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Over the Phone with Adam

Tags: phone, sex
Adam and I have phone sex.
We'd only dated about three months before Adam took a job in California. I was still finishing school in Vermont and had one semester left before I could join him. We'd talked about staying together and about breaking up, but the sex had been so good, we decided we could weather a few months a part.

One evening, while lying in bad and thinking about an especially hot night between us, I got the idea that it'd be fun to tell him how that thought was making me feel. I'd been feeling a throb between my legs for over half an hour at this point and the pleasurable ache was getting to be too much to take. Breathlessly, I picked up the phone on my night stand and dialed his number. He picked up.

“Hello?” he asked.

“I NEED you,” was all I said.

Though we'd never talked this way over the phone before, he knew immediately what I was getting at. He pretended like he didn't understand, but I could detect amusement and arousal in his voice.

“What do you mean, baby?” he asked.

“I mean...I NEED you. Do you have a few minutes?”

“I have all night,” he said. This time I could hear some breathlessness in his voice, too.

“My fingers are moving down my tummy,” I said.

“Where are they going?” he asked softly.

“They're stroking my thighs and are moving slowly to between my legs.”

Adam moaned. “Does that feel good?” he asked.

“Oh baby, it feels so good.” I panted a moment before going on. “I'm sticking my fingers into my pussy and I'm getting wet.”

He moaned again.

“Now I'm rubbing myself. In circles. My clit is starting to swell!”

“Oh baby, yeah.” Adam was breathing heavier now into the phone.

“Where's your hand, baby?” I asked him.

“Shit, baby, I'm hard,” he said. “I'm stroking my cock and I can feel it getting bigger.” The thought of Adam's cock growing sent another throb between my legs and I moaned as the throb rippled through my lower body.

“I want to stroke it,” I said. “I'm putting my hand around your cock and I'm squeezing the head with each stroke. With my other hand I'm cupping your balls and rolling them in my palm. Can you feel me?”

“Oh god yes,” he said. Adam was breathing hard into the phone now, and I could feel my pussy grow wetter with every one of his breaths. God I loved to hear him turned on.

“I'm stroking you faster now,” I said. “Jesus, you're so hard!”

All I could hear were pants on the other end of the line and I knew that Adam was beyond talking at the moment.

“Baby, I need your fingers inside me!” I told him. Adam's panting slowed and I knew he was collecting himself momentarily.

“My fingers,” he said between short, fast breaths, “are inside you and I'm moving them in and out. Slowly, now.” He was still panting and now my breathing was catching up to his. “Now I'm moving them faster,” he said. I let out a moan as I imagined that my own fingers were his stabbing at my pussy.

“Christ I'm wet!!” I said and then I moaned involuntarily. “I love the way you finger me!” I told him. Adam's breathing grew even harder.

“Rub me, baby!” I told him. We both let out a moan together.

“Fuck. Baby. I can't talk” he said between gasps. “Let's just fuck!”

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” was all I breathed in response.

I lay back and started rubbing my pussy as fast as I could. In my mind, Adam's long hard cock had entered my body and was thrusting in and out of me as fast as he could make it. “SHIT yes!” I said loudly into the phone. On the other end I could hear Adam breathing hard and the faint slapping sound of him stroking himself: “ugh, ugh, UGH!” I heard him moan.

“Ugh, yes, yes!” I said. “I”M SO CLOSE!!” My pussy was glistening wet and the throb between my legs was aching for release. I started to arch my back in anticipation and my knees started to arc toward my chest. “SO FUCKING CLOSE!” I said again into the receiver.

“UGH, UGH, UGH!” Was all I could hear from Adam. Our panting fell into the same rhythm and I knew I couldn't hold back much longer.

“Shit, I'm gonna cum!!!” I said. I fingered my wet pussy as deep as I could. Suddenly, my wet body flew into spasms and my hips started bucking. My fingers were twirling inside me and I was cumming hard. “SHIIITTTT!” I shouted into the phone as my whole body shook.

“FUCK YES!” Adam said in response and then he let out the loudest moan I'd ever heard from him: “AAGGHH!” “FUCCKKK!” he shouted again. The sound of him cumming made my clit swell slightly and though I'd just cum another smaller spasm shook through my body and I came again. Or perhaps I hadn't finished cumming the first time.

“Aahhhgggg...!” was all I could manage into the phone. My fingers continued to rub my pussy slower and then slower, as I came down from my orgasm. I then let out a long satisfied sigh.

A moment passed, and then Adam said: “Oh my fucking lord, baby.”

“Thanks, baby,” I said in response. Our breathing slowed together and then we both took a long deep breath.

“Are you around tomorrow night?” I asked.

“I'll be here,” he said softly, and then let out another satisfied sigh.

“I have a feeling I'll need you again,” I said coyly. Adam chuckled softly and then we hung up, both of us already thinking about what the next night would bring.

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