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Lunch Break

I cant get him out of my mind, so I nip home for some fun.

It was Monday, and I was staring blankly at my monitor, desperately trying to get my brain into gear but it just wasn’t working. I’d been working on a work project for most of the morning, but had hit a mental wall and was struggling with how to finish it. Running my hands through my long brown hair, I decided I should take a brief break and see if that helped. 

Grabbing my phone out of my bag I decide to kill some time and check for messages. Opening up Skype I see a message from, ah of course, it’s from Him: ‘Hey, how are you today’. 

An innocent enough question, but I smile knowing exactly what He is really asking and why. 'I’m fine thank you'. 

Three dots appear, letting me know that He is already responding to my message ‘Just fine? I think I will have try harder next time’. 

I giggle quietly, enjoying my ability to tease Him. ‘You mean to tell me you didn’t try hard last night?’ I quip. 

‘Let’s just say that there is a few things left in my collection, and in yours for the matter’.

I feel my body flush as I remember with almost crystal clarity the sound of His voice. The cultured tones of His British accent in my headphones as He tells me exactly what He would do to me if He was with me.

‘Oh really?’ I message back. I liked to occasionally pretend that He wasn’t having an effect on me, but I knew sooner or later He would find out the truth and then use it to His full advantage.

‘Indeed, so tell me how many was it in the end?’

My nipples hardened as I remembered His voice taking on a commanding tone that made me want to do exactly what He said.

‘I don’t what you mean’, I write back, trying to play innocent as I feel myself getting more turned on.

‘Oh really, well I’m pretty sure that I counted 3’.

Oh, He was good. Then again, I wasn’t exactly subtle when I came.


‘Well I guess we will have to do better next time’

My mind went into overdrive, recalling how His voice had dropped into a low growl when He had me in his thrall, making me pleasure myself in ways I hadn’t tried but wanted to do again. By now, I could feel myself fast approaching the point where I would need to do something about it. But I was at work and in a mostly female office I couldn’t guarantee privacy in the loos.

As I think of a suitable response, a voice behind me asks, ‘Hey Sol, do you want to join us for lunch?’

I turn round, putting my phone back into my bag, ‘Oh, hey Helen, I would love to...’ I start to say, but then a thought strikes me: why not go home for “lunch”? ‘But I need to head home and grab something I forgot, sorry.’

Helen smiled. ‘Sure, no problem. Still up for drink later?’

I smiled and nodded as she headed back to her desk. Glancing at the clock, I still had an hour to go before lunch. Pulling out my phone, I decided to have some fun. ‘Oh really, and how will we do that then?’

There was a brief pause. He sent back, ‘Well there are still a few things left in your toys box that we haven’t played with’.

This was true. I usually liked to just use my nice seven-inch vibrator but I also had an eight-inch dildo and a couple butt plugs that I rarely used. Thinking about it made me wish I had small quiet bullet that I could bring to work. But, then again, if I had one I wouldn’t get any work done.

‘Mmm I did enjoy them last night’. It was true. I’d had some of my best orgasms, that feeling of letting go and being told what to due struck a very erotic nerve.

‘Then there is also the possibility of some cam fun, you know how much I would love to see you’.

This wasn’t the first time He had suggested it and I had to admit to myself that it did appeal to me a litte. We had sent each other a few photos and I could clearly picture His short dark hair, neatly trimmed beard framing a boyish smile, and hazel eyes. He had only seen a few choice shots of my 5’4" frame, but his praise of it always seemed to be honest. The thought of his desire for me made me even more acutely aware of how turned on I was.

‘Maybe, but not yet, but I promise soon’. I didn’t want to give Him too much too soon. While it was true that we had a very intense connection, it was still early days.

There was a long pause and I started to wonder if I had upset him. Then pictures pop up.

‘Well I hope that these will help… encourage you’.

I open the pictures and see a close up of some very nice CK underwear and… oh my... that package, looking like it’s going to push its way out of them. I move onto the next one and the next and the next, as they reveal a flip book striptease just for me. I lick my lips. It was too much, I felt like I was going to explode.

Looking up at the clock, I grin widely when I see that it’s finally hit one o’clock. I grab my bag and force myself not to run out of work, desperately trying to look relaxed while my body screams for release. What would normally be a ten minute walk home, takes me only half the time. My state of arousal heightens my awareness of my body. Noticing how the fabric rubs against me as I speed walk, sends shivers of pleasure and anticipation through me.

I practically fly through my front door, dropping my dress on the floor of my bedroom, all dignity cast aside now that I’m alone. I dive across my bed and open the drawer of my bedside stand, grabbing the first toy I find. My need is so great I don’t even bother taking off my underwear. I just pull them to the side as I spread my pussy lips and effortlessly slide the toy all the way inside, my already-drenched pussy allowing me to do it on one swift movement.

I immediately feel my orgasm coming as I sheath the toy inside myself. Enjoying the wave of pleasure, I realise that I have grabbed my vibrator, recognising it by touch alone. Tapping the button at the base, I feel it vibrate deep inside me, bringing me to climax immediately. I moan loudly as I achieve the release I so deeply wanted.

After a few moments my breathing returns to normal but my sense of frustration has not completely gone. Smiling, I slowly start to fuck myself with the vibrator, working it up until it hits just the right angle. With my other hand, I roughly pull down my bra, releasing my breasts. I pinch and twist my still hard nipples. It helps but it doesn’t give me the pleasure I need, so I slide my hand down to my clit and start to rub. That helps but it’s still not quite enough.

In my mind,I hear His voice telling me what to do. My nails scrape over my clit, the pain sending shocks of electricity through my body. My breath comes in short, sharp gasps as I get close to my orgasm. I tap the speed button on my vibrator, taking it up as high as I can take it and pushing me over the edge. I moan loudly, almost screaming with pleasure as my back arches with my muscles clenching. I can’t move, but neither do I want to, as I ride they waves of pleasure emanating from my pussy.

After a while, my body relaxes and I lie on the bed. Glancing over at the clock, I see the time and sigh loudly. I ease the vibrator out of me and turn it off, thinking it’s such as shame that I have to go back to work.





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