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Through My Lens

a local photographer meets an unforgettful client
Through My Lens

I became a photographer several years ago. I’ve always loved taking pictures but one day I was taking pictures of my niece and thought about going public with it. I made a Facebook page to advertise my business and pretty soon I was getting bookings left and right. One day my office phone rang and I answered it. On the other end was the sweetest sounding voice I had ever heard. I was tranquilized by her voice.

“Jedi Photography” I said.

“Yes, my name is Lois and I saw your Facebook page.”

“Yes, Lois, may I help you”

“I don’t know if you do these kinds of pictures or not, but my husband and I have been married for 7 years and our anniversary is coming up.” she spoke a little more sheepishly now. “I was wondering if you did boudoir sessions.”

I had never done one of these sessions, nor had I ever thought of doing one. I wasn’t real sure what a boudoir session consisted of but I knew I had to meet this person on the other end of the line.

“Well, ma’am to be completely honest with you I have never done one but I would absolutely love it if we can set something up.” I heard her sigh and I said “Please just meet with me and give me a chance. I promise not to disappoint.”

“My anniversary is in 2 months,” she said after a short pause. “Can we meet next Monday?”

I was so relieved. “Yes….yes Lois we can meet.” I was almost giddy with excitement. I gave her my address and we set up a time. I hung up the phone and found myself smiling. I couldn’t wait to meet her. Today was only Wednesday and already I thought Monday would never get here. We had decided that she would come to my apartment/office in town which was only two blocks from where she worked. She was going to come during her lunch hour because her husband was over protective and she only had an allotted amount of time to get home after work.

I spent the weekend scrubbing my apartment. I had never cleaned with such force. My kitchen counters were so clean you could see your face in them. I had no idea why I wanted everything to be so spotless. I just wanted everything to be perfect for Lois.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I tried to imagine what she looked like. How tall was she? Did she have green eyes, blue eyes or brown? What color was her hair? Blonde, black, brown or red? What was her body type? As I went to bed Sunday night I lay there thinking of her. I drifted off to sleep with her in my dreams. I awoke at 12:30 a.m. and as I lay there naked in bed I realized how horny I was. I slowly slid one hand down my sleek belly and pushed forward though my pubic hair. I was so horny that just touching my hair made me arch my back in anticipation of what was to come. I slid my hand on down to my waiting wet pussy and slowly but gently pulled my lips apart. When my middle finger touched my clit I moaned. Slowly I circled my finger around my clit and then inserted two fingers. I moved my fingers back and forth and pushed deeper to find my G-spot. As I found it the thoughts of her voice rang through my head. I reached up with my other had and gently squeezed my double-D breast. I slowly slid that hand up to my mouth and wet my fingertips. I lowered my hand back to my ample breast and took my nipple in my fingertips. I tugged and squeezed my nipple while turning it at the same time. I was so wet I didn’t think I was going to last much longer.

I took my thumb and rubbed it up and down and back and forth on my clit. I could feel the pressure building. Within seconds I felt the dam break and for the first time in my life I squirted while masturbating and thinking about a woman. My God, I don’t even know this woman and she has me this worked up. I couldn’t wait to meet her now. I just hoped I didn’t disappoint her.

Monday morning finally arrived and I took more time getting ready to go to the office than usual. I took a long hot shower and used my best body wash. The one I used only on “special” occasions. Next I dried my hair and straightened it. I had natural curly hair and rarely took the time to straighten it. However, today I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. I applied my make-up with such precision you would have thought I was a professional.

I went to my walk-in closet and chose an electric blue blouse that looked perfect with my olive skin and chestnut brown hair. What I liked most about the blouse was the low V-neck made my breast peek out of the top. The blue jeans I chose had rhinestones on the back pockets and were a little tight but it made my ass look plump. My shoes were a pair of 5 inch high heeled boots. I wanted to look amazing for her. It took me and extra thirty minutes to get ready but I didn’t mind. If Lois was half the woman as was in my dreams, it was well worth it.

At 11:30 I looked out the office window and starred down at street waiting for her arrival. At 12:05 I saw a woman walking toward my office. She had on a wide brimmed hat that prevented me from seeing her face. However, her body did not disappoint at all. She entered the building and I could hear the elevator “ding” at each floor. The anticipation was killing me and I thought the butterflies in my stomach were going to eat my stomach in two.

As I heard the elevator “ding” its fifth beep I slowly turned toward the elevator. As the doors were parting I got my first glance of Lois. She was breathtaking. She walked toward me with her right hand outstretched and I took it with no hesitation. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Ms. Hartley, I’m Lois,” she said. “It’s so nice to meet you.” She smiled at me from ear to ear. She was so beautiful. My words caught in my throat and all I could say was a stammering mess.

“I-I-I-It it it’s ssssoooo nice to meet you to.” I blushed and pulled my hand away and apologized for being a stammering fool. She laughed and touched me gently on the shoulder and assured me it was okay.

“I’m not usually like this. I don’t know what came over me”

She smiled her amazing smile again and I led her over to the waiting area. She walked like a supermodel on her five foot seven, 120 pound frame. I could tell she took very good care of her body. We sat on the couch and as we did she took off her oversized sunglasses and had the most amazing emerald green eyes I’ve ever seen. They sparkled like gems. I could feel my panties getting wet. I asked her if she would like to take her hat off also and as she did gorgeous Auburn red locks of hair fell just below her size C breast. She wore a green wrap dress that fit her perfect in every spot. She seemed to see my eyes wondering over her amazing body and she blushed and slowly looked away.

“I’m sorry, Lois. You’re such a beautiful woman. I can see why your husband keeps a short leash on you,” I said grabbing my pen and paper. I asked her what she was looking for in her pictures and showed her some ideas I had come up with. She left my office at 1:00 and we had set a date for the weekend. I told her my fee was $250 for one hour. She wrote me a check and when she left I unfolded her check and she had wrote me a check for $300. Along with it was a small note that said “I enjoyed seeing your eyes move up and down my body. I can’t wait to work with you. Enjoy your “tip.”

I smiled to myself and ran to the window to watch her walk down the street. I could smell her sweet perfume all afternoon. I was still horny from her visit when I got home that afternoon. I went straight in to my bedroom and took my jeans and panties off and laid on the bed. I rolled over to the night stand and opened the drawer to pull out my vibrator. It didn’t take me long to cum. I took my vibrator and placed it in my mouth and sucked my sweet juice’s off it while I imagined it to be her pussy.


Saturday finally arrived. I think it was the slowest week in the history of man! I was to meet Lois at my studio at 2:30. She said her husband would be out of town for the day so she didn’t have to worry about getting caught. I arrived at the studio at 9:30 am to get things ready.

I was nervous for the first time in my career. She arrived at 2:15 with an overnight bag full of sexy lingerie. I had her to take each item out of her bag and hang them on the clothes rack so they wouldn’t wrinkle. As she pulled each item out of her bag I could already feel myself getting worked up. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to cool myself off. I splashed my face with water, took a deep breath, and went back to the studio. When I rounded the corner Lois was lying on the bed wearing a red see-through nighty. She was propped on her elbow lying on her side. My God! This is going to be difficult. If I could just get behind my camera it would be back to business and I’d be in the photographer state of mind.

Lois saw me stammer and seemed to read my thoughts. She had the slightest smile on her face and her eyes tried to drink me in.

“Are you ready to get started?” I asked.

“I’ve been ready since Monday Ms. Hartley.”

“Ava. Please call me Ava.”

“Ok Ava. What position would you like for me to start in?”

It’s at times like these that I’m glad people can’t read your mind.

“Let’s start out in the position you are now. Let me fix your hair”

I walked over to her and touched her silky red locks. Her hair was so soft. I could smell her shampoo and it was intoxicating. I pulled a couple of red locks to the front and positioned them slightly on her breast. The backs of my fingers grazed the top of her breast and I thought I would melt. I quickly pulled my hand away and turned to walk toward my camera. As I turned she grabbed my hand and swung me around. She was on her knees. I have no idea how she moved so fast. I honestly didn’t care. When I turned around I was face to face with her. She looked deep in my eyes and had that amazing smile on her lips.

“Ava, I know you feel it too, there is a connection between us. I felt it the first time I called you and heard you voice.”

I felt a huge lump rise in my throat. All I could do was stare at her. As I did she ran her silky soft hands up to my hair and pulled my head closer to her. When my lips touched hers I thought I would buckle at the knees. Her voluptuous lips were so soft and tasted like strawberries. I felt her press my mouth harder in to hers and her tongue pressed ever so gently against my lips. I opened my mouth and her tongue slid in to mine. Our tongues intermingled in my mouth and I felt like I was in heaven. I slowly felt her pulling away from me and a pit formed in my stomach because I knew it was about to be over.

“Now that I have that out of the way I think I can continue,” she said.

She was amazing. I took photos of her for thirty minutes and what seemed like a million wardrobe changes. I didn’t mind at all though. I just enjoyed spending the time with her.

On her last wardrobe change she saved the best for last. As she was behind the changing screen we were chit-chatting when she paused for a moment. I asked if everything was alright.

“I hope you like this last outfit. I picked this one out especially for you.”

“For me?” I said.

“Yes. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since our phone conversation. I couldn’t wait to meet you Monday. I have an idea that I too would like to try. I even brought the props for it”.”

The anticipation was killing me. When she came around the side of the screen I felt my chin drop to the floor. She stood before me wearing only a pair of six inch red high-heels and a pair of red handcuffs in one hand and a red sash tied around her waist.

“I take it from the look on your face you approve?”

All I could do was shake my head. She laughed out loud and walked towards me. She kissed me gently on the lips at first then more passionately. I followed suit with her passion.

“Now, while I’m getting ready on the bed over here you go to the changing area and take your clothes off, please.”

“As you wish” I said

I ran behind the screen and started throwing my clothes everywhere. It seemed I couldn’t get undressed fast enough. When I was done I walked around the corner and she had lowered the lights and had music playing in the background. She looked amazing sitting on the bed. We locked eyes and she slowly raised one hand and pointed her finger toward me then turned it around and gave me the come here notion. I quickly obeyed.

I walked over to the bed and she reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her. When my face was within inches of hers she kissed me lightly on the lips.

“You are so beautiful!” she said.

Then she planted a kiss on my lips that could shake the heavens. I reached down with one hand and gently cupped her breast. I squeezed ever so gently then I took her nipple between my thumb and middle finger. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and tugged. She moaned and kissed me more passionately. She rubbed her free hand up and down my leg. Then she slid her hand around to my inner thigh. I felt my legs tremble and part ever so slightly. I could feel her smile in our kiss. She raised her hand to my wet pussy and teased the outside lips with her fingers. I begged her to touch me. Slowly she parted my lips and touched my clit.

“I love that you are already wet for me, Ava.”

Her fingers teased my clit. I had never felt anything like it. Then she did the most amazing thing ever. She took my clit between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed ever so gently.

“OH GOD!!!”

“Would you like me to stop?”

“Dear god, please don’t stop! That was amazing!”

She continued to rub my clit and then she took two fingers and inserted it in to my soaking pussy. She continued to finger fuck me until I came in her hand. After my orgasm she continued to lightly rub my clit until it became too sensitive. She raised her hand to her mouth and slowly licked my cum off her hand. She then instructed me to lie on the bed. When I was on my back she took the pair of red handcuffs and cuffed each hand to the headboard. She leaned down to kiss me and traced the length of my body with her wet kisses. She then got off the bed and took my left foot and used one of the sashes to tie my ankle to the bed. Then she did the same with my right foot. When she was done she took her finger and slowly traced it up my body stopping once at my pussy to tease it. She smiled a devilish smile and then she ran her way up to my breast. She teased my nipples with her fingers and then laid down beside me on the bed and took my nipple in her mouth. She nibbled around it with her teeth then sucked it back in her mouth. It felt amazing. I felt her other hand start sliding down my stomach. I knew exactly where she was going. When she got to my pussy she twirled her fingers around my pussy hair and tugged ever so slightly. No one had ever done that before. It was so arousing. Then her fingers slid down to my clit. When I was about to cum she stopped everything. I begged her to keep going.

“Not yet, my pet”

She then startled me and began kissing my lips, my neck and down my throat. She kissed all the way down to my thigh. Then she moved to the inside of my thigh and made her way up to my awaiting pussy. She slowly dipped her tongue between my pussy lips and swirled her tongue around my clit. I was about to cum again and she pulled back again. I begged her again to not stop but to no avail. She leaned down to my belly and started kissing me. She then raised both hands and grabbed both breast and started playing with them. Once more she lowered herself to pussy and began to use her tongue in ways I didn’t know existed. She swirled my clit and then stuck her tongue in my vagina. Her tongue darted in and out of my pussy. I exploded in her mouth and she took me all in. Before she swallowed she came up to my mouth and we kissed with my sweet juices in both of our mouths.

We lay there for a moment together in silence just taking it all in. Then I asked her to please untie me. She did as she was asked and I told her turn-about is fair play. However, I didn’t tie her up. I wanted to feel her hands on my body. I asked her to lie on her belly. I slowly planed sweet, wet kisses on her back all the way down to her ass. I slowly teased her pussy with my fingers and then continued to plant kisses down her legs. When I got down to her feet I asked her to turn over. I slowly made my way up the front of her body. When I got back up to her head I kissed the tip of her nose, her forehead and then her lips. I then spun around and startled her with my pussy in her face. She eagerly took me in her mouth. I moaned and leaned down to her pussy and spread her lips apart and teased her clit with my tongue. I took my fingers and inserted them into her pussy and continued my assault on her clit. When she came I took her juices in my mouth and swallowed every drop of her. I turned back around to face her and she had a sad look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she said our hour was almost up. I could not believe an hour had passed already. It seemed like only five minutes.

With reluctance I let her up to get dressed. She used the bathroom to freshen up. When she was clothed she walked over to the bed where I still lay naked. She gently kissed me on the lips.

“When will my pictures be ready?”

I had completely forgotten all about her pictures. I told her it would be about two weeks to edit them.

“I’ll send you an email when they are done.”

She said that sounded great and with one more long passionate kiss she left my studio. I lay on the bad for the next thirty minutes in a daze wondering if that had really happened. And yes, it really did happen. I had the proof. I had the pictures. I smiled then and got up to get dressed.

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