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In Love with a German Film Star

Robert was a modern bachelor in every sense. He had recently experienced the break up of a long term relationship and now spent most of his nights hopping from bars in LA, drinking bourbon and trying to find girls he could bring home, in hopes of some no-strings-attached sex. Behind his seemingly careless exterior, however, no amount of booze or one night stands could could fill the void of his recent breakup. The whole routine was also starting to become rote for him.

One seemingly unremarkable Friday night, Robert decided to go to an old hotel bar in Hollywood. The bar was having a 'ladies drink free' night which seemed like a good tactic of increasing his odds. As Robert walked into the foyer of the hotel he noticed a time capsule Art Deco decor and walls lined with autographed photos of actors and actresses who had patroned the bar over the years. Robert walked up to the bar and ordered the usual bourbon, yelling at the bartender over the incesant thud of electronica that was reverberating through the bar. Robert scoped out the scene and saw the usual spectacle of young girls and flocking guys embibing in whatever was flowing out of the taps like water or from the menagerie of glass bottles behind the bar. Robert felt a bit old fashioned with his bourbon but always thought that there was something to be said about the classics.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a woman sat beside Robert and lit up a cigarette. She looked over at him and said in a distinctively German accent, "I like a man who enjoys a good bourbon". Robert cracked a smile for the first time that night, exclaiming, "FINALLY some recognition for the classics!" The woman ordered a martini. Robert was typically un-phased by the hordes of girls who circulated through the place but there was something unusually intriguing about this woman. She appeared to be about 23 or 24 with dark, brown wavy hair, piercing blue eyes and a pearl necklace. She had the kind of timelessly classic beauty that you rarely see. Robert introduced himself and she responded, "My name is Emma...Emma Kirsch" Robert asked what she was doing in The States and Emma responded that she was a actress trying to find some parts and that she moved to LA on a whim.

After only a few minutes Robert and Emma decided to take it to a more quiet restaurant. Emma suggested an old Italian joint she claimed had the best Manicotti in town. Throughout the meal, Robert found himself totally mesmerized by this woman. He didn't know if it was wine he was drinking, going to his head, or if she was really something special. She posessed a dark sensuality and there was something almost enigmatic about her.

After the meal they decided to go to Emma's apartment. Emma claimed she didn't have a car so Robert gave her a lift. When they arrived, Robert noticed she had a half address, 32 1/2 Carver Ave, a small apartment in the side of an old commercial building. Entering her Apartment, Emma went over to the corner, threw some jazz on and then went to the wet bar making Robert another bourbon and herself a glass of red wine. Returning, she half stumbled into Robert's arms and giggled saying, "I'm sorry, I think this wine getting to me!" She paused for a moment and Robert gazed into her eyes. He then stole a long and passionate kiss. Emma pulled her head back and pressed it against his chest as a Billie Holiday track that was playing, "Stars Fell on Alabama". She then quietly whispered, "I love this song".

After a while, Emma disappeared to her bedroom for a moment and returned, wearing a slip night gown and said that she would have to call it a night but he was free to stay. Seeing her voluptuous figure in her nighty, Robert thought he would have to be crazy to turn down her offer. He walked back to her bedroom and she sat on her bed, looking to the side for a moment and then rubbing her hands slowly over her thighs. By her body language, her intentions were obvious. This was an intensely sensual woman and without hesitation, Robert sat down beside her and began to kiss her. He moved his tongue around her mouth, exploring it while he placed his hand on her thigh.

He slowly moved his hands up her night dress and between her legs, lightly tracing his fingers up and down her labia. Emma then grabbed her night gown pulling it over her head, exposing her round, voluptuous breasts. Emma looked into his eyes and said with a heated passion, "I want you". She sat on top of Robert, straddling him and then began to lower herself down on to Robert's throbbing cock. She sat up moaning and arching her back, proudly pushing her full chest forward, her nipples becoming visibly erect. Emma then began to sway her hips forward and backwards on Robert's cock, moving into an intense grind. Soon she was moving up and down, riding Robert intensely with her breasts bouncing about.

Emma rubbed her hands up and down Robert's chest. Robert placed his hands on Emma's rear pulling it in and out, completely enthralled with the idea of his penis being buried inside of her and plunging in and out of her deepest, warm recesses. This was the most intense sex he had ever had.

Robert pulled himself up to Emma's breasts and began to move his tongue in circles around her nipples. Emma pulled Robert's head tight to her chest. Emma continued to ride Robert and began to moan increasingly loud. She laid back down on top of him with her whole body pressed against him. Robert placed his hands on Emma's bum, massaging it as he felt it rise up and down, faster and faster. Emma's tightness was coaxing Robert's cock to release everything inside of her. In what seemed like hours of unbribled sex, Emma finally let out a final long moan and Robert climaxed, releasing all of his fluid into her her. Emma, aching to be filled with his manhood.

After a few moments of lying in Robert's arms, Emma pulled in close and said, "Thank you, I have been waiting for you for so long". Robert was a bit puzzled by her statement but then realized he had to be a work early in the morning. Robert said "I have to go but can I see you tomorrow?" Emma didn't respond but gave him one last hug. He felt an unusual chill through his body followed by and unexplicable sadness.

The next morning after work he decided to go by her apartment as he forgot to ask for her number. When he got to where the entrance of her half address was, he couldn't find her doorway. All he saw was a wall, filled in with cement.

Completely puzzled, he went back to the hotel bar he was at the night before and walked up to the bartender, asking if he knew anything about the girl in pearls who ordered the martini last night. The bartender said he didn't know anything but then an older man in the corner piped in and asked if Robert knew her name. Rober responded, yeah it was Emma...Emma Kirsch I believe". The old man grew pale and said, "Oh no you must be must be another Emma Kirsch". The old man lead Robert to an autographed black and white photograph on the wall. It was Emma! Without a doubt, it was the charming woman he had made love to the night before. The old man then proceeded to say, "Emma Kirsch was an actress of the 1940s who died in the 50s". After her husband passed she fell into a deep depression and would always frequent this bar, ordering a Martini. On top of that she was among the list of Hollywood actresses who were blacklisted for being politically outspoken. It seems in 1957 life had become to much for her and she ended her life. Some say it was for being ostracized for her ideas but it was obvious that she really just longed to be reunited with her deceased husband.

The old man then looked up at Robert, adjusting his glasses, he said, "Ya know, son. You bear a striking resemblence to her husband".

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