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I love my job!

Specializing in erotic photography...
I have two websites. One drives 10% of my internet traffic and 90% of my work, but it's the other that drives 90% of the traffic but that 10% of work I utterly love. I am a photographer. I do the usual - weddings, engagements, families. It pays well but it's a time-consuming, difficult job. A few years ago I was asked to take nude photos of a friend of mine who was pregnant with her first child. The boudoir shoot was a huge hit and incredibly erotic. Despite the fact my friend didn't feel the least bit aroused prior to the shoot, by the end of it she practically had her foot on my ass kicking me out the door so that she could wildly fuck her husband! I actually slipped my dress aside on the drive home, that's how hot I was! But that's another story, for another day.

The women that mostly come to my erotic photography site are worthy of my camera and talents. Though I enjoy shooting women of all shapes and sizes, the larger, plumper, thicker ones are my personal favorites. Those women are the ones who arouse me the most during my work; you'd think after all this time that I was immune to it. But I have to say that photographing a woman nude and often in erotic poses quickly has an arousing effect! I have learned to go to those shoots wearing pantyshields.

Now, it has never really gotten "out of hand." Most of the times these pictures are surprises for the husband. Three times I've photographed lesbians. That was nothing different, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, last week I had a session. When I finally got to the house I was met by a stunning, dark-haired woman. She was physically big and robust, easily six inches taller than me and I hesitate to guess how much more she weighed. I'm five-three, one twenty or so, with pert C cup breasts and a nice butt (if I may say so). She was just so physically imposing that I felt somewhat taken aback. Her skin was slightly paler than most women I shoot, and she was wearing what looked like some form of black sexy underthings. Her lips were painted in a dark, blood-red color that on her made her look ravishing. I felt the usual ripple of arousal rip through me, but also felt slightly worried; usually I was well into the shoot before the erotic sensations took ahold of my mind and body. My cameras weren't even out of the bag and I was feeling that itch between my legs. Damn!

Carol and I spoke for about twenty minutes, setting the scene. She was taking these pictures for her own self, she said in an almost haughty manner. "I have a man," she confided in me, "and I love him, but he would flip if he knew I was doing this. He's kind of a prude!" she said with a secretive giggle.

"I'll never tell," I replied with a conspiratorial wink of my own. She seemed to appreciate my words. Later, as we walked down the hall towards her bedroom, she nudged my hip in a familiar manner. I was stunned, a little; Carol was bold and beautiful, true. I had to wonder - was she making a play for me? Another ripple of arousal ripped through me. More than once I'd entertained a fantasy about one of my female subjects turning the tables on me. Was this the day?

We began with her in her chair in the corner of her bedroom. The bustier was tight around her waist, accentuating her large breasts. The panties, garter and stockings were all black and all done just so. She poured a glass of whisky into a tumbler, and sat down as I began to take the pictures. She sipped at the drink, and the look of her in that getup, with the drink, just made me think how cool and confident she was. And it was sexy, I thought. And yes, I was getting more aroused.

After about ten minutes, we worked at her climbing onto the bed. She was a natural model, knowing how to angle and hold her body for that perfect look. I worked around her, up and down, guiding, cajoling and above all, shooting. I was into the shoot, and part of my studied this woman's classic beauty and felt powerfully drawn to her innate sexiness. When she finally moved onto the bed and the pictures went from rated R to a *steamy* rated R, I felt my own body react hard.

She was on her back, reclining, her hand idly tracing circles around her hardened nipple. I was in close, shooting the long nailed finger roughly tracing circles around the hard button of flesh. She hadn't spoken since we began, so when she opened her mouth, her voice was ragged and breathy. "I'm so fucking wet right now," she told me. "Do most of your subjects get turned on?"

"Some do," I said studiously hoping to avoid more conversation down this path. My own body had lit up and was sending sparklers of need wildly through me. Concentration was becoming more difficult. "Most don't."

"I am," she said. "I'm wet as a river," she confessed, and the sigh that came from her mouth next was the kind I made when a man's penis was just about to penetrate the wet folds of my flesh. I shuddered, using the camera's *click* to cover me.

"Look," she whispered, and reached down to pull her panties aside. I gazed at her perfectly shaven pussy, and saw how her lips were full and parted. Her body was producing juices, and I spotted a big droplet oozing out. Throwing caution to the wind I got in close and snapped hard and fast. "Fuck," she moaned, pulling her panties further aside. "Fuck I'm wet!" she cried. "I'm have to play with myself," she moaned. "Don't fucking stop!"

"I won't," I promised in my own breathless, ragged tone. I watched, mesmerized, as her fingers nimbly toyed with her fiery flesh, and how her fingers slipped easily into her wet tunnel. I was taking close-up shots of her extreme wetness when the aroma slammed into my nose. My mouth went instantly dry from the powerful erotic effect. I pulled away and breathed steadily for ten seconds just to try and calm myself down.

"You're aroused, too," she said. Her big, dark, intense eyes were staring me down.

I gulped. "Yeah, I am. Nothing too new," I tried for a dismissive wave.

"Bullshit," she said. "You're wet as a river and you keep slamming your legs together," she said. "Take off your pants and finger yourself with me!" she urged me.

"I can't," I moaned - her words cut through me and settled hard upon me. "I have to..."

"Fuck that," she snapped. "I want to watch you come!" She got up on all fours and crawled over to me. She got right up close to me; from habit the camera rose and focused on her nose and lips as she spoke to me. "Take your panties off, girl, and play with that clit. Give in to your arousal!"

It was like my hand had a mind of its own. It slid over my breasts, down my belly, and landed between my legs. I pressed hard, and felt my own sex react instantly to the new, pleasing pressure. "Oh god," I moaned. "God I'm wet!"

"Me too!" Carol moaned. "Take 'em off, let me see that pussy!" she begged. She began wildly frigging her clit, her legs jumping around and her breath coming in erratic gasps. I pressed harder on my clit, and then wouldn't you know it, my fingers found a way to unzip my jeans? No sooner were my jeans and panties around my ankles that my fingers found my distended clit, and I cried out softly from the good pleasure of it.

"Yeah, girlie, play with that clit, make yourself cum!" Carol groaned. She was working on orgasm four, I think. My fingers parted my slick lips and easily slid inside. I groaned and sighed as I found my clit. Quickly I began to masturbate my clit, and was soon moaning along with Carol. "Oh please soon please fuck let me come I have to come oh god oh god yes yes god I'm gonna...ccccuuummmm!" I groaned. My fingers felt an explosion of wetness as I massively creamed my pussy. I withdrew my hand and took a few pictures of Carol's exhausted face and body.

"Dear, I'll be hiring you again," Carol promised. "Just next time, wear a skirt and no panties!"
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