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The Beginning

Malory opens her eyes and lazily stretches her long lanky frame. She looks over at the still sleeping Jen and smiles. Her lover looks so peaceful when she is asleep. All the lines of worry and stress removed from her face as she sleeps looking sweet and innocent not a care in the world.

Malory caresses her face pushing a strain of brown hair away from Jen’s face then running her thumb across her partner’s lips her smile increasing at the thought of how good her lips felt against her last night and every night for that matter.

Malory lies back in bed for a minute looking over at the clock neither woman has to be up for work for another hour yet and a wickedly yummy thought crosses Malory’s mind. She roll over onto her side and slows takes Jen’s hands in her and moves them above her head. Jen doesn’t stir she is in such a deep sleep. Malory has often thought Jen would sleep straight through the alarm if not for her.

Slowly Malory places Jen’s hands in the silken cuffs that are almost always attached to their headboard the only time they along with a few other toys disappear is if certain company comes to visit. While both women are pretty open about their kinks neither feels their mothers’ needs to see it on display so clearly.

She looks down at her sleeping lover and kisses her softly on her lips her tongue darting in just a touch before pulling away and softly kissing her cheek and then neck. She hears a soft moan escape from Jen’s mouth as she is kissing her neck. Malory pulls the blanket and sheet down a little further off Jen’s beautiful naked body. Both women sleep nude something Jen wasn’t accustom to doing but it didn’t take Malory long to convince her partner that sleeping in the nude was the only way to sleep.

As Malory pulls the sheet and blanket away Jen’s small perky breasts are exposed her large nipples react to the slight breeze blowing from the ceiling fan and harden slightly. Malory can’t resist the sight and leans down and lets her tongue run round and round her nipple before her mouth closes and she sucks gently her tongue flicking the nipple again and again. Malory can feel Jen’s nipple harden under her touch and another small moan escaping Jen’s mouth as she moves slightly.

Malory stops not wanting to wake her lover just yet. She is relishing being able to explore Jen’s body while she is unaware. Her hands run down Jen’s sides removing the blanket and sheet a little more, enjoying the slow reveal of her lover’s body to her. She has never gotten tired of looking at Jen’s body. She trials kisses down her stomach as her hands run down Jen’s legs.

Malory runs her hands up her lover’s legs and thighs and Jen still sleeping moves, spreading her legs a little wider for Malory. Using her hands she slowly spreads Jen’s legs wider so she can nestle down in between them. She kisses her thighs, light butterfly kisses Jen has always called them. Then lightly kisses her mound her tongue darting out again and again tasting her. Her tongue runs down Jen’s lips then slipping inside her. When he tongue grazes Jen’s clit she feels Jen stirring against her and another moan slipping from her lovers lips.

Malory starts licking her harder not so lightly now she wants her lover to wake up. Jen’s body is responding, her hips start moving up towards Malory’s face as Malory slips two fingers inside her lover and starts slowly fucking her. She wants to hear Jen cum for her. She sucks at her clit for a moment and the bites down gently. She hears Jen grunt and mumbles,

“Mmm… Oww.” Then she hears Jen say,

“What” as she tries to move her hands and yanks on the restraints.

“Baby what are you….” Jen starts to say right as Malory finds her sweet spot, her fingers stroking her hard.

“Mmm… yes…fuck me.” Jen’s questioning turning to whimpers as her hips arch against Malory’s face harder now.

Malory smiles at Jen words of encouragement and starts licking her clit faster. Malory’s fingers sliding in and out of her lover over and over again.

Wanting to touch her lover but unable to Jen yanks on the restraints moaning louder and louder. The feel of Malory’s fingers and tongue does their magic as the restraints increase the tension building in her body. She knows she is nearing her orgasm and lets her lover know,

“God baby…yes…yes.” She pants as her body starts to tense her stomach quivering.

Malory has her mouth on Jen’s clit sucking as her tongue flicks back and forth on her clit. Her fingers work harder faster now so wet and slick with her lovers juices, she can feel the contractions of Jen’s pussy tightening on her fingers she thinks to herself ‘cum for me baby’ as she doubles her efforts to give her partner pleasure.

Juices drip between Malory’s own legs as she continues her assault on Jen’s pussy her own clit is now large and engorged. Every moan and whimper that escapes her lover increases her own desire and need.

“I’m gonna cum… yes… yes…” Jen cries out as her heels dig into the bed her hips arch hard into Malory’s face.

Malory moans into her lover’s pussy licking and sucking up her wonderful nectar.

When Jen comes back down from her orgasmic high she says,

“Mmm damn love what got into you?”

Malory kisses her way up her body saying,

“You looked so beautiful sleeping I had to have you what can I say.”

“Untie me love?”

“Sure.” She leans up and unties her. Her large breasts are right in Jen’s face just begging for attention, her nipples hard.

Jen unable to resist, leans up and takes Malory’s nipple into her mouth sucking at it. Once her hands are released she wraps her arms around her partner and sucks harder on her nipple pulling her closer.

Malory who has straddled Jens thigh moans when she feels her lover suckling her. She starts to grind her wet pussy against Jen as Jen flicks her nipple and sucks harder.

When Jen hears Malory start to pant and moan she bites down on her nipple for a moment and then continues to suckle her. She knows her lover can come from this alone and increases the attention she is giving her nipple her hands run down her back towards her hips.

Malory lost in sensation continues to grind against Jen as she starts to pant. The feel of her partner’s mouth sucking her nipple bringing her to the edge of orgasm is intoxicating. She grinds her pussy faster and faster on her lover as she feels Jen’s hands at her hips helping her grind.

“Yes…yes…yes.” Malory pants right before her body explodes her pussy juices covering Jen’s leg in wetness as she quivers cuming hard against her and then collapsing on top of Jen.

Malory nestles into Jen’s neck kissing her then whispering in her ear,

“I love you babe.”

“I love you too.” Jen replies.

They lay in bed cuddling a bit Jen starting to doze off when Malory asks,

“Remember when we were talking about role playing?”

“Yeah we talked about a much of different ones. Daddy’s little girl, the naughty school girl and the headmistress, the cop, the rapist, the cheerleader, and on and on.”

“Well let’s start acting them out this weekend.”

The alarm goes off and Jen turns it off saying,

“Let’s call out sick and start now.”

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