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There stood Rob with lust in his eyes.
"Rob, you don't mind putting some sun screen on my back, do you?" I asked my brother's friend. I always found him attractive, though I will nott ever dare admit it. The way his brown hair fell perfectly against his face, or is it those full pink lips and that tan, toned skin. I did hint it a few times, but he never caught on. If he did, he certainly did not make the first move.

"Yea, no problem!" he said with a little too much excitement. I just brushed it off and handed him the lotion. It felt good feeling his big, strong hands rubbing against my body. He took his time, making sure to rub every area. His hands gradually moved down closer to my bikini bottom. He spent extra time there, making a few fingers slip inside and touching my ass. I let out a light moan as he did so. Then, playfully, he slapped my ass and flashed one of his sexy smiles and said, "All done."

I watched him walk away, sitting at the edge of the pool. He caught my gaze and gave me a soft smile. I smiled back, turning away to hide my embarrassment. I loved his touch and wanted him back here, leaning against me and massaging my skin. I turned back when I was sure he was not looking. I imagined how it would feel if he was on top of me. The thought made me feel too hot and horny, so I walked to my hotel before I did anything in public that I would regret soon.

In the hotel, I threw my towel on the floor and laid on top of my bed. I kept on my swimsuit, and rubbed my hands against my hard nipples underneath the wet material. I then pinched them lightly, teasing myself. I then rubbed my soaked pussy through the thin material. Uncontrollable moans escaped my lips as I thought about Rob. I slipped a finger inside my tight, dripping pussy. With my other hand, I let my round breast escape the tiny bikini top and pulled on my nipples. While playing with my boobs, the door flew open and there stood Rob with lust in his eyes.

Shocked, I quickly removed my hands and placed them at my sides. What he did though, surprised me. He laid next to me and kissed me deeply while tracing my thigh with his fingertips. I could feel the obvious erection pressing against my thigh. I wrapped my leg around him and pressed my pussy against his erection, causing him to moan in my mouth. I bit down lightly on his lip and rubbed his chest. His hands found my boobs and rubbed them, pinching them,.teasing them. He kissed my boobs and then kissed his way all the way down to my bellybutton. He licked my bikini line, then removed my bikini bottom fiercely.

My heartbeat picked up speed and I didn't have time to think about what was happening because his tongue found my clit, breaking my thoughts. He licked, sucked, and bit. The only thing that was on my mind was pure ecstasy. "I'm going to cum!" I yelled, as I kept my hand firmly on his head. Before I could, he quickly got up. I nearly growled, I did not want him to stop. He stood up and walked over to me. I rubbed my hand over his erection. I peeked up, watching his head roll back. I amateurly unzipped his pants and took out his swollen cock. I licked the head, tasting the sweet pre-cum. I then slowly took more and more of his cock into my mouth. His hand quickly pushed my head all the way down, causing me to gag. He then held onto my head and furiously slid his cock in and out of my mouth. A knock on the door interrupted us, making us freeze. "Room service.".


Should I make a part 2?

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