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You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 7

You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 7

40-year-old Dan gives 45-year-old Roxanna the best gift: he introduces her to her ability to orgasm!
And now it was Saturday night again. July thirteenth. It had been just eight days since that passionate French kiss in Roxanna’s garage. Neither of them knew it yet. But this would be the night the song "You Can't Hurry Love" would cease to be both of their anthems. Love and lust would at last find them both.

Dan and Roxanna both arranged sitters for their kids. They went out dancing at a ballroom just three blocks from Dan’s house.

Dan and Roxanna both enjoyed ballroom dancing. That shared interest was one of the many things that had brought them together in the first place. In fact, they had even danced one dance together before they ever actually knew each other.

Sub-consciously, Roxanna had dressed for their ballroom-dance date as sexily as possible. That night, Roxanna wore her shortest skirt, her most-daring plunging neckline, and her sexiest, sluttiest pair of strappy black heels. In some part of Roxanna’s mind, she wanted to impress the other dancers at the ballroom dance club. But if she dug deeply and honestly into her feelings, Roxanna would likely have to admit that she had mostly dressed this way to impress Dan. Maybe even to seduce him a little. And to help herself feel sexier. And to feel sexual, too. She hadn’t felt this sexy, this desirable, in years! Dan made her feel sexy….and yes, damn it, looking at Dan, even just thinking about Dan, made her feel horny!

After about two hours of fast dancing to sizzling Latin beats, mixed with slow dancing in each other’s arms, Roxanna complained to Dan about her sore feet.

"Take me home?" Roxanna smiled at Dan.

Dan started to drive in the direction of Roxanna’s house, when she added in a sexy whisper, "to your home."

Roxanna wanted nothing more than to simply sit beside Dan on his couch, so they could talk and get to know each other even better. Dan liked that idea, and he readily agreed.

Dan gave Roxanna a quick tour around his house.

Roxanna noticed that Dan had a nicely-furnished three-bedroom house. Dan had one room for himself, one for his daughter Caroline, and one as a den. Roxanna wondered to herself, if she someday decided to move into Dan’s bedroom, would Dan be willing to give up his den? So her son Bobby would have his own bedroom.

The dark imitation-wood-panel walls that covered most of the rooms in Dan’s house were a bit dreary for Roxanna’s tastes. But otherwise, she found Dan’s home to be a surprisingly nice house, for a bachelor's place.

“My feet are so sore now, Dan,” Roxanna complained.

Dan ushered Roxanna back into his living room. He gestured for Roxanna to have a seat on his couch.

Without even thinking about it, Roxanna eased her sexy, barely-covered and revealingly-clothed body backward onto Dan’s couch. Unconsciously, she sat back in as inviting and sexy a way as she could.

Dan seated himself beside her on the couch, encircled his arm around her back, and they began to talk. Softly. Just idle chit-chat, mostly.

Dan gently, carefully eased Roxanna’s sexy heels off of her cute, delicate little feet. Dan secretly enjoyed that he could be taking anything off of Roxanna’s sexy body now. Even if it was only her shoes!

Dan began gently massaging Roxanna’s toes, the balls of her feet, her arches, her heels, even her ankles. Roxanna softly, contentedly purred at the loving treatment that Dan’s gentle hands were bestowing upon her aching feet now.

Despite her vague sexual stirrings on their two previous dates, and her longing vibrator fantasies about him, Roxanna really wasn’t consciously thinking about sex at that moment. She honestly wanted only to talk with Dan some more.

"I'd like to listen to some jazz," Roxanna smiled.

Dan got up, turned on his stereo, and tuned to the local jazz station. He put the volume low. He then returned to his spot beside Roxanna on his couch. They continued to talk softly, whispering lovingly, just above the relaxing, mellow background jazz.

Roxanna tucked her bare feet under herself, and she gently snuggled against Dan on the couch. She casually, even innocently rested her head against the front of Dan’s shirt.

They talked softly, flirtingly, in hushed conspiratorial whispers. The way couples in the first blush of new love so often do.

Dan’s big but gentle hands encircled Roxanna’s legs, and he gently slid her legs forward, untucking Roxanna’s sexy little feet from under her. Once more, Dan began gently, soothingly rubbing Roxanna’s tired, sore feet for her.

"Mmmmm! This is nice!" Roxanna purred softly, happily.

Roxanna couldn’t even admit it to herself just yet. But she was secretly hoping to make her increasingly-hotter fantasies about Dan turn into reality, on that very night.

But Dan was already deeply tuned-in to Roxanna’s every mood. He already sensed what Roxanna dared not admit to herself. Because soon, their idle talking turned to soft kisses.

Roxanna’s sweet lips softly pressed up against Dan’s, and he gently kissed her.

Dan’s kisses were so loving. So gentle. Yet so full of fiery passion. His kisses turned Roxanna on so much that soon she turned into the aggressor. She kissed Dan’s mouth hotly, fiercely, hungrily.

Roxanna surprised herself. In seventeen years of marriage, she had never once dared to play the aggressor with her husband Jim. Because with Jim’s almost total lack of libido, Roxanna had feared that sexual aggression might have frightened Jim away, out of her life entirely. A non-sexual husband had at least been better than no husband at all.

But somehow, with Dan, Roxanna wasn’t at all afraid to be sexually aggressive now. Still pressing her mouth hotly against Dan’s lips, Roxanna pressed both of her hands on Dan’s chest, and she shoved Dan hard.

Roxanna’s playful but powerful shove sent Dan sprawling flat on his back on the couch. Then Roxanna climbed on top of Dan, and she began to kiss him with an even more ferocious hunger than before.

On those rare occasions when her husband had ever bothered to kiss her, Roxanna had always kissed with her eyes closed. She started out that way this time, too.

But then something inside her made Roxanna flutter her eyelids open for just the briefest of moments. She noticed that Dan’s big, brown eyes were gazing soulfully into her own eyes. She closed her eyes again, and purred happily as her hungry, passionate lips devoured Dan’s mouth.

Roxanna fluttered her eyes open again. She left them open long enough for Dan to look deeply and passionately into her own soft brown eyes. Dan’s loving gaze was beginning to stir long-forgotten feelings, her too long repressed lust and desire, deep inside Roxanna’s soul.

Now Dan’s eyes fluttered closed. Suddenly, Roxanna was left looking at Dan, without him returning her gaze.

Dan had closed his eyes to just enjoy the pleasure of Roxanna’s warm, tender lips on his own lips. Dan wanted nothing—no sight, no sound—to compete with the wonderful feeling of their fiery-hot kisses now.

Dan slightly increased the pressure of his lips against Roxanna’s. He wrapped his left arm around, behind Roxanna’s back, to pull her closer to him.

Roxanna closed her eyes again, purring happily at the feel of Dan’s hot lips burning into her own fiery passion. Then she opened her mouth just enough to slowly, playfully lick her tongue clockwise, all the way around the outside of Dan’s thick, soft, tender lips.

Feeling Roxanna’s tongue licking along his lips, Dan opened his own mouth ever so slightly. Now he let the top of his own tongue slowly, playfully lick the underside of Roxanna’s protruding tongue, in mid-air between them.

Now Dan pulled Roxanna’s head to him, bringing her lips even closer into his. Dan’s tongue slowly but hungrily snaked its way into Roxanna’s mouth. Roxanna let her tongue slither and slide its way into Dan’s mouth, exploring his teeth, the roof of his mouth, and his tongue.

Their tongues began a slow, ritual dance around each other, deep in each other's mouth. Then they began flickering and darting their tongues in and out of each other's mouth. Slowly at first. Then with ever-increasing rapidity.

With her eyes closed, Roxanna again began fantasizing about Dan’s tongue on her pussy.

“Why am I becoming obsessed with this image of Dan going down on me?” Roxanna wondered. Was it just because Dan’s tongue felt so wonderful playing inside her mouth, that she couldn’t help but wonder how his tongue would feel slithering between her other set of lips? Or was it his almost innocent boasting of how women reacted to his tongue skills?

Roxanna has never had a tongue in her pussy No man had ever even offered to do that for her. “And it isn’t as if he could even do me any extra good there,” Roxanna thought. “Other than perhaps to get me a little bit wetter, so he can slip his cock into me a little more easily.”

At this point, Roxanna was still thoroughly convinced that nothing—not even Dan’s wonderful and delightful tongue, which was now so skillfully tickling the roof of her mouth—could ever give her the elusive mythical orgasm. So what would even be the point of fulfilling her growing fantasy of Dan’s tongue licking her down there?

Besides, the Catholic Church had taught Roxanna that a man going down on a woman was dirty and disgusting. In her adult years, Roxanna had questioned and rejected much of what Catholicism had taught her. But she still had no personal experience to cause her to reject the idea that a tongue on a pussy was unclean and gross.

Roxanna tried to shake her fantasy about being licked. But that just made things worse.

Now she began imagining that Dan’s tongue darting in and out of her mouth was really his cock darting in and out of her pussy.

“Well”, Roxanna consoled herself, “at least Catholicism doesn’t consider the idea of Dan fucking me as a ‘dirty, disgusting’ image for me to imagine.”

Now Roxanna began wondering what Dan’s cock might look like. What it might feel like, if it really was darting in and out of her hungry pussy, the way his tongue was doing in her mouth.

As they continued to French kiss, Roxanna’s mind began to whirl. She started to think about how she might turn her fantasies into reality very soon. Or even better, on this very night! Could she, would she get to feel Dan’s tongue against her throbbing clit tonight? And would he slip his 40-year-old virginal cock deep inside of her slick, moist pussy?

With her eyes shut and their tongues entwined, Roxanna now pictured Dan standing naked before her. She imagined him with a long, thick, hard cock jutting straight out in front of him, ready and eager to plunge into her growing wetness.

At this point, Roxanna’s fantasy was still rather vague. Because she had yet to discover for herself whether Dan’s cock was long or short, wide or narrow, straight or curved.

Somehow, it didn't matter to Roxanna just then. Because she somehow just knew that she would be seeing the object of her desires soon enough. And whatever size and shape Dan’s manhood might turn out to have, Roxanna instinctively knew that she would find his hard cock pleasing to the eye… to the touch… and to the taste.

Roxanna hadn’t had such thoughts in a great many years. Sexual fantasies had always been too frustrating for her. Because she knew that these fantasies wouldn’t become fulfilled with her late husband, Jim. Nor with any of her recent dates. Roxanna couldn’t imagine a loser like Jack even having a clue how to satisfy her deepest fantasies!

And even when Roxanna did have sex—and even when she did enjoy it—she had never had that orgasm everyone said she was supposed to experience.

Yes, she had always enjoyed sex: the physical, emotional, and spiritual closeness with a man. The pleasurable sensations of a man driving hard and fast and deep into her…and then exploding passionately into her. Roxanna loved how that felt.

But she had never come. Not with any man, ever. Not even with her fingers or a vibrator. And she had no particular reason to believe her inability to orgasm would ever change, or could ever change.

As Dan’s mouth and Roxanna’s mouth hungrily devoured each other in an endless and increasingly more passionate series of sizzling-hot French kisses, Roxanna desperately tried to push the incessant, sexy images of Dan out of her mind. But Dan’s insistent tongue in her mouth just kept making her fantasies about him increasingly more vivid.

How long had they been kissing and letting their tongues entangle with each other? An hour? A day? A year? Dan didn’t know. Roxanna didn’t care.

But they finally reached the point where they both had to pause in their hungry, devouring, all-consuming French kisses. They both had to come up for air.

Roxanna and Dan had both been so lost in their ever-building passion. They had completely forgotten that Dan’s stereo was still playing.

But now Roxanna and Dan could both hear a wickedly-seductive jazz saxophone solo playing on the stereo. It was an intensely-sexual, throbbing rhythm. As they sat side by side on the couch, breathing heavily, panting breathlessly from their intensely passionate tongue-kisses, this seductive sax solo began heating up their mutual passion even more than before.

“A penny for your thoughts, Roxanna,” Dan smiled.

“I was just remembering the hundreds of hours we’ve spent talking to each other on the phone, Dan. Getting to know every detail of each other's personality and philosophy. I was fondly recalling the fun we’ve shared on four dates. I was thinking we now know each other so well, so intimately, in almost every way.”

“Almost every way?” Dan grinned, guessing that Roxanna was probably thinking the same thing he was thinking now.

“We know each other well in every way except one now, Dan,” Roxanna grinned.

“I’ve never known anyone in that way, Roxanna!” Dan smiled. “So do be gentle with me tonight. OK?”

“You’re such a gentleman, Dan,” Roxanna laughed softly. “You have no idea how much I admire and respect you. Tonight, baby, I want to show you, in every possible way, how deeply I care about you.”

“I’m a little bit scared, Roxanna. A little bit nervous. A little bit unsure of myself. But I’m very sure of my feelings for you, honey. My feelings about you! I’ve always been raised to save sex for marriage. But tonight, if you want it, I think I’m ready, too!”

“Take your time, Dan,” Roxanna smiled sweetly. “Don’t do anything unless it feels right for you. I can wait until you feel comfortable.”

“I feel the same way you do tonight, Roxanna,” Dan smiled sweetly. “Tonight I want to show you, in every possible way, how very much you mean to me. How much I care about you.”

Assured of their mutual feelings, confident in their desires, now neither of them had any doubts, any reservations left. They were both eager now to let the romance and the passion of the moment take them in any direction that they might both choose to go.

Roxanna and Dan leaned into each other, and resumed their hungry, passionate kissing. As they kissed with such a ferocious hunger, Dan reached his right hand down and once more gently massaged Roxanna’s tired, sore feet.

"Mmm, this is nice," Roxanna purred again.

As they resumed their kisses, Roxanna’s fingers reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Dan could just barely see the very top curves of Roxanna’s soft, round breasts above the opened top button of her blouse now.

"Yes, this is nice," Dan agreed.

Roxanna had unbuttoned just one button, when Dan’s mouth left Roxanna’s lips, and began kissing the left side of her neck.

Roxanna placed her hand over Dan’s left hand, and she gently guided him to her blouse. Together, they eased open the fabric of her blouse around the unfastened top button. Exposing even more of the top curvature of her big, beautiful, round breasts.

Dan then moved his handsome face around, to kiss the front of Roxanna’s lovely neck. And from there, down into her enticing exposed skin, where she had opened the first button of her blouse.

Both Dan and Roxanna felt their passionate lust heating up more and more now.

Roxanna teasingly, tauntingly, playfully unbuttoned the second button of her blouse. And Dan’s hand gently eased the unbuttoned fabric aside, opening Roxanna’s blouse even wider now.

As Roxanna opened-up more of her blouse, Dan’s kisses moved down lower into her cleavage, down along every lovely, inviting inch of her newly-exposed skin.

“So that’s his game!” Roxanna thought to herself. “His kisses are going to follow down each new area of exposed skin, as I unbutton each button. I like this game!”

Roxanna kept slowly unbuttoning her blouse. And Dan’s burning-hot kisses kept slowly trailing down, deeper and deeper down into her cleavage, after each opened button.

Dan again kissed the front of Roxanna’s smooth, soft neck. Then he again trailed his kisses down into her beautiful cleavage, between the soft lacy cups of her black bra.

Roxanna let out a soft "Mmmmmmm!"

Roxanna sensed that she was on to something. Maybe this was the way to start turning her increasingly-more-vivid sexual fantasies about Dan into reality!

Dan helped Roxanna unbutton the rest of her blouse. Then he gently tugged her blouse out of the top of her short skirt.

Roxanna’s blouse now fell completely open, curving gracefully around her sheer, lacy black bra and her bare midriff.

Dan had always found an open blouse, draped around a woman's curves, to be extremely sexy. But the way Roxanna’s blouse draped around her curves looked better than any woman Dan had ever seen. In real life, in men’s magazine, or in his fantasies.

Dan now kissed Roxanna’s bare belly. Then he began working his kisses back up Roxanna’s incredibly curvy, sexy body again.

Dan lovingly wrapped his arms around Roxanna. Once more, he hungrily kissed her mouth.

Roxanna parted her lips just enough to slip her tongue back into Dan’s mouth, and he reciprocated.

They broke their passionate French kiss once more, both of them panting breathlessly, excitedly.

Dan lifted Roxanna’s thin, lacy black bra straps off of her shoulders, and down onto her upper arms. Then he pulled her left bra cup down, tucking it under her big, round left breast.

Dan was absolutely stunned at how truly beautiful Roxanna’s bare breast looked now. So big. So round. So enticing. Capped by the widest, darkest red-brown areola Dan had ever seen. And right in the center, the hardest, loveliest brown nipple, jutting out so straight, so proudly toward his face now.

Dan eagerly, hungrily began licking and nibbling on Roxanna’s extremely hard, protruding left nipple.

Now Dan brought Roxanna’s right bra cup down under her right breast. Her right breast was just as spectacular as her left. Maybe even more so! Now Dan began his licks and gentle nibbles on Roxanna’s delightfully hard right nipple.

Dan backed his adoring face away from Roxanna’s amazing chest just enough now, for his appreciative eyes to drink in the full loveliness of both of her spectacular bare breasts together.

Dan had always fantasized about finding a woman with wide areolas. Women with wide areolas had always captivated him, in photo layouts in various men’s magazines. Dan had even been lucky enough to see a few such wide areolas in person, too. The widest areolas Dan had ever touched, before meeting Roxanna, were maybe two or two and a half inches across.

But Roxanna’s spectacular areolas were simply beyond all imaging. They were about three inches in diameter, covering well over half the surface of each breast. And they were the most beautifully dark shade of reddish brown. Dan just couldn't resist feeling and tasting her areolas.

With Roxanna’s bra cups tucked safely under both of her delightfully-round, high thirty-eight D breasts, Dan’s finger-tips began to stroke her lacy black bra. Dan thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the delicate fabric, as his lips and tongue showed their appreciation for just how phenomenally wide Roxanna’s spectacular areolas were.

And then Dan’s lips closed over first one nipple, and then the other. Kissing her nipples. Gently sucking on them, Opening his mouth even so slightly. Just enough to let his tongue flicker and dance its way across Roxanna’s spectacularly wide red-brown areolas. Over her long, hard, proudly-jutting brown nipples.

Dan’s fingers gently released themselves from feeling the fabric at the very edges of Roxanna’s lacy black bra cups. He slowly, softly, playfully, teasingly stroked a finger all the way around the bottom curve of first Roxanna’s right breast, and then her left. All while continuing to hungrily kiss and eagerly lick Roxanna’s amazingly-wide areolas, and her huge hard nipples.

Almost in spite of herself, Roxanna softly let out a long, low moan.

Her gentle moaning emboldened Dan to reach around behind her, and to unclasp the three tiny metal hooks holding Roxanna’s bra on.

Roxanna’s lacy black bra now softly fell onto the floor of Dan’s living room. This left Roxanna’s frilly white blouse wide open, draped so sexily around the delightful curves of her enormous bare breasts, with nothing underneath to cover her sexy bare chest now.

Dan realized that his mouth now had a completely unobstructed path to kiss and lick anywhere and everywhere on Roxanna’s wonderful breasts.

Dan leaned in. Right through her sexily-draped open blouse, he kissed Roxanna’s beautiful breasts all over. He hungrily sucked and nibbled on her long, hard brown nipples.

Dan began to kiss his way slowly around the bottom curves of Roxanna’s big rounded breasts. To Dan’s surprise and delight, Roxanna really liked being kissed just below her breasts.

Even Roxanna hadn’t realized how much she liked being kissed there, as she felt her whole body quiver and tremble.

Dan loved how Roxanna purred, and cooed, and softly moaned as his under-the-breast kisses turned to slow licks.

Roxanna couldn't believe how wonderful it all felt, as Dan kissed and slowly licked those big, sweeping curves under her breasts. Nobody had ever done that for her before!

Roxanna was beginning to lose all control of the situation. But somehow, she didn't mind at all, surrendering herself into Dan’s obviously very capable hands. Because Roxanna completely trusted Dan by now. And that trust allowed her to encourage him still further, by moaning even louder now.

Dan playfully nibbled at one nipple, then the other. He gently pressed her enormous breasts together. Dan opened his mouth as wide as he could. Then Dan let both of Roxanna’s hard nipples easily slip into his mouth.

"Yes," Roxanna whispered breathlessly, so tentatively, so hesitantly, that it almost sounded like "no."

Roxanna leaned back away from Dan’s hungry mouth. Her nipples were all nice and big and hard, jutting out all pointy and proud. Dan moved forward to resume his fiery kisses and licks on her amazing naked chest.

As Dan licked, sucked, and gently nibbled, he discovered that Roxanna’s wide areolas were every bit as sensitive as her thick, hard nipples were.

Dan delighted in the sexy, feminine way Roxanna’s shapely body squirmed and writhed in excited response to his loving attentions on her, as she moaned and purred and cooed her delighted approval.

As Dan continued his tantalizing kisses on and around Roxanna’s full, round breasts, she slowly unbuttoned Dan’s shirt, and kissing his chest, she slowly, playfully took his shirt off of him.

Now that she was gradually getting naked for Dan, Roxanna really enjoyed leveling the playing field, by starting to strip him, too.

Under Dan’s unbuttoned and flung-wide-open shirt was a hairy, well-developed, but not overly muscular chest. Just the way Roxanna liked a man's chest to be.

Roxanna had never seen such a delightfully hairy chest. That thick, dark, curly chest hair just looked so good to her now. Under all that hair, her hands felt that Dan actually had very soft, smooth skin on his chest.

As if it wasn't enough that Dan had all the mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities Roxanna had been seeking in a man all of her life! Now it looked as if he also possessed all of the physical attributes she most wanted in a man. Or at least he had the chest! Oh, Dan’s beautiful, manly chest!

Roxanna wondered why she hadn't really noticed how nice a chest Dan has, that day at the beach? Maybe in her growing passion, Roxanna was noticing Dan. and appreciating him in new ways now?

Leaning over Dan on the couch, Roxanna’s hands began slowly and gently rubbing his irresistible chest. She began stroking his wonderfully soft chest hair.

Dan began to purr softly, like a cat being petted. Roxanna had never heard a man react like that before. She thought it was the most wonderful sound a man had ever made. His purring moans were turning her on so much now!

Roxanna smiled, almost in a daze, as she stroked Dan’s chest with her hand. Roxanna began cooing and sighing softly.

Dan kept thinking about how Roxanna’s pussy might look. And taste. Would his tongue be able to coax the first orgasm of her life out of Roxanna?

Truth be told, Roxanna was wondering the same thing, at just about that same time.

Dan tried to unfasten and remove Roxanna’s skirt next. But before he could really get started, Roxanna gently clasped his hand in hers.

"Take me to bed?" Roxanna whispered sweetly and seductively, half ordering Dan, half asking him.

Roxanna and Dan both stood up from the couch. Hand in hand, they led each other from Dan’s living-room couch, down the hallway, toward Dan’s bedroom at the back of his one-story house.

Roxanna guided Dan’s steps, as much as he was guiding hers. This was what they both wanted, what they both needed now. There was now absolutely no doubt in either of their minds. They wanted to experience it all...with each other...on this very night!

Dan and Roxanna collapsed, half naked, onto Dan’s big queen-size bed. Their arms and legs instinctively wrapped themselves tightly around each other.

Dan hesitated for only a moment. He had never gone all the way with a woman before. But he already felt that this was the right relationship. The relationship he had been seeking all of his adult life.

For the first time in his long, lonely life, Dan now absolutely, positively knew that in Roxanna, he had found the woman with whom he wanted to share everything. And that included intimacy.

Dan relaxed and started to enjoy the moment. Maybe you can't hurry love, like the song says. “How long must I wait?” the song asks. But Dan now knew that he no longer needed to wait, no longer wanted to wait. Love, lust, passion, and desire had at long last found him. And her name was Roxanna.

Naked from the waist up, Roxanna stretched herself sexily, invitingly, encouragingly, enticingly on top of the bedspread of Dan’s big, comfortable bed. She closed her eyes, and smilingly encouraged Dan to finish removing her skirt.

Dan simply smiled back. He gently pushed up the hem of Roxanna’s extremely short skirt, as far up as it would go, high up above her waist. Dan then rested his hand over Roxanna’s pretty little black-lace panties. He allowed his fingers to gently rub the lace right up against the moist center of her femininity.

"Yes," Roxanna whispered, only a little less softly, and a little less hesitantly than she had the first time. There was now no hint of a “no” in her eagerly breathless “Yes!”

Dan pushed Roxanna’s delicate little black lace panties to one side. He let his thumb swirl slow circles around Roxanna’s finally-exposed clit. Dan’s thumb was double-jointed, which let him move his thumb in ways that few people can. It was the most amazing motion Roxanna had ever felt against her clit!

Roxanna’s gentle moans told Dan that she liked what his unique double-jointed thumb movements were doing to her.

"YES!" Roxanna wasn’t at all hesitant this time.

Dan reached around to Roxanna’s left side. Tugging eagerly, he passionately unzipped the side zipper of her miniskirt.

With another swift tug, Dan quickly had Roxanna completely out of her miniskirt. He then slid a long, thin finger under her pushed-aside panties, and down into her hot, wet pussy.

"YES!" Roxanna shouted, confidently, positively now. Not even in a hint of hesitation in her breathlessly-moaned declaration of “YES!” now.

Dan and Roxanna resumed hungrily kissing each other's chest. Then they slowly moved their kisses down each other's torso.

Using both of his hands, Dan raised both of Roxanna’s knees up off the bed. Then he gently spread her smooth, dark, silky, shapely, sexy legs wide apart. Now Roxanna’s feet lay flat on the mattress, her legs bent in an inverted V, her knees raised, her thighs widely separated.

Roxanna sucked in her breath, in eager anticipation. And she raised her luscious round ass high off the bed now.

Dan slowly, gently eased Roxanna’s sheer, silky black panties part-way down her luscious dark legs. Just enough to make her hungry pussy accessible to his fingers and tongue.

Now Dan planted a lot of hungry, fiery kisses and licks on Roxanna’s smooth, silky inner thighs. With each kiss, with each lick, Dan drew teasingly closer to the very center of Roxanna’s passion and pleasure. But he didn’t quite touch his tongue to her very pretty little pussy. Not just yet.

Dan finally skimmed Roxanna’s panties down from her thighs to her knees. And then he stopped again.

Dan now took a long moment to admire the full and spectacular nakedness of the woman he was falling so deeply and completely in love with, and in lust with.

Dan thought that Roxanna now looked so cute and sexy. So downright irresistible, lying all naked, eager, and horny on his bed.

“Oh, Dan!” Roxanna purred lustily. “Ever since you first French-kissed me in my garage, I can’t stop thinking about your tongue! I keep hearing in my mind, your deep, sexy voice on the phone. I keep hearing that night you told me about when you were nineteen. When your college sweetheart taught you all about how to go down on a woman. No man has ever gone down on me, Dan! I just can’t stop thinking about that!”

“Are you trying to tell me, Roxanna?” Dan grinned, “That you want me to go down on you?”

“I want to experience everything with you, Dan,” Roxanna whispered sweetly, sexily. “Everything!”

Any lingering reservations Dan might have still had about going all the way with Roxanna, now completely vanished.

When she felt the rush of warm air against her now-exposed pussy, Roxanna’s dewy pussy lips began to open up to Dan all on their own, like flower pedals welcoming the dawn. Roxanna opened her eyes now, so she could watch every move Dan was about to make on her horny, juicy slit.

Instead of pleasuring Roxanna further, right where her panties had been covering her only moments before, Dan teasingly began tantalizing her in a whole new direction. He began kissing her right foot, working his way from her slender ankle, around to her cute little toes, sucking one toe at a time into his mouth.

Dan then moved to Roxanna’s left foot. He again kissed her ankle, kissing all along her foot, kissing her cute little toes, and sucking her toes one by one into his mouth.

Turning her head to her right, softly moaning and happily purring, Roxanna noticed for the first time, Dan’s huge walk-in closet. It consisted of two sets of folding double-doors, bordered in brass trim. Each of these four closet doors had a floor-to-ceiling mirror on it. So that one entire wall of Dan’s bedroom was one giant mirror.

Roxanna thought about how those mirrors would let her see every detail of their lovemaking, as this magical night unfolded. That thought just excited the already-panting Roxanna even more.

"If you've never, umm, been with a woman before,” Roxanna challenged Dan, “why do you have floor-to-ceiling mirrors?" Roxanna wondered if Dan had ever used those mirrors to watch himself during solo sessions.

"They came with the house,” Dan replied. “The previous owner's wife had them installed. I never bothered removing them. Why? Do they bother you? Because I can take them down if you like."

Before Roxanna could even answer about whether she liked the mirrors, Dan began rubbing his left hand up her left leg, from her foot on up.

Dan’s hot, passionate kisses trailed up Roxanna’s sexy leg, his lovingly kissing mouth always following about six inches behind his gently stroking hand.

Just to tease and taunt and tantalize her, to keep Roxanna guessing, every once in a while Dan would remove his hand from her leg. He would then bring his hand down, to intertwine his fingers between the dainty toes of Roxanna’s left foot.

But then Dan would put his hand back where he had left off. He would stroke higher up her left leg. Dan’s eager kisses always followed up Roxanna’s sexy bare leg, about six inches after his hand.

“You know,” Dan grinned, as his fingers massaged and pressed on Roxanna’s feet, “scientists say that every nerve in the human body is connected to a nerve in the feet and toes. “

“I’ve heard that,” Roxanna laughed. “I’m not sure I believe it, though!”

“I’ll show you!” Dan chuckled, as his thumb pressed near the center of Roxanna’s left foot. She felt a tingling sensation in her left breast. She looked down. Roxanna had never seen her nipple look so hard. And suddenly, her nipple literally ached to be kissed. And to be sucked on.

Dan stroked his finger on her, to tickle into the arch of Roxanna’s right foot. Her ribs began to tingle, and she let out a giggle, as if her ribs were being tickled by a feather.

“But here’s the best one of all!” Dan grinned wickedly at her. Dan then sucked Roxanna’s right pinky-toe into his mouth. Almost instantly, Roxanna felt herself dampening, very deep in the interior of her pussy. She squirmed on the bed and let out a soft moan. “That feels so good, Dan!”

Roxanna looked in the mirrors again, and she watched Dan kissing her naked form. Watching Dan in the mirror as he slowly, teasingly pleasured her, also added to Roxanna’s growing excitement.

Roxanna was starting to feel very sexy, for the first time in many years. So now she answered Dan’s earlier question. "Don't you dare take those mirrors down, Dan! I love watching you caress me. And I can hardly wait to watch in the mirror, as your cock enters me for the very first time!”

Roxanna once again found herself wondering what Dan’s naked cock would look like. Would it be long? Thick? Straight or curved? Pink or red or purple?

When Dan’s hands reached halfway up Roxanna’s thighs, he reached down to Roxanna’s lacy black panties, which he had already pulled down around her knees. Roxanna held her breath in eager anticipation of Dan finally skimming her panties, now bunched around her knees, completely off of her.

Dan grasped the skimpy panties firmly in both hands, and then he surprised her...he pulled them all the way back up Roxanna’s legs, past her thighs. Until the panties were once more covering and hiding her lovely, luscious, very turned-on cute little pussy.

Then, pulling and stretching the sheer lace out away from Roxanna’s smooth, dark skin, Dan reached inside her panties. He began to rub his fingers all over her thick, dark bush, right under her panties. He stroked all over the outside of her pretty, pouting pussy lips. Roxanna was on fire now! If Dan didn’t eat her out, and then fuck her mercilessly, and damned soon, she just might completely lose her mind now!

Dan loved that Roxanna’s pussy lips were surrounded by thick, dark hair. Her outer lips were already puffy with her lust. Dan thought that he could be content to just lie there all night and admire the spectacular beauty of her hot, naked, warm, moist, wide-open, very inviting pussy, but for three things: the insistence of his tongue desperately wanting to lick her, the insistence of his hard cock throbbing in his trousers, demanding he surrender his virginity to her on this very night, and damned soon. And the insistence of Roxanna’s writhing and moaning, which loudly proclaimed her desperate need to be eaten out...and then to be completely and thoroughly fucked!

Roxanna felt so lucky now. Lucky that Dan’s skilled fingers, not her own, were taking care of her needs now. Dan’s gentle, expert touch made Roxanna’s insides juice-up with desire for both Dan’s tongue and his cock. She hoped she would experience both on this magical, passionate night.

Dan grasped Roxanna’s panties again. In one swift, smooth tug, he slid her soaking-wet panties down again. This time, not just past her thighs and her knees. But all the way down her naturally-dark legs, over her ankles, and past her bare feet, in one swift, continuous motion.

Roxanna’s panties fell off of Dan’s bed, and fluttered softly down onto his carpeted bedroom floor. Dan’s hand came to rest on the outside of Roxanna’s by-now-quivering pussy, as his hungry sexual kisses up her legs, finally caught up to her inner thigh.

Wanting to prolong the moment and the teasing passion, Dan didn’t yet let his mouth touch Roxanna’s sweet pussy.

With her sexy legs spread wide open, Roxanna began massaging her own breasts, arching her back, swaying her hips. Dan moved his hand and his mouth down to her right ankle. He deliberately began the same slow, teasing stroking and kissing up Roxanna’s right leg, that he had just completed when going up her left leg.

Dan again paused from time to time, to intertwine his fingers between the toes of Roxanna’s right foot. Then he resumed stroking and kissing, precisely where he had left off. Again, Dan’s large but gentle hand came to rest on the outside of Roxanna’s hungry pussy.

Dan’s kisses finally caught up to the top of Roxanna’s smooth, silky inner thigh.

Roxanna took in a sharp intake of breath, hoping and anticipating that Dan’s mouth would now finally touch her eager pussy. She quivered and squirmed, maneuvering to bring her pussy as close as possible to Dan’s handsome face.

But Dan teased even more now. He began playing with the thick triangle of brown hair between Roxanna’s legs. He stroked her soft pussy fur, like the fingers of a comb passing through it, and he curled the longer strands around his fingers.

Roxanna squirmed and wiggled beneath Dan’s teasing. Roxanna surprised even herself when she moaned to Dan, “Damn it! I need you to lick me!” Roxanna had survived just fine to the age of forty-five without any man’s tongue ever having touched her there. And yet at that moment, Roxanna felt like she would just about die if Dan didn’t lick her extremely horny little pussy…and pretty damned soon!

But Dan still continued to ignore Roxanna, to torment her. He let his exploring fingers and tongue touch her all around, but not yet directly on, her by-now desperately horny pussy.

Finally, Dan knelt on his knees between Roxanna’s spread legs on the bed. He slid his long, thin middle finger deep inside of her dripping and oozing pussy.

As Dan slid first one, and then two fingers deep inside of Roxanna’s tight, hot, dripping-wet pussy, his double-jointed thumb gently rubbed and pressed against her throbbing clit.

Dan genuinely enjoyed the feeling of the moisture already oozing along Roxanna’s inner walls, as her hips slowly rocked up-and-down and side-to-side on the mattress.

Roxanna’s trembling little clit was already starting to arise out of hiding. Her love button quickly became very long and hard against Dan’s swirling, pressing thumb.

This still wasn't the tongue that Roxanna so desperately craved. But at this point, Roxanna was happy to just have any part of Dan finally making contact with her hot and lusty eager-beaver.

Roxanna’s breathing became heavier. She was acutely aware now that Dan was reawakening long-dormant feelings from her youth. Roxanna’s rekindled lust slowly washed over her hot, sexy, tantalizing naked body, starting with a tingling in her toes, and working its way up in waves.

But Dan still wouldn’t let that gathering wave fully crest in Roxanna just yet.

Roxanna’s growing lust, simultaneously advancing yet held in check, centered around where Dan’s talented, probing, exploring fingers were so patiently, tenderly, and lovingly ministering to the needs of her starving pussy.

Roxanna thought it was so nice of Dan to focus so much time and attention on her, on making her feel so good. He probably thought he could even coax an orgasm out of her. It was sweet of him to try. And his efforts felt wonderful. But giving her an orgasm? No. Not going to happen!

Roxanna once again thought about how she had never had an orgasm in her whole life. How she didn’t believe herself even capable of one. How convinced she was that the whole idea of a female orgasm was just one sorry myth. Nevertheless, Roxanna knew that she had always genuinely enjoyed sex. The closeness, the intimacy.

And right now, Roxanna was truly enjoying what Dan was doing to her. And she was glad that Dan genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself, too. “When you’re in love,” she told herself, “your own pleasure takes a back seat to seeing that your partner has pleasure, too.”

Roxanna wanted Dan to enjoy himself. She wanted to feel him enjoying his orgasm deep inside of her. But she didn’t expect to come herself. And she honestly didn’t mind that.

Dan wasn’t really nervous. Maybe a little anxious that he would please Roxanna enough. But mostly, Dan was just so full of love for this woman, that he seemed to instinctively know just where and when and how to touch her.

As Roxanna’s moans grew louder and her lusty gyrations became more frequent and frenzied, Roxanna again begged Dan to lick her.

Something inside Dan sensed that Roxanna didn’t really expect much out of his licks. He sensed that she thought of clit-licking as just a prelude to the next stage. As a way for her to get moist enough for Dan’s cock to enter her.

But Dan also knew from personal experience just how pleasurable cunnilingus can be for a woman, if done right. And Dan was determined to do it right for his beloved Roxanna now.

Roxanna’s pleasure at this stage was very important to Dan. “When you’re in love,” Dan told himself, “your partner’s pleasure ranks first, second, and third compared to your own pleasure!”

Dan stretched himself out along the bed, face-down. He then cupped both of his hands under the cheeks of Roxanna’s spectacular naked ass. He finally pressed his face against her desperately hungry pussy.

Dan started-off slowly, teasingly. He placed soft but passionate kisses on her outer pussy lips, and around her still partly-hidden clit. Writhing in desperation, Roxanna again moaned for Dan to lick her.

Roxanna thought back to their very first kiss, in her garage. She recalled how fantastic Dan’s marvelous tongue had felt while it explored her mouth. And now that same marvelous tongue was once more starting to roll out of Dan’s mouth, and into her. Only now, it was slipping past not the lips on her face, but the lips between her smooth, silky, creamy thighs.

Roxanna began to purr like a contented kitty cat getting its fur stroked, as Dan’s incredibly talented tongue began to slowly roll up and down along the outside of her pussy lips.

Dan’s enthusiastic tongue slowly licked up, down, all around the outside of Roxanna’s delicious pussy. His fingers gently held her lower lips open, and Dan plunged his tongue deep inside. Dan thought that the moistness lining Roxanna’s interior walls was the tastiest treat he had ever enjoyed.

Dan finally let himself lick at Roxanna’s hot little quivering love button. He began working his own special brand of magic on her—skills learned at nineteen and practiced many times since.

Roxanna now knew that Dan was going to get her all nice and moist, for his cock to slide effortlessly into her.

Roxanna had waited for this moment all week. She had dreamed about it, fantasized about it. She had rubbed her vibrator all over her trembling clit, while desperately wishing to replace the vibrator with Dan’s tongue.

And now Roxanna was at long last actually feeling Dan’s tongue playfully lapping against her pussy lips. The very first tongue ever to touch her there!

Dan’s tongue eagerly explored all over Roxanna’s warm, moist interior. Squirming, softly moaning, happily purring, Roxanna invitingly, joyously encouraged Dan’s tongue to explore her here, there, everywhere.

Roxanna remembered the nuns teaching her in scolding voices, “A man’s tongue has no place between a woman’s thighs! It’s dirty and disgusting!”

But Dan was a highly-intelligent, well-educated man. A gentleman, as one word. And also a gentle man, as two words. A man Roxanna was already starting to love. Starting to trust completely. And she knew that Dan also loved her. That he greatly respected her.

So the nuns had to be wrong! How could anything that this wonderful man might do with her, do to her, ever be dirty or disgusting? Especially not something that felt so damned good!

The sensations that Dan was stirring in Roxanna now were more exquisite than Roxanna had even imagined, than she could ever have imagined.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, YES!" Roxanna cried out in total rapture now. The Catholic Church had told her about the ecstasy of heaven. But heaven could not possibly compare to the ecstasy of this very moment!

Roxanna sucked in her breath, then let out a gasp of intense pleasure, as Dan’s swirling, lapping tongue finally moved up to her clit. Her clit instantly began to stiffen and arise out of hiding.

Next Dan’s teeth began a very gentle nibbling on Roxanna’s outer lips.

Dan’s playful licking and gentle nibbling against her growing clit was getting Roxanna so visibly and audibly excited by now. The outside of her pussy lips were almost as heavily coated with her lusty dew as her interior walls were.

Beads of Roxanna’s gathering lust were beginning to seep out of her, and to coat the outside of her wide-open pussy. Dan’s fingers gently pried her outer pussy lips open. His tongue darted deep inside of her, licking the gathering moisture from her inner walls.

Roxanna was surprised, even amazed, that all of Dan’s intensely passionate nibbling “down there” wasn’t at all painful for her. The thought of teeth nibbling into her extremely sensitive clit might sound like it would be painful. But in reality, Dan’s playful clit-nibbling was an intense pleasure for Roxanna. Not at all painful. Just pure pleasure.

Roxanna was uncontrollably thrashing against Dan’s kissing mouth and licking tongue now. Her moans were growing steadily louder. Constantly and progressively louder. “That…feels…so…good!” Roxanna moaned breathlessly.

“I want only to please you now, Roxanna!” Dan declared between passionate licks on her sensitivity switch.

“For a virgin,” Roxanna groaned passionately, “you’re doing a terrific job, Dan! Better than any man I’ve ever been with before!”

“You like having your pussy eaten?”

“Uh-huh!” Roxanna moaned her enthusiastic agreement. “I don’t know why I waited so long to let a man go down on me! I had no idea it could feel so amazing!”

“You ….slurp! …had to wait …lick! for the right man … lllliiiick! .... to show you …. ;llliiiiiick! … just how good …. slurrrrrrp!.... it really can be! Slurp-slurp…slllllurp!”

“And now…ohhhhh!... I have… Mmmmm!... definitely…Oooooooh!... found that…Mmmmmm!...right man! Oh, Dan, Dan, Dan! Eat my pussy, Dan! Yes! YES! Eat my pussy! Ohhhh!”

“Mmmm! Don’t ever…slurp!.....shave your… lick!.....sweet, sweet pussy…llllllick!...Roxanna!”

“Why….ohhhhhh!...not…Mmmmm!...Dan? Oooooh! Mmmmm!”

Dan paused in his hungry licking, sucking, and nibbling on Roxanna’s amazingly beautiful, wonderfully delicious throbbing clit, just long enough to breathlessly answer Roxanna.

“Because, baby. I adore your sweet little pussy just the way it is! It’s the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen! The most wonderful and delicious pussy I’ve ever tasted! I don’t want you to ever change anything about it! I just love eating you out, right through all that thick, luxurious black pussy fur of yours.”

“I can’t shave it for you? Not even just a little bit?

“No! I hate shaved pussies! I love your hairy pussy, Roxanna! As far as I’m concerned, the hairier the better! You don’t know how long I’ve fantasized about having to push the hair aside with my fingers and tongue, just to get at the soft, fleshy pink folds of womanhood underneath. Just as I had to do to get to you, Roxanna!

“Oh, Dan! I’m so glad you like me just the way I am!”

“I love you just the way you are! All that hair ‘down there’ makes a woman look more mature and sophisticated. Not like a little school-girl.”

“Then I guess it’s pretty damned lucky for both of us, Dan, that my dark bush is so damned hairy!”

“And so lickable!”

“Yes!” Roxanna moaned. “Yes, YES! My pussy is lickable. So shut up, already Dan. Stop talking about eating my pussy! And just do it! Just lick me!’

Dan now redoubled his efforts to lick, suck, and nibble Roxanna into what he knew, and what she still doubted, would be the very first orgasm of her life.

Roxanna’s breathing grew heavier. Her obvious and intense passion built from deep inside her, in wave after ever more excited wave, as Dan’s lips, tongue, and teeth continued to relentlessly work her clit into total erotic frenzy.

The inner walls of Roxanna’s pussy were now very slick and wet. Her G-spot's warm, thick juiciness was now stirring from deep inside of her, and bubbling up around where Dan was so eagerly licking her clit.

Roxanna’s soft, curvaceous hips and full round ass began slowly rocking up off the bed and back down again. Soon, her hips began swaying up and down more rapidly with each of Dan’s passionate tongue-licks.

Dan’s kisses moved to Roxanna’s clit, joining his licking tongue on her most sensitive throbbing spot now.

“YES!” Roxanna’s moans grew louder and more frequent. “Yes, yes, YES!” Dan sucked on her clit, and gently nibbled on it.

Roxanna had always enjoyed sex as a pleasurable sensation. As an emotional feeling of being close to a guy. Feeling so intimate with a man she cares about. But she had never felt herself so excited, so breathless...and so moist!

“Damn, baby!” Roxanna moaned, twisting and squirming her entire sexy body every which way beneath Dan’s relentlessly-licking tongue. “You don’t know,” she moaned breathlessly, “just how great your tongue feels on my throbbing, horny clit”

Roxanna now felt so grateful to Dan, and to the college sweetheart who had taught him so well, all those decades ago. Grateful for being the beneficiary of the knowledge, skill, and care Dan obviously possessed in such great abundance. Grateful for everything that Dan was so lovingly sharing with her at that moment.

Of course, Roxanna didn't actually tell Dan that she was grateful for his having taken the time to learn how to pleasure a woman. But then, Roxanna didn't have to say anything. Dan could tell from her ecstatic smile, and from her writhing body language, not to mention from her very loud moaning, exactly how grateful Roxanna really was at that moment.

Roxanna had the strangest feeling inside of her now. A feeling like no other she had ever felt before. In her mind, she pictured herself as one of those cliff divers she had sometimes seen on TV, leaning way over the edge, psyching herself up to leap off and plunge into the ocean far below. But not quite ready to jump off the cliff just yet.

Yes, that was the feeling. Roxanna now sensed that something dramatic was about to happen to her. Like the diver jumping over the cliff. Roxanna was preparing herself, getting ready for the dramatic moment. But getting ready for what, exactly? Roxanna didn’t know.

Dan playfully, eagerly slid his tongue deeper and even deeper inside of Roxanna. Then he playfully lapped at her G-spot.

"YES!" Roxanna cried, and "YES!" again. “YES!” Almost in tears now. Tears of the most intense joy she had ever felt in her life. Roxanna began uncontrollably quivering from head to toe. Shuddering in passionate desire. “YES!”

From somewhere deep inside of Roxanna, the most wondrous smacking and squishing noises began to resonate through the room.

Dan had never heard anything quite like it, from any other woman he had ever gone down on before. Roxanna’s loud, eager, hungry smacking and squishing noises, resonating from so very deep inside her horny little pussy now, sounded wonderful to Dan. Roxanna sounded so very excited now.

The noisier Roxanna’s excited pussy became against Dan’s kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling mouth, the harder Dan’s cock grew in his pants. And the more frenzied and passionate his licking on her clit became.

Roxanna’s whole sexy naked body shuddered and writhed in love, lust, passion, and desire, against Dan’s adoring face.

Roxanna wrapped both of her dark, shapely legs around Dan’s neck and shoulders. Her legs held Dan’s head and neck in a tight scissor-lock, in the unlikely event that he should even think of easing his eager and talented tongue off of her straining clit.

Roxanna continued rocking up off the bed and back down again, even more rapidly than before. Her sexy legs began pushing Dan’s handsome face away from her moist and open pussy. Then pulling him closer again. Pushing away and pulling him near, in rhythm with the motion of both his tongue and her own gyrating hips.

Once more, Dan gently clenched his teeth into the hard nub of Roxanna’s excited little clit. Only this time, he never let go. His gentle clit-chewing finally signaled to Roxanna’s metaphoric diver that it was time to jump off over that cliff.

Shaking from head to toe, Roxanna’s trembling passion began to gush rapidly out of her.

Exploding powerfully, Roxanna thoroughly soaked Dan’s handsome face. And he happily, eagerly licked up every tasty drop.

Roxanna’s explosive first orgasm of her life gradually slowed to an ooze from around her trembling clit. She simply continued to flow slowly, thickly, endlessly onto Dan’s playfully, happily, hungrily licking, swirling, lapping tongue.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD!” Roxanna moaned, as she came, and came, and came yet again.

“So,” Dan laughed. “Do you still think that female orgasm is just a myth?”

“No! Nnnnnno!” Roxanna cried out, thrashing and squirming joyously against Dan’s tongue. “Not a myth after all! Oh my god! Oh….my…GGGGGOD! So this is what an orgasm feels like? Ohhhhhh!”

At last, Roxanna now knew first-hand that this thing called orgasm was the most wonderful, intense, pleasurable feeling she had ever experienced in her whole life!

Roxanna was trembling, panting, moaning, squirming beneath Dan. She was a jumble of emotions, both crying and laughing at the same time, as fluids thickly and endlessly flowed and gushed, gushed and flowed out of her. …right onto Dan’s handsome face!

Juices were flowing thickly, steadily out of Roxanna, from places she didn’t even know existed inside of herself! And best of all, she was sharing this lovely, intense, exciting and excited feeling with the man she loved!

Roxanna knew at that moment, without a hesitation, without a doubt, that she loved this man completely, unconditionally.

Dan continued to eagerly suck and delicately nibble on Roxanna’s quivering, throbbing clit. Passionately, relentlessly. Until he hurled Roxanna’s entire body head-long into two more powerful, crashing orgasms.

“Oh my GOD, baby!” Roxanna panted. “Oh my GOD! I’ve been with about a dozen lovers over the past twenty years. I’ve used my vibrator on myself at least a thousand times. But I’ve never felt anything even half as wonderful as this! You’re amazing, Dan! I think—no, I know—that I love you, baby! Oh, I love you so much! Mmmm!”

The passion juices from not only the first, but the first three orgasms of Roxanna’s life, now flowed slowly and thickly onto Dan’s delighted tongue.

Thick liquid love was now flowing out of Roxanna at about the speed and consistency of Hawaiian lava that’s starting to cool. An apt comparison of how Roxanna felt, after her three powerful erotic eruptions. Roxanna could see and feel her own warm love-lava, steadily dribbling creamily into Dan’s mouth now.

Dan moaned something about Roxanna having the sweetest pussy he’d ever tasted. With all the pussy Dan claimed to have eaten over the years, Roxanna realized what an incredible compliment that was to her. What an honor, to be the best of the many pussies Dan had eaten.

Roxanna hadn't felt this good, this fulfilled, in many years. And she had never felt anything so intense!

Dan was the first man who had ever taken care of Roxanna’s pleasure before his own. Dan had given her one, two, three powerful orgasms in extremely rapid succession. All without yet having her please him in return.

That realization just added to Roxanna’s growing feeling that she had at last found a genuine gentleman. And that she was already falling deeply, completely, helplessly in love with this wonderful, sexy, very sexual man.

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