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Women communing together in sensual love. Botticelli Venus Incarnate.
We are two women in Holy Communion with the feminine. We sit quietly on the couch. I am wrapped in a silk bath robe. The sensation of the fabric on my bare body arouses me. As I shift my posture the cloth rubs my nipples driving me to distraction. And you are so close I feel the heat of your body. Your demure eyes reflect the firelight in sparkles of green luster. Your scarlet hair falls like ocean waves. Your dimpled face looks like a school girl. The fresh smell of freesia wafting from your skin is mixed with a muskier scent.

I wrap my arms around your shoulders. You laugh, in your charming way as my hand runs carelessly through your locks. Your uncertain gaze reflects the strangeness you feel, but your lips part, inviting me. My body arcs smoothly around and my long firm legs wrap around your waist. Holding you like a baby, I tenderly massage your aching shoulders. Your hands brush against my breasts like tender green leaves.

The fire behind us blazes steadily. I look into your jade green eyes. I gaze past the windows of your soul into a realm of light and mystery. I see eternity reflected in your pools of green. Your crystalline jewels are beautiful, yet so full of hurt and pain. I want to wipe clean the mirror of your mind, to return you to the translucent purity you once had, now lost to the ravages of time and hurt.

I feel your body quivering like a wild doe in the presences of humans. I want so badly to ease you into calm, to feel like a million stars in your eyes. I feel like a mime in slow motion. The movements flow gracefully, naturally, with only the silence between us now. I utter the sacred words, “I love you.”

Tears form in your eyes. Little pearls of your life water well from your jewels. Unabashedly I kiss them tasting the salty residue of your pain. My face slides down precipitously my lips meeting yours.

The sacrament of our love is to be realized in the blessed conjunction of our bodies. My tongue plunges into your warm mouth and our two tongues swirl and dance together.

My hands hesitantly cup your breasts. Your nipples thicken beneath my fingertips. Your gossamer blouse parts as I pluck each button one by one revealing your creamy braless peaks. At the apex of your mounds, your blood red cherries stiffen exposing your arousal.

You grasp my hair with astonishing force. You press my face against your tender mounds and my lips reflexively respond tugging gently on your crimson buds.

Slipping down to my knees, I kneel in worshipful awe between your spread legs. Your jeans cling to your body, revealing the majesty of your curves. I know that you are mine tonight, that no man will sully our sacred ritual, the convergence of two women. Our conjugal oneness is un-disturbed and pure, as the purist lily in this the nuptial hour of our sisterhood.

I gingerly place my hand upon your sex and lift the flap of your zipper. I tug revealing your black lace. The smirk on your face gives me your consent. Your hips levitate off the couch and I sweep your jeans and panties down and off.

The words melodiously tumble from your lips, “I love you too.”

We begin the first stanza in our poem of love. I rise from the divan and lead you to the tub. Your celestial figure reclines in the tub, your cherubic lips parted in sigh. Candles glow with flames dancing. The candlelight casts your form in ethereal luster. You are my Botticelli Venus emerging from the canvas alive and breathing, the Madonna incarnate.

My female spirit feels your femininity. The aura of your womanliness fills my aching female body with a familiar hunger drawing me like a magnet. My heart seeks the little death when our souls merge. Our marriage is to be consummated in this church of desire.

Your pastel cheeks are angelic, as your emerald eyes gaze up at me. Your ochre curls cascade down your bird delicate shoulders. Your creamy hills are capped with rose buds. Threads of water trace lines across your mounds, glittering gold in the candle light. Your rosy cheeks are aflame with passion. The blush of love is painted across your scarlet body.

My heart thumps a mad beat. Blood pulses through my web of arteries. My fingers tingle with life. My female flower blossoms in the sun of your femininity.

I ponder what words will sink into you, what key will unlock your heart. My golden body is still wrapped in silk as you gaze upon me with tender craving. I let my robe slip into a pile at my feet. A sweet smile illumines your face. I kneel in reverence by your side passing a wet cloth around your heaving breasts.

I gently persuade your body to share my craving. But you are already thirsting for my touch. Your response is heated as you guide my hand to your Delta of Venus. Your sex is so sensitive to my touch you tremble. Ferocious yearning gleams in your eyes. My lips are pursed with purpose. I want to pull you into my orbit and complete the journey we have set out on.

Your legs part in acceptance of the sacredness of the moment. You are pregnant with the Goddess as I open your flower. My agile fingers penetrate your fissure, ringing your stamen.

“My love” I whisper. “Say you are mine.”

Your voice cracks as the words begin to form then dissipate in a chorus of moans. Your cries of passion reverberate through my body. The vibrations echo down my spine.

My thighs are wet with love juice. I dab my fingers into my wetness and my fingers glisten in the candlelight. Your smirk coaxes me onward. You lick my ambrosia from my tingling digits with your eager tongue. You receive the gift of my procreative juice on your wet tongue in our erotic Eucharist. You submit to my tender ministration, intimately feeding on my life force.

As you lie prostrate below me, your lustrous eyes beg for my surrender. The language of desire is communicated in your hand gingerly caressing my nipples.

You arc your fingers down my stomach passing through my forest of dark curls. You trace the petals of my orchid curving under to the cleft of my moons.

You rise from the tub your candlelit body sprinkled in starry droplets like a fairy. You glitter with water pearls scattered on your golden breasts in prismatic sparkle. I sit on the divan, my thighs parted to be consecrated by your tongue. You kneel before me and kiss the ripened fruit of my sex consuming me in flames. Your sweet licks cast a magic spell on me, driving me past the brink of no return.

You rise up, your ruby lips glistening with my nectar. You kiss me with the taste of your knowledge of me. I hold you to my breast stroking your wet hair. My words spill like seeds of ardor gushing from my longing heart. “My love, I am yours.”

Your tears come like a soft spring rain speaking eternal love. My tears answer. “I will cherish you in timeless enchantment, till the hourglass is empty, and the merged rivers of our lives flow out into the sea.”

You lead me to the bed where I lie on my back. I lift and part my legs in a welcoming pose of submission. A mischievous smile illuminates your face, as your eyes wander down to my dripping dark nether region.

You raise your right arm teasing my navel with your finger. Your hand slips downward. You begin playing ring around the rosy circling my clitoris with your fingertips. It tickles at first and I giggle.

Then to my startled delight you pinch my clit between your thumb and forefinger drawing it out into enraptured fullness. Your tongue dances across my bud like a calligraphers pen creating sensuous patterns of pleasure throughout my red rose.

Suddenly, I begin breathing fast, my heart, again, pounds madly. Hot flashes erupt over my skin. The tiny sun at the cusp of my thighs radiates deep bliss permeating every cell in my body. I succumb to you body and soul.

As you offer your thigh, I straddle you, riding you till the friction drives me wild. My yearning grows strong as you stroke my sweat soaked derriere with soft spanks and squeezes. You begin digging your nails into my feverish bottom. The pain, turned to white hot pleasure, inflames my sex. With your strong hands you lock hold of my bottom pulling me down against you as I thrust my hips ferociously.

I feel euphoria deep in my vagina, like a heroin addiction, with you my only fix. Like a master violinist, you conjure up symphonies of delight. It feels like a baptism, as the scars of shame from my puberty are healed. My repressed sexuality comes bursting out of my body in searing flames, burning away the shackles on my sensuality and releasing the Goddess, which has been hidden within me all my life. I feel sweat flowing in streams down my back.

Soon I reach the peak of my passion. My back arches as you bring me beyond the point of no return. With your firm whack to my bottom, I feel the sugary ecstasy of my climax; as a husky moan escapes from my parted lips. Vibrations of pleasure course through my humming body. I then feel calm, leaving my body and spirit a simmering soup of pleasure.

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