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Secret Diary Part Four

Entries into a secret diary of love and experimentation.
The two hour trip with Brian turned into a disaster. We left after breakfast and it was just the two of us. We traded small talk for the first about fifteen minutes and then he asked if I loved his son. I told him that I did and he started his barrage of questions.

He asked everything from what Simon and I had done together to what I liked to best. It was so embarrassing, but I had been taught that when asked a question you answered the truth. I told him everything. I was so embarrassed and his questions mixed with my answers were making me a little fidgety.

Brian noticed I was having issues with the topic and showed me he was too. He started to rub is crotch and asked if I would show him what I had done with his son. I was nervous and hesitated. Brian unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, he was hard and longer than Simon. He said that he just wanted to be sure that I was doing it right. I thought that if I didn’t he might tell my father and I would get in trouble, so I started to stroke him.

He moaned and grabbed my hand squeezing tighter. He told me he liked it tight and fast. Brian guided my hand and I felt him start to ooze on my hand. My face was hot with blush. I don’t know why, but I wanted him as much as I want Simon. I was so lost in my own mind that I didn’t know that he had turned off the highway and down a deserted, dirt road. When I felt the car stop, I froze.

Brian cupped my cheek and pulled me to his lips. His kiss was forceful and his hands tore at my shirt. I just sat there as he tore open my shirt and mauled my breasts. I was blown away by his actions. My body responded for me. My nipples hardened and I grew wetter. He tried to pull me closer and groaned as the center console was in the way.

He broke our kiss and left me sitting there stunned as he got out of the car and walked to my door. He opened the door and pulled me out by my arm. I followed him like a ragdoll as he pulled me into the brush. He pushed me up against a tree, lifted my bra, and took my breast into his mouth. One hand held me to the tree and the other lifted my skirt as I moaned for him.

As he jammed his fingers inside me, I gasped feeling a slight pain at his rough intrusion, but he continued. My arms found their strength and I grasped his hair holding him tighter to my breast. His fingers were like a wild animal attacking me, my moans and pants came faster and faster. I was nearing my orgasm as he abruptly pulled away from me. I stood there unsure what to do. Brian told me what to do.

He ordered me on my back. I don’t know why, but I did as he said. It was like I was not in control of my body. As I lay on the ground he lowered his pants. At the same time he exposed himself, knelt, and spread my legs.

I didn’t know what he was planning, but the look in his eyes was startling. I watched as he pushed my knees up, along with my skirt exposing me. I felt the fire of blush running up my skin as I felt the air kissing my damp pussy. He kissed my wet slit and ran his tongue from the bottom to my clit. He sucked on my clit eliciting moans from me.

He rose up and again rammed his fingers inside me I groaned from the force and sheer pleasure I felt. With just his fingers he showed me his desire and want. My eyes closed as he squeezed my clit and fingered my pussy. He showed me that his knowledge was vast as he neared me to orgasm again.

My eyes grew wide as he pulled his fingers out of me again making me whine. It took a second for it to register that he was moving toward me. I watched as he moved up my body boring into me with his eyes. I gazed back at him as he kissed my stomach, between by breasts, each of my nipples never losing his lock on my eyes. His eyes left mine only as he kissed my neck and then my ear.

He whispered in my ear asking me if I had given myself to his son. I shook my head no. he asked again and I yelled no. He kept his lips so close to my ear that I could feel the warmth of his breath as his hand returned to my wet pussy.

Brian rubbed a little but then jammed his fingers inside me making me arch and push his fingers farther inside me. He kissed and licked my ear as he stroked his fingers in and out of me. He told me his desire to claim me, to take my last untouched hole, and how he wanted to feel me wrapped around him. I did feel him, but it was his cock hardening against my hip. I thought that he might actually do what he said and at that moment I would have let him.

He pushed me over the ledge with just his fingers inside me. My walls clenched around his fingers as I moaned and panted for him. He groaned as I let the dam break and my fluids cover him. Brian pushed further inside me grazing my barrier causing me to jump. His lips crushed into mine absorbing my moans and joining his.

We kissed long and hard then he abruptly stopped and stood. He told me to get up and get dressed. He led me to the car, opened the trunk and retrieved a shirt for me. We silently did the shopping and returned to the cabin as if nothing had happened. I’m very confused.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to tell Simon. I think it might break his heart to know what his father did, that I let him and enjoyed it. I just don’t know what to do. Simon should be here soon and I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I better decide fast.


I can’t sleep, I’m just too wired. Simon left about ten minutes ago. I never want to see that dejected face ever again. I hurt him and I feel like crap.

When I told him I expected him to leave right then, but he stayed. He asked me to tell him everything and I did. While I was telling him he wouldn’t look at me or even touch me. I think that scared me more than anything.

As I finished telling him what his father and I had done Simon looked at me. I was surprised when he grabbed me and held me. I cried while he said ‘I’m sorry’ over and over. When we both calmed the real conversation began.

Simon told me that his father likes young girls and he was worried that he would try something with me. He said that he paced the whole time we were gone and tried to get his father to let him go with us, but he said no. Simon asked me a few questions about what his father did to me. He was glad that his father had some restraint. Simon told me that his father did the same thing with his brothers first fiancée and then denied the wedding. Simon wanted to talk to me about the trip when I got home, but I went straight to my room. He was worried that with everyone awake we would get caught alone.

I was so glad that Simon understood and was forgiving. We were both drained and laid back on the bed and just held each other. We stayed that way silently for a long time before Simon said he had better to back to his room. He kissed me, said he loved me and was out the door.

I still don’t know what to do about Brian. I will have to see what tomorrow brings.


The past few days our parents have been talking in Brian’s office all day long, we see then at breakfast and dinner only. Simon and I are concerned but I don’t think that it is a bad thing. Only time will tell what they are discussing.

While they are talking it is leaving Simon and I alone with Ciera. Ciera is a nice girl. She turned sixteen this year too and had been peppering me with questions about the party and if I feel any different being an ‘adult.’ She seems to know that Simon and I are closer than we should be and doesn’t mind if we hold hands or snuggle on the couch. I like her. She left the room once and came back to see us kissing and asked if she should leave again. We all laughed. She told me later that she was glad that Simon had me and she hoped to find a husband like him. I know that she will.

Ciera was picking on Simon about his fort today. I asked about it and she said it was in the woods behind the cabin. I wanted to see it, but it was so late and cold. We decided that the three of us would go out there tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it.

Ciera and I had been talking about having a ‘girls night’ and that is tonight. She is spending the night in my room and we are going to stay up late and talk. Ciera should be here soon. I want to get information from her about Simon as a kid.

She is here.


It is morning and Ciera just left. We talked late into the night and I learned a lot about Simon. I learned a lot about Ciera too. She told me that Simon has always wanted the love that their parents have and is so happy to have me. He told Ciera that he is afraid that he will lose me when he goes to college. I told her that I was afraid of losing him, she laughed that we were both afraid of the same thing. She also told me that he is trying to get their father to let him delay school for a year so that we can start together. Brian is not going to let him delay, but at least he tried.

Ciera and I talked all night about so many things; it was nice to have some girl time. I learned quite a bit about Ciera. I know now that she doesn’t want to stay in the community; she has a boyfriend and has had more sex than me. She knows more about my relationship with Simon than I thought. She and Simon are very close and talk often.

Ciera is the reason that Simon can pick me up at school, they are each other’s excuse to not be home. Simon bought her a cell phone so that they can coordinate where they are; she is not allowed to have a cell phone. When Simon and I are together she is with her boyfriend. Their parents believe that they are studying.

She told me about her relationship with her boyfriend and that they have sex regularly. I asked her several questions about sex and blushed the whole time. Ciera finds it funny that I blush so much. I liked that she was so open with me, I learned so much.

We talked about the fort and made some plans. We are going to try and be gone most of the day so Simon and I can have some time together. It is going to be a bit warmer, above freezing, so we are packing a lunch. Ciera is ok with us being ‘all lovey dovey,’ as she put it, and that sounds really great to me. She wants to thank Simon and I just want to spend some time just being with him, I can’t wait.

After the issues with Brian it will be nice to get back on track with Simon. I think this is a good idea. I love Simon and don’t want to lose him.


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