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Masturbation Show

I give a masturbation demonstration to Crystal, the girl next door, and her friend.

It was a warm summer day in July and I had just gotten home from work and changed out of my work clothes into a t-shirt and loose shorts. There were still several hours of daylight left in the day even though it was about 5:00 in the afternoon and the temperature was around 80 degrees. I left the front door open and opened several windows to help cool the house. Warm sunny weather always seems to make me horny and I turned on my computer with the thought of surfing for some good porn. It was then I heard some activity outside my window coming from next door. I peeked out through the blinds and immediately forgot about the Internet.

I live next door to a married couple around my age [I'm 48]. They are very pleasant people and very good neighbors. They have a daughter, Crystal, whom I have seen grow-up considerably in the 7 years I've lived here. Crystal is now 18, a very sweet girl, and has blossomed into a very pretty young lady. Out my window I see Crystal and a friend, another girl of the same age, dragging a small plastic wading pool from the side of the house, placing it in the driveway. I can't make out what they are saying, but there is much girlish giggling and laughing as they get the garden hose and begin filling the pool with water. Crystal is wearing shorts and a light summery top and her blonde friend has on a large, oversized t-shirt and I notice there are two beach towels lying nearby. Obviously they have come up with a way to cool off from the heat of the day.

I move to the living room which has a large picture window looking out on the scene. Standing a ways back from the window to keep myself concealed, the pool is still actually only about 10 feet away from me. My excitement increases when the pool is full and the girls strip off their outer garments and unknowingly reveal their bikini clad bodies to me.

Crystal is in a dark blue two-piece and her friend is wearing mint-green bottoms and white string top. Though neither girl has big boobs, Crystal's are definitely more than a mouthful and larger and rounder than her friend's. Both girls have great legs and beautiful round butts. Crystal's skin, like her hair, is darker than her blonde friend's. Each girl's tummy is flat and soft, and "Blondie's" bellybutton is a vertical slit, slightly s-shaped, where Crystal's navel is large and round and deep. I unsnap my shorts and let them fall to my feet, and take hold of my swelling manhood.

The girls test the water by each sticking a toe in. They shriek and squeal, it's so cold. After a few seconds, the blonde tries again and Crystal shoves her from behind, and to keep from falling has to plunge both feet into the water. She screams from the shock but soon gets used to the temperature. Then she grabs Crystal's arm and tries to pull her in. Soon both girls are standing in the little wading pool, water slightly above their ankles, shivering and laughing at themselves. I notice they have goose bumps on their arms and thighs, but more than that, I see that two pairs of nipples have become very hard.

By this time, I too have become very hard and slowly stroke my cock as I watch these two cute teenage girls through my window. They start kicking and splashing each other with water, laughing and screaming from the shock of the cold. In a little while they are both soaked and accustomed enough to the water to sit down in the pool and catch their breath.

I settle in to an even, steady, relaxed stroking as I enjoy the view from my window of these two teenage water nymphs basking in the sunshine, the cool water lapping at their near naked bodies. But both girl's nipples are still taut and erect, showing prominently through their clinging bikini tops. For many minutes I continue to rhythmically pump the length of my bone-hard shaft with one hand, working up a good load of cum in my balls which I massage and finger with my other hand. What a fantastically erotic situation. I'm in Jerk-off Heaven! A masturbator's dream come true! Or so I thought.

Eventually the girls get playful again, scooting around on their butts, bumping into one another. Then a full-fledged wrestling match breaks out. The girls really get into it now, laughing and squealing and splashing and sloshing around in the shallow water. Their wet supple skin shimmering in the sunlight as rivulets of water trickle over thighs and bellies and between breasts. Crystal's nipples are even more swollen now, poking out against her bikini top. I also am really into it, stroking my engorged cock a little faster while watching these two nubile teenage girls frolicking no more than 10 feet away from me.

A small part of me says I shouldn't be doing this.

"This is your neighbors' daughter and her young friend!" says a distant voice in my head. "They're 30 years younger than you!! THEY'RE ONLY 18, FOR CHRISTSAKE!!!"

But this tiny voice goes unheard by the steely rod I'm holding in my hand. Besides, I rationalize, I'm not really doing anything wrong. It's not like I'm molesting them. I'm not peeking in their bedroom window. They're not hiding from anyone. They're in plain view of the whole neighborhood and anyone who might walk by. No one's getting hurt. They don't even know I'm here. They're just having some innocent fun in their wading pool and tiny little bikinis and I'm just watching them out the window of MY own house...wildly masturbating the stiffest hard-on I've ever had in my life.

Then their horseplay takes a turn and they start trying to untie one another's bikini top. Crystal gets in a lucky grab and pulls on her friend's top and a ripe young titty nearly pops into view. She quickly covers her chest with her arms and repositions the dislodged garment, laughing hysterically. Her head does a quick pivot, looking around to make sure no passer-by got a cheap thrill. Her eyes scan past my window and for an instant she looks directly at me, though I'm sure she didn't see me through the glare of the glass and the darkness of the room. Or did she? Just to be safe, I duck to the side and wait before looking again. I can no longer see them. But they're quieter now. Are they looking into my window now trying to see if there's someone inside watching them? She couldn't possibly have seen me!!! Yet I'm a little scared but still very excited. I'm sweating and breathing shallowly and quickly. And I feel the pounding of my heart through the pulsing of my rigid cock still tightly gripped in my hand.

I decide to wait a while longer to let the girls convince themselves that everything is OK.

I look down at myself and see my prick still as hard as ever. But I've been rubbing it awfully hard and it's a little sore, and since I have some time to kill, I go into the bathroom to get something to soothe it. I pour some baby oil on my reddened cock and massage it in, closing my eyes and moaning with the exquisite sensation. Standing there enjoying the feel of my hand sliding up and down my slickened shaft, my curiosity soon gets the better of me. So with the bottle of baby oil in one hand and my lubricated prick in the other, I go back to the living room to see what the girls are up to.

I approach the window cautiously and am disappointed when I see the pool empty. Good god!!! Had they seen me after all? Did I scare them off? Or worse...are they in the house telling my neighbors or calling the police because they caught me watching them and jerking off?!!

As I keep looking out the window trying to find them, I hear a quiet gasp and a sharp intake of breath from over my shoulder. I turn and see, standing at my open front door, peering in through the screen, the two girls, staring at me as I stand naked from the waist down and my erect penis in my hand. BUSTED!!!

Frozen with fear, I stand motionless with visions of arrest, courtrooms, and jail flashing through my head. Nothing happens for several long seconds.

"Oh my god!" whispers the blonde girl.

Crystal stands like a statue, her hand covering her mouth, face bright red, and eyes bulging, their gaze locked on my swollen member. The other girl's wide eyes look me up and down but always return to my protruding cock. Then her eyes meet mine and I notice a slight upturn at the corners of her lips.

She leans over to her friend and whispers in her ear, "Crystal, I think he wasss...pss...pss...psss..."

I can't make out what she says but Crystal's eyes get wider and she turns a couple of shades redder. The blonde girl looks back at me with sheer delight in her face.
I'm thinking a mile a minute, assessing the situation. They're startled by what they're seeing...maybe even shocked. But they haven't run away. They haven't screamed. I look them over. They are still in their bikinis, but now with the beach towels wrapped around their hips. Their hair and skin are still wet. And all four nipples are still very hard. As hard as my cock. I decide on a bold move. Slowly I move my hand up the length of my cock, and slowly back down...staring into their faces trying to gauge a reaction.

The blonde girl's jaw drops and with a giggle says to Crystal in a loud whisper, "See?...Told ya. He was watching us and jacking-off!"

With no more reason for pretense, I take control of the situation and quickly devise a plan. One which could be very enjoyable but with a minimum of risk. I find my voice and manage a tone of calm cordiality.

"Hello ladies. Won't you come in?"

After a few seconds the blonde pulls open the screen door and steps in pulling Crystal in with her by the arm. Both are nervous...Crystal, in fact, still like a zombie (but a very pretty a bikini). Her friend attempts to be casual. She smiles and says,

"Hi, I'm Allison (giggle)...and, well...I guess you know Crystal...(giggle)...I mean, like sure...duh!...I mean, like, she lives right next door (giggle)..."

I'm amused by her nervous babbling.

"Yes, I know Crystal," I say slowly and calmly. I look deep into her eyes. "Hello Crystal."

She swallows quickly and squeaks out, "Hi."

Then turning to Allison, I politely say,

"Pleased to meet you, Allison." And then add, "But I guess you can tell that, huh?"

I take my hand away from my cock and push my hips forward slightly, allowing my erection to stiffly point in her direction.

"Oh gawd!" she sighs, followed by nervous laughter.

This even manages to amuse Crystal who lets out with a giggle. Two pairs of teenage eyes stare with fascination at my rock hard prick as it thrusts out in front of me, throbbing noticeably. I'm really enjoying this. And my cock is enjoying it too, as it pulses and bobs with delight at being looked at by these two pretty, young girls.

"Do you like it, ladies? Do you like my cock?"

Allison lets out a soft groan when she hears the word 'cock.' Crystal giggles again.

"I've never seen one before," Allison volunteers.

I goad her a little, "Never seen what, Allison?" wanting to make her say the word.

Allison turns coy, tilting her head and looking at the floor, gathering her courage. Finally she breaks into a wide, embarrassed grin and says,

"A cock." Giggles, giggles, giggles.

Then she returns to her nervous babble,

"I mean, never, like, for real...I mean, I seen some in, in a magazine, once...Playgirl...I mean, of my girlfriends had a copy...and we looked...and we like saw some in there...I' some......guys'"

This time when she says the word, she does so slowly and deliberately, wanting not only to hear what she sounds like saying it, but wanting to feel the word with her mouth.

"How about you, Crystal?" I ask. "Have you ever seen a cock before?"

She shakes her head. "No," she says quietly.

"No, what?" I prod.

"I've...never" she sputters, even quieter.

Before I can say anything, Allison teases and taunts her, "Never seen what, Crystal?"

Poor little thing, she wants to hide, but finally squeaks out, like a little mouse,

"A cock."

Allison erupts with laughter and hugs her friend.

"Good girl, Crystal!" I say, laughing too, causing my stiff rod to bounce and wobble and sway out in front of me.

Feeling the ice is finally broken, I decide to confess.

"You see, Allison, you were right. I was watching you two lovely girls through the window. And I was jacking-off to you. You were giving me a wonderful show. When I saw you out there, in your little bikinis, showing off so much of your beautiful bodies, looking so cute and sexy, you made my cock get very hard. I couldn't help myself. I just had to start playing with it."

Both girls were quiet again, but slightly more at ease now than before. They obviously liked being called 'lovely' and 'beautiful' and 'sexy' and enjoyed the realization that they could give a man a hard-on. Just like the one they were staring at between my legs.

"But tell me, if you've never seen a cock in real life before, how do you know about jacking-off?"

"Oh, y'know," says Allison, "like...ya hear guys at' about it"

"Would you like to see how a guy does it? How a guy jacks-off? And how he cums?" I say.

Both girls get a little more nervous again but are still intrigued.

"After all, you lovely ladies were giving me such a nice show out the window, maybe I could give you a show. It only seems fair."

The girls look at one another.

"You girls don't have to do a thing. Just be your sexy little selves and let me look at you while I'm doing it. You won't have to touch me and I won't ask to touch you."

This last limitation was also to protect me from myself. I still only wanted fun, not trouble. They continue staring at each other and finally it's Crystal who first breaks into a devilish grin.

"OK." she says and both girls start giggling and laughing.

I'm thrilled and my swollen boner throbs and jerks with joy.

"All right, I'll let you watch me jack-off and watch me cum, but you have to promise me you'll never tell ANYONE about this. OK?"

They both quickly agree.

"OK class," I say as I pull my t-shirt off over my head, "Welcome to Male Masturbation 101."

The girls giggle like...well, like schoolgirls. I'm completely naked now and I sit down on the edge of my coffee table, legs open, cock hard, balls hanging heavily in their sack of crinkled skin.

"Gather 'round, girls, and get comfortable." I say. "But why don't you take off those towels. No point in hiding your girlish charms under them."

Both girls unwrap the towels from their hips and drop them on the floor, then sink to their knees, Allison on my left and Crystal on my right. Both are about a foot away, outside of my wide-spread legs. Crystal, still more tentative than her friend, sits more stiffly, leaning back slightly. Allison on the other hand, leans in with her hands on her knees, curiosity showing in her eager, unblinking eyes.

"Get comfy, girls, cuz the Show is about to begin."

I look at each girl in turn and we exchange smiles. Then, all eyes turn their gaze on my rigid pole, which stands proud between my legs pointing at the ceiling. I take two long, slow, deep breaths and reach my hand toward my cock and wrap my fingers around the base and squeeze, pressing the hot shaft into my palm. The head and three inches of cockmeat extending above my fist . As my grip tightens, it turns a darker color, the mushroom head swells and glosses smooth, the veins stand out in relief from the bony column.

Both girls exhale in unison. I let out a low deep sigh as I bend my engorged prick this way and that, letting the girls see it pointing in different directions. Then I slide my hand slowly up the length and down again and then repeat, which makes me moan out loud. Through half closed lids, I notice Allison change to sitting indian-style and leaning in closer. This gives me a nice view down between her legs, her soft inner thighs, and her bikini panties tight against her pussy. I continue to stroke my cock, settling into a nice steady rhythm and glance over at Crystal who is still sitting straight up, arms hanging at her sides. She looks transfixed, her chest and ribs heaving with her exaggerated breathing. Most noticeably, her large nipples are poking stiff and hard beneath her bikini top.

"You see, girls, masturbation is one of the most enjoyable activities a person can indulge in. As a youngster, when masturbation is a relatively new discovery, rapid achievement of orgasm is the goal. This is usually due to the fact that during adolescence, jerking off is usually performed at any opportunity...often when there is no luxury of time or privacy."

With these words, I take note that both girls quickly glance sheepishly at each other. "Ah ha!" I think to myself, "they must know that firsthand." And I smile to myself as I proceed with the "lesson," all the while maintaining my slow steady pumping up and down my shaft.

"And in the blossom of youth, post-ejaculation recovery time is often brief. In other words, teenage boys are horny as hell and are able to get another hard-on again shortly after they cum."

The girls burst out in nervous laughter at my quick switch from clinical to graphic language.

"But it's a fact of life that as we age, we can't always get it up as often as we'd like."

Eyeing my cock, Allison giggles, "You don't seem to have that problem."

Flattered by her overt admiration of my erection, I grip it at the base and wave it from side to side.

"Well, I haven't cum yet." Then thinking I might be selling myself short, I add, "But I think I could get a boner for you sexy girls anytime."

Allison and Crystal both drink in my lude compliment and my hand resumes it's stroking.

The "lecture" continues.

"But with maturity comes knowledge of one's body. Patience and pacing are learned. Every subtle nuance of the experience is appreciated...and milked. Prolonging the act builds intensity. And after years and years of diligent practice...masturbation becomes an Art Form. An Art Form I'm more than pleased to share with you two adorable cuties."

I stop speaking for a few moments and let my hand and cock do the talking. I stroke slightly harder and faster for a time, and my prickhead swells and turns a shade darker, and I begin breathing audibly.

"Mmm..." I hear a soft moan from one of the girls.

Surprisingly, it comes from Crystal, who has her hands folded across her lap as if trying to press them against her mound without being obvious about it. Her thick nipples are poking stiffly against her thin bikini top. I'm really turning her on. She actually wants to touch her pussy. A tingling is felt in my balls and I immediately slow my stroking and let my breathing return to normal. This is getting pretty intense for me already and so I release my dick and lean back on my hands, taking several long, deep breathes. The girls' gaze remain on my thick meat standing tall between my spread thighs. They were both breathing rapidly themselves, embarrassed by their own arousal yet transfixed by the forbidden eroticism of my sex lesson.

"You see, ladies, the longer the final release is delayed, the more intense it will be for me, and the more dramatic the display for whoever might be watching. And I definitely want to give you sweet girls a good show."

My self control regained, my balls slacken and again hang low and heavily in their sack, making my cock look that much longer. My fingers again wrap themselves around the base of my prick and slowly slide up the turgid length.

"Aaaahh!" I breathe a heavy open mouthed sigh of pleasure, my head tilted back, my eyes closed in reverie. The ring of my fingers glides up and finally nestles under the flare of my cockhead.

Suddenly I hear Allison whisper excitedly, "Ohmygod...ohmygod!"

Looking quickly at her, she's leaning forward, eyes riveted on my swollen glans. I look and see a big clear droplet of pre-cum has seeped out and is sitting atop my prick tip.

Allison's excitement continues, "Oh god! Is this it? Are you cumming now? Are you cumming?"

I can't help it, but I laugh out loud, amused by both her naiveté and her girlish enthusiasm. She looks puzzled.

"No, luv. You're jumping the gun. That's only pre-cum. It's a natural lubricant. Believe me, sweetie, you'll know real cum when you see it."

I smile at her warmly. "You're an eager little thing though, aren't you?" I tease.

Then I look over at Crystal. "Whada ya think, Crystal? You're pretty little friend can hardly wait to see me shoot a big creamy load. She really wants to see me cum."

Crystal smiles at my teasing of her friend. Then she sort of pouts and softly says, "Me too."

Another measure of pre-cum bubbles out and collects at the tip of my cock.

"Here this."

I squeeze my cock repeatedly, working from base to tip, milking drop after drop of pre-cum up it's length and out through the slit. When enough has collected, I rise to my feet and point my prick toward the floor. The big droplet of pre-cum falls away from my cockhead as if in slow motion and descends like clear syrup.

"Oh god!" "Geez! Kewl!" I hear the girls say.

It hangs a few moments like a pearl on a string at least a foot long. Then, to my utter surprise, Allison extends her hand beneath the drop and catches it in her palm as it detaches from it's source.

"Allison!!!" Crystal scolds. But the pretty blonde pays no mind. She stares closely at the droplet of cock juice in her hand, then touches it with her finger and smears it around on her palm.

"Wow! It is slippery. Feel." and she holds out her hand to Crystal.

"No!" Crystal says.

"Oh c'mon, Crystal." I chide. "Here's one just for you."

As gravity pulls another honey-thick drop away from the end of my cock.

"It's all yours, sweetie. Don't let it go to waste."

At the last second, Crystal reaches out and scoops the droplet out of mid air. She duplicates her friend's actions, rubbing it around in the palm of her hand with her finger.

"Isn't it kewl?" says Allison.

Crystal wrinkles her nose but smiles. "It's kinda slick and slimy."

I sit my ass back down on the edge of the table and rub the rest of my pre-cum over the plump head of my dick, then resume stroking. Soon, each girl's cock juice sample has dried in her hand and they return their attention to my masturbation show.

"You two having a good time?" I say with a big smile.

Both girls giggle and vigorously nod their heads.

"Either of you have any questions?" I look from one to the other.

After a pause, Crystal says tentatively, "Well...I was wondering...I mean, it looks like it would... like...hurt, ya know...painful, I mean...for a guy to be, like, all hard like that."

What a cute question. But, in fact, a legitimate one for a teenage girl encountering her first stiff cock. So I answer her honestly.

"No, not at all, luv. Having a good solid hard-on is one of the best feelings in the world. It's only uncomfortable if it gets hard when it's still stuffed inside tight pants and can't get out. But when it's naked and free, it's very happy."

I hold my stiffy at it's base and playfully wiggle it back and forth.

"And believe me, ladies, you are looking at one HAPPY cock!!! It feels great to be hard."

We all laugh then I go back to stroking.

"What I'm doing now, girls, is called 'edging.' I'll stroking my cock enough to keep myself at a high level of arousal, without going past the point of no return. I'm actually very close to cumming right now, but the most intense feelings are when you hold yourself just short of orgasm."

I am indeed very close, so I again remove my hand and rest. Crystal and Allison study my over-stimulated penis.

"Does that look like any of the cocks you saw in that Playgirl magazine, Allison?"

She glances up at me then back at my dick. "Well, some of 'em were big," she says, "but none of them were, like, pointing up in the air like that. I mean, I don't think any of the guys in the pictures had, y', hard-ons 'n stuff. But y'know, like, I did notice they were all a little bit different."

"That's a very good observation, Allison." I say. "You girls will learn as you gain experience with guys, that not all cocks are the same. They look different and they each act a little different. You'll see them in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Some guys cocks are bigger than mine and some are smaller. And you'll find a lot of variation in how a guy cums, too. Some guys ejaculate a lot of semen, some guys just a little bit. Sometimes it just sort of dribbles out and sometimes it squirts out like a fire hose."

Both girls look up at me in disbelief.

"Well...not QUITE like a fire hose." I say with a smile.

"So, what kind are you?" asks Allison. "I mean, like, I think your cock looks really kewl 'n stuff. But, what do YOU cum like?"

"Well, first, thank you, luv. I'm glad you really like my cock..."

"I like it too!!! I like it too!!!" Crystal chirps, bouncing on her knees and making her tits jiggle.

"Thank you, too, Crystal." I say with a smile. "My cock is pretty average in size, maybe a little thicker than most. But I do shoot quite a bit of semen. And I can sometimes shoot it pretty far. It's not really important, but it's something I take a little pride in. I don't know why. But I think it looks cool."

"Can we see?!!! Can we see?!!!" sings Allison.

"Yes, you're going to see very, very soon." I tell them.

I glance at the clock and see that from the time I first saw the girls outside, I've been hard and stroking my cock for nearly two hours.

"And my guess is, that I'm gonna cum pretty hard. You pretty girls have really turned me on."

My hand is pumping my cock in earnest now, and I begin my final ascent toward orgasm.

"You looked so sexy in the your tiny little bikinis...splashing didn't know I was watching you...watching through the window and jerking-off to you..."

I'm breathing heavy now, puffing and panting as my orgasm gains momentum. Looking back and forth at the two girls, they are so excited and agitated they can't sit still.

"Your nipples are really hard, aren't they, Crystal? They look so fucking sexy! I can see your nips too, Allison. See them poking through your top. It turns you on, doesn't it? You like watching a man jerk-off! You like being jerked-off to, huh?!"

Allison is rubbing her smooth creamy thighs with her hands. Crystal keeps brushing her arms across her tits, still too shy to openly play with them with her hands, as much as she would like too. My hand pumps hard up and down the length of my lust-filled dick. I'm nearly breathless now.

"You can touch yourselves if you want, can play with yourselves! I'd play with you if I could! Ahhh! I'd love to touch your soft sexy skin...I'd love to feel your titties with my hands, Allison...I'd love to suck your stiff nipples, Crystal!"

(pump, pump, pump)

"I'd like to lick your little teenage bodies all over, mmm, and finger your moist little teenage pussies!"

(stroke, stroke, stroke)

"I could do that and you could wrap your little hands around my cock and jack me off!! The two of you could jack me off together!!! Ugh! That would feel sooo fucking gooood!!!"

I feel that unmistakable tingle in my loins. That feeling of impending ejaculation. I'm panting furiously. I'm leaning back on one hand and aiming my cock out in front of me, legs splayed wide, balls bouncing wildly with the pounding of my hand up and down my shaft.

"Ready girls?!! Are you ready to see me cum?!! Ugh! Ugh! I love having you look at my cock!!! Ugh! Fuck! You sexy little cockteases!! Ahh! I'm gonna squirt my cum for you!! Ahh!! You're gonna make me...ugh! I'm gonna...ugh...I'm...ugh!!! I'M CUMMING!!! WATCH ME CUMMM!!!

A wave of cum rushes up and out of my cock. My balls implode and the first shot arches up about a foot above my cockhead and falls heavily to the floor. Allison and Crystal sit wide-eyed and slack-jawed. An instant later a massive ribbon of cum spurts from my bloated prick, wriggling like a snake out into the room. Followed by a cluster of cum drops shooting out just as far. The girls gasp with surprise. I give my cock two or three quick pumps and three more thick wads spray out about half as far as the ones before. I'm grunting and groaning from the exquisite pleasure centered in my cock and balls. Cum oozes from the slit and rolls down the shaft and over my fingers. Two more bolts of sperm launch themselves in turn and momentarily hang suspended in the air before dropping and splashing on the floor. My cock pulses as my orgasm finally subsides but still pumps out more slimy sperm. It rolls out and drips from the purple head in long stringy strands. I let go of my cock and lean back on my hands gradually catching my breath. My still thick and swollen cock, much softer now, hangs twitching between my spread legs, a pearly string of cum dangling from the tip.

My audience has been strangely silent throughout my volcanic climax. At last, Allison finds her voice.

"Wowwww!" she whispers breathlessly. "I don't believe it."

I look at the girls and they both appear awestruck, and I smile to myself.

"That was , like, fantastic." Crystal says softly and slowly. "I didn't know it would shoot out like THAT. I mean, so far...and , like, so much."

I admit I even surprised myself on this occasion. Looking in front of me, I see the floor dotted with an astonishing amount of my semen. With one long twisting line stretching out with a small puddle at the far end, nearly four feet away.

I smile and shake my head, "Believe me, I don't always cum that hard, but you had me very, very turned on. You're both so sexy." The girls blush. "I guess I wanted to impress you." I say with a wink.

The girls burst into a peal of giggles. Allison is bubbling over.

"Wasn't that, like, the kewlest thing you ever saw, Crystal? Did you see how it squirted? Like...pchew, pchew, pchew!!!"

"I know, like, it kept coming out!!! I thought it was, like, never gonna stop!!!"

They both start making silly squirting sounds and with their fingertips, trace arches through the air, mimicking the flight path of my cumshots, and laughing hysterically. It's almost as if suddenly I'm not even there. Their laughter trails off and Crystal looks up at the clock.

"Allison, we better go. We've been here a long time."

"Yeah, I know." Allison says reluctantly. Then she looks up at me and says, "Thank you. We both had fun."

"Correction," I say, "all three of us had fun."

The girls climb to their feet and retrieve their towels. I stand, still naked, and escort them towards the door. My heavy headed, limp penis swaying before me.

"My cock and I have been honored by your presence. You are two lovely, beautiful and sexy girls. The orgasm you gave me is a tribute to that. I want you to know that."

Allison and Crystal both smile and blush. We reach the front door and we all pause for a moment.

Then Crystal shyly asks, "Do you think we could, like, come back again sometime?"

My heart skips a beat. "You little lovelies are welcome ANYTIME."

They break into big grins then turn to go. Allison catches her friend by the arm and says, "Crystal...psss...pss..." whispering in her ear. Crystal thinks for a second then says, "OK."

With that they turn in unison and lean towards me. Simultaneously, they each kiss me on the cheek and press their bikini clad bodies against my naked one. This is the first actual physical contact we've had during this whole encounter. I'm so surprised by their sudden affection, I'm paralyzed. I feel the warmth of their satiny soft skin, and their teenage tits flattening against my chest. An instant later, I feel a soft hand wrap around my limp cock, lifting it and giving it a gentle squeeze. Then, just as quickly, they both move away.

"Bye!" they both chirp at the same time, and out the door they go.

I stand for several minutes, thinking over what has happened here today. What a bizarre mixture of innocence and perversion. But the girls seemed to enjoy it. They enjoyed being the subjects of my masturbatory lust. They seemed to love my cock and liked watching me cum. So much so, that one of them had to cop a feel.

But, I wondered, which one was it? Was it Allison who grabbed my cock? Or Crystal?
Maybe I'll find out the next time they visit.
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