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You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 6

Dan and Roxanna start dating exclusively... and become each other's exclusive masturbatory fantasy.
Friday morning, July fifth. Roxanna called Dan again.

“My son and I are at the local community swimming pool right now,” she said. “How would you and Caroline like to meet Bobby and me there this morning?”

Roxanna had never felt comfortable enough around any man, since her husband, to introduce a date to her adopted son. She had tried to get Jack interested in meeting Bobby. But Jack hadn’t shown the slightest interest in meeting her son.

Yet Dan had told Roxanna repeatedly that he wanted to get to know both Roxanna and her son Bobby. By now, Roxanna wanted to know both Dan and his adopted daughter Caroline, too. So on this first actual date, Dan brought along his daughter Caroline, and Roxanna brought her son Bobby, so they could all meet.

Roxanna gave Dan directions to the community pool. Then she added, “There’s a park in front of the pool. I’ll be sitting under the big tree in the middle of the park.”

When Dan arrived, he was amazed to find this stunning brunette with a full hourglass figure and dark complexion sitting on the grass. Roxanna wore a tight purple T-shirt and khaki shorts. Her back leaned against the tree trunk. Her dark, smooth, shapely legs stretched out in front of her, her right leg crossed seductively over her left. And she was reading a book.

Roxanna looked exactly how their many long phone conversations had convinced Dan she would look: smart to the point of nerdiness. Yet beautiful and sexy.

Dan thought that Roxanna looked much better in person than in her photo. And she was the perfect physical type he had always been so attracted to. Short. Dark complexion. Dark brownish-black hair. Deep, dark pools of eyes that could easily drown a man, and actually make him feel happy to drown in here eyes. Full round curves in all the right places.

Since her son was adopted and she had never given birth to a child, Roxanna still maintained a youthful and very attractive figure, even at age 45. No doubt about it, Dan decided. She's perfect!

When Dan arrived, he didn't comment on Roxanna’s looks. But Roxanna noticed that he kept stealing glances at her bare legs. That made me feel good inside, that even at age 45, she still looked attractive.

Sizing Dan up from head-to-toe as he stood over her, Roxanna wasn’t at all disappointed with Dan’s looks, either. Not at all. He was five foot ten, about a hundred and eighty pounds, trim and just-slightly muscular, with wavy, well-groomed dark hair that was starting to thin with age.

Roxanna thought that Dan’s long, slender toes looked elegant in his open-toed brown sandals. His brand-new, tight, dark-blue jeans nicely accented his long, slender legs. But Roxanna was a little disappointed that Dan wasn't in shorts, as she was. If he was wearing shorts, Roxanna thought, she could admire the long, slender, muscular, masculine legs she was sure were hidden under those jeans.

Best of all, Dan had the biggest, deepest brown eyes that Roxanna had ever seen! A woman could willingly, happily lose her heart and her soul in those eyes. At least, she wanted to lose herself in Dan’s eyes!

After introductions, their kids both went their own ways. While Caroline was swimming and Bobby was climbing around on a jungle gym, Roxanna led Dan by the hand, over to a nearby table. Roxanna and Dan sat side by side on the bench attached to the picnic table. There, they shared a delicious picnic lunch that Roxanna had made herself. They talked freely, easily, openly, just as they had on the phone. For hours. About everything.

Their relationship at this point was still strictly in the platonic stage. And right now, Roxanna wasn't looking for anything more than that. Or so she had tried to convince herself. Yet she was intrigued by Dan’s very frank discussion of his cunnilingus skills, and his experience with coaxing powerful, trembling orgasms out of women. Roxanna was still quite sure there’s no such thing as a female orgasm. But Dan’s comments on that topic did intrigue her!

The kids finally returned from the swimming pool. Bobby and Caroline were tired from being under the sun and playing vigorously for hours. Both kids wanted to go home now.

Roxanna apologized to Dan that they never did get around to swimming together, with each other.

“I’d much rather talk to you than go swimming,” Dan assured her.

Then, their first date over, Dan and Roxanna both drove to their respective homes with their kids.

Roxanna called Dan that very night. “How would you and Caroline like to go to the beach with Bobby and me tomorrow?” she asked.

“Sounds great!” Dan enthused.

“It will give you a chance to see me in my bathing suit!” Roxanna purred seductively.

“And you’ll get to see me in my bathing suit!”

“Mmmm!” Roxanna purred. “I think I’d like that, Dan. After all, you’ve seen my bare legs. But I have yet to see your legs, Dan!”


The next morning, July sixth, Dan and his daughter Caroline picked up Roxanna and her son Bobby from her house. 14-year-old Caroline also brought along Janet, her closest friend from school. Dan then drove them all to the beach in his van.

Roxanna’s eight-year-old son Bobby didn't know what to make of Dan or his daughter Caroline. For more than a year since his adoptive dad Jim passed away, Roxanna’s son had grown used to having his mommy all to himself.

Now here a strange man was taking-up his mommy's time. And another child was entering Bobby’s life and competing for his mommy’s time and attention.

Dan could see this would be a difficult adjustment for Roxanna’s son. So Dan had Bobby ride up front next to him in the van. This way, man and boy could talk on the long drive to the beach. Get to know each other a little.

Dan took a genuine interest in Bobby: talking, joking, and laughing. Trying to make Roxanna’s son feel more at ease around him. Letting Bobby see that Dan is an OK guy, and nobody to be scared of or threatened by.

Dan wanted to open himself up to Bobby, too. If the boy would learn to let Dan love him as father and son. And maybe even let himself love Dan back a little bit as father and son, too.

Roxanna really appreciated that Dan took such a genuine interest in her son now. That Dan wanted to get to know Bobby. Maybe even become a father to her child. None of her previous dates had ever shown the slightest interest in her son. But from their many long, late-night phone conversations, Roxanna knew Dan to be a good man. She only hoped that Bobby would eventually realize that about Dan, too.

Roxanna really wanted to get to know Dan’s daughter Caroline, too. Sensing Roxanna’s interest in getting to know his daughter, Dan seated Roxanna between Caroline and her friend Janet, so Roxanna could get to know them both.

Roxanna and Caroline talked as Dan drove. But it was awkward. Caroline didn't know Roxanna, and didn't seem sure whether to trust her. Understandable. But if Roxanna’s relationship with Dan was to even stand a chance, their kids had to become comfortable, too. Comfortable with their parents’ relationship. And with each other. This wouldn't be easy. Roxanna and Dan both knew it wouldn't happen overnight. But they both wanted to try.

When they got to the beach and changed into their swimsuits, Dan had to admit that Roxanna looked stunning in her one-piece swimsuit.

True, Roxanna had a very slight outward rounding in her belly. Not fat really. Just not washboard flat, either. But Roxanna also had much bigger, rounder, more generous curves in her bust—and in her derriere—than in her waist.

Dan liked feminine curves. Especially Roxanna’s curves! He liked Roxanna’s curves much better than the matchstick-thin models that popular culture told him should be his feminine ideal.

And Dan caught Roxanna several times, admiring him in his own swim trunks. Dan knew that he didn’t have the classic “Hollywood hunk” looks. He wore glasses and had a high forehead. His hairline wasn’t simply receding…it had already receded!

Dan’s stomach wasn’t flat, either. Like Roxanna, Dan could probably have stood to lose about ten pounds around the midsection. But he did have muscular arms, and a manly chest. And judging by the way Roxanna kept stealing glances over at him, drinking his whole body in with her eyes, Dan sensed that Roxanna liked what she saw, too.

Bobby and Caroline were both becoming visibly uneasy about the looks, the sparks, the obvious chemistry between Roxanna and Dan. So Caroline, her friend Janet, and Bobby found a way to entertain themselves. They pretty-much left Roxanna and Dan alone all afternoon. Which Dan and Roxanna both really appreciated.

While the three kids played on the beach and window-shopped at nearby stores, Dan and Roxanna sat on the beach in their bathing suits, having another of their easy, pleasant conversations. Roxanna and Dan had a great time just lying on the beach and watching the waves, holding hands, talking and laughing.

Roxanna thought that Dan looked kind of handsome, in a plain, not a "Brad Pitt" hunky sort of way. Dan’s glasses made him look very smart. But even lying on the beach without his glasses, his receding hairline gave him a high forehead that accentuated his intelligence. His chest and legs were slender and muscular. So he obviously exercised regularly. Enough to keep himself in nice physical shape, without being obsessive about it.

Roxanna couldn't help but to steal admiring glances at Dan’s five foot ten inch, one hundred and eighty-pound masculine frame, stretched face-up before her on the beach.

Of course, the fact that Roxanna lay beside him on the sand in her own skimpy bathing suit was giving Dan just as much to admire about her.

As Roxanna sat beside Dan on the beach, she stretched her slender, dark legs in front of her. She noticed Dan stealing occasional glimpses at her smooth, dark legs.

Roxanna would have normally felt that his slightly-lustful gaze was annoying and piggish behavior. Maybe the way he was looking at her was because they had already had several frank and open discussions about sex. But whatever the reason, somehow Roxanna didn't mind Dan fantasizing about her now.

Maybe Roxanna felt this way because Dan was only looking. Many of her previous dates, of a less-gentlemanly sort than Dan was, would have been all over her by now.

Roxanna felt safe and relaxed with Dan. Without really realizing it, she even began to steal glimpses at his bathing suit. As if trying to gain X-ray vision through his swim trunks.

“Hey,” Roxanna thought to herself, “at age forty-five, I'm not dead yet! I can look, right?”

In her own way, without realizing it, Roxanna was even starting to fantasize about Dan just a little bit. She closed her eyes, basking in the sun and enjoying a half-asleep daydream.

From somewhere way down deep in the back of her mind, Roxanna’s daydream started to picture just her and Dan on an otherwise-deserted beach. Their fingers and tongues slowly pleasuring each other all over.

Maybe it was because they had talked so much on the phone, and they had revealed the deepest details of their personalities to each other before they began dating. Whatever the reason, somehow Roxanna just knew that if she and Dan ever were in a romantic situation like that, he would be the kind of man to start by slowly, tenderly kissing her so gently, so lovingly, so sweetly all over her front and back.

Her mind spinning, she began to convince herself that Dan would know exactly when, where, and how to touch her. Spending hours just slowly heating her entire body and soul to boiling desire.

The thought of her and Dan alone and naked on the beach was starting to turn Roxanna on. Or was that just the heat of the sun on the sand that was warming her so now?

Lying on the beach in her scanty one-piece swimsuit, Roxanna continued to daydream about what Dan might do to, for, and with her.

Reopening her eyes and gazing at Dan’s outstretched form on the sand, Roxanna noticed that his moist, tender lips did look very inviting. As if they could shower her face and body all over with a lot of fiery passion. She liked that, and her mind was once more off and racing. Only now her heart was racing just as fast.

Roxanna sighed to herself now. Because Dan’s bathing suit, although small enough to show a lot of hairy leg, was too loose-fitting to tell whether he was getting turned-on, too, as Roxanna now secretly hoped he was. Her mind was off and running once again, trying to imagine how big he was under his swim trunks. Trying to convince herself that she could actually see his bulge.

Roxanna didn't even know why she was starting to vaguely think about Dan in this sexual way. Dan had been such a gentleman all along. He had never pushed her for even romance, let alone for sex. In fact, so far, Dan had asked Roxanna for nothing more than her time and friendship.

Maybe the fact that he wasn't pushing her explained why Roxanna had begun to wonder about the sexual side of this man's personality. But the kinds of naughty thoughts and mental images she experienced on that beach weren't the real Roxanna. Not at all. Or were they?

As Dan and Roxanna sat on the beach, she tried to focus on something other than her hazy, half-formed sexual fantasies. Roxanna tried to keep from getting too wet and too horny, this early in their newly-budding relationship.

So, to take her mind of her fevered sexual fantasies, Roxanna made up a hypothetical question, loosely based on a problem that was typical of those she commonly faced at work. She then asked Dan what he would do in a similar situation. Dan’s solution was well thought out and made a lot of sense to her, and wasn’t at all simplistic. So he had passed Roxanna’s first test.

Next, Roxanna told Dan that she like coffee, and she told him exactly how she likes it: “Two creams, no sugar.”

Roxanna could almost see Dan mentally storing that information for future reference.

For the next half hour, Roxanna made sure that they discussed a wide variety of topics. So that Dan might forget what she had said about coffee.

Then Roxanna asked Dan to walk down the street and get her a cup of coffee. But she deliberately didn’t remind him how she likes it.

Dan came back with the coffee prepared exactly as Roxanna had told him earlier. Two creams, no sugar. Dan really had been listening to her. He had passed Roxanna’s second test!

So many men had tuned Roxanna out when she talked. What did they hear when she spoke? A buzzing in their ears? A little voice in their heads telling them that a good, hard fuck might shut her up? Roxanna was at a complete loss to understand the typical male’s inability to hear.

Even her son Bobby seemed to tune Roxanna out. Maybe it was like the Charlie Brown character in Peanuts. When the teacher talked, all Charlie Brown could hear was “Wa-wa-wa? Wa wa wa wa!” Must be a male thing!

Yet when Roxanna had said to Dan, “Coffee. Two creams. No sugar,” he had actually heard “Coffee. Two creams. No sugar.” The fact that Dan had actually listened and heard her, made Dan a one in a million find, at least in Roxanna’s eyes.

When Roxanna finished her coffee, Dan and Roxanna decided to escape the blazing sun and the hot sand for a while. So, walking hand in hand, gazing deeply and soulfully into each other’s eyes, and smiling a lot, they window-shopped in all the quaint little clothing and novelty shops along the beach.

At one store, Dan and Roxanna came across the kids, Caroline, Bobby, and Janet.

They were all hungry now. And there was a pretty decent diner right on the beach. The kids ordered burgers—kids have no culinary imagination! Dan and Roxanna ordered the assorted-seafood platter for two, which came with a side of pasta. They ordered an extra plate. Roxanna and Dan split everything between the two of them.

The sun would be setting soon. And they were all tired. So having finished dinner, they all agreed it was time to leave the beach and drive home.

On the way back from the beach, still forty miles from home, the water pump gave out in Dan’s van. This left the two adults and three children stranded in the middle of a country road between corn fields. They all hiked about two miles to the nearest store, where Dan called for a tow truck.

Dan feared that he might be at the receiving end of the "chewing up and spitting out" that Roxanna had told him she does to people who get on her bad side.

But to Dan’s surprise and relief, Roxanna stayed calm. She didn't yell or blame Dan for his car being unreliable. Indeed, she even talked with the towing company, too.

Roxanna worked closely with Dan to figure out how to get them all safely home.

Roxanna and Dan worked very well together in arranging for the tow truck and figuring-out how to get home from the auto shop. And to keep the kids from getting too anxious about their situation.

With two adults, three kids, and the tow truck driver, Caroline's friend Janet had to sit on Caroline’s lap. And Roxanna had to sit in Dan’s lap in the small, cramped cab of the tow truck. But Dan didn't mind!

Roxanna sternly warned Dan that, although she was sitting on his lap wearing almost nothing, he was not to get any ideas from this. Or to read anything into it.

Roxanna then sat on Dan’s lap the whole 50 miles home in the tow truck.

Dan respected Roxanna’s wishes. He behaved as a perfect gentleman on the entire ride home.

Dan fought hard to keep from thinking about the fact that only the thin fabric of Roxanna’s shorts, and his own shorts, separated his cock from the beautifully curvaceous ass now leaning against his love rod.

It took every ounce of Dan’s willpower to focus on something else, anything else, so as not to gain an erection.

Dan feared that if Roxanna felt his cock get hard against her butt, he would be embarrassed, and she might be angry. And the kids would likely go ballistic at even the hint of sexual energy between their parents. The tow-truck driver might get an entertaining show, though!

Dan remained the perfect gentleman throughout the long ride in the cab of the tow truck. But secretly, Dan sure did enjoy having the shapely, scantily-clad Roxanna on his lap for the 50-mile drive home.

Roxanna could scarcely admit it, even to herself. But secretly, part of her was just a little bit disappointed and mildly offended. Precisely because her sitting on Dan’s lap wasn’t causing his manhood to grow and press up into her full, round ass.

But mostly, Dan’s courtesy to Roxanna meant that he had definitely passed her third test.

Dan’s usual mechanic's shop was too far from his house or Roxanna’s to get them all home from there. So Roxanna told Dan, and the tow truck driver, that her usual mechanic was just two miles from her house.

So it was agreed. The tow truck would drop-off Dan’s car at Roxanna’s favorite repair shop. Despite the late hour, Dan and Roxanna decided they could all walk the two miles from the shop to her house. The kids didn’t like that idea much. Kids basically hate to walk anywhere. Especially not with parental adults! But it sure beat sitting outside the repair shop on the cold, hard asphalt all night while waiting for the repair shop to open in the morning.

When the crowded tow truck arrived at the shop, it turned out that this auto shop was a mere 4 blocks from the rented garage where Dan stored his restored classic car.

So after paying the tow-truck driver, making sure his broken-down van was securely locked-up, and leaving a note and his phone number under the door of the repair shop, Dan used his antique car to drive everyone to Roxanna’s house.

Dan sat 8-year-old Bobby beside him in the front seat of the old car. Roxanna, Caroline, and Janet got in the back.

To everyone’s surprise, the often-moody Bobby really seemed to enjoy the ride in this antique car. The cool summer evening breeze in the open-top car felt good to all of them, after lying on the hot sand all day.

There was just something about Dan's silhouette beside Bobby’s in his old car, under the pale moonlight, that warmed Roxanna’s heart and made her smile.

Neither Dan nor Roxanna knew that the other felt this way at the time. But their calm teamwork in getting safely home had made them both more attracted to each other than ever.

Roxanna went into her house and put her son Bobby to bed. Dan’s daughter Caroline and her friend went inside to call Janet's mother, to let Janet’s mom know that she would be home soon.

Roxanna then came out to the garage, where she had left Dan waiting.

“So many of the women I’ve dated before,” Dan told her, “would have panicked over my van breaking down. They would have berated and belittled me for not having more reliable transportation. But you surprised me, Roxanna. By calmly working with me to get us out of our problem. I really appreciate that. Let me show you how much I appreciate it. How much I appreciate you!”

So saying, Dan encircled his strong arms around Roxanna, drew her close, and kissed her. Truly, passionately kissed her! As no man had kissed her in a very, very long time!

It was their very first kiss. Dan surprised himself by how much passion he packed into that one kiss.

Roxanna surprised herself even more, when she gave Dan an equally passionate return-kiss.

Now Dan’s kiss introduced just a little bit of tongue into Roxanna’s mouth. He wasn’t being pushy or forceful about it, just sweet and loving. It took all of the will-power that Roxanna could muster, just to keep from melting into Dan’s strong but gentle, loving arms. Being only their second date, she thought it was too soon for that.

“I really appreciate your calmness,” Dan repeated. “I appreciate you! So much, in fact, that I simply could no longer resist my growing urge to kiss you. Right here in your garage.”

So saying, Dan kissed Roxanna again. Once more, Dan turned his kiss into a soft, light, sweet, and not at all aggressive French kiss.

Roxanna was surprised at all that was happening between them now. Not only at how good Dan’s gently-probing tongue felt in her mouth. But also that Dan even felt this way about her.

Roxanna had feared that, after their misadventure, Dan might think her a jinx. And he might not want to see her again.

As Dan’s tongue continued to play in her mouth, Roxanna began to realize that there was starting to be real love, affection, and emotion behind his kisses. Not just lust.

She returned Dan’s French kisses, her own love and passion starting to build inside of her now.

As their French kiss lingered, Roxanna began to desperately want that fine, long, strong tongue of his on her lower set of lips. The ones surrounding her pussy. Dan had told her of his experiences going down on women. No man had ever done that to her, for her. So now Roxanna wondered what she had been missing all these years. And she wanted Dan to be the first man to give her this experience. She wanted Dan’s to be the first tongue ever to touch her clit!

Since she was already feeling his tongue exploring all over the inside of her mouth, it didn't take a great leap of Roxanna’s imagination to close her eyes, and to begin to vaguely form a somewhat blurry picture in her mind, of Dan’s talented tongue massaging the interior of her already-juicy slit.

Why had Dan told her of his college sweetheart, who taught him how to eat-out a woman’s pussy? Now she found herself thinking about, wondering about his tongue skills. His tongue obviously felt wonderful in her mouth now. But Roxanna had never let a man’s tongue enter her pussy.

The Catholic Church had taught Roxanna that cunnilingus was dirty and disgusting. And she had no personal experience to refute this claim.

But Roxanna felt that the church had turned out to be so wrong about so many things. And Dan was a man she already greatly admired, trusted, and respected. If Dan and several of his previous girlfriends had all enjoyed cunnilingus as much as Dan claimed they had, then maybe the church had been wrong about oral sex, too.

Roxanna had always thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock. She had never found it either dirty or disgusting. So why should a man performing oral sex on a woman be dirty or disgusting? Why shouldn’t that be pleasurable, too?

This double standard was just so typical of the male power structure. It was just fine for women to suck men’s cocks all the damned day long. But for a man to eat a pussy? Oh, no! That’s no good! It’s dirty and disgusting!

As Dan’s tongue continued to explore the inside of her mouth, Roxanna couldn’t help but to wonder…and to fantasize…about how Dan’s wonderful, swirling, licking tongue might feel on her “down there.”

Would she ever find the courage to invite Dan do that to her? Would his tongue feel even half as wonderful “down there,” as it now felt inside her mouth?

“Where are these naughty thoughts coming from?” Roxanna wondered to herself. “Are these vaguely-stirring fantasies really the real me? After all, I haven’t had these kinds of feelings in many years! And even now, my lustful fantasies are only vaguely stirring awake again.”

Dan had been such a gentleman, he had given Roxanna no cause to think of him in such a vividly sexual way.

Anyway, even if she had fully wanted to—and she wasn’t at all sure that she wanted to just yet—Roxanna couldn’t have acted upon her reawakening sexuality on that night.

Roxanna and Dan both feared that her son Bobby, or his daughter Caroline and her friend Janet, might walk in on them at any moment.

But Roxanna and Dan were also enjoying their passionate French kiss way too much to let it end just yet. Maybe they couldn’t take it any further right now. But they weren’t ready to decrease what they were enjoying, either.

When Dan’s tongue glided sweetly over the roof of her mouth, Roxanna let herself completely melt into Dan’s strong but gentle arms.

There was something so familiar to Dan in the feel of holding Roxanna in his arms. How, when, where had he ever felt her in his arms before?

“Stetson!” Roxanna grinned at him as she inhaled deeply against his chest.

“I’ve held you in my arms before. Haven’t I Roxanna? We danced together.”

“You remember!” Roxanna grinned.

Having finished their phone call, Caroline and Janet entered the garage. Luckily, Dan and Roxanna heard the approaching footsteps of the girls, and broke their passionate tongue-kiss before the girls could see them.

Roxanna walked Dan, Caroline, and Janet down the driveway to Dan’s antique car.

“Which car is yours?” Roxanna laughed playfully.

Dan spun around and gazed into Roxanna’s eyes. He was stunned. “That was you at that car show? In the hotel parking lot. The beautiful lady who asked me which car is mine. The lady who fell against my chest? That was you! Wasn’t it?”

“You remember!” Roxanna grinned.

“My god!” Dan exclaimed. “Just how many times have we met before?”

Roxanna struck her sexiest flapper pose and giggled, “Boop-boop-a-doop!”

“You were the flapper!” Dan gasped. “At the costume party!

“And you were the handsome man in the top hat!” Roxanna smiled. “You remember! But you left the costume party with that Asian lady before we could meet and talk. And dance together.”

“She was a huge mistake!” Dan lamented. “I should never have left the party with her! But I didn’t know then that you were…well, you!”

“Three times you didn’t know that I was me, Dan!” Roxanna laughed.

“So it’s no accident that we’re dating?” Dan asked.

“Face it, Dan. It’s fate. Destiny was determined to bring us together! It just took destiny four tries to actually make it happen.”

“And now we are together!” Dan smiled, as he helped the two fourteen-year-old girls into his antique car. Dan then climbed into the driver’s seat. The thought of having finally found Roxanna filled Dan’s heart with such a deeply-contented glow now.

Roxanna stood in her driveway. She watched and waved, with a mixture of sadness at his leaving, and joy at the fun they had shared that day, as Dan, Caroline, and Janet drove off in Dan’s antique car.


After Dan got Janet safely back to her mother’s house and got Caroline and himself safely back to his own house, the first thing he did was call Roxanna. To reassure her that everyone was home safe and sound now.

“How would you like to go out with me again tomorrow night?” Dan asked.

“I’d love that, Dan,” Roxanna replied enthusiastically.

Dan told Roxanna to meet him at his favorite Chinese restaurant at six o’clock on Saturday night. And he gave her detailed directions to the restaurant.

This would be their first in-person (as opposed to over-the-telephone) date without their children.

Saturday night, Roxanna drove to the restaurant. Dan was already waiting for her outside the door.

This restaurant was a little more elegant than your typical family restaurant. But not so extravagant as to make Roxanna feel that Dan was trying to be flashy to impress her. It was the kind of Chinese restaurant that Asians actually patronize, for a real taste of home. Not an Americanized version of Asian food.

At the restaurant, Dan was pleased to discover that Roxanna enjoyed many of the same foods as he did. This was just one more in an ever-growing list of what they have in common.

Dan ordered his favorite: scrambled eggs with shrimp, Roxanna ordered a vegetable plate with broccoli, snow peas, black mushrooms, and water chestnuts. Dan gave Roxanna half of his meal, and she gave him half of her own plate, so they would both have more variety in their dinners.

Dan paid for dinner. Then they both got in their cars to drive to their next destination: the movie theater.

Dan was surprised when Roxanna insisted on paying for their movie tickets. She was Dan’s first date ever who didn’t expect him to pay for everything all the time.

“I want us to be full and equal contributing partners in this relationship,” Roxanna told Dan. Dan admired and respected Roxanna for this. Because he had long felt that a good and successful relationship was about give-and-take. Not all giving, nor all taking.

“Besides,” Roxanna laughed. “If I pay for part of our date, I won’t have to feel, umm, obligated to you later!”

“I could never treat you so piggishly!” Dan laughed.

“I know,” Roxanna whispered. “That’s why I’m still dating you!”

At the theater, Roxanna even laughed and cried at the same parts of the movie as Dan did.

During the previews, Dan whispered a light-hearted joke to Roxanna. She laughed. Instantly, she covered her mouth, to keep her laughter from disturbing the other theater patrons.

Dan leaned over and whispered, “I love the way your eyes crinkle and sparkle when you laugh.”

It took all of Roxanna’s will-power not to lean in and kiss him. Not to encircle her hand around Dan’s wrist and move his hand over her breast.

But she knew that a crowded theater, at the start of a movie, was neither the time nor the place for that. Besides, it was way too early in their relationship for her to become aggressive and risk scaring him away.

“And where are these sexy thoughts of mine coming from?” Roxanna wondered. She knew that she didn't have a dirty mind. Or at least, she hadn't had a dirty mind in many years!

Dan and Roxanna held hands all through the movie. But Dan never tried to get fresh with her.

“What a gentleman!” Roxanna thought appreciatively.

By the end of the evening, Dan was feeling pretty close to Roxanna. He was already starting to feel that he had at last found a real soul connection.

Dan was sorry to see the date end. But he knew that they were both starting to like each other enough, that there would definitely be more dates.

“I’m having such a great time with you, Roxanna,” Dan told her. “I’ve already asked the dating service to put my membership on hold.”

Dan explained that you can put a hold on your dating-service membership while dating someone exclusively. Then you can continue the membership later if necessary, without losing any of the duration of your membership during the time you’re dating someone exclusively.

“That’s a great idea, Dan. I’ll do that, too.”

“I’m hoping we never have to take the hold off of our membership, and resume dating others.”

“I hope so, too,” Roxanna sweetly kissed him.

Dan returned her kiss with a sweet, almost-completely non-sexual kiss on the lips and peck on the cheek.

Then they each got in their cars and drove back to their separate homes.

That night, as Roxanna drifted off to sleep, she faintly remembered Dan’s passionate French kisses on their second date. She remembered what Dan had told her about his college girlfriend who had taught him how to go down on a woman. Once again, vague dreams invaded Roxanna’s mind, of what Dan’s tongue might feel like on her wet and eager pussy.

Roxanna could still hear Dan’s sexy, deeply-masculine voice on the phone, relating every juicy detail of the first time he ever went down on a woman. Roxanna had never felt any man go down on her. But she was growing increasingly curious, increasingly eager, to experience this with Dan.

Roxanna wondered if Dan somehow knew, or guessed, that he was already starting to get to her like this. And she wondered whether she might be having the same impact on his own libido.

On this night, Roxanna’s cunnilingus fantasy of Dan was much more vivid and focused than on their first night, after the beach, after that passionate French kiss in her garage.

And soon, Roxanna was very vividly picturing herself riding up and down, and rocking back and forth, atop Dan’s face.

That night, Roxanna let her eager fingers and her trusty vibrator stir-up her passions and growing excitement about her new man. She still didn’t come. She never had. And she was convinced that she never would. Still, playing with herself while daydreaming about Dan did feel pretty damned good.

Roxanna let the vibrator's soft humming, deep inside of her, lull her to sleep as she dreamt about Dan. She had bought this vibrator to fill-up the lonely nights after her husband died. And sadly, even though this toy didn’t get her off, this buzzing dildo had given her more attention and satisfaction than her late husband ever had.

Although Roxanna had actually seldom used her vibrator, it had seen the inside of her pussy more often than her late husband's fingers or cock ever had.

As her fantasies about her new man grew more vivid, the frequency of Roxanna’s vibrator sessions increased from weekly to nightly. Then to several times a night. Roxanna knew it wouldn't be long before she would have to replace her vibrator with the real thing.

“It’s funny,” Roxanna mused, “even with my very vivid vibrator fantasies over Dan, and even getting tingly and feeling pleasurable, I still can never actually reach orgasm stage.” She was more convinced than ever that female orgasm is a complete myth.

But Roxanna consoled herself now with the thought that—unlike her fingers and her vibrator, unlike her late husband or any of her previous lovers—maybe Dan might eventually give her an orgasm. The very first of her life.


Roxanna wasn’t the only one to fantasize that night! Dan thought about what Roxanna had told him. About how she learned to suck cock by reading an article in Playgirl magazine.

Dan remembered every detail of Roxanna’s description of the first time she had ever given a man a blow-job. He wondered how her lips would feel wrapped around his cock.

“Roxanna has such a small mouth,” Dan realized, remembering her hot kisses. “Can it even stretch open wide enough to engulf my two-inch diameter?”

Dan remembered how Roxanna told him that no man had ever even asked to go down on her. Much less actually done it. Dan began to wonder whether Roxanna’s pussy would be as pretty as others he had kissed. Somehow he was sure Roxanna would have the absolute prettiest pussy he had ever seen. And he was very sure that it would taste ten times sweeter, ten times juicier than any other!

Would Roxanna let herself be the first pussy Dan’s big cock would ever enter? Would she be tight, like all the guys had told Dan that a woman ideally should be? Would she be able to take in all of his seven inches, when she was used to only five inches?

As Dan dwelled on these and similar thoughts, his hand encircled his cock and began slowly, lazily stroking. In his fantasy now, he pictured only one face. Not the face of a supermodel. Not a men’s magazine centerfold. Not even one of his favorite hot, sexy Tejano singers. There was only one face Dan could bring himself to whack-off to now. Only one face he even wanted to picture as he jacked himself off. Roxanna’s sweet, smiling face!

As Dan’s daydreams about Roxanna grew increasingly vivid, his hand pumped faster and tighter, up and down his thick, hard shaft. Until finally, with a loud groan, Dan exploded out onto his own belly.

In his mind, Dan was exploding into Roxanna’s pretty little mouth, instead of onto his own belly. Dan pictured himself oozing his love juice into what he was sure would be Roxanna’s spectacularly beautiful little tight pussy. That thought caused Dan to explode again! Onto his own thighs this time.

But mostly, as he came, Dan was picturing his tongue, and then his hard cock, sending Roxanna’s shuddering body crashing head-long into the very first orgasm of her life. Followed by another. And another and another!


Monday, after their multiple dates over this four-day holiday weekend, Roxanna paid yet another visit to the dating service. But somehow, she couldn’t bring herself to look at any of the written profiles.

That's when Roxanna realized, she was simply having so much fun with Dan, and maybe even starting to fall in love—not to mention in lust—with Dan just a little.

Roxanna felt that right now, no other man interested her. So she put that hold on her membership, as she and Dan had discussed. And she left the dating service's office without reading a single profile that day.

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