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7/27 – The Night That Changed My Life Forever

Due to the promise that we made to each other, I knew I would not be able to participate or assist in the insertion of the ice cubes.

My name is Andrew and this is the night that changed my life forever. This single event directly involved my best friend, Jennifer, whom I have been the closest of friends for the last thirty-plus years. I met her many years ago while in college. Between...

A Lushful Chat

Two Lushers meet online innocently enough. By nightfall, they are masturbating together.

It started innocently enough. You liked one of my stories on Lush and I posted a thank you note on your profile. Later, I see that you viewed mine in return, so I message you. I don’t expect you to respond as most women don’t. I can understand why. One mu...

Picture This

The photo continued to open taking a lengthy amount of time, making it feel like an eternity. This was like Jennifer giving me my own personal strip tease!

It was mid-October in 2009, and I was well established in my career. I was alone in the central part of the country, attending a five-week pilot training program for another aircraft. I was saturated, tired, and stressed beyond belief. There was no time f...

Sister's Secret

Davide's sister has a secret problem that can only be solved with her brother's big cock.

As Davide walked through the front door he shouted, “Hey I’m home,” and dumped his keys on the side table. He heard a muffled and gasped, “Um hey,” back from the living room. As he looked through he saw his sister, sitting on the sofa, slam down the lid o...

One Late Night In The Heat Of Summer

If either one of us wanted sex, the other would agree and give them-self up to the other without question.

This was the beginning. It was late at night in the heat of summer. We were in the early stages of becoming close friends. After a night out, Jennifer, Lydia, and I were driving around spending time with each other in a questionable part of town. Jennifer...

A Night Back Home

For the past three hours I was in a dream state thinking about seeing Jennifer's naked body.

A few years had passed since I left my home and set out to seek my fortune. It was late October. I was sitting in my seat next to the window with a row to myself. As a pilot myself, I was flying all day and I was fatigued and exhausted. This time I took c...

Flashes Of Heat On A Winter Evening

Jennifer was sitting there attempting to provocatively captivate my undivided attention.

It was a Friday evening during the dead of winter. Five of the six of us friends were enjoying each other’s company at Lydia's house. The house actually belonged to her mother, Abigail, also known as Big Abby. Big Abby was out as usual with her boyfriend,...

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He Discovers She’s a Gym Rat - Part 1 of 2

Sven discovers his date has muscles and aggressive tendencies.

Sven and Kelly had both dressed warmly, bracing against the cold snap that blew in with some late fall weather in the rural college town of Moscow, Idaho. As they sat for lunch in the casual cafe, they had taken off their winter coats. Underneath her coat...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 3--4

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter Three Nine Months Past... I'd been meeting with clients for a couple of weeks when I got a text from Marla asking for a face-to-face after satisfying my last client. Marla had been great about letting me stash newly bought clothes and shoes in box...

Sanctum - Chapter 3

A stormy night, a passionate encounter, a sanctuary found - their story is just beginning.

The rolling thunder outside echoes my thundering pulse, fueling the primal need within me. The sight of her beneath me, her body willingly accepting mine, rekindles the flame of desire that rages within my veins. With a firm grip on her hair, I hold her s...

Sanctum - Chapter 1

Two strangers meet and embark on a journey of self discovery - A first person perspective

I'm not usually affected by these events. To be honest, I couldn't care less about being here. But my cousin, who is a better negotiator and persuader than I am, won me over after a tough battle. I suppose they want me here because I've become somewhat of...