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Parisian Surprise - Part One

Contributing Authors: Alphamagus 
Robert and Juliana visit Paris and take their sex life to a new place.
This story is the seventh in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love. It is different from previous stories in the series as it is the first part of a much longer story. We hope that you will enjoy it and look forward to the next chapter when you reach the end of this one.

Juliana came into the house around 9 PM, exhausted from her day at work, but very happy that it was Friday. Robert had promised her a surprise as an engagement present to themselves. She was expecting a nice bath run for her with candles and a romantic meal out. However, the lights were switched off and she did not sense him being at home yet. Laughing to herself she thought, “Typical Robert, caught up in the office today of all days.”

Feeling a little bemused, she wandered into the dining area and saw that there was a note on the table. It simply said,“Text me when you are home.......Robert x”.

She reached for her phone and sent a terse message to his mobile saying “I am here, where are you?” Laughing to herself, she thought, “That will send him running.” Sure enough, a few minutes later she heard the sound of footsteps traversing the stairs outside. The doorbell rang and she thought that Robert must have forgotten his door key, so she rushed to open it. Instead of Robert however, there was a stranger at the door.

“Can I help you?” asked Juliana.

“Your fiancé asked that you please accompany me to the taxi. He said that you would need to know that I was really sent by him before you agreed to go anywhere and so I am to say the keywords ‘Eton mess and Champagne’ and to tell you that it is a surprise but worth it.”

Juliana knew that Robert must have indeed asked this cabbie to pick her up. The memories of the time that Robert had licked crushed Eton mess from her naked body after dousing it in Champagne sent a sexual shiver that went right through her. Smiling to herself, she asked the cabbie to wait outside while she quickly changed from her work clothes.

She put on a casual dress and got into the cab. She thought to herself that they would more than likely be going out to dinner but, as Robert had not mentioned formal, this light khaki safari dress would do.

After a few minutes, Juliana noticed that they were headed away from the restaurant areas downtown that they usually went to and were on the highway heading in the direction of the airport.

“Can I ask where we are going, please?” she asked the cabbie.

“Sorry, miss, I am under strict instructions not to give you that information,” he replied sheepishly.

The cab, after what seemed ages to Juliana but was in fact only forty minutes, pulled up outside one of the terminals at the airport. Robert was standing on the pavement waiting for her. He paid the cabbie and thanked him. Then he opened the door for Juliana and extended his hand to help her out of the cab.

“Darling, where are we going?” she asked.

“You will have to trust me, darling. I am going to blindfold you now. You will be able to take off the blindfold only when we go through customs. The blindfold will then be put back on until we are safely boarded. Please do not be alarmed, but I want this to be a surprise.”

Juliana hesitantly acquiesced. She trusted Robert implicitly and she knew that he would never let any hurt befall her. She slipped the blindfold over her head and covered her eyes. Robert took her hand and led her inside.

“I have spoken to the airline. They understand the need for the blindfold and are only too happy to cater to our needs,” he said with a smile in his voice. “I have also spoken to all of your colleagues and they are willing to cover your cases at work for a week. I have packed your clothes and got your passport. In fact, darling, there is nothing at all that you need to fret about for seven whole days.”

Juliana smiled at this. Work was pretty light for the next two weeks anyway and trust Robert to get all of her colleagues in on his surprise. She let out a soft sigh of relief that he had seemed to have thought of everything and actually started to feel a little sexual frisson due to the blindfold and the smell of Robert’s cologne which was strong and sensual. “Just like him,” she thought.

She walked silently along corridors, into lifts and along moving walks led by Robert. She was very aware of the cacophony surrounding her, but strangely she felt peaceful.

“If you would like to take off your blindfold now, darling, we are entering passport control and security.”

She hesitantly removed it and looked around to see if she could glean any clue to their destination. There were a few people around also waiting to pass through, but they held no discernible clues to where they were going.They passed passport control without incident and she was asked by Robert to put on the blindfold again.

Robert led her to the gate but noticed the large Duty Free Shop adjacent to it. He realized that he had not packed completely for Juliana as he had no idea what make-up or toiletries to take for her other than the obvious toothbrush. He told her that he would remove the blindfold so that she could choose the make-up, skin care products and whatever else she wanted. As well he wanted to buy her some perfume - perhaps two or three - and some aftershave for himself.

“Now you have carte blanche to buy everything you need and more if you see things that you like. And please choose some perfume - perhaps your favourites and a new one,“ he told her.

“You realize this is like letting a child loose in a candy store, letting me free to have everything in here. There are even some Hermes scarves.......” Juliana hinted.

“I meant it. No limits. Whatever you want. I will find my aftershave and tell you what I think of the new scent you choose when you are ready. But you must promise - no peeking at the gates,” Robert insisted.

Juliana nodded and got a shopping basket. There was no way she would be able to carry all of the small packages easily. She noticed that Robert kept the boarding passes that would have to be shown when they paid for their purchases and thought he was not taking any chances of her finding out where they were going.

She went through the store, collecting what she needed from her favourite skincare and make-up lines with a few extras and added a large Belgian chocolate bar for Robert’s sweet tooth. She found her favourite perfumes and tried a few unfamiliar ones before settling on one which happily met with Robert’s approval. The Hermes scarf stayed in the display. Three bottles of perfume was more than generous of Robert, along with everything else, especially when she looked at the single package he added to the basket. He really did love to spoil her.

Robert paid at the register and then replaced her blindfold. They returned to the gate and sat down to wait. Robert had arranged with the airline to board prior to the rest of the passengers so that Juliana would not hear the announcement and therefore know their destination.

“This is crazy,” she thought to herself. “I am surrendering completely to him without asking anything. What happened to the strong, independent woman that I used to be?” She contemplated this for a few moments when she felt Robert’s hand in hers.

“Darling, we are boarding now. Please bear with me for a few moments longer and then we can remove the blindfold for good.”

Juliana was pulled to her feet and, after finding Robert’s hand, she allowed him once more to lead her.

“We are now entering the aircraft, darling. I think that you will be happy. I have got us executive first class seats, and, apparently as it is a smaller plane, late and the weekend, there are no other people travelling with us in this cabin.”

Juliana felt the blindfold being removed and gasped at the luxuriousness of the seat in front of her. Her seat was facing Robert’s, offset slightly, with a screen between them. “It does look removable,” she thought to herself naughtily. They stowed their travel bags and walked to the self-service bar at the end of the cabin. Robert sat on the stool next to her after pouring her a tall gin and tonic.

”Darling, we are going away for seven days. One of those days is going to be spent travelling. I want the remaining days to alternate with each of us being in control. On my days, I want you to do everything I tell you to do without complaint or worry. I will not harm you in any way, but you must submit to my commands totally. For your days, the roles will be reversed and I will be yours to do with as you will. Do you agree to these terms?”

Juliana felt herself start to flush but at the same time felt an incredible sexual buzz start to emanate from between her legs. She never had considered herself to be submissive, but the idea of being compliant to Robert and then reversing roles was exciting.

“Okay, darling, as long as I have a turn being in control. I know that you would not let any harm come to me. I accept,” she said.

She could only begin to imagine what plan Robert had for her or indeed where they were going. Juliana was usually in control of most situations, so ceding this control was a departure and, she thought, an adventure. She decided to allow herself to give in to it and enjoy it. Robert had her trust so it was not an enormous leap of faith.

A flight attendant appeared and asked them to take their seats as they would to taxi shortly for take-off and she had to go through the safety demonstration. They finished their drinks quickly and sat down, fastening their safety belts securely, and prepared for take off. Juliana gauged that they were in quite a large plane and so were probably on a long haul flight. She also mentally calculated that the flight must be greater than six hours long as Robert had mentioned one day for travelling. Six hours there and six back. That eliminated Caribbean islands. Mentally weighing all the possibilities, the only one that she could see was Europe. They had often talked of taking a European trip as Robert was born in England and often said that they should go and meet his family. “That must be it!” she thought. “We are going to London. The times fit perfectly unless he has been deceiving me, knowing that I would work it out.”

She put her head back on the seat and smiled smugly to herself. She had always wanted to visit London with Robert. She had been there when she was a lot younger and loved the excitement of the place. "Dammit," she suddenly realised that she forgotten about Robert’s secret fear of flying. She put her hand around the side of the screen and found his. Squeezing it, she asked, "How are you feeling darling? We will be in the air soon and you can relax."

“I hate flying, especially take-off and landing. I know that it is irrational, but I have never been able to control this fear,” Robert replied.

Juliana stroked his arm gently as the airplane took off. “Focus on my hand, darling, and where it will be stroking later,” she said.

Robert could not help himself. His thoughts automatically pictured a scene of Juliana’s hand gripped around his swollen cock. He smiled to himself and felt such love for the woman sitting behind the screen. Only she would know how to do that, totally transforming his mindset from one of fear to one of pure arousal in an instant.

After a short while, the seatbelt light went out and Juliana walked round the screen to sit with Robert. Although they were slightly uncomfortable, they soon found a way of sitting that enabled the degree of intimacy that they were used to. Sitting apart was not an option if they could sit together, and Juliana wanted to ensure that Robert was calmed for the flight. She hoped her closeness would do that.

Robert, however, was one step ahead of her. He hailed the flight attendant and asked her politely if they could remove the screen. He explained that he had an irrational fear of flying and wanted his fiancée to sit with him to allay his fears. She acquiesced and, with the aid of a colleague, managed to move the dividing screen.

They had the cabin to themselves again and poured themselves another drink. They took them back to their seats where they both laid back so that they were facing each other.

“I want to thank you for this surprise, whatever it is, Robert. I cannot believe that you have planned all of this without me knowing,” Juliana said.

She reached forward and slowly traced the dying remnants of Robert’s earlier arousal. Robert flinched instinctively and they both looked down as the very obvious bulge started hardening again under her touch. She gave his penis a long stroke up and down and then removed her hand.

“They will bring the blankets around soon, I expect. We have plenty more time for that then,” she said in her most husky voice.

“Minx!” Robert mouthed at her, and they both started laughing. Robert was thinking that he was pleased she had picked that dress, not because it was easy for the trip, but because it buttoned all the way down the front. He was already imagining unbuttoning those buttons, one by one, covered by the blanket, and kissing Juliana’s creamy skin, her neck, her breasts, and more.

He had to reach down and shift position of his erect penis as he was becoming quite uncomfortable. There was a trick he used to slow things down when this happened at an inappropriate time that made Juliana laugh uncontrollably. He would recite pi to umpteen decimal places. “Three point one, four, one, five, nine, two, six, five.....” he began.

The evening meal was served and, as with most airplane food, it was bland and boring but provided a little sustenance. Both Robert and Juliana drank a glass of Merlot, and with this, the late hour and the previous drinks, both started to feel more relaxed and a little hazy. After the remains of the food had been taken away, the cabin was darkened and blankets were provided for them to sleep. Robert, however, had other ideas. Both Robert and Juliana had blankets over them and were reclined when his foot started rubbing up the length of her leg.

“Robert, what are you up to?” Juliana asked, knowing full well.

“Just stretching, darling,” Robert replied as his foot travelled up her thigh.

His movements were slow and sensual and Juliana parted her legs slightly allowing him easier access. His foot met the silkiness of her panties and his toes started to stroke up and down the front of them. Juliana let out a soft sigh as she began to feel the first signs of becoming wet. Robert felt her foot rest on his crotch and start moving. He was very hard in seconds. He quickly altered positions so that he was laying next to her rather than away from her and gently kissed her on the lips.

“We will have to be quiet, my darling,” he said as his fingers started unbuttoning her dress.

His hands went to her breasts and started squeezing her bosom through her brassiere. Juliana dropped her hand and felt the tumescence of his cock through the cotton of his chinos. She slowly outlined it with her fingers as his other hand went underneath her dress and traced the opening of her lips through the sodden material of her panties. He kissed her gently as he pulled the panties to one side and slowly started to rub her clitoral hood.

Juliana bit her lip and slowly undid the buttons of his fly and put her hand inside his boxer shorts. She felt a shiver go through him as she grasped the swollen appendage that was very obviously at full hardness already. She stroked him up and down, feeling the creamy moisture on his cockhead and reached below with her other hand to massage his balls. He groaned with the sensation of her hands on him, his desire growing even more.

“God, I want to fuck you right now, darling,” he whispered hoarsely.

Robert slowly inserted two fingers inside of her and slowly started to frig her. She parted her thighs even more to accommodate him and gasped as his fingers did their magic. Suddenly Robert withdrew and whispered, “Turn around, darling.”

Juliana turned under the covers and felt Robert’s hands lifting her dress. He quickly removed her panties and put them in his pocket. She moved backwards slightly so that she could feel his hard length nestled between her buttocks. His hand came around to the front and started to rub her clitoral hood again. He gently teased it out and kneaded it gently between his thumb and forefinger. His other hand started to gently frig her again. Juliana felt her orgasm approaching and Robert sensed this. He withdrew his fingers and wrapped them around his cock, then gently entered her from the rear.

He slid into her easily and just held his full length inside her still for a moment, feeling her muscles throbbing around his shaft, almost clamping him. He started to thrust as his still wet fingers slowly probed her anus. As he felt Juliana move backwards onto his prick, he inserted first one and then two fingers about an inch inside her there. Juliana gasped a little louder than she intended as he increased his movement inside her. He leaned into her and kissed her neck and shoulder.

“Sweetheart, I am so close,” she breathed.

He then felt her hands reach and grasp his behind, pulling him further inside of her. He felt her start to tremble and the approach of his own orgasm. He pumped faster and faster until he felt her climax hit. He let go and shot streams and streams of his hot seed inside of her. They stayed like that for a few minutes, Robert still hard inside of her, before he gently withdrew.

”There is more. You go to the loo first, darling, and I will follow,” he whispered. He still had her panties but would not return them until he had her again. Once was not enough in the mood he was in, and, despite what had just happened, he was still hard.

Juliana smiled to herself as she walked to the toilet. She knew that they were not fooling anyone about what was going on as she saw Robert get up and come down the aisle behind her. He locked the door after them and lifted her onto the small counter that held the sink. He embraced her and kissed her ferociously - her mouth, her neck, and, having undone her dress again, her shoulders and breasts. Juliana was wearing a low-cut bra and the soft pink of her areolae emerged with her gasps, turning Robert on even more. He slipped the lacy fabric down and kissed and sucked her nipples in turn.

Juliana had mastered the button fly - as Robert had explained to her that they were designed to be opened rapidly in one quick pull. He was rigid and throbbing in her hand. She raised her legs around his hips and returned to his mouth and their hungry kisses. Nothing was said. He moved to enter her again, hard and fast and deep, almost animalistic in their fierceness. Robert and Juliana moved in rhythm as his member went into her. Pushing even more, feeling her muscles pulling him in, grasping him as they both reached the ultimate mile high experience. He semen flooded her and he felt her moisture doing the same to him. Still not a word was uttered. Their breath had quickened and their hearts were racing. There was silence until both slowed down, just feeling, not thinking. After several deep breaths and equilibrium was regained, Robert grinned at Juliana.

“Well, so much for your fear of flying, sweetheart. That is one way to distract yourself,“ she laughed. “We had best clean up and get some rest. I think now I need the space in here alone.”

Robert left her panties on the counter and went to the other loo. He met Juliana in the aisle as they both went back to their seats. As she sat back down, Robert kissed the top of her head Robert settled back down behind her and realised that she had immediately fallen asleep. “What an amazing woman,” he thought to himself, ”I am so lucky she agreed to marry me.” He wrapped his arms around her and soon fell asleep himself.

He was wakened by being gently shaken by the flight attendant. “Sir, we are are about twenty minutes from our destination and need to replace the screen. So, if you could please wake your wife and both return your seats into an upright position, we can get it sorted for you.”

He gently wakened Juliana and told her that they were about to land. She woke up with a smile on her face and planted a kiss on his lips.

“So if I look out the window soon, sweetheart, I shall see London, shall I?”

Robert smiled sweetly at her and said, “That is if they have moved London on top of Paris, my darling.”

Juliana’s eyes brightened and she let out a small squeal of delight. “Oh, Robert, you know how much I love Paris.Thank you. Thank you. Are we staying in a hotel in the 16th arrondissement?”

This was one of the most exclusive areas of Paris and Robert knew that it is where Juliana had previously stayed.

“No, darling, We do not want any of that false French snobbery. None of the real Parisians live there. We need to stay in the real heart of the city, so we are staying in Montmartre. I have booked a suite at the Terrass Hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower and Paris below. I figured that you would want the best, so we are having it for an entire week. I wanted us to experience the real Paris without us losing any of the comfort you deserve.”

“We will be a fifteen-minute walk from Sacre Coeur and right on top of the oldest village in Paris.”

Juliana looked at Robert with wonder. She knew that he had visited Paris a few more times than her, but unlike her, he could not speak French at all, and yet he seemed to know exactly the place that she would like in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

The plane landed safely. They collected their bags and made their way to the taxi stand. “Hotel Terass, Montemartre, s’il vous plait,” Robert said to the driver. They got in and sped through the very early morning traffic.

“Well, we have had a sleep of sorts. Would you care for breakfast first, or would you like to go back to bed for a few hours? Regardless of your answer, as soon as the day properly starts for us, you are mine for three days,” Robert said.

“Let’s just check into our room, unpack and head into the city for breakfast, darling. You can tell me what you have planned for me when we are ready to go out,” Juliana replied.

They pulled up outside of the hotel and Robert was about to pay the cab when Juliana interceded. She spoke to the cabbie rapidly in French and handed him some bills that she had changed up at the airport before they had exited it.

Robert took their luggage to the bellboy and checked them both in. They were led to a gorgeous penthouse suite with a marvellous view over the beautiful city below them. After tipping the bellboy, they hastily unpacked and sat down.

“I am going to have a shower and shave.Then while I prepare, you can do the same, darling,” Robert suggested.

Juliana walked around the suite while Robert was in the shower. In normal circumstances, she would have joined him, but she was feeling a little trepidation over Robert’s three day agenda for her. “What could he have planned?” she thought to herself. She heard the shower switch off and so she gathered her toiletries and wandered in. Robert met her at the door with a towel around his waist.

“Don’t be long, darling,” he said. “The week begins when you exit that shower.”

She washed herself thoroughly and realised as she was doing so that she was getting a little turned on by the thought of what Robert had planned for her. Their sex life had always been terrific and she had a thought that it was about to enter a whole new level. She switched the shower off and dried herself off and then fixed her hair and put on some make-up in front of the bathroom mirror. She then wandered back into the room with a towel wrapped around her.

On the bed in front of her was a stunning emerald green dress and a matching set of silk lingerie. Next to it was Robert in a pair of black silk boxer shorts, sporting a very prominent erection and holding a blindfold in his hands.

“If you would like to sit on the bed, darling, as you are, I am going to blindfold you. But before we go any further, I need to know if you are okay with this. If you are not, then we can just spend a lovely week here and enjoy the things we normally enjoy. If you accept however, you are committing to cede control for the next three days. So, for the final time, are you okay with this?” Robert said.

Juliana thought for a minute before replying, “Darling. I am ready for our adventure. I will not change my mind because I know that I can trust you.”

She sat on the bed and Robert walked towards her and placed the blindfold over her eyes. He ensured that it was tightly attached and then he removed her towel and pushed her gently back onto the bed. She heard him stand up and take something from a drawer that he must have placed there when she was showering.

“I think I shall have something to eat before we leave,” he said.

She heard him settle onto the floor in front of her then felt her legs slowly being opened.
At first, she felt a gentle kiss on her toes then the sensual delight of his tongue as it started to lick them. Robert’s tongue was a wonder to behold. It had such strength and was so long. He had used it to very great effect on her many times during their relationship.

She shuddered as he started taking her toes into his mouth and using his tongue to lick between them. First one foot and then the other was subjected to this sensual treat. He started kissing his way up her calves and the lower part of her thighs. His fingers were tracing the outline of her mound and she realised that she was getting very, very wet. She felt him lift her legs and hold them in the air as his mouth descended on her cleft.

He used his tongue lavishly, tracing around her lips before slowly unfurling it inside of her. Her hands went to the back of his head to pull him in deeper. The sensation seemed multiplied by the blindness due to the blindfold. His tongue continued to lick, flick, caress, and thrust inside of her. She felt her juices starting to run freely as he licked at her clitoral hood and gently coaxed her clitoris out with his tongue. He had her in his mouth and sucked on her as his tongue tapped a staccato on the side of her. Juliana thought that she was going to come there and then, when Robert withdrew.

She felt her legs being held even higher and pushed further back towards her head as his tongue now descended on her buttocks. He kissed and nibbled and worked slowly but surely towards her anus. She gasped as he licked around her hole before slowly penetrating it. His tongue dipped in and then out sending her crazy with desire. She felt one of his hands rub her clitoris as his tongue got deeper and deeper inside of her there. She was so close to the edge that she bit her lip as her orgasm approached.

Her anal muscles were contracting over his tongue when she started an intense climax. As soon as Robert sensed this, he withdrew his tongue from her anus and hastily plunged it inside her sopping cunt. The fingers that were rubbing her clitoris dived straight into her anus as he swallowed all of her orgasmic juices as she came. His tongue lapped into her furiously as Juliana felt one of the most incredible orgasms that she had ever experienced. Wave after wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her.

Just as she was gaining her consciousness back, she felt Robert inserting something large and cold into her anus and vagina. He stopped licking her and she felt some strings being stretched over the space between her entrances.

“What are you doing. Robert?” she asked him breathlessly.

“All part of your bargain, darling. You now have two remote-controlled love eggs inserted inside your nether regions. I have the remote control. I have tied their strings together securely so they do not become stuck in any way. All day today they will remain in there except when you are using the bathroom. I do, however, expect them to be replaced immediately afterwards. Now let me test them.”

A sudden large vibration pulsed through Juliana’s genitals and she felt an incredible surge of sexual pleasure rip through her again. It felt like she had not just come at all. She closed her legs and felt another orgasm pulse through her body, the vibrations making her cry out with delight.

Robert let go of the controller and said, “Good, they are in working order”.

“Now, darling, I am very erect and do not wish to go out like this. You have already showered so I am going to come inside of your mouth. I want you to swallow the entire lot.”

She felt herself being pulled up in an upright position and she slowly opened her mouth. Just Robert’s cockhead entered her mouth to start. She licked the salty head and gently traced her tongue all over it before he slid it in further. She bought her hand around and took hold of the shaft and massaged his balls with the other hand. She heard him gasp as she started pumping his staff in earnest to a steady rhythm. Deeper and deeper inside of her mouth she took him and she felt him start to thrust. As he was doing so, she suddenly felt the eggs inside of her start their powerful vibrations again.

The sexuality of the feeling made her whimper. Robert took hold of her head so that he could plunge deeper and faster into her waiting mouth. She felt overcome with the smell of his maleness and the vibrations of ecstasy that were starting again inside of her. Her rubbing of Robert’s cock increased. The hand that was massaging his balls went behind him and one of her fingers started probing his anus. “See how he likes it,” she thought naughtily as she sensed the beginning of his own orgasm. She pushed a finger inside of him and started frigging him there as he let out a large groan of pleasure. His semen hit the back of her throat like an express train. She very nearly gagged with the intensity and volume of it, but managed to swallow it all as her own orgasm hit her again.

Waves of sensuality engulfed her as she carried on sucking and licking his cock, drinking any of the sperm that she had missed. Her finger was still inside of him as she felt him switch off the eggs. Incredibly, he was still semi-hard, so using all of her expertise she licked and sucked him back to full hardness. Her hands went twice as fast as before and her tongue danced over the eye of his cockhead. She knew that he was ready to come again so she inserted a second finger into his anus and took them deeper and deeper. He gasped and came inside of her again. Not quite the explosive force of his first orgasm, but there was still a lot of semen that ran down the back of her throat. Once more she swallowed it and sucked and licked him as she felt his cock slowly start to soften in her mouth.

“Now darling, that is what I call breakfast,” Robert breathed as he collapsed on the bed next to her. He removed her blindfold and swept her up in his arms.

“Let’s just lay here a while before we go out for the other kind of breakfast. You have exhausted me,” Juliana said, kissing him tenderly on the lips. She stayed there quietly thinking about what had just happened. She considered herself to be sophisticated sexually and they had experimented with a blindfold before, but never like this. Robert knew that the sensory deprivation and the unknown would intensify her experience - and it did in ways she would not have anticipated. She also realized that this kind of submissiveness was not a passive one as she might have imagined and rejected as antithetical to her character.

It excited and aroused her. She pondered what Robert would do with her next and when that remote control might be used. These questions stimulated and set her on edge at the same time. Imagining that Robert could set off her orgasm at will was very titillating. She thought about her days as well, ”We shall see what it is like when I am in control and our roles are reversed. He says that just the sound of my voice on the phone or my name on an incoming text or email cause his cock to harden. Wait till it is my turn. I am going to drive him mad with desire.”

They lay like that and dozed for about an hour before Robert stirred and got up. “Come on, sleepyhead, Paris awaits.”

She sat up and reached for the dress and lingerie that Robert had chosen for her. The fit was perfect and she felt both chic and sexy in them. The green raw silk dress was fitted and very retro and French, making a swishing sound as she walked, and the lingerie had sumptuous lace and made her feel sexy under the elegant dress. Robert dressed simply in black trousers, a white shirt and a sexy grin. He had his black leather jacket ready and would look very suave at her side. He helped her into her light wool coat, took her hand and led her out of the hotel.

To be continued in Part Two

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