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Welcome Home

Reuniting after a long time apart
It’s been weeks since we were together. Time has crawled by and my thoughts are still on our last phone conversation. Randy spoke of many things and reminded me to pick him up at the airport. 

As I stand in the gate terminal waiting for him to arrive, I see him instantly; he has his duffle bag slung over his shoulder and is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He is scanning the terminal trying to catch a glimpse of me. I am standing waiting nervously for him because we haven't seen each other in months.

He glances my way and our eyes meet; he holds my gaze for a long moment. While walking towards me with his eyes never leaving mine, he has a boyish grin that reaches from ear to ear. I have fallen in love with seeing this grin.
In one fluid movement he embraces me and pulls me close. My body instantly molds into his like a glove.

Looking me in the face he says, “Hi, honey, I’ve missed you.” 

As we kiss our kiss deepens and his lips part to my exploring tongue. My tongue darts into his mouth searching, exploring and encircling his tongue. It’s become an erotic dance of desire for us. The entire world seems to disappear leaving just the two of us in its wake. My desire and longing for him is unmistakable in our kiss. As our lips part I look him in the eyes and see his beautiful emerald green eyes alight with desire.

“How was your flight? I'm glad you’re here,” I whisper to him as I study his face.

We walk from the terminal. He has my hand pulled to his chest and is rubbing his chin against my knuckles. I can feel the day old stubble on his cheek. When he kisses my hand it’s like a reminder of what I’ve been missing these past few weeks. There is a yearning feeling building between my thighs and it can only be filled by him. As we walk my mind races, and I try to hold the conversation and speak short choppy answers.

When we arrive at the Jeep he puts his duffle bag into the hatchback and holds his hand out. “Can I have the keys? I want to drive you were we are going,” Randy says as I hand him my keys.

I am reluctant about allowing someone else to drive because no one has driven the Jeep but me since I purchased it. He opens the passenger door for me and I climb inside. Randy swiftly walks around the Jeep and climbs into the driver’s seat. As the engine roars to life I break the silence and speak.

“Can you tell me where we are going?”

“You’ll see dear,” he says with his boyish grin again.

While he drives I am able to study his features, and I notice how watching him drive excites me more. His features are turning me on, from the chiseled chin, and eyes full of passion and fire, to the pouty full lips and broad shoulders. He looks amazing and so in control.

Within a few minutes we pull up in front of a huge hotel. Randy climbs out of the Jeep and walks around to open my door. As we begin to walk into the hotel, he tosses the keys to the awaiting attendant. I take his outstretched hand and can feel the electricity between us. Allowing him to lead me, I follow him inside.

The lobby is filled with people and beautiful paintings. I don’t notice him speaking to the front desk clerk until his voice breaks my trance.

“Come with me, sweetheart,” he says as he leads us towards the elevator.

When the elevator door closes in front of us, he turns toward me and pushes me against the wall. As his body presses against mine I can feel his growing anticipation on my thigh. As he kisses me his hands are searching my body and pulling me close. In the mist of our kissing he reaches over and pulls the stop elevator button causing us to stop between floors.

“I’m going to have you here and now” he says as he reaches up my skirt.

Grabbing my panties on each side, he pulls on them, tearing them free from my waist. As he pulls the torn panties from between my legs, he shoves them in his pocket. He unzips his jeans and exposes his erect penis. Taking one of my legs he wraps it around his body as he enters me. His thrust is powerful and hard. He covers my mouth with his in an attempt to muffle my moans. Each thrust is more demanding than the last and he isn’t making love to me, he is fulfilling his needs. As I feel my orgasm taking over, I can feel my pussy contracting around his penis. I feel myself cum and the juices are dripping down my leg. His penis hardens and jerks as he cums inside me.

While he releases my body he pushes the stop elevator button in and we begin to move. As the elevator doors open he grabs my hand and pulls me from my bewildered state. We head down the corridor and he fumbles with the keycard in the door.

“Close your eyes,” he demands as he unlocks the door.

I am led into the room and I hear him moving around the room. Something is barely touching the tip of my nose and I smell a floral smell.

As he nuzzles at my ear he whispers, “Open your eyes.” 

He is standing in front of me holding a dozen white roses to my nose. As I take them from his hand I look around the room. The room is large with a queen size bed in the middle of it. There is a table and chairs by the window and a small dresser with a television on it.

“I’ve missed you for so long and I have wanted you so much. I’m so glad you’re here,” he says while kissing me on the lips.

As we continue to kiss I can feel him pulling on the hem of my shirt, and in one motion my shirt is over my head and on the floor. Looking him in the face I pull on his shirt and he helps me pull it over his head. As the shirt is lifted I rub my hands on his chest and kiss his pecs. I can smell the aftershave he used and the distinct smell of his body wash. While he rubs my back he skillfully is able to unlatch my bra, and I can feel him guiding it off my shoulders.

When my bra falls to the floor out of his hand, he turns me to unzip my skirt. With my back against his chest I can feel his growing erection on my lower back. He quickly unzips his own pants and allows them to drop to the floor. As I stand in front of him he turns to the bed and begins pulling the covers down. I climb upon the bed and he takes the pillowcases off the pillows and tears them.

“I’m going to tie your hands. I don’t want you to touch me or move in anyway. Understood?” he says in a very stern voice.

As he ties my hands to the bed I say, “I understand, Master.” 

He kisses my lips and begins kissing me on my chin and down my neck. Continuing to kiss me he leaves a trail down my chest until he reaches the valley between my breasts. Cupping one breast in his hand he fondles the nipple and places the other one in his mouth. Sucking like he is a small child he makes the nipple erect and gently pulls on it. With a nipple in his mouth he slides his hand down my belly and finds the top of my hairline between my legs. Parting my legs with his hand he strokes the outside before releasing my nipple.

As he lowers his head to my pussy he kisses me below the belly button and on the inside of each thigh. This causes me to giggle a little and move on the bed.

He looks at me and says in a stern voice, “Quiet. Lie still.” 

While still looking at me he slides a finger into my pussy. I’m moist to the touch and he begins moving his finger in and out. He lowers his head and uses his tongue to lick my clit. The feel of his tongue and hot breath on my pussy make me moan. When I moan he gently tugs on my clit and then continues his steady pace moving his finger in and out. With his tongue he is flicking my clit at a pace to match his finger. I continue to moan, getting lower as he continues his pace.

Out of breath I holler, “I’m going to cum. Oh, my god, yes."

Looking up at me he says, “Cum for me, baby.” 

With his instruction my body begins to quiver and shudder while my pussy begins to contract around his finger. I spray his hand with juices and he withdraws his finger from my pussy. As I lay there I can feel him rubbing the head of his penis up and down my pussy. Then he enters me, going in as deep as he can and withdrawing all the way out to rub my clit again. He thrusts in again and pulls out again, rubbing my clit. He continues this pace until I can’t take it any more.

“Please I beg you, Master,” I beg of him.

This time he thrusts in and out finding his rhythm and continues while I move my hips to meet his thrusts.

“God you feel so good,” he says while rubbing his nose against mine.

As we kiss I can feel my body beginning to be overcome with my orgasm again. He continues to thrust; my body twitches and my pussy contracts around his penis. The feeling of my orgasm causes him to tense up and become harder. With a final thrust he cums inside of me. Collapsing on top of me, he lays his head on my chest and listens to my heartbeat.

“Untie me please,” is all I can say.

Smiling his boyish grin, he releases my hands and I can finally touch him. He pulls me where I am lying against him with my head on his chest. As he looks down at me, he moves a lock of hair from in front of my face and kisses me on the forehead.

He speaks softly and says, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” 

I look at him and say, “I’m so glad you're home. I think I’m falling in love with you.” 

With those words spoken he pulls me closer and holds me tight.

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