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I'm not sure where this one came from.. Clearly I've never been married :)

She sleeps, her face a picture painted by the sweet dreams that have her undivided attention.
She smiles and he wonders as he watches her, what she might have to smile about, perhaps it is he.
He strokes her soft cheek as he rests his chin on the upturned palm of his hand, his elbow taking the weight of his heavy head, and it is heavy too because he’s had a hard day.
She had wanted to stay up for his awaited return but sleep found her before he did.
He talks to her, he unburdens himself for the simple release. He imagines her response, for he knows her well.

“I love you” he finalises before sealing it with a gentle kiss to her mouth.

“Mm” she quietly mews before whispering that she loves him more. She smiles though her eyes remained closed.

He pulls her close to him and takes in her warmth, and the sweet smell of her freshly washed hair.
His cock stirs in his pants and presses gently into her side, she recognises it instantly despite her sleepy state and considers for a second whether she should act on it or sleep beside him, their moment untouched by sex.
She remembers how exquisite his hard cock feels inside of her and cements the decision by imagining them falling asleep, his member gently throbbing inside her.
Whilst she’s thinking all this, her lover, her best friend, her husband is removing his pants fervently in preparation for taking what is his.

She drapes a leg backwards over him and his cock, it knows the way, is smoothly driving into her, the very first journey in being the best.


She moans before him as his cock meets her cervix and begins the journey again, encouraged, he reaches around her and claims her full breasts.

‘A side order’ she thinks as he tweaks her nipples simultaneously.

‘Having her nipples played with makes her thirsty’ he thinks as his right hand slides down to her hip and grabs it to gain purchase, driving harder into her, her moisture inviting him telling him that he’s pleasing her.

“You’re beautiful”, he tells her neck, his lips so close they make contact when he speaks.

“Give it to me” she says and he knows now that she needs more if she is to come.

His thrusts quicken and become harder, he wonders how long he will last and how great the release will be as he pounds her now and her cries grow wilder, her breath quicker.

“Please” she begs as she loses control and he knows that she is close, as close as he is.

Her pleading continues, the tone of her voice rising in pitch as her orgasm grabs her, her insides grab him and they explode together, milk each other until they have nothing more to share.
She reaches for his hand and presses it firmly into her belly, indicating that she wants to be held tight and they sleep adjoined, their bodies sealed with sweat, their hearts slowing to a rhythm that matches.
She dreams she can fly and he dreams he is invisible.

Upon waking she winces as she tries to move and remembers their position, the smell of stale sex wafts between them as they separate. Her hand automatically reaches for her pussy to checks its status.
She dips her fingers inside herself and finds the inevitable wetness that is a combination of his seed and her desire for him. She brings her hand up to her mouth and without deciding to do it, she slips her fingers in and sucks the juices, instantly aroused by the brazenness she apparently has no control over.

She turns to face him he’s stirring slightly she notes the groggy expression on his face, the one she’s grown to love. She slips under the duvet and grasps his already hard cock. She wonders why without fail he always wakes in this state and she brushes aside the thought that he might be dreaming of other women more desirable than she is.

She licks her lips and brings her mouth to the tip of his need. The unmistakable taste of her own pussy the first flavour to greet her.
She hears him moan as she widens her mouth and sinks her throat onto him.
She smiles with a mouthful as his hands seek the back of her head, her un-brushed hair knotted beneath his fingers. He tries to tame her but she wants her prize, she wants his first orgasm of the day, she wants to swallow it down.
She increases the pace because it’s hot under the covers and she’s impatient but she doesn’t need to because he knows, he can feel the heat, the sweat building up on her neck beneath her hair, he throws back the covers, he wants to watch his lover, his best friend, his wife, sucking on his cock. He loves the enthusiasm that never falters. He likes listening to the slurps that are the hunger she would never deny.
The sight is too much for him, his hips rise up, his own voices gives him away as he shoots his load into her throat and feels her swallowing every drop, moaning gratefully until she knows he has no more to give.

Inching her way up the bed she joins him and plants a kiss on his dry lips before snuggling in close to him and they fall asleep again, he snores in her ear and she dribbles on his shoulder.

“Saturday, and she forgot to switch off the alarm again” he says out loud as he reaches for the button that stops the incessant bleeping he’s come to dislike.

“Sorry” she murmurs as she rolls away from him to find a cool spot in the bed.

“You will be!” he mocks light heartedly as he follows her and grabs her around her waist.
He follows the length of her right arm to her hand and discovers that her fingers are fumbling lazily with her clitoris, he moans his approval and slips a finger inside her pussy as she continues to play.

“Oh my god” he says as he discovers she is sopping inside.

His fingers are buoyant and he strives to drive more into her, he loves to hear and feel her orgasm and he knows it won’t take long. Her fingers move hysterically on and around her clit as his fingers try desperately to keep up and together they bring her off beautifully.
She screams away from him so as to shield his ears from the full degree of her release and he slows to a standstill as her pleasure subsides.

Without checking she knows that his cock is standing proudly, she rolls onto her front in submission and spreads her legs. “Where will he choose” she silently asks herself just before she feels him prodding her tight obstinate arse.

He eases himself in gently enjoying the pressure on his cock as he overcomes the resistance and it pleases him to hear the words “Yeah, fuck my arse” from his wife’s lips.
He watches as he disappears into her introverted hole and then he gives it to her just as she asked him to.
She rocks back and grinds her arse onto him as she sinks her face and hands into the pillow, she arches her back and eases herself higher and he takes her the way he wants to because she is ‘his’ for the taking.

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