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The Holiday - Part One

Two friends discover each other on an Italian holiday
Samantha and I had been friends since college. She had always been my best friend and we had shared so much over the years. Our children were born close to each other, we shared student digs and we both were maids of honour at our own weddings.

As we had got older, we had moved to different parts of the country and didn’t see each so much. To compensate, we started going on holidays together. Once a year, Sam and I would jet off somewhere exotic for long weekends, chill out and enjoy each other’s company.

We did New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Prague and Vienna among other great cities. Italy was next on the list and this trip would change our lives completely. I arrived first at the airport, grabbed a coffee and croissant and waited. She was always late and always had been.

At last, I thought as I saw my dear friend Samantha was coming down the escalator, carrying her oversized suitcase. The years had definitely been kind to her. At thirty-seven, she was tall and remained slim, even after having two children.

She was dressed in a white vest top, flowery skirt and sandals with her brunette hair in a loose plait. When she saw me, she bounded down to meet me. We hugged like old friends. It had been a year since our last meeting, a long weekend in New York where we shopped till we dropped.

This year we had decided to head off to the Amalfi Coast. We had booked into a lovely apartment in Positano for the weekend and were looking forward to a catch up under the sun.

The flight was early but it meant we would be on the beach just after lunch. We treated ourselves to a bottle of champagne on the flight, while we caught up on what we had been up to over the past twelve months.

We checked into our two bedroom apartment which came with the obligatory balcony overlooking the sea. The weather was just fabulous, so we decided to make a dash for the beach.

I was the same age as Sam, but curvier. As I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and studied myself I felt pretty pleased. My largish breasts were firm. I had kept the weight off but still maintained a good set of curves.

There was a loud knock at the door and Sam bounded in wearing the smallest of bikinis, sunglasses and a massive sun hat.

“Oops sorry Heather, I didn’t mean to catch you in the nuddy,” she said, “and how long have you been shaving your privates, you cheeky mare?”

“Oh, I started about six months ago. I thought I’d give it a go and see how it felt. To be honest I love it,” I replied.

With that I grabbed my bikini, put it on, picked up my beach bag and headed off with Sam to get some sun. The beach was pretty empty so we found a good spot to set up camp. Sam was her usual fussy self and took ages to get in the right position.

We sat down facing each other to start with and took our tops off so we could get the sun lotion on us. As I sat there spreading the cream on my body, I couldn’t help notice Sam doing the same. Her eyes were closed as she smoothed the lotion over her breasts, stomach and legs.

To be honest she looked gorgeous and I was beginning to get a strange tingle all over my body as I watched her. We then took it in turns to do each other's backs, laughing about nothing in particular as we did so.

I always like to start with my back, so I lay on my front while Sam decided to lie on her back. I was looking straight down her body and because she had opened her legs a bit, I was faced with her pussy clad in a pale blue bikini.

Sam loved her iPod and had already plugged her earphones in, no doubt listening to her favourite Beyonce tunes. As she lay there, I couldn’t take my eyes of her pussy. I found myself wondering whether she was shaved, whether her clit was big, what were her lips like, did she get wet quickly and how did she come?

I had never thought of Sam in a sexual way but maybe the champagne, the sun and a lack of sex were having an effect. As I lay there on my stomach, I found myself grinding my pussy against my towel while I stared at her bikini.

Something was going on with Sam. I could see her thigh muscles clenching a bit, her stomach moving as well and I swear I saw a damp patch on her bikini bottoms. What was she thinking about? What was she listening to? As I watched her movements, I found myself getting turned on. I was pushing my pussy against the towel, feeling my wetness growing in my own bikini.

We must have laid there for a good two hours. We both changed position a lot but I couldn't keep my eyes off Sam. It wasn’t something I had done in the past but I was growing dangerously interested in her.

We decided it was time to head back to our apartment and quickly found ourselves inside. Sam announced she was going to grab a shower before dinner and headed off in that direction.

I stripped off and lay on my bed. My hand went automatically to my pussy to see how wet I was. I ran my middle finger up and down between my pussy lips, slowly enjoying the touch and the memories of Sam on the beach. Before I went further, I needed a drink and leapt up to get one.

As I was passing the shower room, I noticed the door was open and peaked inside. Oh my god, there was Sam sitting on the shower shelf, her feet on the bath sides, frantically rubbing her pussy. One hand was on her clit and the other was fingering herself furiously.

The sight was too much and my hand went straight to my pussy. I quickly found my clit and started to rub myself as I watched Sam building up to her orgasm. Her eyes were shut and her breathing deep.

I couldn't take anymore and just started to rub faster. I was so horny I just closed my eyes as I stood there and had a deep, deep orgasm. Just after I came, I heard Sam reach her peak and cry out. She sounded just like I thought she would.

Quickly I snuck back to my room, closing the door after me before grabbing a towel and heading for the shower myself.

Sam heard me and called out from her room, “Enjoy it Heather, it's a great shower.”

Despite still feeling slightly horny, I showered quickly and got dressed into a long summer dress with just a pair of small white panties underneath. I made my way to the kitchen, poured two glasses of white wine and made my way onto the balcony to wait for Sam.

She appeared not long after, dressed like me in a summer dress. It was pretty see through and I could see her dark nipples and black panties through the material. I couldn’t stop thinking about her in the shower.

“How was the shower?

She said, “it was so good, one the best I’ve had in ages.”

I smiled and said, “yes it was great. I so needed to freshen up.”

With that we clinked glasses and chatted for a bit before making our way to a fantastic restaurant for an evening of every type of fish you can imagine. After dinner, we made our way back to the apartment arm in arm, giggling like a couple of schoolgirls and plunked ourselves back onto the balcony with a fresh bottle of wine.

The wine had loosened us up and it wasn’t long before our conversation turned to sex. Sam startled me by asking if I ever watched porn.

“Come on Heather tell me, you were always a randy little sod at college.”

Her question went straight to my pussy for some reason. It must have been because of the afternoon masturbation session.

“Now and then, I replied, “you know how you get these urges from time to time, well I just get my laptop and go to bed with something hot and horny.”

“See I knew you did and what do you watch?” asked Sam.

I could feel myself blushing as I replied. “Well Sam, ummm, I really like watching two women. I don’t know why but it really turns me on. I have never had any urge to do it in real life because I am so into men but it's really all I watch. Now what about you?”

“Oh Heather, I don’t watch any porn but I do have a guilty secret. I love listening to the sounds of sex. I found a site where you can download audio of people getting off. I also like to read erotica, so my treat is a good story, my iPod and a pair of headphones.”

Oh my god. It suddenly struck me that she must have been listening to some of that stuff on the beach while we were sunbathing. That would explain her damp patch and her frantic orgasm in the shower afterwards.

“Is that what you were listening to on the beach today then?” I asked.

She just looked at me and smiled. I knew it, she was listening to people coming while she lay just feet from me.

“So Sam,” I continued, “which do you prefer, the sound of men or women?”

She turned and looked at me.

“Would it surprise you if I said women? I just find it more varied. Women come in so many different ways and there is a certain beauty to the sound of a female orgasm.”

Then everything went into slow-motion as I heard myself say, “well, Sam, you sound pretty good yourself.”

I couldn’t believe what I had said and felt myself blushing again. Sam just turned and fixed me with a gaze before she spoke.

“You heard me in the shower Heather? I told you it was a good one,” Sam said, smiling and giggling as she spoke.

All this talk had got my juices flowing and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I did hear you and I watched you as well,” I said, “and just so you know I made myself come as I watched you.”

With that Sam got up out of her chair and started walking indoors. As she passed me, she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. I followed her into the living room area before she stopped, turned, took my hand, slid it under her skirt and placed it on her panties. God she was already wet. I could feel her juices flooding the thin material that covered her pussy.

“Have you ever touched a woman before Heather?” she said softly before kissing me gently on the lips.

As our lips met, I felt her press against my hand as her own hand came around and squeezed my bottom, pulling me close to her. I don’t know whether it was instinct but I automatically started rubbing Sam’s pussy over her panties.

She sighed before planting her lips on my neck, something I have always loved, and then making her way down my body as I stood there, eyes closed, shocks of pleasure running through my body. As she slid down I felt her hands go under my dress and lift it. My legs parted as if by magic and I felt her mouth on my lower stomach as she sank to her knees.

With my hand in her hair, she moved forward kissing my pussy over my panties, licking up and down over my clit and lips. God it felt good. Then I felt her hand on the inside of my thigh move to my panties and pull them aside. Oh my god, I knew what was coming.

My legs almost gave way as I felt her tongue on my clit, gently and slowly licking up and down it. I could feel how wet and how horny I was. As Sam’s tongue flicked and licked at my clit, I started to press my hips into her face.

I heard Sam moan as she continued to softly lick my clit, alternating between round and round and up and down. She knew what she was doing and it felt amazing. As she sped up I felt her finger at my entrance, opening me and then sliding up deep inside my soaking pussy.

As she started to finger fuck me, I felt my orgasm beginning to build. My eyes were closed, my mouth open and dry, my breathing laboured and my hips rocking backwards and forwards as she brought me closer to my orgasm

Oh Jesus this was so good. It was unstoppable. Sam sped up again and suddenly that pleasure rose from deep inside me and engulfed my whole being. Wave after wave hit me as my legs gave way and I ended up in an orgasmic mess on the floor.

I lay there recovering as Sam kissed me and stroked me softly, bringing me down in the best way possible. I felt so good. My body was alive, so alive.

As we kissed, I decided it was her turn and I pushed her onto the floor lying on her back. My hands instantly went the buttons on her dress, undoing one button at a time until her slim body was revealed to my gaze. Sam looked incredible, she smelt incredible and I knew I was going to explore every inch of her.

My mouth went to her exposed left breast, taking her nipple into my mouth as I sucked it and licked it. I made it wet and Sam moaned each time my tongue passed over her hard nipple. With my spare hand on her right breast, I continued to make love to her nipple. I sucked it, flicked it and licked it, every movement transferring to Sam’s body.

God I wanted to taste her. I left my hand on her breast as I kiss slowly down her stomach, over her belly button and down further, down to the top of her panties. I kissed over them and I could smell her scent. As I went further down, my hands grabbed the side of her panties and slid them down and off leaving them hanging on one ankle.

I just looked at her shaven pussy. It was glistening right there in front of me. Her clit was swollen and her pussy lips open. I just lowered my head and sucked it into my mouth. Sam groaned as I sucked her clit, her hips giving away her pleasure. I let her clit go and started to lick it up and down, up and down, up and down.

She responded to my tongue and I slipped two fingers into her pussy. I just wanted her to come so I just started to finger fuck her. Deliberate stokes in and out of her tight, wet and warm pussy.

My tongue was moving faster now and harder against her swollen clit. Every so often I would take her clit in my mouth and suck it gently while my fingers continued their slow fucking. I could feel her pussy tightening around my two fingers as they drove in and out of her. She was thrusting against me as my tongue continued to lick her clit.

She was moaning and moaning as I carried on. Faster I went, driving her closer to her orgasm, which was beginning to take her over. Suddenly her legs clamped around my head, her pussy gripped my fingers and she exploded under me, letting out a guttural moan as her orgasm ripped through.

I slid up her body, kissing as I went, savouring her skin before stopping above her face and kissing her softly on her mouth. I held her close and we lay there for some time, drinking each other in. I actually think we slept in each others arms, our dresses open, our panties discarded, somewhere in the living room.

I rose and fetched a glass of wine for us both. We grabbed the cover and wrapped ourselves in it while we talked sex for a good thirty minutes. As we talked it became clear we were both ready for more. We were touching each other, stroking each other and kissing each other as we talked.

Slowly but surely our kissing got more intense and we undressed each other until we were both naked. The smell of our sex filled the air.

“I want to feel your pussy against mine,” said Sam suddenly. “I have never done that and there is no-one I would do it with apart from you.”

“Oh Sam,” I replied, “yes, let’s do it.

With that, we changed positions so that my pussy was pressed against hers. We both grabbed each others hips and started to grind against each other. Oh god this was amazing. We were on one elbow each as we ground our pussies against each other. What started off as gentle movements, soon changed to something more intensive as the grinding got harder and faster.

I could feel her pussy against mine. My clit was being rubbed by Sam’s beautiful pussy and soon we were both frantic, desperate to come as we drove each other on. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I could feel my orgasm building as Sam started to moan loudly. On and on we went until we could take no more.

“Come with me Sam, come with me,” I shouted as my orgasm rose inside me.

Sam responded by going harder and faster, her eyes screwed up and her stomach taut.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” moaned Sam as she started to come.

Her voice tipped me over the edge and my orgasm rose up from deep and took me over completely. Final frantic thrusts took us both over the edge as we timed our orgasms to perfection. They went on and on, exhausting us completely.

When it was over, we both collapsed back onto the floor, slowly reducing our movements, as our orgasms subsided and moving together in a cuddle that would last all night.

I shall never forget that night in Italy. One day I might tell you what happened on the other nights we spent there and also on the plane back home, while we were watching a Carry On film on Sam’s laptop.

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