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Friends With Benefits Part Two

Two teenagers want more of each other.
This is part two of my first story “Friends With Benefits”. You won’t get lost by just reading this one but please read the first one just to get the back ground and please leave comments so I can get some advice and basically how you feel about the stories. Thank you!

Ever since that day that Jane had such an amazing time with Stan in his room, she just can’t help but think about it. She thinks about seeing him masturbate in front of her. Seeing Stan’s cock in pictures was something that always turned her on and always impressed her but she was even more impressed when she got to see it in the flesh. All six inches of it and with a very impressive girth to go with it, certainly made it look quite a powerful thing and very attractive for a 16 year old boy. The only thing she regrets is that she actually never got to touch it. She did not even give it a little stroke or wrap her soft feminine hand around it and feel how powerful and hard that dick was. That‘s because she was busy rubbing her pussy and clit, masturbating for him as he had asked.

She was too caught up in the pleasure she was feeling from her wet, soft pussy and basically Stan just whipped his cock out of nowhere and started jacking off which somewhat caught her guard, but she loved what she was seeing in front of her. The image of Stan pumping his hard cock in his hand is still very fresh in her mind. She thinks about how fast he was jacking off and the moans he was making. He seemed to moan at almost every stroke and every time his hand would hit the base of his hard shaft. She thinks about the way his body was shaking when approaching his climax and when he finally shot his cum load on his bed. The look on Stan’s face when he came makes her pussy tingle a little bit.

She imagines how it would feel to Stan’s cock in her mouth, just licking and sucking on his hard cock and tasting his cum. She rubs her pussy through her panties, closes her eyes for moment and licks her soft sexy lips as she starts to get carried with her imagination. She thinks about how amazing it felt when he finger fucked her and she squirted on his bed. The feeling of his fingers sliding inside and out of her pussy was an amazing feeling, one she had never experienced before and she knows that she’d love more of it and even better than the first time. But for now her pussy is wet form all that fantasizing and remising.

She has to do something about it and relieve herself. She has to respond to her lust and she can’t wait any longer. She locks her bedroom door making sure she doesn’t get disturbed by anyone in the house. She strips down and gets naked, laying on her bed. She wastes no time and goes straight for her clit as she softly rubs it in circles, not directly but just around it so she can tease herself and enjoy the feeling a bit longer. She wants to make sure that her pussy is all nice and wet. She licks her lips, closes her eyes, still fantasizing about Stan, and soon she increases the speed on her clit, rubbing a little faster and slightly harder.

She starts to moan as she feels her orgasm starting to build. She stops rubbing her clit, stopping herself from cuming. She smiles and giggles feeling the pleasure, feeling rather naughty for stopping her orgasm as it slowly fades away. She has other plans and decides to go for one of her trusted masturbation techniques. She starts off by gathering her pillows and puts them between her legs and squeezes her tits and softly pinches her nipples. Her pussy gets wet again and needs some more attention. She dry humps the pillows as she continues to fantasizing about him.

The fantasies in her head really make her horny. She continues humping and grinding her hips and pussy into the pillows for about ten minutes then stops again right before she cums. She decides to kick it up a notch and goes for the grand finale. She gets some ice cubes and shoves them in her tight pussy. The cold from the ice almost send her overboard right there and then, but she somehow manages to hold herself together. She takes one more ice cube, puts in her mouth, licks it and rubs it slowly on her nipples first and then down to her pussy lips and around her clit.

She‘s moaning loudly now and seemingly can’t it any more as her orgasm builds. She then takes her computer charger and puts it in her pussy adding to the ice cubes already inside her. The hot charger, along with the ice cubes gives her an instant orgasm. “Oh fucks yes Stan!” she moans as the massive orgasm crashes through her sexy body. Leaving her shaking and trembling with pleasure. She does this on a regular basis and she loves it!

Stan can’t stop thinking about Jane as well. His door is locked, he’s feeling horny and his cock is hardening by the second. With his T-shirt already off, he’s wastes no time and swiftly pulls his underwear and shorts both at the same time. He sits on his bed naked and lets the wall support his back. The cold wall sends a few shivers down his spine and he likes it. He spreads is legs apart with only his left knee up so he that the right knee doesn’t obstruct his right hand as he reaches for his cock.

He would usually watch porn at this point but he just wants to let his imagination run wild and why not after such an amazing time Jane, he can satisfy his lust with those fresh memories. He closes his eyes and thinks about the soft lips of Jane and the tits he touched but never got see in the flesh. He’s seen them before in photos but for now he realizes that it would have been awesome had he seen them, rather than just touching and squeezing them through her top. He would have loved to kiss, lick and suck on her nipples and taste her soft skin.

He strokes his cock slowly up and down for few minutes then wraps his hand around his hard cock, slowly jacking off and continues to fantasize about Jane. He thinks about how wet her panties were and the way she played with her pussy. He lets out a little moan as he sees visions of Jane pulling her panties to side and exposing her pussy wet to him. At this point he increases the speed as pumps his dick and his breathing gets a little heavy.

Then he remembered the most wonderful and most inviting words he’d ever heard, “Would you like to finger fuck me Stan?”

“Oh yeah baby!” was the response and soon he had visions of Jane taking off her panties and throwing them on the bedroom floor.

With her skirt hiked further up her waste, so he could clearly see her trimmed wet pussy. He thinks about the feeling got when he touched her wet soft pussy for the first time. First just stroking it, then one finger entered her, then two and fucked her the best way he could and loved the reaction she was giving him. In and out, in and out, his fingers wet from her pussy juices.

At this point Stan starts to thrust his hips and his cock hard and fast in to his hand. Moaning Jane’s name and grinding his hips in a circular motion trying to make the nice feeling last longer. He imagines how it would feel to lick and taste her pussy and what it taste like. One thing he does know is that would really like it and enjoy it just as much as she would. He thinks about how tight her pussy was and how it got tighter around his fingers as they both moaned together, starring into each other’s eyes and as she reached her orgasm and subsequently came and squirted on his hand and his bed. Squirting three times as she trembled in pleasure.

Stan can’t take it no more, his imagination has taken him over the edge. He continues to thrust his dick in his hand, moaning and groaning “oh yes, oh yesss Jane, fuck yes, aaaah aahh yes Jane. He explodes with a big orgasm. He continues to thrust his hips slowly as his cum slowly seeps over his hand. What a feeling!

He’s still sitting there naked on his bed and instead of just cleaning himself up and going to sleep, he decides to pick the phone and call Jane.

“Hello”. Jane answers.

“Hey girl, what are doing?” He asks.

“Nothing, just chilling, what about you?” She asks.

“Same her e”. He replied

He pauses for a second and says, “I was thinking about you”.

“I was thinking about you too” she smiles and licks her lips.

“I was thinking about the fun we had the other day in my room. I just couldn’t help it”. He says as he catches her attention.

“Mmmhh yeah, I was thinking about the same thing too”. She moans and giggles

He laughs and asks her “what did you do about it?”

“I fantasized about you and had to attend to my urge”. She giggles. “So what did you do about it?”

“I just finished a hot session just fantasizing about you”. He replies.

“Yeah?” she asks with quite an intrigue.

“Yeah!” he replied with confidence.

“You’re such a horny bastard!” she laughs.

He laughs and says “hey listen, if you’re free tomorrow we can meet at my place in the afternoon. I’ll have the place to myself”.

“Sure, that sounds good. What time though?” she asks.

“You can come at three”. He says.

“Sure, I can’t wait!” She says teasing him.

“See you babe! Bye”. He laughs.

The following day, Jane went to Stan’s place and was right on time. She looked sexy but didn’t wear anything fancy or special, just tight blue jeans and a green top that really appreciated the size of her breasts. Stan was blown away by her look. She was looking hot and he moved towards her and gave her hug, welcoming her into the house. She could tell he was feeling confident because he rarely hugged her. He was looking good too, nothing special but he’d certainly freshened himself up, wore a white tank top that hugged his upper body and nice black baggy shorts. Straight to his room they went. As soon they closed the door he pinned her to the door and started kissing her with passion. This didn’t catch her off guard because she responded with passionate kisses of her own. They took each other’s tops and still kissed at that the door for a few minutes. Soon her bra was off and he got see her beautiful breasts. He started to something he did not get to do last time. He touched, squeezed, kissed, licked and nibbled on her breasts and nipples. She was loving it, she grabs his already hard cock through his shorts and liked the feeling of it. She wasted no time and pulled down his shorts and let them fall to his ankles, leaving him in his briefs. He unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her zipper. He pulled her tight jeans down to her ankles and continued to kiss with passion.

She pulled her jeans off from her ankles and Stan did the same with shorts and tossed to other side of the room. Still standing the door in nothing but their panties and briefs, they continued to kiss, she spread her legs slightly apart as he put his hand in her panties and felt her wet pussy. She in turn put her hand down his briefs and felt his hard cock and they both moaned simultaneously. He stuck a finger inside her, pulled it out and started rubbing her clit. She was stroking his dick and jacking him off, as they continued to kiss, this time with their tongues wrestling inside one another’s mouths. They pulled each other’s underwear down and tossed them right on top of the other clothes and proceeded to his bed. They both sat on his bed facing each other. She grabbed his cock and stroked it and leaned forward to kiss him. He squeezed her tits and rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. He reached down to rub her clit but didn’t get there properly, so she guided him and put his finger right there on her hard clit. She let out a moan when he touch her and instead of leaning back and letting him pleasure her , she grabbed his cock again and started to jack him off. She loved the way his cock felt in her hand. So hard and strong, she looked into his eyes and soon saw him close his eyes and fall his head backwards in ecstasy. That’s when she knew she was in control and the sight of him enjoying this was turning her on even more. She felt his pre-cum seeping from his dick hole, she looked down and saw it slowly running over her hand. At first she thought he had cum but then realized it was just pre-cum. She looked at him again and noticed that he was moaning with his eyes still closed. She smiled, licked her lips, moved her head downwards and started suck his cock.

“Oh shit!” Stan responded as he was caught off guard by Jane.

She stopped, looked up and gave him a naughty smile and continued to suck his dick. He was loving it! It’s something he had seen so many times in porno films and fantasized about but he did not see this coming. She licked his cock up and down his shaft over and over, then licked the head of his cock in circles, sucked on the head for few minutes and then swallowed his whole dick and continued with the up and down motion making slurping sounds. She sucked his dick like an expert. Stan couldn’t take it anymore. She could feel his dick get harder and bigger as he was about to cum.

“Aaaaah aaaah yes Jane! Just like that! Suck it baby! Suck it good! Oh yes baby! Aaaaaah aaaaah aaahhhh I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Ooooh aaaaah yes I’m cuming. I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmmmming! Ooooooh oooh oohh ohhhhhh!

He came in her mouth and she swallowed all his cum and did not let any of it drop. She laughed and gave him a naughty smile once again and invited him to eat her pussy. Stan had a little grin on his face, shook his head in disbelief, took a deep breath and moved forward to kiss her. She gave him a sloppy wet kiss and he tasted his own cum from mouth and tongue. Quite shocking for a 16 year old boy as moaned when he tasted it. He liked it though and proceeded to kiss her neck, chest and breasts as he made his way down to her pussy. He loved the scent of her pussy and didn’t waste any time and dove in. Licking her pussy up and down and licking her clit. She was so wet and turned on, she came within a couple of minutes. She grab his head and basically smothered him on to her clit.

“Yes suck it!” Suck on that clit! Yes just like that baby! Oooooh yes Stan! Yeeessssssss! mmm yeah!”

He was loving every response she was giving him and went on to stick both his index and middle fingers and finger banged her good. He just stuck his finger inside her, stopped for few seconds and licked her clit then he fucked her fast and quite aggressively. She was shocked in the first few moments as her eyes popped, she looked at him finger fucking her. She said nothing, but she gently grabbed his hand and guided his hand movement just the way she wanted it and she loved it. Without pausing Stan fucked and licked and softly rubbing her clit with his thumb, squeezing her left breast and rubbing her nipple with his thumb like and expert, as she on the on the other hand squeezed her right breast and rubbed her nipple, moaning with pleasure. She started to grind her hips, almost fucking his face. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and kept fucking his face as her moans got louder and louder.

“Ooooh, oooooh, oooohhhhh, oh yessss, oh yeah! Fuck yessssss Stan! Eat that pussy Stan! Yesssssss aaaaah aaah mmm mmmm mmmmmmhhhhh yessss!

She begins to squeal as she shakes from a massive orgasm.

“Oh shit! Oh sssshhhhiiiiit Stan, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiing! Ooooooooh oooooooh aaaaah ahhh aaah yesss. Hmmmmm. Hhhhmmmmm.

She explodes and squirts on his face and he tastes her juices and he loves it.

They cuddle in his bed for a short while kissing each other, soon Jane puts her clothes on and Stan walks her out of the house and kiss one last time.

They’re wondering whether this is love or lust, or maybe both. Maybe they’re just fuck buddies. They’re confused about this but they do know that they really enjoy one another’s company and love to have fun together.

Part three coming soon……..

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