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Love After the Business Trip

. . .daintily draped over the curve of her hip delicately concealing what she had between her legs.
The candles, placed strategically throughout the house, were all lit just waiting for her arrival. Their tiny orange flames dimly brightened the whole house. Their sweet scent of lilac and lavender burned and wafted aroma filling each room the way she loved. It would be the first thing she smelled when she entered. It definitely set the mood for the evening.

Her favorite meal of roasted rosemary lamb shank drizzled with scallion gravy and sided with creamed red potatoes and chives warmed in the oven. I could not wait to serve it to her.

I had offered to pick her up from the airport, but she was given the royal treatment and treated the same way as her boss since she was filling in for him on this business trip, and she took full advantage of it. For the first time in her life, she was getting recognition for her work, and I'd, too, would be taking advantage of it.

I had missed her so much, even though she had been gone for just one week. It was so hard going one day without her. My days and nights were so long without her by my side. For the first time in my life since bachelorhood, I felt empty. She entered my life and made me feel complete. It had only been one week she had been gone, but it felt like a lifetime. I never want to feel that way again.

However, I will not deprive her from her work. She knows that. She worked so hard to get where she is today and I would never take that away from her. Besides, this was her first business trip away. I am making it sound like there will be more. And what if there would be?

We were still newlyweds. It had only been seven months, but the new had not worn off yet. I hoped it never would. I had never loved another woman like I do Michelle. She did something to me. The feelings I had for her were not anything like the feelings I had with the women of my past. They went deeper. Much deeper. To tell the truth, I would not know what I would do if Michelle was not in my life.

I glanced at the clock on the hall wall and it was almost six fifteen. Michelle would be arriving soon. My heart began to pound faster just knowing she would be coming through the front door any time. I was ready. My hair was combed backed, the collar of my polo shirt was folded down neatly, and the creases of my khakis ran perfectly down the front of my legs. My face was smooth and soft from lotion and I knew her hands would feel good there when she ran them over it as she kissed me. Yes, I was ready for her presence.

Then the front door opened. Michelle came through it holding both her bags and smiled. She was dressed in her gray sweats and my old Dallas Cowboy jersey emblazoned with Troy Aikman's number eight. Michelle loved that shirt and I loved seeing her in it.

She dropped her bags and I took her in my arms and held her close. I felt her firm breasts press into my chest as I kissed her soft lips. It was as if we had not seen each other in forever.

We held each other for a long five minutes. It was the best five minutes of my entire week. Michelle's body was so warm and firm. She smelled of vanilla and cherries and the scent of her mixed with the candles aroma permeating the house. I began to get drunk with desire.

"Oh Michael, the room... It smells so delightful and looks so beautiful. I missed you so much," Michelle said as she backed away and took in the scent and orange glow of the room.

"Not as much as I missed you. This week was pure hell without you."

"I can tell since you went to all this trouble!"

"This is not the half of it. Here, follow me," I said and took her hand and pulled.

When we entered the kitchen, the expression on Michelle's face was priceless as she saw the dinner table already set and the long thin candles lighting the setting. As I walked to the oven, opened it, and pulled our dinner out and she saw what it was, she began to cry. Michelle was so pretty when she began to shed tears of happiness. I put the lamb on the table, walked slowly back over to her, kissed her on the cheek, and wiped away the stream of tears with my thumbs as I motioned her to sit.

I pulled out the chair and Michelle tenderly sat and waited. Carefully, I cut the lamb, put the pieces on a plate next to the potatoes, and set it down in front of her. I fixed my plate and joined.

I watched Michelle take in everything. She was always so delicate when she consumed edibles. Tonight though, she was extra gentle. It was as if she was making love to what she put in her mouth. The moment was very erotic and highly sensual. I was going to enjoy making love to her tonight.

I took the dishes up and placed them in the sink to wash later. I knew what Michelle would want next, so while she rested there in the chair behind the table, I excused myself to the master bathroom and drew her a hot bubble bath with candles lit yet again. The gentle suds filled the porcelain oval and filled the room with the scent of desire. I would leave her alone to relax. This would be her wind down time.

Michelle walked into the bedroom with her bags from the trip as I was exiting the master bath. I looked at her and said, "Drop your bags. I'll take care of them. You just come in here and enjoy what I drew you."

Michelle stuck her head into the bathroom and saw the tub filled with suds, rose petals floating on top of them, and turned around, smiled, and said, "Michael, you are simply wonderful!"

"No sweetie, you are." I answered and pushed her gently inside and closed the door.

While Michelle soaked her slender body, I cleaned what we dirtied in the kitchen. As I did, a feeling of completeness fell over me. It was so good to have her back home. Again, it had only been one week without her, but it felt like it had been a lifetime. It was evident that what we had was pure love.

I was just putting the last dish in the cabinet when I turned around and saw Michelle, dressed only in her short pink terry cloth robe. Her long tanned smooth legs jutted out from underneath it just about four inches above the knee. She was leaning up against the door jam smiling, her long damp now straight hair hanging over her shoulders. Michelle was so beautiful no matter her appearance.

"I just love a man who does the dishes," she said as I walked towards her.

"And I just love a woman who stands in the doorway in nothing but her robe!"

Michelle laughed and I ran my hand across the side of her smooth face, flipping her hair over the curve of her shoulder to her back. I could smell the leftover scent of her almond and shea butter body wash. She smelled just as pretty as she was sexy.

But now she was clean and pretty and even though I had showered before her arrival, I felt like I needed to again. So, I headed to the shower.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and when I entered our bedroom, Michelle was lying on the bed on her side, her legs crossed and sticking out of the sheet daintily draped over the curve of her hip delicately concealing what she had between her legs. Her bare top half showed itself with erotic majesty. Michelle was the most perfect specimen of the female species.

I walked over to the bed where Michelle covered half her body and faced her back. Gently, I leaned over, brushed her neck blowing warm air over its nape gently, while reaching around to cup one of her perky breasts. Michelle sighed slowly as my hand massaged her firm protrusion, its skin so soft and nipple puckering tenderly under my palm. This was going to be all about her.

As my hand held on to her breast, Michelle's head fell into the curve of my neck and her hand covered mine on her tender supple frontal mound. I felt the heat of her hand over mine. I could feel Michelle looking at me, staring at my lips so close to hers. It felt like we were painting an erotic picture to mount over our fireplace.

Slowly, I ran my free hand over her side, feeling the sensual shape as it curved into her hip where the sheet remained draped. I rested my hand on the curve of Michelle's hip and leaned down and kissed the bare skin right beside the fabric of the sheet. I felt her body shiver as I did. I laid my head into the natural curve of her hip and then traced down the length of her leg as far as my arm would go. My fingertips felt good on Michelle's smooth leg. The contour of it seemed to conform to my hand with ease. I rubbed her leg as she gently lied her top half into the soft lushness of our mattress. I glanced up her body and her breasts gently pressed into the plush coils. The long curve of her spine was now showing as she wrapped her arms around her pillow. Michelle sensually smiled with her eyes closed taking in the moment.

I kissed down her leg until my hand found her foot. I tenderly planted a soft kiss to the dorsum while massaging slowly the ball of her foot. Michelle had painted her toenails a soft pink color and they were so perfectly cute and lovely. Her big toe looked so plump and luscious and was calling out to me to be sucked. In a slow motion, I covered Michelle’s big toe, sucking it inside my hot mouth tenderly. I felt Michelle’s body take in a deep breath and let it out gradually as she reeled in the tickling from my tongue. As I circled with the tip of my tongue, I tasted her sweet toeprints, the gentle ridges of them dragging against my taste buds, leaving a flavor of hot desire. Michelle moaned even more as my fingers played with the other four appendages, splaying them gently to interlock my fingers with them tightly. I could feel the heat entering Michelle even more as I massaged.

Removing my mouth slowly from her big toe, my tongue never lost contact with her soft skin, as I drug the tip from between the ball, all the way down her sole, and back up again. The tickle of my tongue made Michelle curl her soft pink colored toes and turn her body with perfect precision, being careful not to expose what was hidden underneath the sheet that draped her waist. I surveyed the length of her long body, her firm breasts now jutting out, cutting the flickering candle light of the room with their protruding erect nipples. The moment was hot and erotic and I knew what I had to do.

Michelle’s tanned smooth legs, that so delicately showed, cried out to be felt. My hand trembled slightly as I touched her leg, moving my hand slowly up it, feeling the soft contours as I moved. As I did, I leaned down and kissed her breast then took her hard nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it. I could taste the heat in it permeate onto my tongue as my hand slowly found her inner thigh. As I ran my tongue over her raised point, my fingers traced a circle on her inner thigh. Michelle began to moan and arch her body into the bed. She turned her head slowly back and forth as the moment engulfed her. Her hair was spread out on the pillow and looked so soft. Michelle was just so damn beautiful in every way.

I could feel the heat of her inner thigh grow. Slowly, I moved even further up and under the sheet that covered her perfect place of hot arousal. The closer I got to it, the more I could feel the heat evade it. I knew I was making Michelle wet. With my mouth supping her nipple slowly and my finger ever so close to touching her pussy, I was almost certain my wife was dripping. I just had to know.

As I began to now kiss over her breast up to her neck, Michelle knew where my finger wanted to be. I felt the sheet slide slowly over my hand revealing the perfect division I had so many times been inside and was once again getting ready to enter. After Michelle had removed the sliver of sheet from her waist, my hand drifted upward as I nibbled her neck. Her skin was hot and moist and now my finger was about to touch a part of her that was even wetter.

My finger felt the heat from Michelle's pussy before it even touched it. The temperature there was hotter now than before. I felt Michelle's body shiver as my finger tenderly touched her crease. I let my fingertip slowly slide through the wet length of it as my mouth found her horizontal lips. Both sets of lips were hot to the touch. Both were even equally wet. I pressed hard onto my wife's mouth as my finger traced down through her hot pinkness. Michelle moaned into my lips and as my tongue entered her mouth, I slowly entered my finger into her at the same time. I was tasting heaven even as my finger felt it.

Michelle moaned as my finger circled inside her tight pink wetness that, after a week of not invading, felt much like a virgin pussy again. Her vaginal muscle began to tightly wrap around my finger and I could feel her warm inner secretions flow even more. My cock was now rock hard and it could not wait to get inside once again. The time had come to crawl in the bed with my wife.

Slowly, I crawled in beside Michelle and wrapped my arm around her nakedness. Our warm bodies touching each other felt wonderful. Her firm breasts pressing into my chest, her long soft leg rubbing up against mine, and her body pressing against my erection, all told me I was pressing the right buttons.

Michelle prepared her body by spreading her legs and making my body fall in between them. In an instant, I felt my cock contact her soft slit, the underside of my hard head pressing against her clit slightly that had finally come to attention. Michelle's body quivered as the underside of my long hard shaft rubbed against her equally hard clit. I moved my waist in a thrusting motion over it slowly, preparing her pussy for my hard cock to penetrate it. I would know the moment Michelle was ready.

The little sounds of love that escaped Michelle's lips as I moved over her sensual spot told me all I needed to know. I listened carefully to her low pitch. I knew when it became more pronounced and an octave higher, that was my clue to enter her body. I also watched her movements. Michelle's eyes were closed and her body began to quake slowly. When certain little tremors hit her, Michelle turned her head back and forth as she arched her body into the mattress. I knew a couple more times of that and Michelle was ready.

If there was one thing I loved being able to do, that was being able to find the entrance of Michelle's hot dripping canal with my erection alone. While some guys had to reach down and guide theirs in, I was able to slide inside with ease. It always meant more to both me and Michelle. It showed her that I had taken the time to learn her body. Actually, it showed her that I loved her more.

As always, Michelle whimpered with the initial piercing my erect cock's head made into her vagina. I loved that little whimper. Michelle sounded like a puppy loving its owner as her vaginal opening wrapped around my mushroom head. The warmth that slowly consumed the roundness of my erection felt wonderful. The warm dampness seemed to suck me inside further. I loved how Michelle trained her body to do that. It showed me that she loved me equally as well.

As our bodies locked lovingly together, Michelle took me all the way inside her. It felt as if I was sinking deep inside her velvety virgin walls again after a week of not invading her. The hot pink wetness of her tight cavity acclimated itself to my girth much like our first time together. I could feel Michelle's elasticity take hold of me preparing itself for my strong thrusts. The secretions of love gushed warmly around my hardness as I began to slowly pull out and slowly slide back inside. In just a week, Michelle's pussy had tightened and was fresh with frenzy.

We both grunted in unison at the slow rhythm I chose to enter and exit. Together, Michelle and I were showing each other the true love we shared. The slow pace made our chemistry heighten once again and, just like osmosis, permeate into each other. We both could feel it. It was a much wondrous event.

The moment overtook both of us and sent each other over the edge. I felt Michelle's orgasm form inside her plush wetness. Michelle felt mine enter my cock. As we always did, we were going to climax together. It was something me and Michelle had perfected.

Michelle's vagina began to constrict in waves over my long hardness. My cock got instantly harder as she squeezed her love muscle around it. I could feel her clit pulsing at the same rate upon my abdomen as I slowed my movements to a snail's pace. Michelle wrapped her long slender silky smooth legs around my waist and pressed her heels into my ass as I sunk just as slowly as I could into her once again so we would both feel the intensity of our love making.

Then it happened.

Like a bullet piercing our hot flesh, our orgasms released simultaneously. Michelle squeezed my waist tightly as her body shook letting the moment overtake her until the rush of her orgasmic fluid drowned my spurting cock. We both sounded our delight as our bodily fluids mixed with each others. We both kept ejaculating with each wave that swept across our bodies. We both filled each other in our own way. I filled Michelle internally and she filled me externally. It was the one moment I would never tire of doing.

When the last wave pounded over me and Michelle, our once love-locked bodies dissipated sexually energized heat into each other as we collapsed into the softness of the mattress. We were both breathing heavily as the resolution phase took over. I lied there watching Michelle's breasts jiggle with each slowing thump her heart took. Michelle's body glowed beautifully in the aftermath of a session of love. I could just stay in this position and stare at her all the time. Then she turned her body and caught me looking.

Michelle snuggled up next to me and wrapped her arm around me. I pulled her closer to me until she rested her head on the curve of my shoulder. I began running my fingers through her fine soft hair. Michelle could hear my heartbeat softly where her head lay. Tenderly, she laid her hand over my chest where she could feel my heart thump and said in her tender voice, "I love the way you love me Michael Bloomington. Promise me that you won't ever stop."

I stroked the side of her soft face with my thumb and said, "I promise, with all I have to give, that I will never fall out of love with you, Michelle Bloomington. You have my word."

With that being said, we looked at each other, smiled in the only way we could, and closed our eyes.

Together, we fell asleep in each others arms only to wake again to a new morning. It was a process that I would never get tired of doing.

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