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Mary and jack ch. 1

Mary and Jack start something grand
This is My first story. Please let me know how you like it.

Mary and Jack are lovers, but nobody knows about it. She is 32, he is 17. She is a high school english teacher that is married with two kids; he is a nerd that just so happens to have the biggest cock in the school. Jack wasn't popular until that day in the showers after his first gym class. As all the boys walked into the shower, all eyes were on the 9 inch long, 4 inch wide monster between his legs. Now he is the talk of the school. All of the guys want to be him, all of the girls want to do him. But He only has eyes for Mary.

Their affair started in a way one might not imagine it. Mary had heard about Jack's....tool. Her husband wasn't near what she had heard about Jack and she had to see it for herself. So one day, as she was teaching her class, she looked out of her door and seen Jack headed toward the restroom. She had planned this all week. Everyday at the same time, Jack went to the restroom. So she quickly excused herself as her students were reading and walked out of the door just as jack went into the restroom.

When She got to the door, she had to quickly dart to the otherside of the hall as another student walked out. Not sure that nobody else was in there, she slowly inched her way in. After looking into the mirror and not seeing anybody else, she walked in and locked the door just as Jack turned around, just now zipping it up.

“Mrs. Johnson,” Jack stuttered. “What....uummm.....what are you doing in here?”

“Well, I have heard so many stories about your buddy,” she said, looking down at his crotch.

“Oh,” clearing his throat. “It´s not all that good,” Jack managed as he tried to inch his way around the sinks to the door.

Mary put her hand on his as he came into reach.

“Please, let me see it. I promise I won't tell if you don't.”

“Ok. I guess a look won't hurt. But I have to get back to class quick. Mr. Thomas told me not to take long.” Jack reached down to his zipper.

“Here, I will take care of that for you.”

Mary pulled down his zipper, revealing the fact that Jack liked to go commando. She reached in and gently pulled his cock out. Even limp, the veins still popped out. Her jaw dropped. She couldn't believe the girth. She couldn't get her fingers around it. She looked up at Jack who smiled as he slid his glasses up he face (like nerds do).

“Forgive me if im nervous, Mrs. Johnson. Nobody has ever touched it before. But I should be heading back now.” He nervous tried to walk away.

“Well if nobody has ever touched it, then I guess nobody has ever done this either.”

She moved her face closer, lifted the large rod up, and licked it from his balls to the head as a soft moan escaped out of Jacks lips. She felts his knees shake out of excitement. “Honey, sit up on the sink. Let me show you how this really feels.”

He didnt even say a word. He unbuttoned his jeans and pratically ripped his jeans to the floor. He was ready for this. All time seemed to stand still and before he was even on the sink, his rod was as in hard as a rock. He looked down at Mary who was looking up smiling at him.

She was just as excited but was a little frightened. She had never seen any cock this big in real life. Sure, in those porn movies she watched online, there were some bigger. But in real life, this was enormous. She kissed the head as she cupped his big balls in her right hand and rand her left hand up and down his shaft.

Mary had never had a gag reflex which allowed her to give the best blowjobs any of the men she had been with had ever had. However, the girth of Jack's cock made it near impossible for her to fit it in her mouth....near impossible. She strecteched her mouth as wide as she could and slowly slid her head down the length of his shaft. She felt the head touch her tonsels and keep going. She lowered her neck which allowed Jack's cock to go down into her throat.

Mary looked up. The look on Jack's face was priceless. His eyes were rolled back and he had the biggest grin on his face. As she started going up and down, Jack started moaning. Any shyness that he had quickly went out the window as Mary moved her head back and forth and rotated her hands around is shaft, sending wave after wave of pleasure up his body.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM dont stop. SSSSHHHHIIIIITTTTTT these feels so fucking good.”

Mary raised her head off his cock as it popped out of her mouth. She didnt waste no time in moving her mouth to his balls. They were very hairy and she loved it. She took both balls at the same time in her mouth and sucked on them as she continued jerking him off. Her hands were moving with mind boggling speed.


Mary quickly released his balls and put her mouth back on his shaft. She loved cum. She would drink it with her dinner if she could; so she wasnt about to miss this. As soon as her mouth went down, Jack tensed up and grabbed her head for the first time, holding her in place as he pulled her hair. She knew what was next.

Spurt after spurt hit the back of her mouth. She stuck his dick as far in her throat at she could and started to swallow. It lasted for what seemed like forever. He was still spitting out cum as she as to take his cock out to breath. Cum went all over her face and down her low cut blouse. As the last little bit came out, she squeezed it and licked him dry. Then she used his cock to wipe the cum all over her face.

She looked up and Jacks head was tilted back and his body went limp with exhaustion. As she stood up, she could see the smile on his face and the pure look of exctasy on his face. At that point she realized that this would not be their last time. She took out a paper towel and wiped her face off. She decided she would leave the cum that had fallen down her shirt for her to enjoy later.

“How was that, hon?”

Jack was out of breath. He couldn't talk. He tried but no words came so he done the best he could do. He grabbed Mary's waist, puller her to him, and kissed her on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss. It was one of those “yes, that was great” kisses. He released her, pulled up his pants, and walked out. Mary watched as he walked out; her mind racing on what was to come.

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