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Teacher's Pet (Chapter 3)

Tags: f/f, bdsm, romance
Chapter 3 of a dominant professor and her student having a lesbian affair

 I invited my friend Michelle over before my next class with Miss Morgan. I wanted her to braid my hair to make me look cute for my professor. We shot the breeze while she worked my hair into a long braid. She was being quieter than usually, which made me a little uneasy. I still had not told her about my new relationship with my professor, but I wasn't so naive to think people don't gossip. 

“Is something wrong?” I asked her as her hand pulled my hair into ropes.

“Nothing. I just heard something,” she said meekly.

“Heard what?” I asked frightfully. I turned a little pale because I just knew she found out somehow. Michelle is never this timid.

“Did you kiss your teacher that night we went out for sushi?” She blurted out.

“Oh my God,” I cried, I felt embarrassed. I hated to keep secrets from my best friend as well. My heart started to pound against my chest.

“You were! Oh my God, I don't believe it,” she said as she stopped braiding my hair.

“I was going to tell you, I just didn't want people to find out,” I replied. She started to braid my hair again like the good friend that she is.

“You know you can trust me Kim, I just had no idea that you were... like that!”

“I'm not a lesbian. It was just so random, that night. I didn't know she was going to kiss me,” I whined. I nervously twitched my fingers, wondering how she found out.

“What did you do when she kissed you?” Michelle asked. I groaned.

“I slept with her, you don't even know. The sex was sooo good,” I said, defending myself some.

“You had sex with her?” She gasped.

“She came onto me, she was incredible. I've never had orgasms like that before,” I told her as she finished my braid.

“I can't believe you're a lesbian, you always dated guys,” she said.

“You can't tell ANYONE, please,” I begged her.

“I won't, you just promise to tell me next time you do something like this,” she answered. I told her I needed to take a shower so she would get out of my apartment. It felt good to tell someone about my relationship with my professor, but I still feared the backlash of people's gossip.

I dressed up cute for Miss Morgan's class. I wore khaki shorts and a lavender tank top. I painted my nails to my top. Looking good for her empowered me, I felt a burning desire for her to accept me as her pet. I had a black wire necklace that fit tight around my neck. I hadn't worn it since high school , but I put it on to remind my lover of the collar she put on me. Instead of impressing her by studying and being a good student, I wanted to make her wet while she lectured the class.

In the classroom, I watched her reaction when she noticed me. She glowed and gave me a sly little smile. This gave me trembles deep inside me. I stared at her dreamily as she began to pass back some homework. She was wearing a conservative pantsuit that day. Her body exuded femininity and confidence. Her heels lifted her strong legs, giving her a look of authority. I gazed up her legs, thinking about the warm tunnel concealed underneath her outfit. I wondered if my cute look was making her wet at all.

I know I was shuddering deep within myself. She came to me last, and as she walked away I felt her hand touch the top of my head. I felt the electricity from her hand run through my body. I flipped to the last page of my homework assignment, expecting to find another heart drawn by my professor. Instead of a heart, I found a little pair of handcuffs that she drew. I squealed quietly, thinking about our last night together. I never had a boyfriend who did anything special for me like write love letter. So getting little signs of love from Miss Morgan made me feel very special. She stood in her heels in front of the class and began to lecture. I listened to her sweet, yet commanding voice as my mind wandered.

I wanted to know who saw Miss Morgan and I kissing in the park that night. Someone had to have been pretty nosy to see us. It was dark and we only kissed a couple of times before we left. I was nervous about the gossip. I started to get a little pale as I worried. I didn't think Miss Morgan would get fired for having a relationship with me, but I knew it would not make her look very professional. Second, I was terrified that people would think I was a slut. Having such a forbidden relationship was very attractive though. It was like a Romeo and Juliet story, where our love and passion were strengthened by the taboo nature of our relationship.

I waited anxiously for everyone to leave after the class ended. She beamed a smile at me as I approached her. She took my hand and squeezed it with her delicate fingers. I shuddered all over, feeling her firm grasp.

“Nice necklace,” she said, looking at the tight black wire around my neck.

“Thank you, you look great” I replied, feeling her release her grip on my hand.

“I have to grade some tests up in my office, do you have time to come up with me?” She asked.

“Yeah, I'd love to,” I answered.

She took me up to her office where we locked ourselves inside together. I was dying to kiss her. She embraced me, pulling her arms around my waist. I put my arms around her neck and felt our breasts push together. Our tongues fought each other quickly in our mouths as we hugged tighter. I felt the soft flesh of her breasts flatten against mine. Her mouth had a sweet minty taste as if she sucked on peppermint candy. I kissed her mouth lovingly, wanting to taste her saliva.

After we broke our kiss regretfully, Miss Morgan sat in her chair, brushing her short lustrous black hair back. I was about to sit in the other chair when I saw her pat her lap and grin at me.

“Come sit, you can help me grade these quizzes,” she said with a smile.

“Sure,” I replied, laughing some as I carefully sat down on her lap. She scooted the chair up and divided the stack of tests into two piles, one for me and one for her. She placed the answer key in the middle, and since they were multiple choice questions they would be pretty easy to grade. She felt so warm as she put her arms around me to start grading. I got comfortable in her lap, sitting between her arms, as I started to grade the tests. She flicked her pen quickly over the sheets, but I went slowly because I did not want to leave the comfort of her lap. We made a great team. When she finished up with her stack of tests she put her pen down and started to rub my back. I sighed, slowly grading my stack. I felt her fingers tracing up and down my back sensuously. Then she held my braid and tugged it a little.

“Nice braid,” she remarked.

“You like it?” I smiled and laughed, feeling it swing it against my head.

“It's sexy,” she said, making me tremble from her approval.

I squirmed in her warm lap, feeling her exercise that power of domination over me. I finished grading the last quiz as she rubbed my sides.

“Go get my handbag, sweetie,” she commanded. I reluctantly left her comfy lap and retrieved her handbag. She rummaged through it and pulled out a red rubber ball with straps around it. My eyes grew wide, seeing the ball gag, yet another object of submission. I trembled and opened my mouth obediently, feeling her pull the straps over my head. She gently pushed the ball into my mouth, gagging me. I mumbled excitedly while she adjusted it comfortably.

“Mmmf,” I whined, a lust-filled submissiveness overtook me.

“I can't have you being too loud in here pet,” she grinned. I nodded, feeling hot about making love in her office. I knew there people would be walking past the door, unaware of what we were doing. She put her hands under my arms and lifted me onto her desk. I was surprised her thin arms possessed so much strength. She took the bottom of my t-shirt and lifted it over my tummy. I lifted my arm obediently, letting her strip my shirt off. I shuddered as she undid my bra and threw them both underneath her desk. My nipples were sensitive to the cool air in her office. Her hands cupped my tender breasts, lifting and separating them. I moaned as she spread her fingers apart and pressed them into my flesh.

“Ummf,” I groaned, well muffled by the gag. She held my breasts and leaned to my face to kiss my hot cheeks. Her soft lips left traces of moisture and she planted numerous loving kisses on my face. I put my hands on her sides, feeling her warm breath on my nipples. She clamped her fingers around the buds and blew on my breasts, causing me grow wet between my legs. I closed my eyes as she tweaked my nipples and began to kiss my bare breasts. My insides were getting heavily soaked.

“Umm,” I sighed. Without the gag I would have been too loud to experience this pleasure in her office. But the little ball in my mouth allowed us to have some fun. I thought about the people walking past the door as the gripped my waist and began kissing my neck. I tilted my head back, feeling those sweet kissed leave wet spots on my skin. Her kisses trailed down to my breasts again. I tucked my hands in her shiny black hair as her tongue began to flick over my hard nipples. I ran my fingers through her hair as her sucking produced several noticeable shudders from within me.

“Try and be quiet for me, okay?” She begged. I nodded, seeing a little fear and hesitation in her deep brown eyes. I was too greedy to let her stop though. I needed her attention. I lifted my legs slightly as she unbuttoned my shorts. I felt her fingers working my buttons, wanting to reveal that crucial wet spot concealed underneath. She grabbed onto my shorts and underwear and tugged them to my knees. I lifted my legs more and gave her the leverage to slide my clothes off of my ankles. She tossed them under her desk as I say there naked and quivering. Soon my wetness would appear on her desk.

“Erm,” I moaned as her soft hands parted my thighs. I felt her stroke the sensitive area of my inner thighs. I pushed my legs apart wider, resting my hands on her shoulders. I squealed underneath the gag, her teasing touches were driving me wild. She ran her hands up and down my legs, making my pussy tremble as she got closer.

“You are so gorgeous,” she whispered lovingly. I smiled behind the gag as she spread my labia with her thumbs. My wetness made me slippery, but she managed to tease her thumbs around my precious sex. I sighed deeply, feeling those digits penetrate my tight ring at the same time, pulling on the hole that guarded my sanctuary. I stared at the picture hanging behind my lover. It was one of a nude woman with long golden hair. She slightly resembled myself. I looked at the symmetrical dip in her back, trailing toward a lifted butt. The unknown subject of the picture crossed her arms over her large breasts, her head tilted to the side to reveal a slight smile. I thought I should take a picture like that for Miss Morgan to hang in her office. As I daydreamed I felt Miss Morgan's thumbs separating my walls deeply. She leaned her face closer and blew gently on my pussy.

“Mmmgg,” I moaned as her hot breath cascaded around my sensitive sex. I was on cloud nine. Her index finger penetrated me, wriggling into my warm tunnel. I clamped her head between my thighs as she started to lap her tongue over my clit. It darted so quickly against my button, making me shudder. I squeezed her head tightly as my juices gushed.

“Errmmff!” I groaned as her tongue wiggled like a worm into my hole. She grabbed my waist and worked her fat tongue in and out of me. I shuddered, feeling an intense wave of pleasure, intensified by the gag in my mouth. All of my sounds were muffled. Her fingers pressed around the flesh of my waist as she sucked my clit into her hungry mouth. I was so close to bursting when a knock interrupted us. My heart pounded, feeling very scared all of a sudden. I looked at Miss Morgan who lifted me off of her desk and pushed my head down underneath it until I was hidden from view.

“Just a minute,” Miss Morgan said. I trembled, wondering why she was answering the door. I wished she would have just been quiet. My body ached on the brink of satisfaction. Miss Morgan opened the door as I curled up trying to be quiet. I prayed she had wiped her desk and her lips clean.

“Sit down,” she told the student. I thought for sure we were caught. Her office must have reeked of sex.

“I just wanted to pick up my essay,” the girl said meekly. I could sense in her voice that she sensed something unusual.

“Yes, sorry it took me so long, I've been very busy this week,” Miss Morgan replied. I knew she was busy because of me. I smiled, watching her sit down in the chair and searched for the essay. I felt her heels poking me as she pulled the essay out of her handbag. She gave me a squeeze with her legs, as if to make me squeal.

“Let me know if you have any questions,” she said, squeezing me again with those athletic legs. I looked up her skirt, grinning at how funny it was to be hiding under her desk. The girl left in a hurry, probably freak out by Miss Morgan's behavior. I sighed when my lover locked the door again. 

“You can come out now,” she teased. I crawled out and let Miss Morgan remove the gag from my mouth.

“My God, I didn't think you were going to open the door!” I yelled.

“Did that scare you?” She grinned. She began to rub my arms gently.

“You wanted to scare me, huh?” I whimpered, pushing my face between her warm breasts. She cupped her hands around my head and held me close to her beating heart. I locked my arms around her waist, my needs still unsatisfied.

“I have to get ready for my next class,” she sighed reluctantly.

“I know,” I whined, giving her a good squeeze before I retrieved my clothes from underneath her desk.

“Tonight?” She asked hopefully.

“Of course,” I answered as I put my clothes on. We laughed at ourselves and shared a passionate kiss.

“Call me, okay?” I sighed. I left her office, I'd have to wait to have my aching needs satisfied.

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