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She Is The One I Want

She is my best friend, and the only woman I want.

I've known my best friend Miri since Kindergarten, AKA a really really long time, more than half my life. We're the kind of friends that can stop talking for months, or even years, and then just click back together and start talking as if nothing much has changed. She's also the only girl I've really thought about making love to.

Miri and I experimented together when we were really young, not sex, just playing around with one another in innocent curiosity. Through this we grew close enough to not have a problem talking about our sexuality with one another.

After a while we decided that we would like to go all the way with one another, no problems if it doesn't work. She's the only one I feel comfortable talking with and damn does she not have a body to lust after. I'm bisexual because of her, no ifs and or buts about that.

She's gorgeous, my Miri. 5'4" tall, lush C cups, tiny waist, curvy hips, straight brown hair to her waist, and milk chocolate eyes. One fine woman.

It was one day that we decided we'd get together for a weekend sleepover, just the two of us.

I pulled in front of her house and parked, hugging her as she ran out of the house with a cry of joy. I smiled and grabbed my bag from the back seat of my '85 Cougar. We go in the house and I drop my bag in her room, petting her cat Shadow on my way past him.

When we sat down on her bed Miri commented on my sundress and I giggle, "I've had this thing for years now, I just chose to wear it today." Miri leaned forward and says, "I like it, it's cute" before kissing me. I hesitated for half a second before returning the kiss, it was different, to kiss her, my best friend. But then again, I'd been somewhat day dreaming about this for a while now. I reached up with my hand and pulled her into my arms, crushing her breasts into my larger G cups. I pull back for a second to grab a breath and a whispered "Wow." Her mouth was heaven, soft inviting, and damned if I wasn't getting more of that.

She puts her hands around my waist and moans as I return to her mouth, stroking her sides as I run my tongue along her lower lip before nipping it softly. I was a dom it seemed, and she didn't mind at all. I push her gently back onto the bed straddling her lush hips with my own and tugging at the shirt she wore. I wanted those perfect breasts in my hands.

She arches underneath me to help me remove her shirt and I unsnap her bra when my hands are behind, tugging the tight tee off her body. I pull my mouth from hers as the tee goes over her head with the bra tagging along, I lower my mouth to her left breast and she moans deep in her throat the same moment I do.

The soft globe's give delighted me in contrast to her hardened nipple. my left hand came up to fondle her other breast the nipple teasing my palm. Her incoherent murmers spurred me into switching my mouth to her other breast and my hand teased down her small, gently curved stomache to tease along the edge of her skort. Her hips writhe against me and she tugs my chin-length reddish-brown hair and I relent, returning to her mouth to plunder it with my tongue.

She pushes me over and I allow her to reverse our roles, she tugs my dress up and tosses it onto the floor to be forgotten as she returns to my mouth for a long teasing kiss. her hands stroke my curved sides and tease around the edges of my pink silky panties.

"Vixen" I breathe against her lips as she pulls back and steps off the bed to strip off her skort and blue panties. I sit up and remove my simple nude bra and toss its molded fabric onto my dress, releasing my breasts with a soft sigh. I slip off my panties as well and  tug Miri back in front of me to stand between my thighs as I sit on the edge of the bed.

"You're so beautiful" I tell her settling my hands around her waist and laving a pert nipple. "I can't believe I get to taste you, finally," I tease with a quirk of my mouth. She blushes prettily and laughs, "I knew you'd be dominant, didn't I?" I laugh, "Remember, I near always played the man when we were kids."

I stand and turn, pushing her down to sit on the bed so I can worship her body. I tease each of her nipples to hard point before laving my way down her stomache to the soft curls hiding her now damp pussy. Miri leans back on her elbows and I gently run my fingers through the dark hair, feeling her desire. She gasps as I rub her clit with my thumb and rub around her vagina with my finger, "Do you like that?"

"Yes," she moans as I slid a finger into her to the knuckle, I revel in the welcoming dampness. "Damn I can't believe I waited so long to do this" I mutter rubbing deep inside, gently working another finger into her as she bucks a bit. I remove my thumb from her clit and replace it with my hot tongue.

Miri falls onto her back with a choked gasp as her hands twine their way into my hair. I smile against her and marvel at the sweetness of my first taste of pussy. I pull back long enough to gulp a breath and say "You taste so good" before diving back into my meal.

Miri is incoherent as I run my tongue through her folds, teasing her clit with a gentle flick as I work my fingers deep in her, rubbing the top of her vagina until her hips buck. I had found her G-spot, and I exploited that, until her moans reached a crecendo and I pulled my finger from her to stab my tongue deep into her pussy. With that she tumbled over the edge with a soft cry and a sob of my name, her cum flooding my tongue with sweetness.

Panting she falls back as she returns from the edge, arms shaking. I chuckle and get onto the bed beside her to pull her into my arms, "How was that?" I ask before kissing her, letting her taste herself before answering. "Beyond anything, I wish those boys had known how to eat pussy." I chuckle at her reference to the couple boys whom she'd taken to bed.

"My first time and I totally beat them huh?" I ask

"Blew them right outta the fucking water." She replies with a laugh. Then she turned to me with a glint in her eye. "My turn, now you get to know if it's as good"

I smile as she pushes me onto my back and starts with my breasts, gently fondling them as she nips my neck, "Damn" I breathe. Miri straddles my hips and rubs her wet pussy against my hips as she trails her nips down over my collarbone to a breast, laving the nipple.

"You're so beautiful" she whispers huskily before returning to my breast. I arch into her mouth as electricity connects my nipple to my already glistening pussy. Her long-fingered hands trail from my breasts to my ample hips, stroking over my thighs and hips gently, molding the flesh under her palms. I near melted into the bed at the pleasure until she slid her questing mouth lower, plunging briefly into my navel before travelling to meet her hands at my mound.

Miri's hesitant fingers gently stroked and when she brought her damp fingers to her mouth to taste I moaned. "You are totally turning me on" I ground out huskily.

Coherent speech and thought were driven from my abilities as she smiled and dipped her mouth to my labia, delving suddenly for my clit, teasing my vagina with her finger tips. I gasped as she slid a finger into me, matching the moving finger to the sucking on my clit, an ocassional nip punctuating the rhythm, driving me nuts. I buried my hands in the long hair trailing over my thighs, teasing along with her mouth and fingers. I shuddered as she drove me hard towards orgasm.

"I'm cumming" I gasped out and she pulled her fingers from me to replace them with her tongue, tasting my cum as I writhed in blissful climax. I returned to my body and she climbed onto the bed to snuggle against my side. I kiss her, "We so waited too long to do that."

Miri laughs her full beautiful laugh, "Totally"

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