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Punish Me

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It was a Saturday night and Dale found himself hanging out with Marybeth once again. They weren't exactly dating but they had become friendly and they enjoyed each other's company.

Their friendship had developed and strengthened after spending several weeks together on a school project.Now that the assignment was completed with rave reviews and a great grade, they continued seeing each other in social settings although their relationship had yet to be clearly defined.

On this night, they were hanging out in Marybeth's remodeled cellar which served as a family room/teen hangout. Nobody bothered them down there and they were basically on their own, especially on this night as Marybeth's parents had gone out to dinner.

The two teens were watching a movie while sharing a bowl of popcorn and some soda until Marybeth accidentally spilled some of her Sprite into Dale's lap, making it look like he had peed in his pants.

"Oops, sorry," she giggled.

"Geez, Marybeth," Dale complained as he hopped off the couch. "Now I'm all wet."

"So, take off your pants and throw them in the dryer over there," she said with a shrug. "It's no big deal."

"What, you want me to take my pants off in front of you?"

She looked at him and grinned. "I dare you."

"Fine," he said, unsnapping his button and letting his pants fall to the floor, kicking his shoes off in the process.

"Gee, your underwear looks wet too," Marybeth teased.

"I'm not taking those off," he said.

"Chicken," she laughed.

"Oh yeah?" He squinted, not one to be challenged. He was competitive in nature.

With one quick motion his underwear was on the floor, too and he saw Marybeth's eyes go wide when she saw his penis hanging out in front of her face.

"Oh my God, Dale!" she said with surprise. "I never thought you'd do that!"

He gathered the wet clothes and walked bare-assed to the dryer on the other side of the room, wearing nothing but his red tee-shirt and black socks. He heard Marybeth giggling behind him and he turned to see her watching him over the back of the couch.

With the dryer running, Dale returned to the couch and stood in front of Marybeth. She was wearing sweat pants and a sports tank top and she eyed him with interest.

"I should discipline you for your clumsiness," he said.

"Oh yeah?" she asked, continuing to eye his dick. "How?"

He took a seat on the couch next to her, grabbed her and swung her across his lap as she lay on her stomach.

"Dale! What are you doing!?"

He yanked down her sweat pants to reveal her bare tush.


He slapped her ass with the palm of his hand.

"Ouch!" she yelped but he slapped her buns again.

"You're the one who made the mess," he said. "That requires punishment!"

"You're giving me a spanking!?"

"You deserve it!" he replied.

He swatted her a few more times but then he softly patted her buns with his hand and then he leaned over and kissed her ass cheeks.

"Dale," she murmured. "I can't believe any of this."

He adjusted her on his thighs and rubbed his penis between her legs, maneuvering it with his hand so it was rubbing against her clit which brought a loud and surprised moan from her.

"Oh, Dale," she said, getting wet.

He smacked her ass again. "Those were my favorite pants," he said, not sounding serious at all.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"You should be!" He gently slapped her ass one more time.

"Is it getting red?" she asked with interest, glancing over her shoulder at him.

He leaned down and administered soft kisses along her neck as his dick rubbed against her ass which she willingly wiggled to spur him on. She opened her legs enough for him to move his dick between her thighs and along her slit.

"Dale," she breathed.

He rubbed Marybeth's ass cheeks with affection making her even wetter. He took his hands and spread her ass crack while rubbing her thighs. She rolled over and sat up, spreading her legs wider and Dale began to massage her wet pussy, using his thumb to find her clit and then moving it around in circles.

"Ahhhh!" Marybeth shrieked out. "Keep punishing me!"

Dale leaned forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth and she groaned out a moan as he licked his tongue against it.


He continued massaging her clit while licking both tits with his tongue. She practically fell off of him and then she knelt on her knees and stuck her face between his legs. Taking the head of his penis between her lips, she licked it with her tongue while he ran his hands through her hair and pressed her head against his groin.

Dale was moaning and moving back and forth on the couch cushion.

"Oh wow, Marybeth!" he groaned as she sucked and licked his dick. "That's so unbelievable!"

He was ramming his cock back and forth in her mouth hitting the back of her throat and causing her to gag until he pulled it out and ejaculated on her tits. She watched in amazement as the white stuff kept pulsating from his penis.

"I've never seen that before," she marveled as she put her hands to her breasts and rubbed his cum all over herself.

Dale reached down and put his hands underneath her arm pits, lifting her off the floor and depositing her onto the couch. She fell back onto her back and she opened her legs as Dale moved in between them, kissing along her legs and thighs until his tongue found her hairy mound.

Marybeth felt his tongue circling her clit causing her to shimmy on the couch. Dale put one hand under her ass and lifted her up before inserting his finger inside her, causing her to scream out again before he brought his mouth back to her wanting clit.

"Dale," she sobbed. "I'm close."

She felt his hand on her ass again and she momentarily fought against it when he poked a finger into her anus.

"Not there," she screamed but after a moment she realized that the sensation was a double whammy as he worked both sides.

"Oh My God!" she yelled out, rocking against him and then she exploded into an orgasm as she thrashed all over the couch.

When she was done, she lay prone flat on her back trying to catch her breath as she stared up at him.

"That's the best punishment I've ever had," she told him.

"Good," he replied with a grin as the dryer dinged off.
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