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A flick from the past

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A flick from the past became the man of my life
Robert and I were together in college. From the very first day we had clicked. I was bad in Accountancy so he used to always lend me a helping hand. This brought us together in many one-on-one Accountancy sessions. Once when we were in one of those sessions, we started chatting more casually and all balancing and reporting was forgotten. As I was feeling a bit low that day, he hugged me and was consoling me that all will be well soon.

Then out of sudden he just kissed me full on lips. I was taken aback. It isn’t that I didn’t want; it is that I had never expected. I was shocked when I started responding back. Our kisses became more ardent and our tongues just danced with each other in their own passion. We both stopped and looked into each other’s eyes and found the desire burning.

“Oh, this was just the thing I wanted to do from the first time I laid my eyes on you, you have the most beautiful and kissable lips”, Robert exclaimed.

I blushed and said “If you had wanted this then why did u stop”

He laughed to my candid reply and my cheeks reddened.

He took me in his arms looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you Christine, would you be mine”.

I couldn’t speak and just nodded.

He kissed me again slowly sucking and biting my lips and then his lips were more demanding exploring every inch of my mouth.

His hands caressed my back and moved up and down as I felt a spark of electricity run thorough my body.

He pushed me to lie back on the couch, and he was upon me kissing my neck, ear lobes and my lips. My moans encouraged him and I could feel his hard on poking my stomach. With swift movements he undid the buttons of my top and massaged my breasts on the top of it, pinching my nipples to erection and licking them from above my bra.

We had just started to enjoy the bliss of being in each other’s arms when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Robert got off me immediately and whispered, “Oh shit man! I had forgotten Joey was at home. I am sorry darling but I have to open that door before he tells everyone. Please wind up.” and then shouted towards the door “Joey, give me a minute dude”.

We got off from the couch and immediately put us together. I took the thick accountancy book and tried to focus on a balancing while Robert went to open the door.

The moment he opened that damn door, a door closed on our romance. And time passed, as our career took its hold on us and drifted us apart. We saw each other less day by day. Years rolled by, and our sex encounter now lingered in the back of our minds as a ‘flick from the past’ and I often wondered how it would have ended.

***************************Part 2***************************************** We had lost contact and the only thing that got us together was the group mails.

Time and tide waits for none, so did my life too.

One day as I was checking a group mail of our college, I was buzzed with a friend’s request in my chat window from Robert. I quickly accepted it and a small icon with Robert’s picture came to life confirming that he was online.

My heartbeat raced, I was thinking whether I should buzz him or not when Robert sent me IM. Seeing his IM a smile flashed on my face and I felt my cheeks heated up.

“He still has an effect on me. Oh! I am behaving like a 16 year old”, I thought to myself I replied to his IM, and we briefly chatted about our whereabouts, we exchanged our numbers, address and ended our chat with a promise to call each other soon.

I shut down my laptop, and was figuring what is the right time to give Robert a call, when my cell phone. I picked up to hear a husky tone from the other side saying, “Hey baby, missed you like hell”.

“You liar, if you had missed me where were you all these days?” I replied.

“Ok, just open your damn door, I am standing outside your house”, Robert said.

I was startled; I quickly hung up the call, checked on my makeup and hairdo grabbed my gown put it over my tank top and shorts and ran to open the door.

I found him standing outside the door with a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine grinning.

“You are nuts do you know that”, I exclaimed.

“Am I”, he said and kissed me on my lips, handing the roses over.

We went inside; I could feel the sexual tension between us rising by the minute.

I made him sit on the couch, and went to bring wine glasses along with some cheese and crackers.

When I came he had taken off his jacket and stretched back on the couch with his eyes closed. I thought he was asleep. So I placed everything on the center table and bought a comforter and draped him. When I turned to go, he caught my hand.

“Don’t leave me so soon. I have come to spend time with you not sleep. Please sit down”, Robert said.

I sat down, poured some wine in both glasses and hand one glass to him.

We started talking about whereabouts of some college friends. We chatted into the night and the wine was getting a grip on both of us.

“Christine, do you remember that day when we were making out and Joey banged the door?” Robert said.

“How can I forget that day?” I thought to myself and replied, “Yes, I do. What about that?”

He looked at me; his eyes were shining with pure passion.

“I have always regretted not making love to you that day, have you ever given a thought about in all these years”, Robert asked tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

His touch, oh! My God, it felt so perfect and my body was hungry for more of it.

I controlled the urge to ask him to make love to me at once.

“I have always wondered how that day would have ended if that friend of yours wouldn’t have come banging on us”, I replied with a smirk on my face.

“Do you want to see where it would have ended?” Robert said with a smile, a smile that would melt you away.

The wine had its own effect on me and I was not able to handle the sexual tension any further, so I just nodded and closed my eyes awaiting to be drifted to magic world.

I could feel his breath on my face as he lowered his mouth to lock my lips. He ended the kiss shortly to tease my licking and sucking my lips and then deepened it again playing and sucking my tongue. I was ecstatic.

He stopped to look at me and then hugged me tightly whispering in my ears, “I have missed you all these years; I don’t want to miss you anymore darling”.

His words bought unknown tears of happiness to my eyes of being with the love of my life. The sudden realization that I loved him made me hug him tightly while a few drops dampened my cheeks.

He understood my emotions as he broke the hug and found me crying; he wiped out the tears and pecking my cheeks he said, “Don’t darling our crying days are over, now everything will be fine”.

He kissed me again this time more urgently and demanding, while he undid the knot of my gown, pulled it back from the shoulders and started stroking my breasts from above my tank top.

I broke off the kiss and stood up; he gave me a shocked look. I extended him my hand, and led him to my bedroom.

I made him sit on the bed, pulled down the covers, asked him to relax while I went out. Once I was outside my bedroom, I got a grab on myself, and a thousand ideas struck me how to make it just perfect so that he never left me again.

I ran down the kitchen, I took hold of some candles, a lighter, chocolate syrup and took some strawberries from the refrigerator. Once I was loaded up with all the things I wanted, I ran upstairs. At the entrance of bedroom I put everything and entered. Robert was stark naked now, I smiled at him and with the satin strap of my gown I blindfolded him.

“What the hell are you doing?” Robert exclaimed.

I laughed a sweet sexy laugh and huskily replied, “Be patient sweetheart, you are in good hands”.

I lit the candles one by one around the room and switched off the lights. The room looked just enchanting with Robert in the flickering candle light. That was a sight to behold. I just hoped secretly to have many more such nights. With that thought I removed my clothes.

I took a piece of strawberry and put it in his mouth and kissed him eating half of the fruit. He moaned.

I made him sit on the edge of the bed and took hold of his semi-hard cock and enveloped it with chocolate sauce and slowly sucked it. His moans got louder and he took off the blindfold. “What a mmm sight? This is so just mmmmmm perfect”, Robert managed to say.

I licked his shaft clean of the chocolate syrup and kissed him, sharing the mixed taste of his juices and chocolate syrup.

“Oh! Christine, where had you been my darling? You are just awesome”, Robert exclaimed when at last I broke that kiss.

I again kneeled down stroked his already hard shaft and was awarded with a generous amount of pre cum; I licked it clean and deep throated him, taking as much as I can of his 8 incher. He moaned and took hold of the back of my head and started fucking my mouth.

“I am going to cum”, he gasped and shot out his load into my waiting mouth.

I drank in to the very last drop and licked him clean.

“Oh! That was great, now it’s my turn to pleasure you honey”, with this Robert picked me up in his arms and laid me in the bed. He kissed me, while both his hands played with my breasts pinching my nipples to erection. Accomplished with his work he moved his luscious tongue to tease my nipples while he slowly rubbed my cunt.

I was moaning hard, it was too much for me to tolerate, but I knew this was just the beginning and I am yet to see the heaven.

As if my prayers were answered, Robert started his downward stride, licking and kissing all the way to give me goose bumps. Now he was in the opening of my vagina, with his fingers he opened the clitoris wall and inserted his tongue giving me immense pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh! Robert”, that was all I could say as I cried with pleasure.

He tongue fucked for another few minutes while he rubbed the clitoris wall. My all self control went in vain as I sprayed his mouth my orgasm.

Contented with what he had done, he got up with a big grin on his face and winked at me. “What are you grinning at?” I asked gasping for breath.

“You, my love. You look so sexy that I can stand here and watch you forever”, he replied and came to lie beside me.

I blushed and thanked God that he wouldn’t be able to see my expression now.

He started kissing passionately again playing with my tits while my hands wandered to his member. I stroked it to full erection. He came on top of kissed me on my lips while he entered me.

As he entered me, pleasure overtook me as my pussy got used to his shaft. With a final stroke he was completely inside me, a smile passed on our faces, a mutual feeling of contentment and wholeness.

“I Love You Christine”, Robert exclaimed as he began the to and fro motion.

I fought back my tears as I thought, “Does he really mean it? Or is he just saying it in the spur of the moment?” but whispered back to him, “Love you too”.

As if he needed this for encouragement, he increased his pace, reaching new depth with each stroke.

Words go lost, my worries got lost with the strokes that intensified, and so did our moans.

“I am cumming baby”, he gasped.

I did not need restrain as my body lost the battle and I let out a cry as my body drained its juices, at the same time with a final thrust Robert too climaxed.

He relaxed over me, kissing me and teasing me. Finally he slid down beside me.

“Give me your hand darling”, he said with a smile.

When I extended my hand, he took out a small box from below the pillow, and in there was a solitaire. He inserted the ring into my finger and said, “I love you baby. Not today but from the day I laid my eyes on you. Will you marry me?”

I was surprised; a lone tear made its way down my eyes as I hugged him and whispered, “Yes. Yesssssss.”

We kissed passionately and in order to celebrate we made love again, this time with not just the need but also with fervor.

Now, my flick from the past has turned be the only man in my life.
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