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Hotel Room - Part 2

A couple's romantic hotel retreat ends with a shower

I awake in the king-size hotel bed to hear you in the shower. I stretch my naked body under the sheets and rise from the bed, the sheet draped around and trailing behind me like I am a classic Greek statue. I hazily walk to the bathroom doorway and stand there, admiring the smells of your shampoo and body soap, perfectly content just to be in the same small space as you for a while longer.

I hear the hot water droplets running down the shower walls as they wash away last night's encounter and prepare your beautiful body for another adventure. I leave the steamy room before you've noticed me and start some coffee. No perfect day can be perfect without coffee.

I return to my doorway perch and continue to watch and listen to the entertaining show you provide. I hear you smell the air, taking in the delicious aroma of black coffee, and watch your head lean back, while the water pounds your chest.

“Good morning, love,” I hear you say.

“Hi, darling,” I reply with a small giggle. Somehow, it’s like I can feel your smile through the steam and fabric curtain.

“Would you like to...” you pause, as you hear the curtain pull back and the mild shock of wafting cold air stops you speaking.

You are the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Art in motion. I glance at your face, head tilted back out of the stream of water, jet black hair dripping small water droplets down your back. Your face is calm, eyes shut like you are praying and a smirk that says the prayer was answered. I follow your body down, that soft hairy chest, those muscular thighs, even your feet can turn me on.

My eyes head upward, noticing your manly excitement, and back up to your smirk. “Hi,” I say as I begin to step into the shower behind you. The hot water doesn’t phase me next to the electric tingle you emanate. You turn to face me, and I lean in for a kiss. Good days always should start with a kiss, at the very least. My lips hit yours and send electric shocks to every inch of my body.

You must have felt it too as I hear you mumble, “Fuck...” into my ear.

I nod in agreement and can only reply with a "Hmm, hmm."

My nipples graze your chest, hard, tingling, absolutely electric; like every chest hair has turned into an electric whip. I pull myself up onto my toes, my hands slick and easily sliding up your arms to your neck. Our mouths connect again and your tongue parts my lips. Our tongues circle each other, your lips so hot and delicious.

Your arms are around me, pulling me hard onto your body. The water from the shower pales in comparison to how hard and wet your very existence makes me. More. I must have more; all of you.

I feel your hardness press up against me, begging to be let in. You groan, and in a whirl of motion, your hands find my ass. Such a shockingly male and firm grip. You lift me up to you like I am a feather. My ass rests on a ledge on the shower wall, my back against the smooth edge.

Your mouth leaves mine to find my neck, tongue tasting the salty water running down from my neck between my breast valley. I feel you throb with pleasure and need.

My hands wrap around to your back and I feel all the tension in your shoulder muscles. I press my nails in and scratch down your sides. I can help you release that tension, darling. Please let me. We can face the tension together and alone.

I place one hand on your left shoulder, and feel your teeth on my right ear. I feel your breath in my ear. Your hot tongue slides down my neck, while I slide my left hand down your chest to your erection. I wrap my fingers around you and hear you inhale; not sharp or fast, but taking in air like it is your first or last breath of life.

With my right hand on your member, I thank god for the hot water that lets me glide your penis around my pubic skin, guiding your tip around in a small triangle. I kiss your shoulder and sweetly scrape my teeth on your flesh. Everything is so hard and wet and tasty, I know what comes next.

I stop rubbing your penis against skin and guide you into me. You enter me smoothly, like a shark gliding through the ocean in search of blood. Our foreheads press against each other. Heads together, but there is no thinking needed for this part. Zero thoughts required for our bodies to begin this beautiful thrusting dance.

You move your hands down to my hips, effectively pinning us together. My trembling thighs wrap around you, never wanting to let you go. Your mouth finds mine again and our tongues begin their electric circling dance.

Our bodies throb and thrust to a steady rhythm. Slowing heading towards climax. No need to rush the inevitable. My head spins with all the steam, electricity, and love. Time moves slowly with us. The world spins slower for us. Now showers will be our new thing.

Our passions rise, I start to feel the quake coming and know that you will be sure to follow. I watch your face to see that smile, body rocking and getting closer to the edge. We are so close, so hot. So ready. I clench my body deep down inside and hear you groan. We lock eyes; you and those soul-diving eyes.

We climax together. It is such a pure simple release of energy. Heaven. We let it levitate us to a higher plain. Oh, all those sweet kisses that follow, your hands finding mine and gripping hard. Your everything given into my everything. This is perfection.

We finish with kisses and it all leaves me wondering what comes next. I believe travel excites you, meeting new people and seeing new things. I love to drive and ride. So, a car ride to a new place should be fun. And, if we should find a quiet spot somewhere along the way, that would be perfect.



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