to the rear-view mirror at Charlotte's delectable reflection. 

Charlotte slowly peeled away the denim material over her hips with her free hand, drawing out the exposure of the thing strip of candy pink material that lay perfectly between her pert cheeks. 

“OH MY GOD! Char! You’re gonna make me crash, girl!” laughed Lyra, watching as the on coming truck driver began to flash his lights like a maniac. “This driver will be whipping himself up into a frenzy right now!”

Laughing, Charlotte spun around. Lyra's eyes darted between her best friends legs, a twinge of excitement growing in her. A fleeting moment of wondering what lay behind the motif of her best friends g-string, entered Lyra's mind. 

“There’s a rest stop over there,” Charlotte announced, pointing in the direction of a nearby lake. “We could chill and catch a few rays before deciding where we’re gonna camp if you fancy it?”

“On it.” Lyra grinned as she whipped across two lanes, Charlotte squealing the entire time as tyres screeched across the bitumen.

Pulling into the deserted rest area, the girls drove down the narrow overgrown track that took them down to the crystal clear lake. When they emerged into the clearing the girls both yelled, “Jackpot” as they scrambled from the car.

Lyra draped an arm over Charlotte's shoulder as she lent against her best friend. “It’s perfect, Char, I think we’ve found our first camping spot, gorgeous girl.” She slipped her hand from around her friend and landed a stinging smack to her cheeky arse.

By the time Charlotte could react Lyra was sprinting across the grass towards the waters edge, her fingers pulling the ties of her bikini top free. As her full breasts escaped the clinging material she spun round to face Charlotte. “Last one in has to perform any task the winner chooses.” 

With a wiggle she shucked her denim skirt to her ankles. “Well, what are you waiting for?”

With a last glance at Charlotte, who was desperately trying to loosen the ties of her top, Lyra yanked down her knickers and giggling loudly spun back towards the water's edge. Three strides of long, tanned legs and she was in the water, with a running leap she dove beneath the surface.

The cool water rushed around her naked curves, soothing the heat that had been bubbling between her thighs ever since she had glimpsed the candy pink material highlighting the V of her friends pouting sex. Pert nipples became achingly tight from a combination of desire and chill water.

Charlotte's irrepressible laughter rang out across the surface of the water. “Lyraaaa, you cheated, no fair!”

“Maybe I will just grab your clothes and hide them so you have to come out naked!” shrieked Charlotte, her eyes glancing at the pile of Lyra's skimpy clothing. 

“Noooo, you wouldn’t! Now come on! Get in, its delicious in here!” yelled Lyra, stretching her arms out-wide and swimming a little further out into the cool lake. 

Charlotte could see the white cheeks of her best friend through the clear water, inviting her to join in. Peeling her top away from her body, Charlotte threw it onto the pile of Lyra's clothes. Her heavy breasts bobbed free, the material sliding over her erect nipples. Lyra turned to face her topless best friend, wondering if Charlotte was slowly stripping on purpose to make her mouth water. Lyra could feel the cold water, washing over her exposed, smooth sex, as she was captivated by the delicious curves of her best friend's body. 

“Come on girl! Hurry up! I will be all shrivelled by the time you get in here!” shouted Lyra. 

“I’m coming!” replied Charlotte as she quickly popped open the denim fastening of her shorts once again. 

With a wiggle of her hips she peeled her denim shorts down her slender legs, quickly followed by her candy pink g-string. Charlotte took a few minutes, allowing the heat to cover her naked flesh. She stood, exposing her naked pussy to her best friend, a thin strip of pubic hair, leaving an enticing trail to her hardening clit. Lyra bobbed in the water, stretching her arms around her head as she fixed her ponytail, exposing her full breasts and shrivelled areola. Her eyes were transfixed, as her naked best friend walked towards her, disappearing beneath the calm waters. 

“Took your time,” laughed Lyra. 

“Yeah, just building my energy up,” grinned Charlotte, as she dove beneath the waters, grabbing her best friend around her waist. 

Their naked bodies ground together, as Charlotte jumped up, accidentally rubbing her breasts against Lyra's. 

“Oops!” giggled Charlotte. “Those titties of yours got in my way!” 

“Sure whatever, Charl,” laughed Lyra in response. “You should have just asked if you wanted a grope.”

“Gimme, gimme, gimme,” growled Charlotte, her hands outstretched as she grabbed the handfuls of wet flesh. 

“Oh, that’s just made my nipples even more erect,” sighed Lyra. 

“Oh really? I was hoping the bottle of tequila was going to do that later,” winked Charlotte. 

Lyra stared at her friend, eyelids dipping and lips parting slightly as her breath puffed out in excited little pants, she arched slightly into Charlotte's grasp, sighing softly at the slight scrape of her friends sharp nails across the rigid tips.

Lyra's soft voice whispered against Charlotte’s cheek, “You know, Charl, I’ve got a confession to make.” Lyra leaned back from her friend and let her eyes wander from Charlotte's questioning eyes down her voluptuous curves. 

Lyra trailed a single red tipped fingernail along Charlotte's fragile collarbone, following in the path of a drop of water as it ran down her friend's white flesh.

“I’ve always wandered exactly what you taste like….” Lyra slowly leant forward, her blue eyes locked with those of her best friend's as she slowly flicked the tip of her tongue across the turgid tip of her breast, licking up the droplet of water, "" Slowly, never breaking eye contact Lyra moved across to the other waiting breast, “…and here,” she whispered before taking the thrusting point into her mouth and tugging softly with her teeth.

"Actually, Charl, I’ve been wondering for quite some time what you taste like in all sorts of places." 

Lyra slowly pulled away from Charlotte, walking back wards through the water before turning and swimming with easy grace out into deeper water, leaving a rather stunned Charlotte to her thoughts.

“Wa..erm,” Charlotte responded, in an attempt to string a sentence together. 

Charlotte stood for what felt like an eternity, she had always had a very open relationship with her best friend. They would kiss on drunken nights out and grab jiggling flesh from one another, as they gyrated to the music in nightclubs, teasing on lookers with their flirtatious ways. Charlotte's mind flooded with unadulterated thoughts, here she was naked with her beautiful best friend. 

“Lyra...wait,” Charlotte finally called as she swam through the cool water towards her, unprepared for her next course of action. 

Turning to face her best friend, Lyra smiled, her heart beating in her chest, realising how much she wanted her, how much she needed her. “Yes?”

“I...erm...I’ve wondered about that too,” she whispered, her cheeks flushing a tinge of pink at the sound of her finally vocalising it. 

Their eyes locked, taking in the flawless complexion of the other, beads of moisture against their milky white bodies. Lyra seductively licked her lower lip before slowly moving her head towards Charlotte, and was met with an urgent kiss. Their tongues danced against each other as their bodies moulded into one, their voluptuous breasts pressed firmly against the other, nipples erected through the chill of the water and passion of the intimacy.

“Wow...I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a kiss quite like that!” giggled Charlotte as the girls finally broke free from their locked embrace. 

“Maybe we could try something else we have never experienced,” snickered Lyra as she glided through the water towards the embankment. 

Smiling, Charlotte followed behind, eager to join her. She was transfixed as she watched Lyra, pull herself up, the weight of the water cascading over her curvaceous body.

Lyra’s heart beat hard and fast in her chest and was echoed in a bone melting pulse between her thighs. She’d waited so long for this moment and she couldn’t wait to finally get her hands on the delectableness that was her Charl.

Lyra rubbed the dampness from her skin with the beach towel from the back her car, as she watched Charlotte move up the embankment. The gentle sway of her friends breasts was hypnotic and Lyra couldn’t wait to get explore the dips and valleys of her lush curves.

“Come here, Charl.” Lyra’s naughty grin caused an answering smile from her friend.

“And why would I be doing that?” Charlotte smirked, unconsciously pulling her shoulders back and thrusting out her breasts in Lyra's direction. An invitation if Lyra had ever seen one.

“Because I want to make you moan and thrash on my tongue,” quipped Lyra.

Charlotte's normally quick wit failed her, leaving her mouth hanging open and her breath halting before rushing out as she sighed, “Ohhhhh fuck.” 

Lyra tilted her head to the side, her wide blue eyes heavy with lust. “Exactly. Now I said come here. I want to finally have the taste of you on my tongue.”

With a flick of her wrist Lyra threw a picnic rug down on to the springy grass. Keeping her eyes trained on the heaving rise and fall of Charlotte's breasts, Lyra folded her legs beneath her lush bottom, crooking her finger, she beckoned.

Charlotte needed no further encouragement, she strode forward halting with legs parted, and the aroma of her beautiful wet sex, beckoning Lyra onwards.

Keeping their eyes locked Lyra leant forward, her lips brushing softly over Charlotte’s mound, her hot breath causing the muscles in Charlotte's stomach to clench.

“Like that, my girl?” she whispered. 

Lyra’s wicked gaze held Charlotte enthralled. Enjoying the feeling of control, she ran the tip of her tongue the length of Charlotte’s taut thigh, teeth nipping softly as her fingernails left faint score marks on quivering flesh. 

Charlotte groaned softly her head falling back in pleasure, sending dark ringlets cascading down the curving arch of her spine. 

Running the tip of her searching tongue along the seam of her best friends sex, Lyra savoured the taste of Charlotte, desire flooding her senses. With a soft moan, her fingers dug into the peachy flesh of Charlotte's arse and buried her tongue deep, into the sopping folds, her tongue searching, desperate to experience every secret that Charlotte’s body held.

Feeling Lyra's tongue discovering her inner core, Charlotte moaned louder, her loins aching for more. Her palm cupped Lyra's head, pushing her deeper into her honey-lacquered pussy. 

“Mmm...fuck, Lyra, that’s it. Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum in your mouth,” she breathily groaned, fighting for oxygen as her pussy throbbed. 

Locking eyes with Charlotte, Lyra continued her feast, savouring the sweet scent of Charlotte's engorged cunt and she slowly ran her tongue over her dripping lips, Lyra could feel her own juices trickling the length of her slit. 

Taking her mouth from her pussy, Lyra licked her lips and slipped her finger inside of Charlotte's heated sex. 

“Ahhh yeah, fuck you feel so tight. Look at me while you cum on my fingers. Fuck my fingers with your pussy.” 

Lyra's fingers searched their way into Charlotte's treasure, delving deeper, feeling the heat of her pussy walls clenching around them. Their eyes locked as Lyra continued to finger fuck her best friend. Charlotte’s hips pushed against Lyra's hand, feeling her orgasm growing near. 

“Ohh...Ly...fuck...I’m gonna…cum,” Charlotte moaned. 

Charlotte’s legs began to buckle, hips began thrusting, forcing Lyra's fingers deeper into her sopping mound. Lyra pulled her two fingers apart deep inside of her best friends pussy, spreading her open even further. 

“Make my fingers disappear,” Lyra groaned, as she pushed a third finger inside of her tight hole, opening her up even further as she felt Charlotte's orgasm approaching, her pussy contracting and squeezing her fingers.

Lyra bent forward, slowly sucking on Charlotte's swollen clit as she watched the orgasm wash over her best friend. Her huge tits jiggling as Charlotte thrashed her body against Lyra's face and hand. The jolt of euphoria came crashing through Charlotte’s curvy frame. Lyra could taste the sweet foam of cum, gushing from her smooth mound, as she continued to gently tug and nibble on her clit.

“ hell!!!” screamed Charlotte, beads of sweat, mixed with the remaining moisture of the cool water on her body. 

Smiling, Lyra licked her lips, before pulling her best friends face to hers. Lyra's eyes locked with Charlotte's as she once again, kissed her passionately on the mouth. Their naked bodies merged together as they began grinding against one another. 

“Now my turn,” grinned Charlotte, as she rolled Lyra onto her back. 

Falling against the velvet-touch of the blanket, Lyra submitted to Charlotte's control. Watching, as Charlotte sat between her best friends legs and spread them wide. 

“Looks like someone enjoyed that as much as me.” She winked, looking at the liquid frothing between Lyra's pussy lips. 

Bending forward with the flat of her tongue, Charlotte licked up the strings of arousal juice from Lyra's pussy lips. 

“Mmm, fuck yeah, you taste sweet.”

Lifting her leg, Charlotte pushed her pussy down to meet Lyra's, until the girls were opposite each other, locked into a scissor position, before slowly grinding her sopping pussy against her friends. 

“Oh my god,” groaned Lyra, tilting back her head as she felt the heat of Charlotte's wet sex rubbing against hers. Charlotte's pussy lips, licked over Lyra's engorged clit as the girls mashed together in a frenzied state. 

Lyra could barely stand it, grabbing her best friends arse, she pulled her shapely friend deeper onto her, harder, needing to cum on her pussy as they slid together. Slowly rocking her hips, Lyra ground her soft drenched folds against those of her best friends. The heated scent of desire surrounded the aroused pair, as they lost themselves in the moment.

Charlotte leant over and captured Lyra's engorged nipple between her sharp teeth and sucked the aching tip, Lyra lost all sense of control. Her hips jerked and her breath came in deep, rasping gasps. 

Charlotte's husky voice whispered, “Let go, girl, drive yourself over the edge. ‘Cause when you do, I’m going to taste myself on your cunt.” 

A desperate groan was torn from Lyra as she surged over the edge, her back arched and she screamed out her lust. As the last tremors racked Lyra’s limp frame, Charlotte ran her tongue down the sweat dampened skin of Lyra’s taunt stomach, swirling ever lower to the slick, throbbing flesh between her twitching thighs.

“Fuck you look beautiful, Lyra, so ripe and wet, I know you’re going to taste divine. Spread wide those thighs, baby girl, I’m going to make you scream.” Charlotte smiled wickedly before running her tongue between the swollen folds of Lyra’s sex.

Grabbing fistfuls of her dark curls, Lyra held Charlotte to her, arching her back and pushing her mouth down to where she needed her most. Charlotte used the tip of her tongue to lap at Lyra’s sodden sex. Long, slow licks that worked their way from her sweet opening to her hard little bud.

Pulling her thighs wider, Lyra offered all of herself to her friends busy little tongue. Pleading incoherently for more, Lyra screamed when she felt Charlotte's dirty little tongue bury itself deep inside her aching tunnel forcing her once again to shatter into a million pieces.

“Charl,” Lyra’s horse voice whispered. “I’m really going to enjoy our holiday,” she giggled softly as she gently slapped her friend on her bare arse.

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