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Imagining You, Having Me.

It is late, I'm so very hot and I'm thinking of you. I so wish that you were here, I would give anything to have you with me, to feel your strong hands touching me, touching my body, to feel your breath on my skin, to feel your lips against mine. I have imagined what it would be like, and I just know that it would be incredibly erotic, so sensual.

The room is completely dark and silent. I lay back on the bed and close my eyes, I am imagining that you are here, right next to me.

I caress my neck, my fingers slowly tracing down to the hem of my slinky nightdress, and then upwards over my soft skin, your touch makes me tingle, my nipples harden in anticipation, my breath quickens. My hands over my soft breasts, cupping them and then pinching my erect nipples. I let out a soft gasp, my pussy reacts, the way it does every time I feel you touch me.
. . . . . .
I so want you to touch me, to want me, to be here, watching me, helping.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I slide my hand down across my tummy, towards my thighs, they automatically spread for you. My finger slides along my wet slit, it is wet because of you, for you. I press my finger on my clit for a moment, I know how much you want to taste me, how much you need this.

I slowly start to circle my clit, my other hand still pinching my hard nipples. My fingers slide to my opening, spreading the wetness back to my clit, it feels velvety, so ready to take you, for you to have me. I cannot resist the urge any longer, I have to do this.. I slip a finger inside. Mmmmm, yes, yes, that's it, mmm, fuck me. Oh yesss. My back arches and my hips thrust upwards. I slide another finger inside, deeper, deeper, thrusting, it is you filling me, you causing my body to react this way.

My other hand finds my hard clit as I plunge my fingers deeper, circling it, teasing. Low moans escape my lips, this is what I need, for you to have me, to make me yours. I arch more, thrusting deeper.. More, more. Mmm. I so want you to know this, to see this. I smile inwardly as I think of you, watching me right now, I wonder could you stand to watch, or would it be too hard to resist?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My fingers thrusting, my fingers circling my clit. Fuck, yes. You have such a magical touch, I knew that you would. Ohh, Yes, don't stop.

My cunt begins to pulse around my fingers, milking them, milking you. My hips buck upwards harder, more and more. Oh god .. oh yes, here it comes, the heat rising in my pussy, throughout my trembling body. I cannot hold this back any longer, I'm cumming, all over your cock, so wet, pulsing hard, convulsing. Ohh. Mmmm.

I lick my lips and throw my head back hard, my fingers slowing, still circling my clit. It feels so good, waves of pleasure flow through my whole body.

I slowly ride out the climax, relaxing, picturing you here, above me, having me. That is all that I want, all that I need.


As I relax I smile again and wonder .... Do you think of me this way too?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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