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Love is Stronger than Pride, Part 2

She let herself believe that this was their world, just the two of them and the raw lust they shared
Tamara left the meeting and headed directly to her office. She was glad that Billie was away from the desk, she needed to vent out her frustration about this proposed merger of resources and personnel that Bagley and Stephen set forth. Under this new merger, local regional branches would work in tandem on major campaigns. First up to test the new merger was the Marketing departments. The bid she made for the latest ad campaign was accepted with the contingency that she worked with Kent James from the Schaumburg branch.

This had to be the worst idea ever, she thought as she tossed a folder on her desk.

She hadn’t even noticed that Kent had followed her until he was standing in her office and spoke. “Nice office,” he said admiring the spacious layout. He strolled over to the floor to ceiling windows that displayed the beautiful downtown Chicago skyline with a glimpse of Lake Michigan. He smiled, “Great view. Better than the view from my office up in Schaumburg.”

Tamara turned around so fast it’s a wonder she didn’t create a windstorm. “No, no, no! You can’t be here. You have to leave. Now!” she nearly screamed at him.

“Hey, I’m just as surprised as you are. I had no idea this was going down. I got a message, saying to meet at the downtown office, when I woke up this morning. I didn’t know they were going to merge departments like this, making us partners, co-partners, or whatever.” Kent said confused, himself. by the sudden shift of position.

“This is ridiculous. I put in a bid for the Chrysler campaign.”

“So did I.” Kent admitted, “Seems like they wanted their best minds together.” he joked.

Tamara rolled her eyes, “Oh god! How could they even think of such a thing?”

“Maybe they thought that we would work well together.”

“No, we won’t work well together.” Tamara said.

“Because we slept together?” he asked with a smirk.

“Yes! I mean, no, it’s not just because we slept together. We’re just too different. You do things your way and I do things the right way.” she pointed out.

“You didn’t seem to mind the way I did things the other night.” Kent grinned.

Tamara couldn’t control her blush before it erupted on her cheeks. “See! See, this is exactly what I mean. We can not work together.”

“But we could do that thing again, right. Or maybe something different. Maybe we can. . .” he leant forward and whispered in her ear the rest of his suggestion.

Tamara pushed him away. “That’s never going to happen!”

“What happened to us being adults, just having fun? Isn’t that what you said in Atlanta.” he said running his hand up her arm.

Tamara had to move behind her desk to put distance between them, before she could admit, “Okay, so I lost my good sense for a night. It was actually really good, but, it won’t ever happen again for several reasons.”

“You’re sober and we’re no longer strangers?”

“No,” Tamara said offended, “Because I don’t get involved with co-workers. It’s been a rule of mine, and I would like to stick to it.” She explained, “Look, I’m going to accept the Chrysler campaign and I don’t suppose it would be possible to convince you not to accept.”

“That we do agree on.” Kent said.

“So, we are going to be working together. Professionally only.” she added quickly.

“Until you decide you want more of this.” Kent grinned.

“Don’t hold your breath.” Tamara said giving him a warning look, but inside she was just barely holding it together. The way he looked at her, knowing he could make her orgasm like no man before him ever had, made her feel on edge. The line she never dared to crossed never seemed so whisper thin. To add width to that line, she went on. “Also, I’m in a relationship with someone.” she revealed.

“What do you mean? What kind of relationship?” Kent asked curious.

“I have a boyfriend. Craig. We live together. We’ve been together two years now.” Tamara said slowly regaining her resolve.

“So, you cheated on your boyfriend when we slept together. Well, we didn’t actually sleep, but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I guess I did. Like I said, I had a lapse of judgment over the weekend. Maybe I had too much too drink. But it’s something that I’m confident will never happen again.” Tamara said crossing her arms across her chest.

When Kent walked out of Tamara’s office, Billie was standing next to the door, staring after him.

“Mm, who’s that tall drink of water? He’s tasty.” Billie grinned licking her lips.

“He’s trouble.” Tamara said.

“Trouble for some, an adventure for me.” Billie winked.

Tamara grabbed Billie’s arm, “Under any circumstances, you can not get involved with him. He’s off limits for you.”

“Ow, okay.” Billie agreed as Tamara let her arm go.

“I’m sorry, I just . . .” Tamara composed herself and apologized.

“Who is he anyway?” Billie asked even more curious.

“Kent James. The new Associate Marketing Director.”

Billie turned to her boss and frowned, “Wait? What? Where are you going?”

“Nowhere. Help me draft the Chrysler project outline and I’ll explain.” Tamara said as she got back to work.


Over the next few days, Kent became the hot new subject around the office. All the single young ladies made a point of stopping by his new office to welcome him. Although Kent flirted back with every single one of them, he only had eyes for one person, Tamara. He didn’t understand his own single-minded focus on her. He had already fucked her, so what was this ongoing attraction to her. Maybe, it was the challenge of it, knowing that she was off limits and he found her rigid morality to be ironic and contradictory, especially after experiencing her unleashed in the bedroom. Maybe if the right situation presented itself, he could see her lose control again.

Later that week, during a meeting with Tamara and their marketing team members, Kent found it difficult to concentrate. His eyes stayed focused on Tamara as she stood before the group and presented the strategy for the Chrysler campaign. He had a very vivid memory of her body, her taste and smell, it was seared into him like a cattle brand. He had to resist the urge to slid his hand up her thigh, under her skirt, and make her remember how good he can make her feel.

After the meeting as Tamara is gathering her presentation, Kent stood by and just smiled at her.

“Well, that went great.” Tamara said, then added, “probably because you didn’t have much to say.”

“Because you did just well all by yourself. I really like your ideas.” Kent said.

Tamara turned to him with a surprised look, “Really?”

“Yes, Tamara. They are good ideas. You are not only beautiful and sexy as hell, but very smart and good at your job.”

Tamara took the compliment wearily, “Why are you being nice?”

Kent shrugged his shoulders and moved closer to her, “We don’t have to be enemies, we can be really, really good friends.” he said as he stood before her. Kent placed his hands on her waist, then slid them down to cupped her round ass. He held her close to him as he lowered his lips to hers.

Tamara’s breath caught in her throat as his lips brushed against hers, she also felt the unmistakably pressure of his cock pressed against her. She parted her lips and leant forward, his breath mingled with hers, but their kiss incomplete. Just then Billie opened the conference room door, “Hey Tamara, I need the. . .” Billie stopped short when she saw Tamara pull away from Kent quickly.

Kent cleared his throat and addressed Billie sharply, “What do you want?”

“Sorry. Am I interrupting something here?”

“No, nothing.” Tamara said and continued to gather her ipad. “I was just getting my things and leaving. I’ll meet you in my office.”

“Okay.” Billie said giving them both a suspicious look before leaving them.

“So, maybe later we can pick this up where we were unfortunately interrupted?” Kent asked.

“What? No, Kent, no. Nothing happened.” Tamara insisted as she walked away with damp panties and shaky legs.

Frustrated, Kent let out a heavy sigh and grabbed his own belongings, leaving the conference room for his office. Just for a moment, Tamara had let down her guards and if Billie hadn’t come in when she did, Kent had no doubt that they would have kissed, maybe more.


Tamara was sitting at her desk going over a recent report when Billie stormed into the office, nearly slamming the door behind her.

“Oh, you little slut! You have been keeping a big secret from me.” Billie said.

“Um, excuse me?” Tamara asked confused. If Billie wasn’t such a good friend and a good worker, Tamara wouldn’t have thought twice about giving her walking papers for an entrance like that.

“You know what I’m talking about. I figured it out on my own because you couldn’t even tell your best friend the whole truth. It took me a while, but I put two and two together, and bam! I know who your Mr. Hot-lanta is!”

“Billie, come on. What are you talking about?”

“It was only after he told me that he attended the same conference in Atlanta, and then how he zipped up when I asked him about running into you. You little slut, you slept with Kent James.” Billie said with a smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tamara tried to deny it all, very poorly.

“Oh, c’mon. Admit it was him. You already told me how great it was, how hot he was, and now I have a name and a face to put with your hot sexy weekend.”

“It wasn’t the whole weekend. Just one night. That’s all.” Tamara said, knowing that she would regret it, “Then again in the morning.”

“Now I understand why you are so adamant against me flirting with Kent. You fucked Kent.” Billie said in a mocking sing-song tone.

“I had too much to drink.” Tamara tried to justify her choice, “He walked me back to the hotel. One thing lead to another and we kissed and things got heated. I was really missing Craig. It should have never happened.”

“So, when you two are in those closed door meetings, are you fucking him? Like the other day when I walked in on you two in the conference room. Kent actually looked like he would kill me for interrupting.” Billie asked curious.

“No, we are not fucking.” Tamara said in a low whisper.

“Why not? I’m not judging you. No, in fact, I would be proud of you.” Billie smiled. “I’ve always knew you had an inner sex vixen, once you let your hair down, you get down and dirty.”

“Billie! Nothing is going on between us. We can barely tolerate one another.” Tamara said.

“That’s even hotter. Hate sex.” Billie said excited.

“Stop it, Billie. I don’t hate him. We just clash when it comes to this job. I would rather not talk about Kent.” Tamara said, even though she couldn't stop thinking of him. “Craig will be back home in a few days, and I want to plan something special for him.”

“Whoa! Hold up. You fuck one of the hottest men alive and you still want to be with Craig?” Billie asked confused.

“Yes. We have a lot of history, and its not always about sex.” Tamara admitted.

“And did you think about all that history as Kent was giving you the ‘best oral you’ve had in your life’? Seriously, Tam, what’s wrong with you?”

Tamara shrugged, “I’m happy with Craig. We are doing really good and I really miss him.” she said, then added, “ And I’m never telling you anything, ever again.”

“I’m assuming that Craig is clueless about your little debauched weekend with Kent?”

“I don’t see any reason he should know. I made a stupid mistake, got carried away. Kent agrees. We both have a mutual understanding about what happened and why it will never happen again.”

Billie pouted, “Okay, so, if you both are over it, I guess I can be, too. It’s just, for a moment there, I thought I was rubbing off on you. Maybe you were learning to be carefree and easy.”

Tamara couldn’t resist a wicked grin, “I’m never easy. He had to work really hard to get this.”

“That’s more like it.” Billie smiled as she headed to the door.

“Oh, and Billie, you have to promise me this is not going to be the water cooler gossip.”

“You know me better than that.” Billie said feigning offense, “I promise it’ll be our little secret.”

As soon as Billie left Tamara’s office, she marched over to Kent’s office. She knocked once before entering.

“Hey, Billie, don’t be shy. Come on in.” he said sarcastically as she let herself into his office. He looked up from his work and smiled at her. “So, did Tamara send over the report?”

Billie just stood with her hands on her hips and tapping her foot as she looked him over.

“No, she’s still working in it.” she said.

“Um, so, did you want something else?” Kent asked.

“Maybe I would have if my best friend, and boss, hadn’t staked her claim.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. What are you talking about, Billie?” he asked confused.

“You know, Tamara always confide in me. Not just work stuff, but personal, intimate matters, too.” Billie admitted.

“Okay, I see where this is going.” Kent stood and went to close his office door, then turned to Billie. “So, you know about Atlanta, huh?”

“Mmhm, every little raunchy detail.” Billie exaggerated. “I know all about how you ‘get down’.”

Kent laughed, “I didn’t figure Tamara as the kiss-and-tell type.”

“Did you know that she was absolutely glowing when she came in on Monday. She had a smile on her face, a pep in her step, she practically had rays of sunshine beaming out of her vagina. She was happy like I’ve never seen her before.”

“I usually have that effect.” Kent boasted, then leant in to Billie, “So, is that what you’re in here for? You want the Kent James effect?” he smiled at her.

Billie looked him up and down, “Baby, you wouldn’t be able to handle all this.” she grinned.

“I bet I can give it a good try.” Kent flashed his mega-watt smile and gave her a wink of his sparkling blue eyes..

Billie took a step back. “Well damn, you are fine. If only Tamara didn’t get her nails into you first. Not only will she fire me, she will kill me, if I dared laid one fingernail on you.”

“There’s nothing between us. She’s in a relationship, her boyfriend, Chris, Carl, something.”

“Craig.” Billie corrected him.

“Whoever. I like you Billie, you’re very straightforward and honest. I know what I’d be getting into with you.” Kent flirted.

“What if I told you that Tamara still thinks about you.” Billie said.

“I don’t care. I need someone more confident about what she wants, who’s not afraid of a powerful sex drive, her own or mine. I think you know what I mean.”

Billie had to keep her arms crossed or she would grab him and show him her powerful sex drive, “I really should have went to that conference, but as it is, Tamara still wants you. She haven’t admitted it to herself yet, but I know her. She protest too strongly, as if she is trying to convince herself.” Billie made her way to his door then stopped to add, “Craig is back in town next week. Make your move if you want her, again.”

After Billie left his office, her words stuck with him. For the rest of the day, all Kent could think about was the possibility of having Tamara again. He was still in his office after hours when he heard the unmistakably click of heels out in the hallway, going towards the elevators. With a practiced ear, he recognized the gait as Tamara’s. She had been avoiding him all week since their encounter in the conference room

Kent left his office and made a dash for the elevator, sliding his hand between the doors just as they were closing. The doors reopened and he stepped on. Tamara was standing in the middle of the elevator, alone. It was well after 6 o’clock, Tamara thought that she was the only one working late in the offices. She was surprised that Kent was still here. Tamara rolled her eyes when he stood next to her.

They both stood silent for a while before Kent smiled, “We have a thing with elevators, huh?”

Tamara stepped away from him and immediately regretted it. She didn’t want to show him that he still had an effect on her.

Kent just smiled, “By the way, I didn’t know that our little fling was up for sharing.” he said.

“What? What are you talking about?” Tamara asked confused.

“You didn’t leave out any details, too. Billie was really informed on my, um, skills.”

“Oh god! Billie!” Tamara said upset, then started apologizing. “Look, I’m sorry. It didn’t happen like that. Billie is one of my best friends. When I got back on that Monday, we got talking and she kept pressing me for details. I never mentioned your name. I don’t think she knew it was you until today. How she figured it out, I don’t know.”

“Maybe it’s all this sexual tension you still have for me.” Kent teased.

“God, no!” Tamara said in distaste.

“You still want me.” Kent smiled. “The more you deny it, the more I know it’s true.”

“Kent, I will never sleep with you again.” she said. In her mind it was true, but not a full admission that she still wanted another night with him.

“Because of Craig? Because we work together?” Kent asked. “What if those boundaries didn’t exist. What if we were free to . . .”

“But we’re not, Kent. I can’t change the past, like you can’t change the present. Yes, we fucked, I can’t take that back. Like you can’t change the fact that I’m with Craig.” Tamara explained. “Why am I even explaining myself to you, of all people. You apparently have a long list of women you fuck and forget about. So, forget about me, Kent, okay?” The elevator dinged and the doors slid opened. Tamara rushed out of the building leaving Kent staring after her in the wake.

Kent sighed deeply conflicted, he liked a challenge, but he has never chased after a woman, no matter how much he wanted her. His ego was too proud to do so.


Over the next week, Kent stuck to his resolve of not pursuing Tamara. He actually starting openly flirting with other co-workers. He still had moments of weakness whenever they were working closely together. During those moments of weakness, he usually reminded himself that there were plenty of woman who would happily spread their legs for him. He reverted back to his usual promiscuous self, within a week’s time, Kent had a full schedule of one-nighters. One of the one-nighters turned into a really nice second date that Kent found himself looking forward to. After about a week of playful dates and nights of really hot sex, Kent realized that he could have something serious with this girl. He liked her, she like him, and she didn’t have a lofty sense morality that got in the way of a good time.


At the same time, Craig returned home from his Japanese business trip. Tamara was very excited to have him back home after 8 weeks away. On his first night back, Tamara planned a big dinner with all of his favorites foods. Afterwards, they made love, desperately clinging to one another. She repeated this each night of his first week back.

Each morning after their intense love making, Tamara went into work expecting Billie to comment on her “glow”. Either Billie was too preoccupied to notice or her glow did not exist. By the end of the week, Tamara was convinced it was the latter. As she laid in bed next to Craig, Tamara couldn’t help but think that no amount of fucking Craig would give her that same glow she had after her one night with Kent. Craig was a good lover, very attentive and loving, but Kent was a great lover. Even though it has been over a month since that one night, Tamara still had a very clear memory of all the things they did and how it made her feel. Even now, with Craig right next to her, she couldn’t control the warm flush that came over her body while thinking of Kent.

Craig turned to Tamara and softly kissed her shoulder, “Are you still awake?’ he asked.

Tamara turned to him and smiled, “I’m still awake. Actually, I can’t sleep.”

“Me, too. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, since I’ve been back, really.” Craig admitted.

“What? What is it?” Tamara asked concerned.

Craig sat up in bed and took a deep breath, “Something happened in Japan. I met someone.”

Tamara sat up suddenly, “You met someone?”

“Shit, Tam, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to tell you like this. Especially after all you did this week. You have been so loving and wonderful, you know that. But this has been heavy on my mind and I felt that you need to know why I’ve been kind of distanced.”

“No, I’m not wonderful Craig.” Tamara admitted sadly.


Billie was unusually quiet when Tamara came in the next morning. Tamara had called Billie after leaving Craig at the apartment last night. They sat up all night talking, then Tamara crashed on Billie’s couch.

Now, Tamara walked into her office, sat her things down on the desk and took a deep breath. She felt as if her whole world had crumbled down before her with her revelation last night. She walked back out to Billie’s desk.

“Any messages?” she asked.

“Just one from accounting, Angela would like to run some numbers with you, and then you have the meeting with Bagley at noon” Billie said.

“Can you pull that file for me before the meeting?” Tamara asked.

Billie handed Tamara a folder, “Already have.” Billie smiled, “I have your back, you know that.”

Tamara couldn’t help but smile at Billie. She was such a great assistant and best friend, “Thanks so much, Billie, for everything. I know I was a wreck last night.”

“Yes, you were.” Billie teased. “You know you can crash at my place as long as you need to.”

“No, no. I should really find an apartment of my own. Or at least a hotel room until I can do so. I don’t want to interrupt your hot social life.”

“I liked our little slumber party last night. It was fun, reminded me of my college days.”

“No, I need my own space. I need to get my things from the condo, too.” Tamara said

Just then a tall and cute brunette came up to them, “I’m sorry, I apologize for eavesdropping, but I think I can help you out.” she said to Tamara before extending her hand to her. “My name’s Tina and I happen to be a real estate agent. There are a lot of really nice condos in the area. I could show them to you sometime, if you are interested.”

Tamara smiled, “Thanks, I would like that. My day is pretty busy here today, but maybe tomorrow?”

“No pressure.” Tina smiled. “Anytime you have available. Here, “ she reached into her purse and pulled out a business card for Tamara. “Call me when you are ready.”

“Thanks, Tina, I will. I’ve got to say, you have perfect timing and never mind about eavesdropping. You were like an angel who heard my thoughts.” Tamara smiled.

“Yeah, something like that.” Billie said after Tina excused herself.

Tamara looked at the card, “Tina Severino, she was really nice. Is she new here?”

“You really haven’t been with us the past couple of weeks, huh?” Billie said.

“What? Is there something else going on that I’m oblivious to?”

“Only that Tina, your new real estate agent, is Kent’s new girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? You mean fuck friend.” Tamara said as she headed back into her office.

Billie followed, “Well, that too, I suppose. But he has been really smitten with Tina. That’s why she’s here, they have this outgoing lunch date every Wednesday. They are probably just fucking, but it’s getting really serious with them, he not at all flirty anymore. I think Tina has tamed the wild beast in him.”

“That’s great. Great for Kent.” Tamara said pretending to be busy and not care.

Billie gave Tamara a curious look before leaving her alone in the office.

Tamara had to admit, she never saw that coming. Kent James has a girlfriend? , she thought to herself. After Craig’s confession about his affair in Japan, Tamara came clean about her one nighter with Kent. They agreed that it was time for them to pursue other means of happiness, but did she really think it would be that easy? That she would waltz into work, throw herself at Kent, and they would be picture perfect? He never once spoke of having anything other than sex with her, albeit the best sex in her entire life. She was unsure about whether that was something she could do, yet decided to take a leap of faith when she told Craig about their fling. Now, her confession was all but a moot point since Kent has finally moved on from her.


Tamara was trying to put her carry-on bag in the overhead bin when someone offered her a hand from behind.

“Thanks.” Tamara smiled before turning around and seeing Kent.

“No problem.” Kent smiled.

“Are you following me?” Tamara asked.

“You wish.” Kent teased. “I’m heading to Atlanta for the Ad Awards. And, I’m going to assume that’s where you are headed, too?”

Tamara frowned, “Bagley didn’t inform me that you would be attending, too.”

Kent shrugged, “Why wouldn’t I? I worked on the campaign that has been nominated.”

“Barely.” Tamara said as she settled in her window seat. Kent tucked his bags away and sat next to her. “Um, you’re sitting next to me, too?”

Kent smiled, “What? I thought we were passed all that.”

“Sure, yeah.” Tamara said.

“And, honestly, I’ve never been keen on flying, it would be nice to sit by a friendly face.” Kent admitted.

Tamara couldn’t keep from smiling at the thought of Kent James afraid of flying.


After accepting the award for Excellence in Marketing, Kent suggested celebrating with drinks at the bar. Tamara was on a high from the win and agreed to a drink. As they sat at the bar with their drinks, they started fairly nice and civil, congratulating each other for the work put in to win the award.

“Told you we would work well together.” Kent smiled.

Tamara sighed, before agreeing, “You know I hate to say so, but yeah, I guess we do work well together.” she smiled at him.

They shared a brief moment until Kent looked away and cleared his throat. “So, Tina told me that you closed on one of the condos that she showed you. How’s that going?”

“It’s going nice. I love my new place. Tina really did a great job showing me places that fit what I was looking for. She’s great.” Tamara said.

“Let us know when the housewarming party is. We would love to come by.” Kent smiled before taking a drink. “You know, I have to tell you, I was kind of shocked when Tina told me she was showing you condos, by yourself. I didn’t realize that things weren’t working out with Craig.”

Tamara shrugged her shoulders, “It just kind of happened. I guess we grew apart.” She downed the rest of her drink and ordered another from the bartender.

“I guess some people don’t know a good thing when they have it.” Kent said.

Tamara smiled, “Like Tina. She must be pretty amazing. She has done what no one else could, she tamed Kent James.”

“Sedated, not the least bit tamed.” Kent grinned wickedly.

Tamara arched a well groomed brow, “Really?”

Kent leaned in closer to Tamara, “There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about fucking you, again, Tamara.”

Tamara turned to look at him. His desire for her was visible and inescapable. She couldn’t hide her own feelings when he was so open. “Me too.” she admitted.


Minutes later, Kent and Tamara are standing in the hallway, outside her hotel room. Kent pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hungrily, devouring her mouth as his hands move up her dress.

Tamara reluctantly pulled away, “Kent, um, wait.”

“Changing your mind already, huh?” Kent asked.

Tamara just smiled as she swiped her key card and pulled him into the room. Kent followed her, closing the door behind him. Once inside the room, Tamara walked him over to the large bed. He laid back and pulled her on top of him, straddling his hips. As Tamara undid his belt and pants, his hand moved up her thighs, under her dress, and slid into her panties.

Tamara let out a moan when his fingers massaged her clit, “Mmmm, fuck me Kent.”

He wasted no time as he shoved his throbbing erection deep inside her causing them both to release guttural moans. Kent stayed still and buried deep for a moment to gather his sense of control while Tamara was restless and she grinded against him.

Kent leant forward, kissing her softly as she unbuttoned his shirt. Tamara sat up straddling him as she eased her dress over her head. She began sliding up and down his solid length, loving how deep and complete he filled her. She planted her palms on his firm abs as she rode him to the brink of orgasm.

Kent loved watching her move her body on him. His hands traveled up her chocolate thighs wrapped around him, then up her smooth toned stomach, up to her full breasts. Kent pinched her nipples through the satiny fabric of her bra, causing Tamara to moan louder. He pulled the cup of the bra down, exposing the taut, dark nipple before sitting up and taking it into his mouth.

“Yes!” Tamara shivered at his warm and moist touch on her sensitive peak. That was enough to push her over the cliff of an amazing orgasm.

Finally, in full control of himself, Kent grabbed her by the waist, and laid her back in bed. He peeled her soaked lace panties off and kicked his pants and boxer briefs aside, too. He placed his hands at the back of her knees and pushed her legs up toward the headboard as he entered her fast and deep.

“Oh fuck!” Tamara cried out as Kent began ramming into her. After a while he eased up a bit, shortening his down stroke, she lowered her legs, wrapping them around him tightly, “Don’t stop.”

“You like that, huh?” Kent grinned her. “You like when I fuck you hard, huh?”

“Yes, Kent, please.” she begged.

Seeing Tamara subjugated and begging for him to fuck her senseless, made Kent willing to do anything she asked of him. If she only knew the spell she had on him. No, Tina had not tamed him, only one woman could do that, he thought as gave her all that he had.


Tamara laid staring up at the the ceiling as she slowly returned to a resting heart rate. Kent laid next to her, heat radiated off his sweat sheened body and his breathing just as labored as her own. For a moment, Tamara let herself believe that this was their world, it was just the two of them and the raw lust they shared. In this pretend world, they could give themselves freely to each other without hurting others. Of course that wasn’t the case, Kent was attached to Tina. Tamara groaned in frustration, causing Kent to reach out for her.

“Damn baby, I’ve never cummed like that before.” Kent grinned, his hand leisurely caressing her stomach, pulling her to him.

Just his touch against her skin made her pussy warm and tingly. She could easily turn to him, return his touch, and they could go for a second round, but with the thought of Tina already in her head, Tamara fought that urge. She reluctantly pulled away, pulling her bra over her exposed breasts as she stood up and headed to the bathroom.

Kent was taken aback from her cold reaction to his touch. Just a few minutes ago, they were sharing a powerful, soul shaking orgasm together. He watched as she disappeared into the hotel’s bathroom, closing the door behind her. He heard the toilet flush then shower turn on after a moment.

What did I do now? , Kent thought, sitting up in bed. He had an overwhelming feeling of deja vu, remembering how she left him after their first encounter. The past couple months felt like torture and he did not want to go through that, again.

Pushing the sheets aside, Kent rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom. He was relieved to know that she did not lock the door, as he pushed it open and walked in. He saw her bra laying on the floor and her dark, shapely silhouette behind the textured glass paned shower door. He strode forward, slid the door aside, and stepped into the generous shower. The water was steady and cool as it streamed down her body.

“What are you doing?” Tamara asked surprised by his appearance. She couldn’t help admiring his full frontal exposure. His chest broad and sparsely covered in dark hair, as it tapered down to a tight and defined abdomen. Even flaccid, he was really quite impressive, his heavy cock hung sleepy against his thigh. It took all of her control to not reach out and touch his body.

“I don’t know what it is about you, but I can’t keep my hands off of you.” he said as he reached for her.

“Kent, we’ve been here and done this. I can’t do this again. We’ll just be repeating past mistakes.” Tamara warned taking a step back.

“You’re right, I don’t want to repeat what happened after the last time. I want to make better mistakes.” he said stepping forward, he pushed a strand of her wet wavy hair from her cheek. “Tamara, just say that you don’t want me, again, and I promise I will leave you alone.”

Tamara sighed defeated, “You asked me that before and I lied to you. I don’t want to lie to you, again. Yes, Kent, I want you, but its just lust.”

“More like a craving.” Kent said, his eyes following a white sudsy bubble as it trickled down her slick, wet chocolate skin, down the inward slope of her meticulous groomed mound. He took another step toward her, her back against the back wall of the shower.

Tamara saw the intensity of his desire in his blue eyes and tried to steel herself from his imminent approach. “Kent, we can’t…” she protested weakly holding out her hand to keep him at bay.

“Oh, I believe we already have and definitely will again and again and again.” he said, his cock now stood strong and alert as he went down on his knees before her.

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