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You Do Not Tease

Poem/story of a roleplay that blurs the line of pleasure and pain
"You Do Not Tease"

I slam you up against the wall.

I had waited a long time to do that,

And the time had finally come.

You'd been begging for it

Your coy little looks

Your smart ass mouth

Teasing, tempting

Torturing My head with your demure resistance

Enticing Me with those little girl looks

Tantalizing Me with those pouty lips

Begging Me and contesting Me

Arguing logic against reason against spirit and touch

You were beseeching Me to take it from you

I was ready to comply

I slam you up against the wall.

The white cotton blouse, so innocent

Ripped from your chest with hardly any effort

Growling in your ear as I tear at the fabric

Just imploring you to try and escape

Daring you

Defying you to pull away

How could you?

I have you up against a wall.

My teeth, scrapping at your neck

Profanity escaping from My lips

Telling you why I was hurting you

Making sure you understand

"You don't tease Me like that."

You knew that.

All along.

Bra in a pile , next to the torn shirt

Your skirt is the next thing to go

Naked, against a brick wall

Unable to breathe, unable to open your eyes

Uncaring about either

Lost in the sensation

Of paying your debt

Paying the Piper

Hands gripping your hair

Spinning you around quickly,

Face up against the wall

Soft cheek, rough brick

Gasps escaping your lips

Hand slapping your ass

No care no warm-up

Spanking you like a naughty school girl

Caught smoking after class

Trembling, using the wall to hold yourself up

Hands splayed out, fingers digging in

Crying real tears

Of pleasure and pain

Comingling in your body and mind

"You do not tease me like that"

I chide again

And I hear you cry more.

My hand slips between your legs

Your wetness defying your recalcitrance

Pinching, poking, prodding

Proving who has the upper hand

And I am still smacking your ass with it

I stop slapping long enough

To pull your head back, and growl in your ear

"You do not tease me like that."

You gasp for breath.

I kick your feet apart

And in moments, have thrust My cock in you

Pulling your hips back, teaching you a lesson

The one you were begging to learn anyway

We both know it.

I don't let go of your hair

My teeth don't leave your tender throat

Until I have finished what you started

And you did start it

"You do not tease Me like that"

Think you learned your lesson yet?

We both know

You never have before!
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