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The Heatwave - Back to nature

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A summer walk begins an erotic adventure
Back to nature

It was a baking hot afternoon in early August. For the past week the south of England had been enjoying a ridge of high pressure which showed no sign of moving and temperatures had soared way above the seasonal average, causing the grass to wilt and yellow, and stimulating the local insects into furious buzzing action. Around the ancient earthworks of the Iron Age hill-fort the air shimmered with the heat, the sun so fierce that this normally crowded beauty spot was almost deserted, even on a Sunday afternoon, when it was normally awash with dog-walkers and sightseers. Only a few hardy souls, for the most part dedicated mountain bikers, braved the unaccustomed heat.

At the bottom of the path leading uphill, a few hundred yards from the car park, one unfortunate individual was sweating in his helmet and gloves as he furiously sought to repair the puncture in his front tyre that had caused him to fall behind his companions only minutes after they set off. Cursing, he paused in his labours to suck a skinned knuckle and as he did so his attention was caught by the sound of female voices, and looking up he saw two well dressed girls walking slowly up the path. From his position just off the established footpath, partially hidden by a rise in the ground, he studied the two as they drew level with him, too engrossed in their own conversation to be aware of his presence.

Suzi Breakspeare and Helen Chapman, he thought. Odd, I didn’t think they were friends. Not surprising I suppose, similar types. A couple of years below me at school, but still completely out of my league – out of most peoples for that matter. Untouchable unless you’ve got a sports car, and a significant income. Bloody pretty girls though. Suzi….petite, blonde, great tits and arse – wonder if she knows that summer dress is virtually see-through when the sun’s behind her? And Helen…taller, dark haired, athletic, less curvaceous, but with that deeply sensuous way of moving, and those devastating green eyes…. He swore quietly to himself, as the girls moved away up the path. No point thinking about the unobtainable, he consoled himself. “Too high maintenance, anyway” he muttered, and turned his attention once more to the mundane business of his deflated front tyre.

At the foot of the ditch that once marked the edge of the ramparts of the hill fort, the two young women stopped and turned to survey the spectacular view of the Sussex countryside. In the distance the Channel glistened in the sun, and the seaside town where they both lived could be seen nestling in the valley leading down to the coastal plain.

“I love it up here”, Suzi said, as they strolled slowly along the lip of the ancient moat. “It always seems somehow cleaner and purer than down in the town. And I keep thinking about the people who used to live here – you know, when it was a settlement – what did they believe in, how did they view life?”

“Probably a bloody sight more simply than we do”, said Helen pausing to survey the impressive panorama, “After all, they were a primitive people. It was probably all they could do to keep themselves fed and clothe d.”

“I’m not so sure. This was a big flourishing community, people must have been born here, grown up here…made love here….” Suzi paused grinning at her companion. “You want to talk to me about something, don’t you?”

“You know I do. That was why I called you this afternoon.”

“As soon as you woke up and remembered what had happened?”


“OK”, Suzi indicated a wooden bench a few yards away, under an isolated tree stunted by constant exposure to winter gales. “Shall we discuss this comfortably in the shade?”

Helen shrugged. “Since you’ve dragged me all the way up here, I suppose I might as well enjoy the view,” she said. They walked slowly, in silence and sat together, staring southwards towards the sea. There was a long pause.

“In your own time”, said Suzi, shooting the dark haired girl a mocking grin.

“I really don’t know how you can take this all so coolly.” Helen shook her head. “It obviously doesn’t mean as much to you as it does me.”

“What the hell makes you think that? Do you think I do that kind of thing all the time?”

“I don’t know. I know I don’t. I have no idea what you get up too. Before yesterday evening I barely knew you beyond the fact that you went out with James before I did.”

Suzi made a dismissive gesture, “That’s pretty irrelevant, isn’t it? Ages ago.”

“I suppose so – what I mean is…oh for God’s sake! Doesn’t what happened last night bother you?”

“Why should it?”

“Because we had sex last night, that’s why! And in case it’s escaped your notice we are both quite obviously female.”

Helen turned her head away, and for a fleeting moment Suzi thought she saw a tear in the corner of her companion’s eye. She thought for a moment of reaching out and putting her arm around her shoulders, but instead she said gently: “Was that so bad?”

“No. It wasn’t. That’s the worst thing…it was wonderful….you were……I don’t think I’ve ever…you know……” Her voice trailed off in an embarrassed fashion.

“Come so hard?” inquired her companion, “You shouldn’t be afraid to say it. You weren’t shy about showing your appreciation last night!” the blonde flicked her hair back from her face and gave a wicked grin “But then I do give great head, don’t I?”

“For Christ’s sake Suzi, I’m not a fucking dyke!” Helen almost shouted the words.

She was sobbing now, fumbling in her pocket for a tissue. Suzi cast a quick glance around, afraid that her outburst might have been overheard, but the earthworks were still largely deserted, apart form a few distant hill walkers. She leant close to her friend, raising her left hand to Helen's face and turning it forcibly towards her.

“Listen to me Helen. I’m not a dyke either. I like men, and at the right time there’s nothing I like better than a hard cock. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to forgo all the other opportunities life can offer me. I think women’s bodies are beautiful, I have done at least since I hit puberty and probably before that. I used to fantasise about making love with girls almost as much as I did with boys, and ever since I had my first lesbian experience I’ve always known that was going to be a significant part of my life. I’ve never had any doubts about my sexuality, and as far as I’m concerned it’s perfectly normal to be bisexual. I think we all are, deep down. Have you never looked at a really pretty girl and wondered what it would be like to be in bed with her? Never stood in front of the mirror and admired your own body so much that you ended up touching yourself? ‘Cos I know I have. Our bodies are so beautiful to look at and touch, it wouldn’t be natural if we weren’t fascinated by them.” Suzi paused.

She hadn’t meant to make all of that sound like a lecture – and how much of that was her trying to convince herself that the feelings she had had for so long were perfectly normal?

“When I saw you at the party last night you looked so good I just knew I had to have you…it was making me wet just watching you dance, for God’s sake; the way you move, the light on your skin. I found myself imagining what you would look like when you were making love.”

The dark haired girl drew a sharp inward breath, almost as if she had experienced a sudden pain, and Suzi knew instantly that she had painted a picture Helen found attractive.

“So I watched you and fantasised, wondering what would happen if I made a move. But I really didn’t know how you’d respond when I approached you. I would never have tried to kiss if we hadn’t ended up in the bathroom together”

“I still don’t know why I let you in”

“Because really you wanted it to happen, or at least give it the chance to. You must have seen me watching you, or were you so caned?”

“No, I noticed you. Pete even said ‘Suzi keeps staring at you’. He thought you were jealous of me.”

“Of him, more like.”

“Didn’t you fancy any of the blokes there? What about that bloke you were with?”

Suzi made a dismissive gesture. “What about him? Come on, Helen! You and I can pull in any pub in town on any night we want. The world’s full of blokes trying to get into our knickers. I bet you’ve got more than one on the go at the moment, haven’t you?”

Helen grinned. The tears were gone now. “Might have…”.

“See? And do you still want them? Yes you do! But on your terms, surely, not theirs? So why not have me as well? And don’t tell me that when you opened the bathroom door to me last night you didn’t secretly hope something would happen?”

Helen thought for a moment. “I was drunk, and I felt horny….you kept watching me and I wanted to know why…..when I heard you knock on the door I thought you were going to have a go at me or something. I was more scared than anything!”

“And then?”

“When we started kissing…” her body shook slightly as if in remembrance “I don’t think I ever felt desire like that. I can’t stop thinking about it….every moment since I woke up this morning, despite the stonking hangover. All I could think about was you.”

Suzi giggled, a throaty sensuous noise, “All bad, I hope?”

“I thought you might be disappointed with me.”

“Why would I think that?”

“Well…you did most of the work….”

“Helen, baby you are so coy! You mean I made you come a lot? Yes I did. But it gave me pleasure watching you, tasting you, feeling you, hearing you…..oh fuck I’m getting so horny just thinking about it! I had to take myself in hand when I got home.”

“Oh Suzi, I’m so sorry…..”

“Please don’t be! It was wonderful to give you all that pleasure.”

“I was so drunk…..”

“Not to worry. We can do it again any time you want….if you want to….?”

Helen turned to look her straight in the eye. “I do. That’s the whole point. It’s all I’ve thought about since I woke up this morning. I want to fuck you so badly. I just couldn’t understand the strength of my feelings…I’m wet for you now….”

“Oh God!”. Suzi stood up quickly and grabbed her partner’s hand. “Come on, this way”.

Surprised, Helen had no choice but to follow. Hand in hand they walked quickly towards the centre of the hill fort, where the trees and gorse grew thickest. Scarcely pausing for breath, Suzi ducked down and led Helen through a tunnel of undergrowth barely three feet high. The taller girl struggled to keep her dark hair from snagging on the branches until she suddenly found herself propelled into a clearing with a floor of beaten earth about six feet in diameter. At one end was a gnarled old tree against which Suzi leant in a sensuous manner.

“No one can see you in here,” she said with a grin, “Although if you’re careful you can see out.”

Helen looked around her, “You knew this was here?”

“I come here sometimes….I find being this close to nature quite erotic…it’s nice to find a place you can enjoy yourself”

”What do you mean?” Helen wasn’t quite sure she understood where this conversation was going.

“I mean I’ve come here before. In both senses of the word.” Suzi laughed, “And always on my own, in case you were wondering”.

“You mean you come up here to….masturbate?”

“Bluntly, yes.”

“But why here?”

”For the same reason as you’re here now. Because convention is boring. Of course it’s nice to do it in the bath, or a nice soft bed with your favourite vibrator, but sometimes it’s good to get out, remember that the veneer of civilisation is easily rubbed away….” Suzi let her own hands drift over her substantial breasts. “Are you still wet for me?”

Helen felt an electric bolt run through her belly. “Yes”

“Come here then, lover””

Helen walked forwards to where Suzi stood resting here back against the ancient tree. As they came face to face she reached out her hands and laid them gently on Suzi’s hips, as the smaller girl reached up, took her face between her palms and pulled her lips down to hers. Suzi’s tongue slid into Helen’s mouth, and instantly she was reminded of the glorious pleasure that organ had given her the night before, so much so that she shuddered and moaned slightly at the memory, her hips moving in an almost involuntary circular motion, her nipples hardening and the dampness seeping between her legs.

Suzi’s tongue massaged hers gently, (so unlike most men she’d known who always seemed to be trying to beat her up with it) dancing and twisting, then pulling pack to give little flicks that caused minute spasms between her legs as she remembered her lovers attentions less than twenty-four hours before. In deference to the heat Helen was wearing a backless, halter neck black top, and her current state of excitement clearly showed that she wore no bra beneath the light fabric. The blonde girl reached behind her lover’s neck, and gently unfastened the catch that held it in place, remembering as she did so how she had admired the rippling beauty of the exposed brown back on the climb up the hill.

Leaning back slightly, she allowed the top to drop leaving Helen naked to the waist. She had the physique of someone who took a lot of physical exercise, and Suzi vaguely remembered that at some point at school she had been a County standard gymnast. Her skin was dark, the legacy of a Portuguese mother, and although her breasts were average size her broad muscular torso made them full and firm, each one capped by a small dark and extremely erect nipple. Almost unconsciously, Helen arched her back slightly to push her chest closer to her lover, lifting her head slightly as she did so.

“That’s what I love about you”, Suzi leant forward to whisper huskily in her ear, “You know just how good you look, don’t you? We’re pretty much alike in some ways, you and I.”

She ran the palm of her hand across a nipple, a gentle circular motion. “I bet you’ve been thinking about what all those blokes we know would be doing to themselves if they knew we were doing this, haven’t you?”

Helen swallowed hard and nodded. Suzi lowered her head and took a nipple into her mouth. Helen gave a little moan as the blonde bit it gently.

Without raising her head she said, “I love that power. They can fuck me, but always on my terms. The one thing they can never give me is what I get with another girl. And power makes me sooooooo horny!”

She straightened up and took a step backwards, reaching up behind her back. She found the zip at the neck of the simple white dress she wore, and pulled it down. Then in one easy movement she shrugged her shoulders, and the dress fell around her ankles. Again she reached behind and unfastened her white bra, sliding the straps quickly off her arms as she freed her breasts.

Then, hooking her thumbs in the elastic of her thong, she tugged it downward and stepped out of it. Hanging all her clothing casually on a convenient bush, Suzi turned to face her new lover, naked except for a pair of summer sandals. In single casual move, she leant herself against the stunted tree, draping her arms along two convenient branches.

“Now’s your chance to atone for last night!” she smiled.

Helen stood staring at her for a long time, feeling the hot sun on her naked breasts, unconsciously caressing them gently as she drank in the sight before her.

Suzi Breakspeare had a body built for sex. Shorter in height and paler skinned than her partner, she had just enough muscle tone to accentuate every curve of her glorious body. Although she knew very little about her really, Helen was sufficiently aware of Suzi’s personality to know that she was far too lazy to ever take any serious exercise, and that consequently her wonderful shape of her body must be entirely due to extremely fortunate genes.

Her tiny waist even further flattered the swell of her sizeable breasts, with the pink nipples that jutted provocatively forward; her stomach was flat, her hips just slightly curved, and her long legs firm and shapely. She had her head tilted back slightly resting on the trunk of the tree as she returned Helen’s gaze steadily.

“Like what you see?” she murmured, provocatively lifting her right leg to allow her foot to rest on a convenient protruding root.

As she rested there with her legs slightly apart, Helen noticed for the first time that Suzi had completely shaved her pubic region, and she wondered why this had not occurred to her the night before.

“You look like you’re all prepared for some ritual sacrifice”. Helen moved forward, still faintly unsure of what to do, suddenly finding herself feeling awkward.

Suzi gave another throaty giggle: “Shouldn’t I be a virgin, then? I think it’s probably a bit late for that.”

“I don’t know….surely a true sacrifice can only be of something you really value?” They were really close now, breasts almost touching. “Like a woman who’s a dynamite fuck?”

“Well, you can judge me on that one, baby”. Suzi closed her eyes. “I offer myself up as a sacrifice to the High Priestess. Show me heaven……”

Helen leant forward and took one of Suzi’s nipples into her mouth, cupping the breast in her hand as she did so. Her other hand slid around her lover’s waist, running slowly across her stomach, pausing briefly to circle the silver belly bar that adorned her abdomen , then up to her breast and down again in a long, slow, deliberate gestures that gently tickled and teased. She sucked hard on the nipple, then taking it between her teeth and tugging gently, for which she was rewarded with a sharp grunt of pleasure.

Gently, she tongued the aureola, while pinching the opposite between her thumb and forefinger, already beginning to lose herself in the splendour of the body on offer before her, when from nowhere came the incongruous sound of a mobile ring tone. Suzi’s eyes snapped open as Helen straightened suddenly and fumbled to retrieve her phone from her back pocket. She looked quickly at the display, and then looked directly at her naked lover, while raising her finger to her lips as pressed the answer button.

“Hi…..yes, I’m awake……no, I’m out……for a walk……why not? It’s a lovely day, in case you haven’t noticed…….no, not on my own, with a friend.”

As she spoke she began to tease Suzi’s nipples again with her spare hand, first one and then the other. The smaller girl grinned, relaxed and closed her eyes as she rested back against the trunk of the tree, her pleasure heightened by the knowledge of what Helen was doing.

“No, I’m not going to be back for a while…….it’s really nice and I’m really enjoying myself……I really should do this more often” Helen fought back the urge to giggle, “I’ll maybe see you tonight, but I think I might be a bit tired…..yes ok, call me if you must…… What?….. Oh, Suzi, if that’s quite all right with you? Bye.”

Helen giggled out loud as she turned the phone off and stuffed it back in her pocket.

“He’ll never know, will he?”

“Unless you tell him.”

“No way! Pete can be a real jealous bastard sometimes. He’d probably flip”

“Don’t think about him, babes. Think about your poor sacrifice who is so begging for your tongue.”

Helen smiled at her, and kissed her deeply and passionately. Pulling her mouth away she ran her tongue down her lovers chin, nibbling her neck, and then across her throat and over her breasts, pausing briefly to nibble on each nipple. Then down, leaving a wet trail across the flat stomach, circling the belly bar, and onward to the mound between her legs, dropping to her knees as she did so. She was so close she could smell Suzi’s excitement, see the beads of moisture on the lips of her pussy, and inhale the musky scent that caused a similar reaction between her own legs.

Reaching around to grasp the perfect buttocks as they lifted from the tree trunk, Helen ran her tongue for the first time across another woman’s pussy. She was struck immediately by how different it was from giving a man a blow-job. There was no hard, semi threatening organ that need taming here, no need to worry about being choked; just a row of gentle folds that responded oh so sweetly to the gentle caresses of her tongue, each gentle lapping action generating a reciprocal grunt or moan of approval from somewhere above her head.

Trying to remember what she liked, and what she had enjoyed the night before, she circled the clitoris slowly with her tongue, every four or five rotations placing it underneath and giving a sharp flick upwards. At the first of these flicks, she felt Suzi’s hips buck beneath her, pushing her pussy into Helen’s mouth, and the blonde girl’s hands came down and gabbed her hair, as if to ensure she would not stop until she had delivered satisfaction.

Suzi herself was in a delightful sexual quandary. She had been so excited even before Helen had begun to pay her pussy serious attention that she was finding it extremely difficult to hold back form the brink of orgasm already. On the other hand, this was the moment she had fantasised over since she first set eyes on Helen early the previous evening, and she was determined to make it last as long as possible, even though every time she looked down at the beautiful face she was riding, with its high Slavic cheekbones and bottle green eyes, the surge of excitement nearly threw her over the brink.

Indeed, she could hardly believe her luck, not only was Helen gorgeous, funny and the owner of a fantastic body, but despite her inexperience she was already proving to be a natural at the subtle art of performing oral sex on another woman. For nearly five minutes Suzi struggled to control the waves of pleasure that surged through her belly as her breathing became faster and louder and little grunts began escaping rhythmically from her mouth. Her pelvis began to move in a gentle rotating motion as she and her lover discovered the perfect tempo of their desire and her hands, buried in Helen’s luxuriant black hair, clenched and unclenched in time with the little spasms of delight that left her oblivious to anything else.

Eventually she could no longer fight the inevitable; Suzi began to moan loudly, her hips bucking, and her legs shaking as if they threatened to collapse under her. Helen, sensing the end was near, took the whole of the clitoris in her mouth and sucked hard, at the same time running her tongue furiously over the tip. With stifled scream that was far louder than she intended, Suzi experienced an intense sweeping orgasm that left her, still holding Helen’s face to her pussy, taking great sobbing breaths and shaking with repeated aftershocks.

Helen was at once shocked and delighted with her achievement. She had never in her life been so close to another woman at such an intimate moment, let alone been the instrument of such intense pleasure. None of her experiences with men (which were many, because she was a girl of healthy appetites) could have prepared her for the awesome power of Suzi’s orgasm, or the sheer beauty of the view she had experienced looking up her lover’s wonderful body, past that magnificent heaving chest, to the angelic face contorted on the throes of sexual ecstasy. The blonde girl sank slowly to her knees as the last ripples of her climax faded and kissed deeply the face that was still smeared with the liquid evidence of her pleasure.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Helen. That was just so…….fucking wonderful!” Suzi kissed her again between sentences. “Just so good… good….it wasn’t enough! I need it again, baby.”

She took Helen’s hand and guided it firmly to the damp slit between her legs.

“I want you again, finger fuck me…please?”

Helen was slightly taken aback by this. Her previous experience of a partners orgasm usually involved them collapsing panting on top of her and then rolling off and falling asleep, whereas Suzi clearly wanted more and wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Come on, baby. You still owe me! Please…..I need it again….fingers, baby, fingers!”

Suzi turned over onto her hands and knees, lowering her head until it rested on one arm, while the other hand guided Helen’s own between her legs. Moving back slightly Helen squatted down and gently caressed the firm buttocks that now protruded invitingly upwards, each now bearing a red imprint where her own hands had gripped them in the throes of passion.

From this position she could see Suzi’s sex exposed in all it’s glory beneath her puckered anus, the lips swollen with desire. Suzi’s own hand was already tucked between her spread legs slowly circling her engorged clitoris. Kneeling down, Helen leant forward and allowed her naked breasts to press into her lover’s pussy, alternating every few seconds, until her nipples were coated with Suzi’s love juices.

“Please baby, fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Helen was amazed at the strength of her partner’s lust. It seemed nothing else would satisfy her except penetration, and remembering those occasions in the past when she had herself been desperate for a good fucking, she felt obliged to stop teasing and deliver the goods. With infinite care she slid her index finger into Suzi’s hot, soaking pussy.

“Oh God, yes…more!” Suzi’s response was immediate, her belly heaved and she let out a deep growl of desire. Helen found two fingers slid in and out with the greatest of ease, and began to pump in and out slowly, making sure her knuckles bumped on the exposed clitoris with each inward thrust. Suzi immediately began to moan in time to the thrusts; any attempt she had made previously at keeping her voice down was now abandoned, and Helen prayed briefly that the area was still relatively deserted.

Pausing her thrusting with her fingers as deep inside Suzi as she could, Helen curved them down towards the pubic bone, trying to find the G-spot, and her efforts were rewarded as her fingers found a slightly rough patch of skin on the upper wall of Suzi’s pussy and she knew immediately she was on target.

“Oooooooh…. fuck…..oh God….yes there….there…..don’t stop…..please don’t stop……fuck me…..there…..hard….fuck baby, I’m gonna come…..I’m gonna come…..oh God….aaaaaaaggghhhh!”

Suzi screamed. Her body went completely rigid, as every muscle seemed to contract at once; her legs and torso shook as an orgasm that seemed to emanate from the very soul of her being tore through her naked flesh. She arched her back, pressing her breasts into the earth floor as her pelvis pushed back, as if trying to impale her even deeper on the fingers of love that probed deep inside her. Frantically she reached between her legs to pull Helen’s hand away from her sex.

“Oh God, stop….I can’t take any more!”

Helen withdrew her fingers and leant forward to cradle her lover in her arms as the final few spasms of delight ran through her. Suzi grabbed the hand that had given her so much pleasure, and greedily licked her juices from it, before kissing her lover passionately. Helen tasted Suzi’s sex in her mouth, and felt a wave of desire rise within her.

Suzi sat leaning back against the bole of the tree, still breathing heavily.

“Oh wow!” she said, grinning. “That was just…..”. Words failed her. “….Mmmmmmmm, so fucking good! You are the best, Helen”

“I’m deeply flattered to get such a high commendation from someone who is such acknowledged expert”

“I mean it. That was extra special. Are you sure you’ve not done that before?”

“Never. Until last night when you stole my virginity.” Helen nuzzled her face into Suzi’s neck.

It was glorious lying there in the warm sun, admiring her lover’s nakedness, and remembering the passionate power that petite frame possessed. But deep inside her a primitive force was stirring, her own pussy begged attention, the desire growing stronger by the second.

Suzi raised herself onto an elbow and brushed earth from her breasts.

“Those”, she said, indicating the pale blue cotton three-quarter length trousers Helen was wearing, “are going to have to come off.”

“Oh no!” Helen looked scared. “I’m not getting completely naked up here. I don’t share your pagan tendencies. What if someone came in and caught us? How embarrassing would that be?”

“If they were blokes we could probably charge them to watch.”

“You’ve got a warped mind. Anyway, it’s more likely to be some little old lady walking her poodle. Listen” Helen raised her hand as a man’s voice sounded just a few yards away, calling a dog. “I’m amazed no one heard you when you came.”

“I wasn’t that loud, was I?”

“Are you joking? They could probably hear you in Hampshire. I don’t want to end up as part of some expose on the front page of the local paper.”

“Oh, baby….are you telling me you don’t want me to fuck you?”

“No. of course not – I’m gagging for it! I want it really bad. Can’t we go somewhere?”

“We are somewhere. And you’ve just fucked me so good it’s going to be quite a while before I can face the walk back downhill again.”

Suzi got languidly to her feet, and retrieved her dress from the bush where she’d hung it. She shrugged it on over her shoulders and smoothed it down over her curves with her hand.

“Too hot for underwear anyway,” she grinned, “Would you mind zipping me up?”

Helen got to her feet and eased the zip up the last few inches. She was about to do the same with her own top, when Suzi caught her hands.

“Oh no, you don’t get off that easy.”

The blonde girl’s hands were already exploring her breasts, and again Helen felt an overwhelming tide of desire course through her. She found herself being backed up against the same tree Suzi had favoured as kisses rained on her lips and breasts.

“See?” Suzi whispered in her ear, “If anyone was to come in now, all they’d see is my back.”

“I suppose so….” Helen knew that the need she felt deep inside was not going to go away until she had given herself up to it. And Suzi’s body so close to hers was driving her insane with desire.

“ Oh God Suzi, do me, quickly, please!”

Suzi’s right hand fumbled with the button on the waistband of Helen’s trousers, while her left guided the dark-haired girls nipple into her mouth. She felt her lover suck her stomach in to make access easier for her, and then the button fell open, and she dragged the zip downwards before sliding her hand inside the trousers and easing them down over Helen’s hips, tugging the green thong she wore down at the same time, to expose a neatly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair.

Using both hands for a moment she pulled the trousers half way down Helen’s taut brown thighs and slid her hand between them, savouring the puffy wetness that greeted her exploring fingers. Suzi had already decided it was impractical to attempt to use her tongue this time to bring her lover to orgasm, and besides something told her there were going to be a great many opportunities for that in the future.

For now she contented herself with being able to watch the taller girls face as her fingers slid and twisted in and out of Helen’s pussy, occasionally flicking the end of a long fingernail lightly over the tip of her prominent clitoris, causing little squeals of pleasure to escape from her mouth, amongst the husky moans that matched the rhythm of the fingers that fucked her with consummate skill. As her lover worked at her body, Helen lay back against the tree trunk and gave herself up to the pleasure rippling through her from between her legs.

Suzi’s skilful mouth had brought both her nipples to almost painful erection, and the equally practiced way her sex was being stimulated automatically made her try to spread her legs wider, the restraining fabric of her trousers biting into her thighs as she bent her knees to allow better access. She wished now she’d not been so prudish about undressing, but it was too late for that now, too late for anything except the inevitable consequences of Suzi’s wonderful intimate massage.

Quite suddenly, with hardly any build up at all, Helen came. The suddenness and intensity of her climax took them both by surprise. Helen stiffened and let out a shriek as she lost control and Suzi, appalled by the noise she had suddenly started making, took the only course of action open to her and clamped her open mouth over that of her lover, to muffle her cries. Helen screamed and screamed again into Suzi’s mouth, her body writhing with pleasure as a second orgasm followed almost before the first had subsided.

The smaller girl was not strong enough to hold her down and had to hold on desperately to the thrashing and twisting body, as all the while her right hand continued to pump in and out of her lovers wet pussy causing shock wave after shock wave of pleasure to explode through her body. Eventually, Helen just became too sensitive, the pleasure verged on pain, and she clamped her strong thighs together, trapping Suzi’s hand and preventing her from delivering any more stimulation to her most sensitive region.

“Oh shit…stop….I need a rest!” Helen’s breathing was still hard and fast from her exertion. “Too much, darling, too good….”

She stopped abruptly as a woman’s voice, clearly only feet from where they stood said:

“I’m sure it came from around here somewhere.”

Another woman’s voice answered: “Sounded to me like a woman screaming”

“Too noisy, you mean!” Suzi hissed in Helen’s ear. “Stay still.”

“It was probably a fox or something.” A man’s voice now, sounding disinterested, Helen thought with some relief.

“A fox? Not very likely in broad daylight, is it?” The woman sounded skeptical, but also as though she was moving away.

“I suppose not. A rabbit then? Don’t they scream when they’re caught?”

“Yes, I suppose so,” The woman still sounded dubious, but she was definitely moving away. “It’s just I’d never forgive myself if I found out later something had happened to some poor girl, and I’d ignored it.”

Suzi stifled a snort of mirth. “She has no idea how much happened, has she?” The girls were both infected with a fit of the giggles.

“Not such a poor girl, I’d say though, wouldn’t you?” remarked Helen, kissing her lover softly on the lips.

“Oh no,” said Suzi softly responding in kind, “definitely a very lucky girl, even if she was a bit noisy!”

“Two very lucky girls,” said Helen with a grin, struggling to pull her trousers up. “Was I really that loud?“

“You scared the crap out of me!” Suzi laughed. “When you come you really go for it, don’t you?”

“And you don’t?”

“Mmmmmm,” Suzi caught her lover around the waist. “I think we were made for each other in some ways, don’t you?”

Helen smiled back. “We have a few things in common”, she agreed.

“So I take it you’ll be coming back to my place?”

“Now why would I want to do that?”

“Well for one, your clothes and hair are a bit of a mess to put it mildly, and you stink of sex. If you go home looking like that you’re going to have to answer a lot of awkward questions. Whereas if you come back to my place I can offer a discreet shower and valet service which will ensure that no one, be it Pete or your parents, will have a clue what you’ve been up to, or with whom. Of course, while we’re waiting for our hair to dry, we’d be silly not to split a bottle of wine and who knows what might happen after that….?”

“If I didn’t know better, Miss Breakspeare, I’d say you were offering to seduce me……again.”

Suzi cupped her friend’s breast through her top, and nibbled her gently on the neck.

“The truth, Miss Chapman, is that I fancy the pants off you, and the evidence so far would seem to indicate you have no objections to this, whatsoever.”

Helen grinned. “Your place it is then.”

The lone mountain biker braked to a halt near the spot where only minutes before the two girls had emerged from their hiding place. He laid his bike on the parched grass and paused to swig long and hard from his water bottle. The view from up here was really spectacular, he thought. You could see almost the entire county. Idly he wondered what had happened to the two girls he had seen walking up earlier.

From the top of the hill the car park was clearly visible, although it was impossible to determine much beyond basic details about the figures moving around in it. As he watched a white open-top sports car accelerated out of the entrance in a cloud of dust and turned right along the road to the nearby village. Even at that distance he thought he could make out the occupants, one blonde, one dark. With a sigh he got back on his bike and peddled off in pursuit of his companions.

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